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How much would this cost and is it always available? (even a masterwork)


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I am unaware of a regular unicycle, but if you have a book that lists one as an item, just take its weight in pounds, multiply that by 500gp, and add it to the base price (assuming the listed item is constructed of metal to begin with, and not wood). Mithral is automatically masterwork.

Assuming it's a mundane item, and not magical, it should be always available.

.... ok, Everyone's thinking it. I have to ask.



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My guess is he has a bear animal companion.

But why mithral?


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In all your time doing PFS, have you ever seen a character with one?

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Unfortunately, there is no custom items allowed in PFS - so there is no legal way to create the unicycle:

Neither the craft feats nor the item creation section
of the magic items chapter in the Core Rulebook are legal
for play. Additionally, except for specific examples cited
in this guide or the Pathfinder Society FAQ, crafting of
mundane items is not allowed in Pathfinder Society.

- pg 8 of the v5.x Guide to Organized play

I imagine you would also need the "Perform" trick trained as well.

To re-write the original post I had up:

I have seen unicycles in PFS sanctioned play. While I realize this doesn't automatically grant access to the vehicle, it does set precedent: they do exist.

Now, they were on a not very formidable foe, and my general reaction was "how quaint," I assume that there is some manufacturer of one-wheeled bicycles.

Good luck getting the mithral unicycle, and good luck making that viable for play. The bears were trained on the unicycle and could use it for a spring attack, but failed ride checks/acrobatics checks when they needed to make them.

If there isn't any other entry for it, you might still be able to purchase it as a masterwork tool, maybe granting its +2 bonus to Acrobatics checks made to avoid AoOs while moving through threatened squares.

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This is from an adventure I ran. The bear animal companion wanted to move by a half orc without provoking an apology. The acrobatics check roll was a 23, causing me to comment that the bear went down the stairs and around the half orc on a unicycle. The orc didn't die from the damage, but from embarrassment.

Imagine the conversation in the underworld: "how did you die?" "Well, there's this bear in a unicycle ...."


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That would definitely provoke an apology from me.

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I would say that a Mithral Unicycle would be a Masterwork Perform[Unicyclist] Tool personally, and don't see any problem with buying a mithral masterwork tool and calling it a unicycle, as you can reflavor things without a specific flavor text [like eidolon].

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