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Dark Archive 5/5

One of the tables at our weekly PFS night ran the Pathfinder Quest: Silverhex Chronicles.

When is this adventure going to be available to report in the scenario selector?

Also, when are the faction selections going to change to match the revisions?

Dark Archive 5/5

I'm sure this has crossed someone's mind before.

Is there a way to access the PFS numbers of the players from a specific table, that was reported through GenCon?

One of the guys on Saturday night accidentally packed up my Technology Guide.

I just want to email/message him and see if he'd ship it to me (I'd pay for shipping).

I kinda don't want to buy it again.

Dark Archive 5/5

Did I miss the date that the Gen Con season 6 and special scenarios are going to be available to download for the registered gm's?

I want to get some prep work (printing, minis, maps) set up before the last minute. I work two (soon three) jobs and want to get my gear oganized before it cramps my style.

Dark Archive

I've looked through this forum to check for this question: How does RANGED combat work?

Some of the monsters/vilians have references to ranged combat and some of the weapons are (obviously) ranged. But there is no direction on how ranged combat differs from standard.

Can you roll a check on a bane in your location with range, or is range for a helping character at a different location?

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As my dice collection grows (and whose doesn't), I have acquired some different sided dice.

From a kickstarter I received a d7, d14, d16, d18, d22, and d24 (from Impact Miniatures). At Gencon two years ago I bought a set that included d3, d5, d14, d16, and d24. (from Gamescience)

The d3 has a set purpose already in the Pathfinder damage system. I would like some suggestions for using the other dice for damage, either for weapons or spell effects, to build into the system.

I could use them to generate damage from traps (they have no "set" damage in the rules) or for rolling on random tables. But I want to see some worked into the damage progression by size.

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Is there a chart that expands on the weapon damage past Large (or smaller than tiny) towards Huge, Massive, and Colossal?

Specifically (on Table 6-5 p145 of the core rulebook) a medium weapon that does 2d6 (Greatsword) would do 3d6 if it was large. What is the progression to huge if (god forbid) a wizard enlarged an Ogre holding the sword (or a medium barbarian holding a large greatsword was Enlarged)