Summon nature's ally sheet?

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Is there anything around where all the stats for the different monsters are listed in normal and augmented form? Would be great if anyone has a link. Thanks.

Shameless bump, but I am urgently looking for one. Thanks for any links.

I had found one .pdf file (with a few mistakes) but i can't share because it has Paizo's monster pictures.

My answer is, you've got quite a bit of work ahead of you...

When playing a druid in 3.5 a few years ago I had used the SRD to build a list of Augmented Summon Nature's Ally monsters. I would suggest copying each of the monsters out of the PRD into a Word processor and then just start copying and modifying. It will take a long time, but you will have your list. Unfortunately, I have not taken the time to do this myself yet, mainly because I have not played a druid in PF... Yet.

I think there's an android/iphone app that might have everything you need, if either of those are an option.

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I found my answer in an app for my Droid: Summoner by Luigi Papino.

This app generates stat blocks for summoned creatures for Summon Monster and Summon Natures Ally (I thru IX) and applies fiendish or celestial templates, even augment summoning.

Only thing, I don't have a cell with apps, yeah totally old-fshioned ;), butt hanks anyway, any other optinos out there?

I have .rtf files of summon nature's ally and augmented summon nature's ally, from 3.5. I don't know what has changed in Pathfinder, so maybe they won't work for you. I also can't promise that the files are typo-free. PM me if you don't get any more updated offers.

Search in the Houserules section... you never know... ;) dbook-part-3

About halfway down. Happy summoning :)

I created one for augmented monsters. It should be in the houserule section of you can search my post.

Cratai wrote: dbook-part-3

About halfway down. Happy summoning :)

For whatever reason -I didn't know this happened- it's putting a space in the link. Take that out and it should work fine.

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Look on this site for 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. They sell the cards for 4.99 I believe. I only found a few minor errors and so far have worked out AWESOME. A good investment.

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