Pound-o'-Dice (Assorted)

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Contains opaque, speckled, translucent, marbleized and rainbow pearl dice. Now contains one random complete set of 7 dice along with the usual assortment of random dice.

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Average product rating:

4.60/5 (based on 23 ratings)

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great except the worthless matching set


Okay, so I tried typing a review and i lost it when submitting. so I'm not counting all 92 dice again.

I got a fairly balanced mix of dice, something like this (APPROX)
8 d4
17 d6 (9 pips, 8 numbered)
15 d8
20 d10
4 d%
21 d20

The matching set I had was complete garbage though. I opened it and it was pink speckled. Cool i thought, I'd use it even though it was pink. Then i realized the text was gold and you can't read the results. Worthless.

Most of my dice (about 2/3) were speckled and the majority of them were darker colors with minor complimentary colors so they are nice to look at and easy to read.

I ended up getting quite a few of matching dice within a certain type. I.e. I had 3 matching d4, a few matching d6, and so on. They weren't necessarily matching each other between dice types, but at least there's some consistency with how my d12's look and then my d4's have consistency too (albeit different than the d12s). So still no full matching set but at least I was able to pick up about 5 dice of each type to bring to my second PACG event. I'm pretty excited. I'm happy with the results though I am pretty bummed about that matching set with gold text...i don't know who thought that would be a good idea to design.

got two bags


I got a couple of bags a couple of years ago and loved the jump up of dice. So getting a couple of more is just as nice.
Bag 1

Bag 2

The "set" with both bags was a white with red specks. Though I admit the shipping is a little high. I waited till I was going to order a number of things to get these so the overall shipping would not be that bad.


I like them. A good amount and a good assortment of dice.
The Rundown-
d20s - 18
d12s - 6 (a bit low I thought)
d10s - 21 (seems a bit high here)
d8s - 11
d6s - 30 (14 with numbers, 16 pips)
d4s - 8
The complete set included was a pale whitish with bluish flecks and purplish numbers.....not a bad set but somewhat blech.

Total dice 101.
I am mostly disappointed in the cost of shipping. Why do I pay $13 for shipping (USPS), when I could stuff it into a flat-rate box and ship it for 1/3 of that. Come on Paizo, help us out here. There really is no excuse here.



19 d20 (3x set of 4, 1x set of 3, 2x pair)
9 d12 (2x pair)
17 d10 (4x pair)
1 d%
7 d8 (2x pair)
36 d6 (1x set of 5, 3x set of 4, 3x pair)
7 d4 (1x pair)

&, my complete set of dice was the green one.

I'm so happy with my pound of dice! I think I need to order another one soon.

Good buy


3 d4s
47 d6s
2 d8s
24 d10s (0 d% :P )
5 d12s
18 d20s
+ 1 complete set off white with red numbers
96 dice in total.

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to anyone who bought this product and counted their dice.
how many dice did you get of what number of sides?
IE: 14D6,3D8, and so on..


Grand Lodge

Woulfgang wrote:

to anyone who bought this product and counted their dice.

how many dice did you get of what number of sides?
IE: 14D6,3D8, and so on..


Check the reviews, people have been listing them there.

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