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Hi all,

So when Core first came out I believe there was a statement made at some point that no one had yet completed Legendary difficulty. If you're not familiar with Legendary difficulty here's some developer commentary on Legendary (and at the 15:10 timestamp Keith is referring to this group). Essentially though, Legendary adds in 3 wildcards and increases bane difficulty. Naturally there was a group that decided "Hey, that sounds fun" and took on the challenge.

I'd like to formally congratulate the following for completing Dragon's Demand on Legendary difficulty:

  • Skizzerz (Core Valeros)
  • NathanDavis (Core Seelah)
  • Maelwys0 (Core Kyra)
  • Yewstance (Core Lem)

    It was a society based game and the team randomly chose wildcards for each scenario. They also opted for randomly generating scenario 3C which resulted in a siege scenario with ablaze damage. I was convinced that they wouldn’t necessarily die but they would lose from locations closing before they could win. Sure enough, they managed to pull out a victory anyway.

    Here's a few misc. stats from the campaign:

  • 0 failed scenarios
  • 0 character deaths
  • 0 hero points used to prevent death
  • 2 hero points used on rerolls
  • 1 respect point earned (via Friendly Game of Sredna)
  • 4 wildcards that were never randomly chosen
  • 5 Trolls encountered
  • 1 Troll defeated in combat

  • Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber


    Please cancel my rulebook subscription. I do not wish to have the bestiary 2 in print form.

    thanks kindly!

    Hi all, we have a group that completed a season and they are looking to start Season of the Runelords at tier 1. We have had a few slots open up during/upon completing the last season so we're looking for 1-2 more players to fill out the team.

    Recruitment Period: Open through Sunday 11/24 @ 11:59PM EST
    Recruitment type: Likely Lottery (chosen randomly from interested players)
    Seats available: 1-2 more players (for a group size of 4-5).
    Season: Season of the Runelords

    1. This group is an active, long-term group. We're looking for people who can post within 24 hours of it being their turn. There's general understanding around holidays and weekends that this may be a bit longer in some cases but on average we're looking for being able to check once a day and post if you're up.
    2. The group uses Google Hangouts to communicate

    To apply: please comment below. If you have a character you'd strongly like to play, please include that.

    Selection: Players will be selected be notified via paizo PM's no later than Wednesday the 26th. The invite will include the google hangouts invite. We're going to look to start the following week give or take around Monday Dec 2nd. (I understand it's a holiday weekend for the US but I'd like to at least hear back by new recruits by then so I know they're in)

    Additional info: Current team looks like it will be Core Ezren, Celeste, Oloch (subject to change). This is just an FYI in case someone wants/doesn't want to be in a group with these characters for one reason or another.

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    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Interesting to get some background info on these scenarios!

    Speaking of Background info. Keith, do you want to share with everyone the time you made me feel like a villain during Haunted Fortunes? Actually, I will.

    I remember just like it were yesterday. Keith was playing Quinn and scouted a Blast Stone noting that it was "no doubt left by Lamm's insane alchemist Yargin Balko." Varian (Me) then acquired the Blast Stone and afterwards encountered Lamm's Lamb. Some background info would've been nice before I quickly deployed the Blast Stone on what I thought was just a skirmish barrier that needed to be squelched with fire. Poor kiddos. I was no better than Yargin Balko or Gaedren Lamm that day.

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    Hi, I picked up a second set of the Card Game Core and Curse sets while at gencon and have found that my Curse set has severe miscolored printing on the back. It impacted all five sheets of 110 cards in the Curse expansion. If it was a little different I don't think I'd mind too much but the severity of this set greatly impacts playability.

    Here is a picture (Curse Left, and Core Right)

    My questions are two-fold:
    1. Is Paizo willing to send a replacment Curse set?
    2. What is being done from a QA perspective to make sure this doesn't happen again?

    Box Runner

    more info forthcoming. In the meantime, please dot in. I'll be reactivating this campaign towards the end of October for check-in's and we will be starting sometime after Gameday Ends (Nov 3).

    Box Runner

    more info forthcoming. In the meantime, please dot in. I'll be reactivating this campaign towards the end of October for check-in's and we will be starting sometime after Gameday Ends (Nov 3).

    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Orange War Paint reads:

    Orange War Paint wrote:
    Display this card next to your deck. While displayed, when you would bury a card to use a character power that adds to your Melee check, you may discard that card instead. When you fail a combat check or play another card that has the Paint trait, bury this card; if you have the Melee skill, discard it instead.

    Grenek has a powerfeat that reads:

    Grenek wrote:

    On your Strength check or your check against

    a monster, you may bury a random card from
    your discards (□ or the top card of your deck)
    to add your Fortitude.

    My question is, if Orange War Paint is displayed and Grenek uses his rage ability for a melee STR combat check, does that work to prevent the card from being discarded?

    Few reasons i think this might work:
    • The card is not being played, so it does not have to come from your hand.
    • The power does not specify where the card comes from, only that it would be buried as a result to a character power that adds to a melee check

    Few reasons I think this might not work:
    Rulebook reads:

    Core Pg 8 wrote:

    If you are instructed to play, reveal, display, reload, discard, recharge,

    bury, banish, or otherwise manipulate a card, that card must come from
    your hand unless you are activating a power on a displayed card, in
    which case you activate it with the displayed card instead.

    • So I understand normally the card would have to come from my hand but here it tells me that i'm activating a power on a displayed card so I think that still works, but maybe not? But maybe I'm parsing this incorrectly and this is why I cannot discard the rage card instead.

    • It seems kind of silly to be able to discard a card from your discard "instead" of burying it, but discard is just defined as "Put a card faceup in your discards." Can you "Put" a card where it already is?

    Mostly looking for why this shouldn't work, because I can't seem to find the justification for why it can't other than you maybe can't discard a card already in your discard. Maybe it's that simple and i'm overthinking it


    Box Runner

    Hi, there will be more info posted as we get closer to the start of Gameday. In the meantime please go ahead and dot in the gameplay and discussion tabs.

    Box Runner

    Hi, there will be more info posted as we get closer to the start of Gameday. In the meantime please go ahead and dot in the gameplay and discussion tabs.

    Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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    Wow! Thanks for putting together that graph to show all the character options Tyler! Also I'm very excited to play with Arueshalae! :D

    Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to point out an error that some of you may have missed. The events for the open tournament lists that you can bring your own characters. This was an error, characters will be provided.

    Of course,for non-tournament games you can bring your own characters.


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    I am not evil, just misunderstood.

    Box Runner

    details forthcoming, please dot in the gameplay/discussion tabs

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    Box Runner

    details forthcoming, please dot in the gameplay/discussion tabs

    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Hi, I had my May Subscription suspended while I move. We are now fully moved and I am ready for the May shipment to be sent to my new address which has been updated in the system.

    Let me know if you need anything from me. Thanks!

    Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

    Hi all, anyone hear anything about a multi table special this year at gen con? Trying to find one in the events and i don't seem to be able to find it. I suspected with the ACG splitting from RPG's organized play society that we may no longer do a rpg/acg special, but wasn't sure if acg would still get their own special.


    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Hello, I am moving in May during the shipping window of May 8-May 29. Can we please hold my May subscription? We expect to be fully at the new address by end of May. My new address is already updated in system.

    I can either post when it is okay to ship my May subscription, or if you ship after June 1st that would be OK too. Just let me know whats easiest for you.


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    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    This is played at adventure deck 4 and also requires the Island of Empty Eyes Adventure Deck. Please update the description, thanks!

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    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Hi, there was a thread 2 weeks ago in the Organized Play ACG forum about the missing page for product ACG 4-7 Yeleth of the First Blood but I still do not see the page for it.

    Can we make sure the product page is put up? I know several people who are ready for it. The product should be linked from pfsacg/season4

    Thanks kindly!

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    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Well written blog, thanks for sharing! Sounds like a lot of exciting changes are taking place! I like the idea of the rulebook glossary and bolding the terms when they show up.

    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Hi, I am aware a website update is estimated week away to allow us to edit campaigns again.

    In the meantime, can we do the following?

    1. Mark this campaign as INACTIVE

    2. Mark this campaign as ACTIVE

    Thanks in advance!!

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    The following will be a discussion based on my belief that Cloud Puff is currently the most powerful card in the game. It isn’t necessarily game-breaking in the sense of infinite loops; however, I will try to highlight how it is significantly stronger than any other card that lets you ignore Before You Act (BYA) and/or After You Act (AYA) abilities. It is difficult to determine value of certain aspects of cards, but I will try to identify which cards are superior in a particular aspect.

    For reference, Cloud Puff can be found on the wiki (click here)

    • My sample size is 30 cards from all base sets and class decks. I think I have captured most/all of the “Ignore BYA/AYA” cards. Of these cards there were 10 weapons, 9 spells, 3 armors, 4 items, 3 allies, and 1 cohort.
    • For the Visual Learners, here is a chart of all my data
    • I used Green to highlight "best in class" in a category. Orange is "above average". No color is "average". and red is "Worst in class"

    Availability (Adventure Deck):
    • Cloud Puff is an Adventure Deck B card, and has the Basic Trait. Meaning it can be in your deck immediately and never leave.
    • There were only 4 other cards that were AD-B, 2 of which were also Basic.
    • The average Adventure deck number (counting “B” as “0”) was 3.68.
    • Cloud Puff is in the Ultimate Wilderness Deck, which makes it usable for almost any Organized Play character if they combine Ultimate Wilderness with their class deck.
    • For Organized Play, one of the other good cards is Python (Hunter cohort). This is more restrictive since it is only available to the Hunter CD and you’re giving up other cohorts to use Python. Ukuja loses less on this decision since he gets to use two cohorts. Regardless, the availability for Python is much narrower than Cloud Puff.

    • Cloud Puff has the best traits of any other similar card. It has “Plant, Alchemical, and Basic.” I’ve already discussed Basic. Cloud Puff has the Plant trait which effectively means that it does not take up any space in your hand. It also has the Alchemical trait which can be used with many character or card powers.
    • Just as important, Cloud Puff does not have bad traits that could make it less useful. Many spells, for example, use the Attack trait, or an element such as Electricity or Fire trait which narrows their usability if a bane is immune.
    • Cards that I thought were better than average due to the lack of “bad” traits included Arcana Theft, Blade Lash, Akhentepi's Armor, Blackjacket, Decemvirate Helm, Soul Stimulant, Anesthetizing Slime, Crystalline Carnivore, Sand Elemental, and Python (cohort). Some of these cards also had a good trait, such as “Alchemical” but none also had the Plant trait. There is a Witchhunter's Sword (item) which has Plant and Alchemical traits, but it also has the poison trait which narrows its effectiveness.

    • Cloud Puff is the only card in the game that lets you use it to ignore BYA and AYA which makes it the clear winner of this category. Never fear an enchantress again!
    • Four other cards let you ignore “BYA or AYA” which are Soul Stimulant, Anesthetizing Slime, Crystalline Carnivore, and Python (cohort, after having role card).
    • Not including the “BYA and/or AYA” cards, 10 cards let you ignore BYA and 15 cards let you ignore AYA

    Action to use:
    • This is the only category that I think Cloud Puff lacks in, but only slightly. It is “Bury/Banish” to use with the possibility of a recharge check. This is actually works out quite well because it allows the item to synergize with more power feats, and as we’ll see later, the recharge check is trivial for those that lack the power feat synergy.
    • Python (cohort) lets you Display it and then later put Python on top of your deck to ignore BYA or AYA, which prevents it from taking up your hand size.
    • Better yet, three of the weapons are “Reveal” to use as part of your combat check, though their usage is more narrow.

    Who can it be used on?
    • Cloud Puff is the only card that lets you use it on any character to ignore a BYA/AYA power.
    • Witchhunter's Sword is the second best card which lets you use it on a local character.
    • The remaining 28 cards can only be used on your own encounter.
    Also note that Cloud Puff is the only plant-based item that affects non-local characters. This may need to be errata’ed, though even if errata'ed to only apply to local characters Cloud Puff would still win this category.

    Type of target:
    • Cloud Puff is one of 4 cards that allow you to use it on any bane. Many other cards specify non-villain or non-villain and non-henchman.
    • There are 4 other cards that allow you to use it on any monster. The distinction here is that these 4 cards can’t be used on BYA/AYA abilities of barriers, like Rolling Sphere (MM)
    • There are 5 cards that let it be used on any non-villain bane which now excludes villains but can at least target henchman barriers.
    • The majority of the remaining cards specify non-villain monster, and a few specify non-villain and non-henchman monster.

    Recharge check:
    • Cloud Puff has a recharge check of Craft 4 / Survival 5 which is the lowest recharge check of any other BYA/AYA card.
    • The next lowest recharge check is Anesthetizing Slime which is Craft 7 but then requires you to discard a card with the Alchemical trait.
    • Unshakable Chill has an Arcane/Divine 8 check, which is the next lowest without any extra requirements.
    • Blade Lash is the 4th lowest recharge check at Arcane/Divine 9.

    Other considerations:
    • As mentioned previously, Cloud Puff is a plant, so it does not take up space in your hand
    • There are a few other cards that have certain requirements, like Shock Bullets require you to play a card that has the firearm trait on your combat check. Blade Lash requires you use a weapon on your combat check.

    I did not analyze the strength of other non-BYA/AYA abilities on these cards since that is harder to determine value. Obviously some of these abilities make the cards powerful. An example is Arcana Theft, which can be weaker in the BYA/AYA sense, but it also adds 2 dice to checks against the monster which is quite powerful.

    Speaking strictly of the versatility of BYA/AYA, I don’t see a reason to ever remove Cloud Puff from a deck. While there are some cards that have other useful and worthwhile abilities in addition to the BYA/AYA, Cloud Puff simply is by far the overall strongest BYA/AYA card in the game. It is more versatile than any other card, extremely accessible, and doesn’t take up hand space. For these reasons, I suspect we need to errata it.

    • At a minimum, Cloud Puff should be errata'ed to fit the plant template of applying to a local character.
    • We should also consider removing the "BYA and AYA" from Cloud Puff and make it the more standard "BYA or AYA".
    • Fix any other category that I've highlighted. For example, Should it apply to non-villain banes or non-henchman/non-villain banes? Should it apply to banes or only monsters? Etc, Etc.

    Special Thanks:
    Wanted to thank Hawkmoon269, Cartmanbeck, and especially MorkXII for the assistance with some of the data-gathering and discussion points. This mostly started out as a joke that Cloud Puff was overpowered when it was being used in one of our games. Once we started looking at the other cards we realized that that there is some merit to that statement.

    Open to thoughts/comments on Cloud Puff. I'm also open to hearing someone's argument for a card that is more powerful in a similar fashion (cards that clearly out-pace other similar type cards in multiple "categories").

    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Hello, I am unable to edit this campaign. I am aware the website fix is waiting to be implemented, but in the interim this game is needing to be re-launched after a temporary break.

    Please mark this campaign as "Active"

    Campaign link (click)


    Box Runner

    Please dot in. I'll post more info as we get closer. I'll be looking for official check-ins 1-2 weeks before we start.

    Box Runner

    Please dot in and delete your post. I'll post more info as we get closer to start.

    Box Runner

    Please dot in and delete your post. I'll post more info as we get closer to start.

    Box Runner

    Please dot in and delete your post. I'll post more info as we get closer to start.

    Box Runner

    Please dot in and delete your post. I'll post more info as we get closer to start.

    Box Runner

    Please dot in and delete your post. I'll post more info as we get closer to start.

    Box Runner

    This is the discussion thread for our Season of the Goblins playthrough. Feel free to use this thread to discuss the game - or anything at all, really. If you're unsure how this is all going to work, feel free to have a look at the other game I'm currently running, Season of Plundered Tombs

    If you're still brainstorming who you want to play, you can discuss that here. Though if you know for sure who you are playing then check in as your character alias in the gameplay thread.

    Also feel free to ask questions here, via private messages, or via e-mail at

    Box Runner


    Everyone knows the tales of those stupid longshanks adventurers from the town of Sandpoint. But have you heard the exploits of the heroic goblins Reta, Poog, Mogmurch, and Chuffy? These names will go down in history (or until we forget them). These brave Licktoad goblins ventured far and wide… well, not too far… and actually kind of close by. They have fought giant creatures and evil longshanks. Their adventures are stuff of legend and awe. Before we tell you of these undertakings, let us pray to Lamashtu and see if she’ll bless us with some mutations or other exciting things.

    Nah, let’s just sing.

    Goblins chew and goblins bite.
    Goblins cut and goblins fight.
    Stab the dog and cut the horse,
    Goblins eat and take by force!

    Goblins race and goblins jump.
    Goblins slash and goblins bump.
    Burn the skin and mash the head,
    Goblins here and you be dead!

    Chase the baby, catch the pup.
    Bonk the head to shut it up.
    Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
    We be goblins! You be food!

    You gain the Goblin trait.

    Wait, I'm Not a Goblin!
    Every now and then, you have a strange memory that maybe you aren’t a goblin. Maybe it’s because your character card says “Human” or has a distinctly un-goblin name like Alahazra. It’s almost like everything has been a horrible nightmare ever since you tangled with some cultists of Lamashtu and some awful mutating liquid.

    Then you realize you’re just a goblin, writing is scary, Lamashtu is great, and it’s time to set things on fire.

    This is the Gameplay thread for our Season of the Goblins playthough. This thread is intended for gameplay (explorations, dice rolls, roleplay, etc). Tactical discussions can be posted here within OOC tags, or in the Discussion thread, and anything not directly related to the game should also go in the Discussion thread.

    We still have a few weeks before the event begins, but we will use this time to select characters and get everything set up so that we can hopefully have a smooth start July 9th! Look for more details in the Discussion thread (and/or private messages) from me as we get closer to the start date.

    Please "Dot" this post by making a post and then deleting it. This will add the campaign to your "Campaign's page" (here's an example of mine). Once you finalize your character choice, feel free to post as them in this thread. If you are deciding who to play, post in the discussion thread about which characters or decks you are considering

    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    The PACG Hells Vengeance 1 deck appears to be trying to load an image but it is broken on Chrome and my android samsung internet browser.

    see my alias page (click)

    I am assuming there should be no image here based on other PACG character decks

    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber
    Glamour wrote:
    Display this card next to a character's deck. While displayed, treat your character card as if it has that character's skills in addition to your own. At the end of the turn, if you do not have the arcane skill, banish this card; otherwise discard it, or you may succeed at an Arcane 8 check to recharge it instead.

    Hi all, just wanting a second opinion on this card to make sure I will be playing it correctly:

    1. When it copies another player's skills, to what extent is this? Does this effectively copy everything on another characters token card related to skills (skills, skill feats, die types)? Or only part of it?--if so, which specific parts would you say it is copying?

    2. The phrasing of the card makes it sound like it's possible for Emil, who lacks Arcane, to display this next to the party wizard and now be able to treat it as though he has the arcane skill. Since the card is still displayed prior to discarding, Emil would still have the arcane skill and would not banish the spell. Is this correct?

    Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

    Don't forget to grab your O-Yoroi from Iconic Heroes!

    Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

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    I've been absolutely digging the HV1/2 decks, and this just gives me more options to explore! Very cool post!

    Hello, This is the discussion page for Outpost's season of plundered tombs.

    The event will run from March 5 - April 30. Past that will be optional (I will likely be willing to continue for any interested players, though this will not be required).

    This will be a bit long, but i ask everyone bear with me. Please read each section to make sure we're all on the same page and ready to go next week!

    #1 - Verification
    For online play we need verification that you own the class decks if you haven't done so already. Please write your PFS number&paizo username on a piece of paper and take a picture with the class deck you're using. Then send to (this is our Venture Captain).

    #2 - Check in
    Please go ahead and check-in to confirm you're still intending to play. Generally we'd give 3 days to check-in but with the tables changing I might be a little more flexible on this. If any of you have changed your minds about playing, then please let me know and we'll remove you with no hard feelings!

    #3 - Posting expectations
    I ask that everyone be able to post within a 24 hour period of it being their turn. There is some leniency with this when communicated in advance, but that is just the general guideline.

    #4 - Character selections
    If you haven't done so already, please finalize your character selection. please feel free to discuss as a group if you need help narrowing it down. Once everyone has finalized I can send a deck handler spreadsheet to each of you which is how we'll be tracking what cards are you in your deck/hand/etc.

    #5 - Timezone and posting availibility
    My last outstanding item is what Timezone are each of you in? And what is your general availability to post? I ask because I'd like to try to make the turnorder based off of availability to minimize delays. Let me know below!

    #6 - Questions
    I think that about covers it. If you have any outstanding questions then please let me know either on the discussion boards or via PM.

    Thanks for bearing with me and reading that. I'm super excited to get this kicked off and I promise it'll be more fun once we get started!! Cheers,


    Venture-Captain Norden Balentiir smiles as you take a
    seat in the gardens of the Sandswept Halls. This is the
    Pathfinder lodge in Sothis, capital of the desert nation of
    Osirion. Sycamores and tamarisks provide shade, and a lattice of
    grapevines and hanging plants grow on surrounding trellises. The
    venture-captain invited you to take part in a secret mission, and
    you are aware that the deceptively casual open-air meeting is just
    one of the skilled alchemist’s precautions against discovery. The
    Pathfinders are not free of troubles: death cultists successfully
    assaulted the lodge nearly a decade ago, and rogue Pathfinder
    agents stole from its vaults the following year. The venturecaptain
    focuses his cunning mind and engineering expertise on
    enhancing the lodge’s protections. Back when the Sandswept Halls
    was a Keleshite prison, the old wards held. They will hold again.

    “My friends,” he says, “thank you for joining me today. As you
    know, Osirion has been granting access to new archaeological sites
    by auction and lottery; it’s the Ruby Prince’s new plan to stimulate
    the economy. There’s a ruined city called Shotep-Kara, taken by
    the Obari Ocean 3,000 years ago. Most people have forgotten
    that it even existed. Long story short, the Aspis Consortium
    managed to gain official permission to excavate a small portion
    of the ruins in the shallows, the section of the city that was once
    closest to the shore. I have reason to believe that these ruins might
    hold secrets connected to the elemental planes; in fact, the city
    once held powerful portals that acted as secret sea lanes for the
    Four Pharaohs of Ascension. Thus, the ruins might prove useful
    in our study of our notable recent acquisition: a gem called the
    Untouchable Opal, and the elemental lord of air trapped within.

    “This represents an opportunity we cannot ignore, and I believe
    you are best equipped to handle it. I ask that you head east to the
    Burning Cape, locate the Aspis camp, and infiltrate it without
    being spotted. A rabidly anti-Pathfinder faction within the Aspis
    Consortium recently collapsed, and we’ve brokered an uneasy
    peace with the Aspis. They’re nonetheless our main rivals, so
    don’t take anything for granted. Figure out what the Aspis know
    so far, and, if possible, explore the Aspis site yourselves in search
    of useful lore. A word of warning: Don’t stray past the dig site in
    the shallows marked by the Aspis, as the deeper city could prove
    too dangerous even for agents of your skills. Return here with
    whatever information you can gather; if you find any actionable
    intelligence, I’ll see to it that you’ll have the first crack at using it.

    Good luck, Pathfinders.”

    The scourge die is 1d4+1.
    When you are dealt Acid damage, if that damage is not reduced
    by at least 1, suffer the scourge Curse of Vulnerability.



    Welcome to the Worldwound! We expect your stay will be an
    eventful one.

    The Worldwound is a land controlled by demons. It
    was once called Sarkoris, a thriving land of great commerce
    and knowledge. Then the machinations of demon lords ripped
    it open, leaving a gap through which all manner of nightmares
    enter our world.

    In the aftermath of this invasion, the nation of Mendev
    refuses to surrender. Mendev has marshaled four crusades
    against the demons, though each has been inconclusive. The
    Fourth Crusade is ongoing, and some progress has been made.
    The frequency of incursions has lessened, leading some to
    speculate that victory is within Mendev’s grasp. A few troubled
    souls say this is just the calm before an even greater storm,
    but they are typically silenced, brushed aside by the citizenry’s
    newfound wave of confidence.

    You have arrived at the gleaming city of Kenabres, the
    crown jewel of Mendev. While the Worldwound is beset with
    the demons from the Abyss, Kenabres stands strong. Once
    damaged by the demon lord Khorramzedah, Kenabres has
    recovered from its wounds. Crusaders meet here to test their
    might against each other, knowing what they learn will soon
    prove valuable against their foes. High Queen Galfrey has come
    to Kenabres, secure in the knowledge that this great city will
    never be brought low by the forces of evil.

    The queen knows of a recent discovery that could save the
    Worldwound from its plight. She believes there is a way to
    close the maw to the Abyss, although she has kept the details
    confidential. As part of this plan, she has recruited a council
    of powerful heroes who can find solutions to the problems
    troubling her realm.

    With the queen’s arrival has come enhanced security.
    Crusaders now patrol the walls of Kenabres in greater
    numbers, and visitors are being checked at the city gates by
    oracles who have talents for detecting demonic spies. Both of
    these strategies have proven effective, but the most notable
    enhancement is the presence of the Herald of Iomedae, the
    goddess’s mighty servant.

    This herald is known as the Hand of the Inheritor because
    he sits at the right hand of the goddess Iomedae. The goddess
    has taken a personal interest in the Abyssal incursions into our
    plane, and she manifests her dismay through the Herald. Of
    course, his dismay will manifest through you and the other
    heroes of Queen Galfrey’s council. You have heard the Herald’s
    trumpet, and you have embraced his cause.

    Venture-Agent, Online—ACG aka redeux

    Hi, sorry if this is painfully obvious somewhere, I've tried reading through Mummy's Mask and the Guild Guide a few times and don't quite see the answer I'm looking for. Also I'm pretty new to all of this!

    My question: If I am playing a class deck and I banish a class deck card, how is this handled at the end of the scenario? During my deck upgrade selection do I need to choose a boon of the same type as the one i banished? Or can I pick my deck upgrade as normal and force my character into deck reconstruction?

    For example:

    Hell's vengence 1 class deck has several class deck card or abilities that require Banishing.

    Let's say I play Linxia, the female human hellknight. A power feat reads "you may recharge an ally to add 1d6 plus its adventure deck number to your combat check; you may instead banish it to add 2d6( _ 3d6) plus its adventure deck number."

    So during normal play I banish the ally Hawk. At end of scenario, can I elect a weapon boon as my deck upgrade and then force my deck into reconstruction to acquire a new ally boon (leveled at least 2 lower than the adventure deck level) from my class deck?

    I'm in particular interested about this since I am debating building my character around this mechanic but want to make sure I understand any drawbacks during the deck upgrade/reconstruction stage. I get that if I banish my Ally(4) and we are on adventure 4 then I would only be able to get an ally (2) or lower during reconstruction. I'm mostly concerned if this would impede my deck upgrades in other categories.

    Thanks for any insight!

    edit: bonus question-- if i banish a card that was previously corrupt but redeemed (no longer corrupt), if that card is later added back into my deck during deck reconstruction then it would now be corrupt again, correct? Or would it remain redeemed? I'm second guessing myself here since the redeemed tracker card doesn't seem to mention one way or the other. Thanks again

    Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

    Under the Pathfinder Society Create an Adventure Card Character there is a missing class deck: the recently released Hell's Vengeance 1.