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Is there a pdf for advaced classes or the occult classes, adding these spells to those lists?

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Congratulations, Tonya!!!!!

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Did I miss the date that the Gen Con season 6 and special scenarios are going to be available to download for the registered gm's?

I want to get some prep work (printing, minis, maps) set up before the last minute. I work two (soon three) jobs and want to get my gear oganized before it cramps my style.

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Thursday, August 14

Slot 1 (0800-1300): #6-01: Trial by Machine (1-5)

Slot 2 (1300-1800): OFF

Slot 3 (1900-2400): Gen Con Season 6 Special: The Paths We Choose (3-7)

Friday, August 15

Slot 4 (0800-1300): #6-01: Trial by Machine (1-5)

Slot 5 (1300-1800): OFF

Slot 6 (1900-2400): Gen Con Season 5 End Special: Legacy of the Stonelords (1-4)

Saturday, August 16

Slot 7 (0800-1300): #6-01: Trial by Machine (1-5)

Slot 8 (1300-1800): #6-01: Trial by Machine (1-5)

Slot 9 (1900-2400): #6-01: Trial by Machine (1-5)

Sunday, August 17

Slot 10 (0900-1400): #6-01: Trial by Machine (1-5)

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This is from an adventure I ran. The bear animal companion wanted to move by a half orc without provoking an apology. The acrobatics check roll was a 23, causing me to comment that the bear went down the stairs and around the half orc on a unicycle. The orc didn't die from the damage, but from embarrassment.

Imagine the conversation in the underworld: "how did you die?" "Well, there's this bear in a unicycle ...."

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1) The SORD from Myth Merchant Press (RPG Now)
2) Buff and Condition cards
3)Inventory tags: Small pieces of folded paper with basic info such as AC, saves, perception bonus. I put the names of players on them and place them on the GM screen in initiative order
4) Spare dice, pencils, character sheets, pregens
5) pathfinder society registration cards

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I have a related question: do all tier 1 gm's (hotel room included) have to stay in the designated hotel or can they be reimbursed a portion of the room if they have other accommodations?

I gmed two years ago and want to volunteer for more this year.

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The Hunter needs access to EITHER a favored enemy OR a favored terrain. Gaining this at level 4 wouldn't hurt if it were more flexible (a Knowledge nature or dungeoneering check to activate for a specific foe)

I have no real problems with the weapon selection. This can be gotten around by race selection (elves and swords, dwarves and axes).

But the armor restrictions are unclear. Is METAL armor prohibited (metal shields are)? If the Hunter loses certain bonuses in heavy armor, that would make sense.

There should be some other class based bonuses for having the animal companion. Flanking, initiative, perception, tracking. Any of those (or all), especially if the companion is within 30 (or so) feet.

The animal could also receive some advantages to being partnered with a Hunter. Combat bonuses, access to more tricks, or ability score mods would work. Maybe a specific version of Enlarge that would only work on the companion.

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I've looked through this forum to check for this question: How does RANGED combat work?

Some of the monsters/vilians have references to ranged combat and some of the weapons are (obviously) ranged. But there is no direction on how ranged combat differs from standard.

Can you roll a check on a bane in your location with range, or is range for a helping character at a different location?

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As my dice collection grows (and whose doesn't), I have acquired some different sided dice.

From a kickstarter I received a d7, d14, d16, d18, d22, and d24 (from Impact Miniatures). At Gencon two years ago I bought a set that included d3, d5, d14, d16, and d24. (from Gamescience)

The d3 has a set purpose already in the Pathfinder damage system. I would like some suggestions for using the other dice for damage, either for weapons or spell effects, to build into the system.

I could use them to generate damage from traps (they have no "set" damage in the rules) or for rolling on random tables. But I want to see some worked into the damage progression by size.

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I would look at dodge (to up that AC just one more..) or improved initiative (to get those buffs off first).

If you are the party buffer, craft wand would help (for bless, bull's strength, or cure light)

Shield focus also helps with the ac issue.

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I've been picking these up as I could afford (I have most of them), but I would like Class Acts: Magi.

Keep em' coming and keep up the good work!

A foray into monster alternative abilities or race options would fit into your line well.

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Posted twice, sent one picture. Talked it up for a while though.

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There were close to 75 tables in the main room, with another 15 for overflow....

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Do you still need GM volunteers? Specifically for the Beginner Box events?

I have run the beginner box for my kids using the pregens and the beginner box bash scenarios. I will be at GENCON for all 4 days of the event.

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Droid X (for a few more months)

How about class specific apps. Fighter app that helps you figure the best use of weapons and feats (calculates bonuses to hit/damage)

Or an app that allows you to import and fill out a character sheet, modifying it as circumstances change.

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Please send a copy to if you would please. (B2 is the next adventure I'm taking the boys through)

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I ran the BB for my two sons (14 and 10) and a friend of theirs (13) using the iconics (Valeros, Merisiel, and Ezren). They had a blast!! Actually talked to the goblin tribe rather than fighting them. They realized the need for a cleric to save them from bad rolls.

A couple of weeks later, I ran "Sinister secret of Saltmarsh" and they played right into it. They had no problems killing the bad guys. Though I did cause the youngest to have nightmares after I used my BOOMING voice from one of the traps.

Last week my boys rolled up their first characters. Austin chose to go with a human Barbarian and after mods, he had 18's in his three main stats. Jacob went with an elven wizard, and after mods, his Int was 19 and Dex 18. Great starting points.

The boys look forward to playing whenever we get a chance, and they take it fairly seriously. No fart jokes or anything out of character.

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Perram wrote:

Oh neat! That is more spells than even I've printed out myself. :) Do you think you could take some pics? I would love to have some 'See it in action' shots on my website if you wouldn't mind.

Also: Protector Sleeves or the 9-card sheets? I'm trying to think of some new ways to organize 'em myself. :)

I'm super glad you enjoy using them!

Here's the link to the pics I just uploaded: mp;l=92b3d78ca5&type=1

They are in the second largest card box available for now. All of the spells were printed out 9 per page, grouped by level for each class.

The spells are sorted by Class/List then by level. So there are multiple copies of many spells if they appear in more than one list.

Kind of a legend: Sorcerer/Wizard (Red), Cleric/Oracle (Yellow), Druid, (Blue), Witch (Purple), Alchemist (Orange), Summoner Green), Paladin (White).

The other lists (Ranger, Magus, Bard, Inquisitor) aren't sleeved yet and won't be until they are needed for a session, or a player creates a character for that class.

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Is there a chart that expands on the weapon damage past Large (or smaller than tiny) towards Huge, Massive, and Colossal?

Specifically (on Table 6-5 p145 of the core rulebook) a medium weapon that does 2d6 (Greatsword) would do 3d6 if it was large. What is the progression to huge if (god forbid) a wizard enlarged an Ogre holding the sword (or a medium barbarian holding a large greatsword was Enlarged)

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I found my answer in an app for my Droid: Summoner by Luigi Papino.

This app generates stat blocks for summoned creatures for Summon Monster and Summon Natures Ally (I thru IX) and applies fiendish or celestial templates, even augment summoning.

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My hero!

I have all of the card printed from all of the earlier hardbacks.

Just need the sleeves for the spells. (expensive)