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A Solid book


I purchased the print/pdf combo. After spending several days skimming the pdf, I am sure that these races can be slotted into most campaigns. They have an ecology, habits, and a section about how other "standard" races view them.
They aren't set up to be a major nation but rather pockets and neighborhoods to add depth to a city. There is plenty of depth and color to each (large and detailed) entry, with room for a GM to customize of adapt to his campaign.

The book/pdf has plenty of art, macabre though it is, with racial pictures and filler pieces. It is black and white, but I believe it enhances the gloomy feel of necromancy. The book is perfectpound at 66 pages, with a color front and back cover. The PDF has a table of contents/index, but the print version does not (its only real shortcoming).

Editing is concise and thoughts are clear. Not many new rules but there are more takes on old racial setups.

Just what I expected.

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Challenging and fun!


Ran this adventure last night for the group. Very challenging encounters leading to some out of the box thinking. The lower level party members felt especially pressed on: The second level ranger went negative in one encounter, the second level barbarian went negative twice in the next encounter.

It used all of the party resources and made them work as a team. They succeeded, but only because they had the right skillset and the knowledge to use it.

Great adventure!

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Exactly what I hoped for


The encounters are unique in their inventiveness, taking concepts developed over years of Pathfinder and 3.5. By combining magic, real world mysticism and superstition, and the grain of historical truth, this adventure gives the players the unique experience of a "modern" setting with the traditional fantasy framework.

The new creature type, the troop, creates the options for larger easier to run combats, in which the PC's can act and react, but are still overshadowed by the mass of the conflict. The potential for this template type to be used in traditional fantasy settings can be used to keep early, low CR monsters relevant to a campaign.

Amazing adventure. This is the capstone (so far) that players are looking forward to and will be talking about for years afterwords.