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overall I recommend this book


Overall I recommend this book. I want to be clear, because I have seen it asked in various discussions/forums, that the "And Magic" part of this book does include spells and magical items; however, there should not be the expectation that those spells and magical items take up half the book. Those options are there, and they are good, but this book is largely a lore book on the various deities and then includes a chapter on the spells/items/feats/new domains (~22 pages).

Getting that out of the way, the lore itself is well written and I have enjoyed reading the aphorisms for the deities. I really like that this book provides more options for deities for characters to worship, or for world/campaign building.

As far as character options go, there are tons of new deities that can now be worshiped and 18 new domains which opens up a lot of customization that I look forward to utilizing in the future when building PCs (I'm largely a player since I'm still fairly new to TTRPG but look forward to GM'ing someday). One focus spell i really enjoyed was one that lets you summon a bunch of tiny, incorporeal dragons. Fun!

Overall I recommend this book, especially if you're looking to incorporate Golorian deities into a campaign or build a PC that worships a deity and want more options than what is found in the CRB.

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a must have


This book has been fantastic. The amount of character options in it have really opened up my character building in ways that weren't possible in the Core rulebook alone. I agree with the sentiment another user shared that this is "the perfect companion to the Lost Omens World Guide"

While the mechanics may be able to be found off-site, I have found the information on each organization to be invaluable. The artwork is great, and overall the book has already been worth the price. I look forward to continue getting a lot of use out of this over the years to come.

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A must have


I continue to get a lot of use out of this book. As someone who only got into pathfinder at the tail end of PF1, I have found this book to be incredibly useful in learning the differences between Golorian when the Inner Sea Region Guide was published and now that PF2 has come out with time shifting forward between the editions.

The book is not as in-depth as the Inner Sea Guide, though it never claimed to be Inner Sea Guide 2.0. As far as price is concerned, I think the content for the price is fair. I've used this book almost daily since it came out months ago. It has really helped me ground my PC's into their settings which is not something that looking at the free mechanics off-site can really help with.

I have enjoyed the artwork. Additionally, the infographs for each region are really helpful, as is the individualized timelines for each region.

Overall, I recommend this book.

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great except the worthless matching set


Okay, so I tried typing a review and i lost it when submitting. so I'm not counting all 92 dice again.

I got a fairly balanced mix of dice, something like this (APPROX)
8 d4
17 d6 (9 pips, 8 numbered)
15 d8
20 d10
4 d%
21 d20

The matching set I had was complete garbage though. I opened it and it was pink speckled. Cool i thought, I'd use it even though it was pink. Then i realized the text was gold and you can't read the results. Worthless.

Most of my dice (about 2/3) were speckled and the majority of them were darker colors with minor complimentary colors so they are nice to look at and easy to read.

I ended up getting quite a few of matching dice within a certain type. I.e. I had 3 matching d4, a few matching d6, and so on. They weren't necessarily matching each other between dice types, but at least there's some consistency with how my d12's look and then my d4's have consistency too (albeit different than the d12s). So still no full matching set but at least I was able to pick up about 5 dice of each type to bring to my second PACG event. I'm pretty excited. I'm happy with the results though I am pretty bummed about that matching set with gold text...i don't know who thought that would be a good idea to design.