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IS that dude^ from a space closet?

Sissyl wrote:

Pretty much everything we ingest or inhale that is not for energy, taste, air or liquid is a drug. This includes all recreational drugs. If she thinks everything that grows out of the ground is good to go, let me just state I would be extremely hesitant to eat ANYTHING she cooked. I would also wonder where she found the Bailey's tree.

Shrooms are among the least toxic drugs, true, but they still come with side effects, like the depression many feel after the high.

Oh! Your reminding me of that episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9. The one where they have that Kardasian prisoner who had an implant that gave him pleasure whenever he was tortured. so he hacked it and turned it permanently on which made his body get used to the implant. so it started being the norm and it got him so adjusted that turning it off would kill him.

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In space no one can hear you spell.

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captain yesterday wrote:
Hopefully in space you've learned grammatical context.

No in space no one cares about your lowly earthen grammar!

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Just as long as we have to use our space themed aliases i'm OK with it.

My time has come sooner then expected!

Beware space Zeuz!

I will suggest it to my friend he likes running adventure paths. what is the best one btw?

True^ can verify

Sandal Fury wrote:
FaerieGodfather wrote:
Ryan Freire wrote:
FaerieGodfather wrote:
RickDias wrote:
First, everyone should avoid getting into knife fights. They're pretty terrifying.
But then, how will their mother know which of the litter is worthiest to suckle?
The worthiest will get sick of the struggle and cannibalize their siblings.
"Give me the strength to split the world in two..."

I ate all the rest.

And now I've gotta eat you.

And say oh, Space master mother mother

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Most meat has that trouble, but steak is so good.

Really we need to hurry up and invent those replicators that they have on star trek. Like 3d printing but with carbon atoms.

Forgot about this but just remembered I was going to ask now that star finder has been out a bit how do you feel about it? I remember you had concerns.

Jhaeman wrote:
space master7 wrote:
I'm still hoping the starfinder ones coming out this month are going to be a lot better!
Utter derail: Yes, the ones in Pact Worlds are *much* better.

<3 <3 <3

I'm still hoping the starfinder ones coming out this month are going to be a lot better!

EltonJ wrote:

I have to wait until the 28th to pick the pdf up, so a full month.


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Yes this alias needs a star-finder avatar preferably one with a rocking beard.

I heard a while back they were going to do an FAQ cause some of the DC where to high at later levels. Did anything come of that?

khadgar567 wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
hold your cybuster mate. we need more toys for toy gods before we get our turn to akashic buster the akiton out of system

More powered armor then?

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captain yesterday wrote:

I already made my SFS legal Human Envoy named Zap Branigan.

Just need to find where they play in our area.

And time, I can always use some extra spare time.

Now, like all great plans, my strategy is so simple an idiot could have devised it.

Its OK I got this *breaks out his force field generator*

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Just a Mort wrote:
I could be the angry wookie with an axe to grind =)

I shall call you Ookla the Mok.

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I am personally all for some blaster and laser sword action. Heck I want a laser sword for my barbarian in a post apocalyptic world ruled by a cyborg lich. my party members being a angry wookie and a technomancer witch lady.

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Space the final frontier!

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Or at least really sneaky.

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SPACE madness!

Alright my question is how do you remember to use your space alias? I always forget to switch to mine.


like that?

:o... -_- ... yeah OK I got nothin.

I'm imagining all the excessive whining of multiple princesses and I just can't imagine that is a win for anyone.

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Good news everyone! In the future they give talking teethed bags time traveling laser guns! (except aprently they only send you to the year 2000)

Sigh... Aliens....

Sooooo is that a yes or a no?

Are we doing space stuff now? is that a thing?

I think you still deal double damage as well.

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Hmm apparently their is two.

This new space paladin thread is slightly more entertaining then the old one.

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Sedoriku wrote:
At this point I think we can safely say this whole issue about what level one can buy gear has moved completely beyond the intent of this thread and should be moved to its own thread. Especially as it's mostly a back and forth fairly circular argument.

That is what I was trying to say!

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Aww you broke it. Its probably for the best...

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My God! They have gone into a infinite loop!

What can you do with the Vigor points? (I think it was vigor or stamina) are they just there to activate abilities or do they have any other uses? how many do you get?

TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
Lanitril wrote:
Honestly, it was weird that it ever did anything else. Running fast does not make you more accurate. You're basically doing 2 move actions, something that would normally already be a turn, and then you get a standard action attack anyways, and with a bonus for actually no reason? Like, there's more momentum, but you're probably swinging more wildly too. There's a lot of tell to you charging too. It should be reasonably easier to dodge a charge than a normal attack.
True, though with Martial/Caster Disparity in Pathfinder, it makes some sense. No need to penalize them further. Or so I remember the point being made a while back by... someone.

Not sure if star finder will have the same M/CD problems. at least i'm not. (I don't have book yet <<jealous jealous jealous>>.)

What are the differences between PathFinder haste and starfinder haste?

Please and thank you!