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Sharaya wrote:

Hi Ronin,

I've tried it again. You should get a confirmation email soon.


Email received.

Thank you!

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Ronin,

Your subscription has been cancelled. You will be receiving an email confirmation.

I haven't received the email confirmation yet. Is there something else I need to do?

I'd like to cancel my Pathfinder subscription for now please.

Thank you very much!

Sharaya wrote:

Hi Ronin,

I'm sorry to hear that! I've added a replacement copy to your sidecart to ship with your next subscription order.


Thank you very much!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My mail person left one of my recent deliveries on the front porch. Usually this isn't an issue but unfortunately it rained the majority of the day. When I arrived at home after work I found the issue was totally soaked. Could you send me a replacement please? If it could be sent along with my next issue that would be great. The issue is Hell's Rebels #2, Turn of the Torrent. Please feel free to add the fee to my credit card on file.

Thank you!

Is anyone familiar with the 3rd party stuff at the $150 level? I'm trying to decide between the PDFs and the hard cover of Heart of the Razor.

Thanael wrote:
Aarontendo wrote:

Yah I was wondering the same thing. I ended up pledging at $110 then adding on $60 more for the player's guide and the print version of Heart of the Razor...seems an odd way to do it though :/

Rather than the $150 with adding on $40 more for the print version of Heart of the Razor I mean.

I'd love to see a print version made available for $20 to those at the $150 level.

You get more of the bonus PDFs at 150$... But still.

PS: If not for that damnable exclusive Bonus Module (Call of the Frog God) by Casey Christofferson I would pledging a lot lower..

Where can I find information on Call of the Frog God? At what level is that added to the Kickstarter?

Grimmy wrote:
Even the cavaliers damn horse was biting it. A horse biting a dragon. WTF?

I don't want to appear insensitive but when I read the quote above I was laughing about it for the rest of the day!

I'm glad you got the advice you needed though and thanks for the break in an otherwise boring work day!

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PsychoticWarrior wrote:
Get rid of XP. Level up the PCs when it is story appropriate. Best decision I made in Kingmaker.

I did this for the last campaign I ran and it worked great! It's nice not to have to worry about how much XP you'll have to award and instead focus on the what you'd like to have happen in the campaign.

Jim Groves wrote:

It's funny...

My biggest wish as a fan was for Reign of War.

My second pick was the Worldwound.

I guess I can die happy now?

What is Reign of War?

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The Crusader wrote:

A "Three Musketeers" style, political intrigue filled, adventure in

I would love to play in this campaign!

I'd even run it if I couldn't find anyone else to take the lead.

Nodnarb wrote:
My group plays using Skype and d20pro.

Our group does the same. The campaign (LoF) has been going for almost 3 years now. There are 5 of us and we all live in different parts of the US.

I'm glad you were able to put it back together so we could see it! When I made my version of The Wreck it didn't cost a whole lot either. I think I spent about $30 all together with $10 of that being the base map from Kinkos (I had it printed in black and white on a 36"x48" sheet of paper). The rest was me printing out the decking from the Maiden of the High Seas (which I made for STAP) to glue onto plastic sheeting (pole signs from work for free) so they would hold up to having some weight on them.

It was definitely worth the effort I put into it. I couldn't imagine running that battle without having the model to use. Once you see it the scale of the thing hits you. I didn't tell the players I was building it so they came over for the session to see it for the first time.

The following battle was one of the better moments of the campaign.

RuyanVe wrote:

Greetings, fellow travellers.

What keeps me from cancelling is the anniversary edition of RotRL - because I really want to get the pdf-version for free and it was somewhere stated you needed an active AP subscription if you were eligible for them.

Can anyone confirm this? I don't recall seeing this anywhere on the forums.

I was playing a bard working toward fochlucan lyrist in a 3.5 game. My physical stats were average at best, somewhere around a 10 IIRC. I was frustrated with the campaign, the DM, and my character. We came to a rickety bridge we needed to cross so I knew I was in trouble.

I failed a DEX check and fell off the bridge into the water. I then failed multiple swim checks and drowned! It was pretty humiliating!

I was then raised and later in the campaign we went to the plane of water. We were trying to get information but everyone in town acted like an idiot towards us. I used a lyre of building to tear down an entire city block and as a result we were chased from town.

The very first night we were resting I was attacked by a gargantuan shark. It grabbed me in it's mouth during the surprise round, swam away, and swallowed me the next round! Since I was on watch no one even realized I was gone until the next day.

I thought I had a good character concept going into the campaign. Before it was all said and done it was quite painful to play the character because he was so ineffective.

The DM sure showed me who was in charge!

Does anyone know if you can elect to have your AP shipped all at one time? If so, approximately how much would shipping cost?

If this is an option would you pay for all of them when they ship? If so, then I assume you could download the PDFs at that time as well?

WalterGM wrote:

Someone in my area is selling a plethora of books (3.0/3.5) for 5 bucks each. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket, and even though I don't play those editions anymore, made the Pathfinder switch, there's still a wealth of good material in older books. For example, Fiendish Codex 2: Tyrants of the Nine Hells is a great insight into the minds of devils.

So here's my question, what should I buy? Ideally I'm looking for books with good advice/fluff for worldbuilding/character creation/GMing

** spoiler omitted **...

Do you know if the person would consider shipping them to someone that wanted to buy them?

Thalin wrote:

Off-hand, the cleric should be amazing support, 20 Wis is great. I'd structure him as a summoner, take divine summons and eventually spell focus (conjure) and augment. Meanwhile buff people.

What is divine summons?

Let me start by saying I have not played the game yet. I was not familiar with the setting so I read the Eisenhorn series (suggested by people on the FFG boards) and I liked it. I have owned the core book for a little over a year now, along with 3-4 of the accessory books. We have 3 DMs in our group so we usually take turns running campaigns and my next one should be a RT game. With this in mind I'll try to answer your questions.

One player plays the "rogue trader" or the guy in charge, the rest of the group are his most trusted allies. I think you could play it anyway you like (never watched Firefly) but according to the book the "ship" should be like an NPC of sorts. The ships in the setting have long histories, most of them are thousands of years old. The rules include ways to define your ship's characteristics. These ships are kilometers long so they are more similar to cities than they are ships. As such, I think you could have the opportunity to introduce some good NPCs that the party can have regular interactions with considering the "city" goes everywhere they go!

I don't think RT is very close to the WH Fantasy at all. From what I know about the fantasy game you use a dice pool while RT (DH and DW too) use a percentage system. You have ratings in your abilities from 1-100, if you roll lower than your score you succeed. When you gain XP you "spend" it to gain new abilities. Every class has about 10-15 abilities at each level to choose from. Also in RT there are rules to resolve larger scale conflicts using command checks which seem good in theory but I've never used them.

From what I've read the adventures from FFG are a mixed bag. There are really good ones, and some not so good ones. They have quite a bit of free stuff on their site, including an intro adventure for every setting (RT, DH, and DW) that includes any rules you need to run the scenario. You could check it out there for free if you wanted and decide if it's for you. There are also some pretty good campaign threads on their boards, especially the one by Marvin the Arvin titled "For Profit and Plunder- A PC's Tale".

I'll post a few links below. The first two are on the FFG website, the third is a campaign blog I stumbled across that I liked. Good reading!

Rogue Trader message boards

Rogue Trader support page

Warrant of Trade

Sissyl wrote:
But, Werthed, where do the players fit into all this misery? If they don't play eight-foot-tall sex-starved death machines, who can they play?

The one game that draws me to the 40K universe is Rogue Trader. The group starts in a place where most other campaigns end. They hold positions of power and the ability to create their own destiny. The ship they command has tens of thousands of troops and their actions can change the course of planets.

The scope of the game is well beyond any other game I've seen out there.

I made a sumo wrestler PC once that used bull rush alot along with grappling and tripping. I used Oriental Adventures so I could trip people and decide what square they landed in which was pretty neat.

It was a fun character to play!

Russ Taylor wrote:
Kabump wrote:
This is not true anymore! There is a new weapon enchantment in the Pathfinders Society Field Guide!! There is a weapon property called "Agile" that allows a weapon to use dex for damage, and its a +1 equivilant! I dont own a copy at the moment, but I plan to pick up a hard copy JUST for that enchantment.
You're welcome :) I freely admit that agile was inspired by a similar enhancement that let you use Wis for damage (guided, from the Crimson Throne adventure path).

I looked for the guided enchanment in the CotCT AP but couldn't find it. Can someone tell me which issue it is in?

TwoWolves wrote:

I would love for an easy way to print them to 1" scale. I know most will be way bigger than 8"x10", so a note about what scale to print to or good "bite-sized chunk" advice on how to make a printed battlemat from these would be great.

If you don't mind black and white you can get a 36"x48" (IIRC) map printed for about $10. The same size in color was over $100 I think. I decided to build a scale version of the Crimson Fleet base when I ran the Savage Tide AP. I had the ground level printed at Fed Ex Kinkos for about $10 IIRC.

I also had the interior of a church printed that was about the same size for an important battle in a D20 Modern campaign I ran recently.

I think the interactive maps are sweet! They will work great with the projector I use to display the playing surface.

CalebTGordan wrote:
Everything that I have seen in an AP has been pretty exciting and cool. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the team discusses ideas and details that result in that much awesome. I would probably learn more in a half hour then the 13 years of GMing I have under my belt.

I think it would be a great idea to have a video recorder in the room for the planning sessions. Once the AP is decided then the video can be posted as a podcast or something similar.

I think people would get all jacked up to watch the planning sessions!

I have no experience with the system but I have heard good things about Fantasycraft. My other suggestion would be to take a break from fantasy and run a modern/future game.

That's what I did when I got burned out on fantasy and it was a good decision.

I don't recall exactly how I made it happen but I had a PC jump into the lava! I thought it was using some sort of mind control but looking at the abilities of the marilith it must have been telekinesis.

The look on the platers faces was pretty awesome!

Sorvir wrote:

I'd love to see an AP where the PC's are thrown into a huge war. Be it between good verse evil or nations. It could be 2 two factions or several forces. I want the PCs to be a small force, going through a huge army taking out key personel. Political missions, sabotage, rousing internal rebellious groups. So many options, It could part sandbox part railroad. I;ve thought about it for a decent time lately, so many ideas to expand on.


I played in a campaign once where the PCs were part of a mercenary company of about 100 or so members. They were known as a "good" organization and generally took the high ground. They had been involved in a few wars in the past, always siding against the nation trying to force their will upon the other.

We got involved in a war between nations. We started out as our own force, usually spearheading minor battles with the front line troops. As we gained levels we progressed until at higher levels we were assigned to the king by our superiors. We became an elite strike force, taking out the enemies generals, lead bad gys, etc.

It was easily one of the best campaigns I've ever had the pleasure of playing in. I'd highly recommend an AP that covered this area of a game.

Lately I have been interested in the Rogue Trader game. I like the premise of the game and was wondering how it would run using the SW game rules. Has anyone here had any experience with both RT and SW to comment on how it would work?

KnightErrantJR wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:
Though a interesting idea I and a couple of my friends have been kicking around is combining all three games in to campaign. Where everybody has three characters( 1 from each game) and depending on what adventure is..or what part of the adventure determines who you play. For instance just off the top of my head...The inquistors PCs are sent into to investigate something...find out it is big and calls in the Deathwatch at which point the PC switch to their DW characters...
My friend, the FLGS owner, wanted to run all three systems and have all three campaigns tie together from time to time with recurring villains and events, but alas, he only got the Deathwatch game going.

I was thinking about doing the same thing. Rogue Trader would be the main game with the other two supplementing it as I thought the campaign needed. I would probably use DW the least of the three unless the group really enjoyed those portions of the game.

I picked up RT last Gen Con after reading about it on another message board. I am drawn to it because it appears to pick up where most DnD campaigns end. I like the idea of the PCs being responsible for thousands of crew members, the scale and scope of the game is very appealing.

I am still a long way from running the game. We take turns with campaigns in our home games so I am about a year or so from running the game. I need to do some more reading on the 40K universe! So far I have read the Eisenhorn books along with some of the RT core book. I have no other knowledge of the world so my work is cut out for me!

dmchucky69 wrote:

Quick question as I am posting this from my phone. Player ends up in T-Rex stomach. Wizard casts fireball at dinosaur. Does swallowed character take damage from fireball? If so, does he get a save? Half damage or quarter damage on save? Soft cover?

Opinions please. Thanks.

I would say definitely not. The party couldn't target the PC with any spells that could benefit him so I would say the PC couldn't be hurt by any spells either.

By the rules no one has a line of sight or line of effect to the character so he cannot be targeted by spells.

I am playing in a d20 Modern campaign currently that is set in the mid 1800s. Before this I currently ran a modern campaign for about a year and a half. I thought the classes were a bit bland as well so I made a few adjustments to the game and it worked out well.

- gestalt characters
- vitality/wound system
- fractional BAB
- no XP give

The gestalt characters allowed the players to make pretty much the exact characters they wanted to play. Vitality and wounds made the game a little deadlier (when you get shot, it should hurt!). Fractional BAB gave the party some fighting ability. Removing XP allowed me to throw whatever I wanted at the group without worrying about how fast the party would advance.

It worked pretty well from the DM standpoint and the players seemed to enjoy the game as well. I think we may be taking a break from d20 Modern after this current campaign and going back to 3.5 DnD. I think the next campaign I run will either be using Savage Worlds or Rogue Trader, neither of which I have played before.

Captain Sir Hexen Ineptus wrote:

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a starting occupation that had "Concentrate" as a starting skill option?

It can be in any of the books, I just need one for reference.


D20 Past- Cloistered

D20 Dark Matter Campaign Setting- Psychic

Mandreth wrote:

Just used the Some PDF image extractor to get a copy of the map without the markings on it.

I'm not 100% sure i'm allowed to send the file to you, legally that is?

Can someone from the paizo team tell me if i'm allowed to or not? =]

Could you tell us what image extractor you used?

joela- do you plan to be at Gen Con? If so, what sort of price/ trade would you be looking for to unload those SW Saga books?

W E Ray wrote:

Check your Book of Exalted Deeds.

I could be misremembering but I'm pretty sure that's where it is. I think, though, that it has to be a simple, light weapon or a natural attack.

I know there is a feat in the BoED that allows you to use your wisdom bonus to modify your attack roll. IIRC it is call intuitive strike.

I've been running a d20 modern game for about 8 months now and it has been alot of fun. It seems like it was designed for the characters to be somewhat weaker than their DnD counterparts. Multiclassing is encouraged (some say required) but when you do so your BAB suffers big time. Alot of the monsters seems weaker as well.

The biggest difference in the modern game seems to be how much skills are used and the fact that combat is avoided if possible. I know some of this has to do with the changes we made with hit points (we use a wound system similar to Unearthed Arcana) but we use skills ALOT which is great. I decided to have the PCs make gestalt characters and it has turned out well. They pretty much breeze through combats with normal NPCs but standard DnD monsters challenge them pretty well. Plus everyone has alot of skills so no one feels left out.

The other nice change is the absence of magic. It keeps the PCs from getting extreme in any one area so the game hasn't been a chore to run at all. Skills seem to be the most important aspect of a character which has been a welcome change. It's hard to believe we have a campaign going where there is no magic involved and no one has even noticed!

So in response to the question in the OP- count me in!

Thanks guys! Something I was thinking of doing prior to making the commitment to build the wreck was to make individual floors plans. I was planning to make each deck like I did in the model but not assemble it at all. Instead I'd write on each one how high it is off of the ground and lay them out on a table in a mock set up. You could even have them off of the ground by sitting them on a shoe box or something similar.

The ladders and bridges looked great but they didn't come into play at all during the session, you could easily go without them. So you'd really only be making about 5-6 floor plans (EASY if you have the Maiden of the High Seas) which you could do in about an hour or two. One thing you would have to worry about is stability- you wouldn't want it to fall over in the middle of a session!

I don't know if that's something you'd want to do but I thought I'd toss a couple of ideas out there. After you've been thru it the ideas seem to come easier, when I sat down to build it I was drawing a blank on how to do it for a little while before the wheels started turning.

Malachi Tarchannen wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
So yeah, for now it's just read the text carefully and pay attention to the side views. If someone out there does an accurate and usable diagram of the elevations, or does a neat 3d-view... I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it! I'd do one myself, but I'm morbidly busy these days...

Lemme echo what the incomparable Mr. Jacobs has said...if someone has done an accurate and usable diagram of the elevations...

I've had fun looking at the various 3-D renderings and full-scale models y'all put together--and major kudos to each of you--but I really just need something simpler, like a single-page drawing. Maybe a view from the west and perhaps a view from the south or southeast. I'm tempted to try it myself based on your modeling, but time works against me.

Any help?

Hopefully this will help you visualize the wreck a little better.

http://www.enworld.org/forum/general-rpg-discussion/248962-constructing-3d- tower-shackled-city-campaign-ending.html#post4634915

Check out post #6.

Our group finished the campaign over a year ago so my memory may be a little rusty but I'll give it a shot. I think I'd have the place be somewhere the group could get some information on what is ahead of them. Perhaps along these lines-

1. Information about the inhabitants (I can't remember if this is available or not). Khala, Xerkamet (sp?), etc.
2. How to unlock the Nimbus Bow and how it can help the group.
3. Information about the city itself.
4. Anything else you'd like to give them as assitance.

If I think of anything else I'll post it later.

Good luck!

Can anyone give me any information concerning the two adventures? I would just like to know the basics- the premise of the adventures and what levels they cover. I am thinking about picking up both of them but I'd like to get some information first.


terraleon wrote:
ronin wrote:

So where can I purchase the two adventures above if I choose to do so?

That's my bad!

You can sign up for _Halls of the Mountain King_ here. And then, once you're a patron, I believe you can access the livejournal post that provides access to _Wrath of the River King_ and _Tales of Zobeck._

Let me know if you need further help.

Small but Fierce.
Kobold Quarterly's News Minion.

I am already a patron for the Halls of the Mountain King. I've never used livejournal before and its very confusing. Can you provide a link please?

1. If you become a patron for _Halls_, you have access to the recently released _Tales of Zobeck_ (OGL) and _Wrath of the River King_ (4E)-- both are fantastic and gorgeous adventures. I've managed to get a review on _Wrath_ posted to Enworld and I'm working one up for _Tales_. Those are the only two Open Design projects you'll have access to purchase; Projects 1-6 are closed to the public. The OGL _Gazetteer of Zobeck_ is publicly available.

2. The deadline for signing up is usually when the errata version is released-- so, June-ish. However, if you want to pick the version you'll get, you do that with your wallet. This adventure will be 4E or OGL depending on which version reaches the sufficient amount of patronage first. If you really want this in OGL, you should go sign up now for OGL. You can always upgrade your patronage later.

Small but Fierce.
Kobold Quarterly's Public Relations Minion.

So where can I purchase the two adventures above if I choose to do so?

I don't have any experience with the Age of Worms but I did run the entire Savage Tide AP and faced the same thing when the party faced Demogorgon.

The first thing I did was try to set things up so the party wasn't at full strength when they faced Demogorgon. They were at full strength when they entered the last set of encounters but used some resources against some of his minions (if you can refer to CR 20 and up creatures as minions!).

The other thing I did was start with a full strength Demogorgon and weaken him as the rounds occurred. This way the party felt the full power of Demogorgon early on but also noticed him weakening due to their efforts in the earlier adventures.

I don't recall who suggested the idea on the STAP message board but it worked out well for my campaign.

Here is another thread to check out-

Go to Savage Tide 3D Models for Miniatures

You could mix in some skill challenges instead of the combat in some of the rooms. I ran this one when it was published but never converted it to 3.5 let alone 4e. I am thinking about running a modern game, something like a Dark Matter or possibly a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type of game, and was debating on converting it to a D20 Modern.

I always liked the moving puzzle aspect of the adventure- it's a good concept.

That is some beautiful stuff. I'd love a seat at that table! My question is: What do you do with this stuff after the game is over? Where do you store it? It seems a shame to throw it out after all that hard work!

I actually packed it up and sent it to another DM running the STAP from these boards. His name on the boards was paradox. He did send me an email letting me know that he received it and that he couldn't wait to use it. He was going to send it on to someone else once he used it so maybe it'll be coming someone else's way soon!

evilash wrote:

I plan on using Legend of Skull Cove and Maiden of the High Seas to make a version of The Wreck for my player's assault on this Crimson Fleet stronghold.

Unfortunately the session is less than 2 weeks away, meaning I don't have time to do the kitbashing needed to make an exact 3D copy of the wreck. I will probably modify the map of the stronghold instead, and will I also scale down the masterboard a bit so it will fit on the gaming table.

If I feel I have the time I might do a 2.5D version of The Wreck, but otherwise I will use the Maiden as the main stronghold.

If you have the Maiden of the High Seas you could just print out a bunch of floor plans and make each deck separately and mark on each one how high off of the ground they are. I was able to get the ground level printed on a 36"x48" sheet at Kinkos for $10 in black and white.

I think this may be one of the earlier threads on the Wreck-

Go to The Wreck

Here is the Wreck I put together-

Go to Wreck pics

Making the floor plans was fairly simple so I'd start there. If you have time left once you get them done I'd start thinking about constructing it in 3D.

Good luck!

Originally I wanted to use Sea Wyvern's Wake because I built the Maiden of the High Seas and wanted to use it. HbtM was definitely more fun to run though and with it being a con game vs. a normal campaign you could be ruthless with Olangru (I think that's his name)! I think I'll even make him large so I can use the appropriate mini!

Thanks for the suggestions!

I can't seem to find my magazine yet, what level is HbtM?

I am going to DnD Experience at the end of the month and I'm looking for an adventure to run. The last campaign I ran ended about 6 months ago and I ran STAP from beginning to end (with some stuff added in). I want to stay under level 8-9 so with those parameters which adventure would you choose to run from the STAP? I am leaning towards Sea Wyvern's Wake but wanted to get some ideas from the boards.

I figured why prep another adventure when I got the whole adventure path pratically memorized?

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