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i hope that Spellhearts will help out shields and make it so druids can use more then just a wooden shields hardness and hp as the only option.

As a number of oozes have the split ability how does everyone view it when it splits if the first ooze was hit with a witches hex, or a rangers hunt prey.
I myself can see it working in a few different ways
1 the now two oozes are completely new and anything that hit or targeted them before is ignored. In this case a witch could hit both of them with a hex, a rangers hunt prey has to be put back up on one of them, and Persistent Damage goes away.
2 only one of the oozes is new and the other is the original, so a witch could hit the new one with a hex but not the original one if it had already hit it with a hex, the ranger still has the original hunted but not the new one, and Persistent Damage stays on the original.
3 they are both considered the original, and witch cant hit them with a hex they used when it was only one ooze, ranger is now hunting both of them(dumb and not likely at all) and Persistent Damage now is on both of the oozes.

Over all I think 1 is most likely to be the case, but I can see 2 being used at the table so no class is put at a disadvantage, and 3 I put in just to be more complete.

I have to say that after playing casters that stay in the back, hero points just kind of stack up with no way to use them as things stand. so i like hearing all of these ideas.

Your earth elemental ancestor's influence manifests in you as dust and dirt, like the soil of a field or the hot desert sands. You can sustain yourself on dirt and ash instead of normal food and water.


So for the fun of it I have to ask. With the dustsoul not needing to eat or drink normally, would that mean they cannot have tears? Or even any liquid be able to normally leave the body. I am not talking about anything involving rules like bleed effects just flavor things. Does the dirt and ash come out the other side at all? or as a brick? Could they mine forever and just eat to make a tunnel?
What are some other silly things that come to mind with the dustsoul for all of you?

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Michael Sayre wrote:
roquepo wrote:
Another question, how does Drifter's Rebounding Assault work with a gauntlet? It is more or less attached to your hand.

I probably wouldn't try throwing one that I've specifically said is attached to my hand rather than just worn, but as a GM, I certainly wouldn't have any issue with someone saying they keep the laces a little loose so they can fling it at whoever offends them next.

So the answer is "Exactly like any other weapon because there's no rules element to say they should be treated differently, but if your GM says it's too immersion breaking, it's their table."

Rocket fists are go.

Well ok then, I have to say I did not expect the 3 muse option. It does make courageous advance move to level 6, which is when a barbarian can pick up AoO. Muddying the waters a bit more I feel.

I feel others missed that you need to have warriors muse to take Courageous advance, and you need mastros muse to take Lingering Composition. Which is possible if you take Multifarious Muse at level 2. And seeing as how the op mentioned getting warrior muse latter level that would make two feats to make it work as they are a different muse.

So I ran into an odd problem, How does the use of Aligned Oil (holy) work for the once per day ability the holy rune grants. Key part would be if more then one Aligned Oil (holy) were put on a weapon in the same day. I can see it playing out in two different ways at least.

1 The holy once per day ability will only trigger once no matter how many times you add oil to the given weapon.

2 Each new use of the Aligned Oil is treated as a different Holy rune for the day. And you are spending money to make it happen so why would you get less then what the Holy rune says it gives you.

I am thinking it is 2 over all. But I felt unsure and would like some feedback.

What is the level of detail you are looking for with the models? Also if you yourself have a 3d printer you can always scale up things to be the right size. Or if you are willing to make things yourself you can learn a 3d modeling program like blender or zbrush.

edit, I quickly looked through the list of gargantuan monsters and I could only find 6 of the 62 monsters that are gargantuan that dont have some kind of model for them or have something that could easily be scaled up or a proxy.

you are right. but i posed this question in advice not in rules to get peoples thoughts.

So this came up in my groups game. the set up, the paladin has two hands on his lance and he wanted to mount up on his horse. One person pointed out that how can he do that without using at least one hand to grab the saddle. Another person thought that they could mount up without using arms in just a few tries in real life. In the end the gm let the paladin do so to move the game along.

My question is what are your thoughts. Should you be able to mount up with no hands, or require one hand or even both hands? All of this also assumes that a character is at the same level as the mount, no step mounting block or something like it.

beowulf99 wrote:

It also depends on what your other options are. A buddy of mine ran a Bard that had no other real offensive option, didn't bother picking up a crossbow or investing in any weapon. He was kinda role playing him as a pacifist if I recall correctly.

So his turn against any monster was pretty much using a Focus Cantrip then using Daze against most monsters. That or Aid Another actions or recall knowledge.

Probably not the min/maxed Bard method, but it worked out more often than not.

I know when i played my bard i was doing party buffs and healing when needed but only so much spell slots at level 2. Bards only have two real attack spells and Daze does have a longer range and with PF2 people dont know what spells do automatically it makes it that much more tempting to cast daze to hurt something vs teleknetic projectile as that spell is much easier to tell something is up.

As to bards with weapons that boewulf mentioned. bards are stuck with two handed instruments if they want to get any item bonuses so they cant truly have a weapon in hand.

True it would be nice if daze did more damage and or scaled its damage better.

As Lesshy seedpod is an unarmed attack is it possible to use while wielding a weapon in two hands. I think it should be able to be used but just covering my bases by making sure here.

Everstand Stance with Grasping Reach is a build for a leshy champion i am looking into. I feel it is not completely clear and would like to make sure it works together before I as the GM to make a ruling.

Everstand Stance makes the shield two handed or at least you are using it two handed and the die size goes up by 1, so shield bash goes from 1d4 to 1d6, boss and spikes go from 1d6 to 1d8.

Grasping Reach

You can extend a tangle of vines or tendrils to support your arms and extend your reach. When you wield a melee weapon that requires two hands, doesn’t have reach, and deals at least 1d6 damage, you can change between a typical two-handed grip and an extended two-handed grasp using an Interact action. Weapons wielded in your extended grasp gain reach of 10 feet. This grasp is less stable and powerful than a typical grip, reducing the weapon’s damage die by 1 step.

As shields do not require two hands but everstand stance lets you use shields with two hands do they work together. I guess same could be said for any weapon that lets you use two hands for higher damage dice.

So if it all does work together then total result is 1 action activate Everstand Stance, 1 action gain reach, last action free to do what ever for turn 1. getting a +2 hardness on shield, same damage die as normal, 10 foot reach.

What would be torrent snare's duration. It does not state how long the difficult terrain it creates lasts. Until the end of the turn of who ever triggered it. One full round, or something else?

I thought I heard something about new snares in this book is that true?

So as both forager and coyote cloak both say on a critical success they feed twice as many people. Do they combined feed 4 times as many people or is it a stacking thing where it feeds 3 times as many people.

Bandw2 wrote:

would apply runes to your hair be frosted tips?

or maybe getting those weird shapes shaved into the side of your head.

I think the runes would be put on with hair ties or bows. like you would put ruins on hand wraps. got to look your best after all and have you eye brow hair all neat with a bow.

We know at least how some of the dedication feats will work. level 4 feat to give a level 1 class feat, and a level 6 feat that lets you take a class feat of half your level. Some fun things can come out of just those feats.

I had a silly thought with the playtest witch and swashbuckler. The thought was a swashbuckler taking witch multiclass and then taking living hair and fighting that way. You could also reverse this and have the Witch take swashbuckler multiclass and grab dizzying parry to make the hair get +1 more ac when using it to parry.

I know the multiclass feats for these classes dont exist in the playtest. But just following the pattern of level 4 you pick one class feat, and level 6 pick one class feat equal to half your level.

I would like to hear peoples thoughts on what some good Illusory Creature uses would be for creatures that would be large size and larger still. Something that would not clearly give a save because too little damage was done. like in the example a large dragon only doing 5 damage the gm might give a free action perception to save vs Illusory Creature.

- horse
- giant frog

Those are the ones i can see doing the right amount of damage and being large. Feel free to suggest monsters from pathfinder first ed as those monsters are still around even if they don't have stats right now. In the end I would like this used as a reference for anyone wanting to use this spell but they don't know or have the time to select a creature that would do the same amount of damage that Illusory Creature would do for its level.

well Alchemical Bomb is a Martial weapon, so any thing that works with ranged thrown weapons should work as a base line. So proficiency would go up same with Weapon Specialization.

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The fact that even if a few people can read it and get put out 4 snares at a time is a problem. a problem that can be addressed with a few lines.
suggested wording as a base line.
For deploying snares.
"a snare is built within a single adjacent 5 foot square."
bold my addition

To cut off the crafting in batches problem add in
"when crafting a snare in 1 minute or less they can not be crafted in batches."

To stop the stacking snares problem.
"snares cannot occupy the same space as another snare and/or trap."

As an extra thing to stop crazy base defenses for ranger snares in the ranger feat "snare specialist" add in.
"snares created using this feat last until your next daily preparations"

And a last line that bugs me in snare specialist that can be read different ways. make it more clear when/ if you gain more formulas as you increase in proficiency in crafting, as you could pick the feat up when you are a master or legendary and get a different number of formulas total depending on how it is read.
"If your rank is at or increases to master, you gain 6. If your rank is at or increases to legendary, you gain 6."

It might not be the best way to phrase things but it would hopefully stop anyone having to have a talk like this one with the gm.

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I feel it is good to talk about this before the first errata comes out so it gives the devs a good chance of addressing this in the first errata. Most of us will agree to no stacking traps and the like. But there are always people that will see something like this and interpret it to be in there favor regardless of how it is intended, and sometimes those people steam roll the gm to get there way.

I put together what I could for a Fall of Plaguestone collection for 3d printing. It is missing some things and others might find better models. But it is a good first step.


Did this sea serpent fight with my group and i know we did a fair amount of things wrong so bare that in mind. party was a wizard me, druid, paladin, and cleric. because of a joke the cleric made he had water breathing precast on all of us as a 4th level spell so it lasts 24 hours. we got to the lake and without ever taking to anything in the forest we went in and walked along the bottom of the lake.
turn 1. sea serpent went and swallowed cleric
turn 2 cleric got out but the huge dino druid got swallowed, it chewed its way out.
turn 3 sea serpent missed, wizard cast cone of cold and it made its save and took 2 damage. (rolled 36 damage)
turn 4 sea serpent ate paladin and ran away and paladin killed it from the inside but almost died.
after action report, from the dm said he lowered the ac by 2. most likely remembering one of the devs saying that numbers were off by 2.

it was a crazy fight and if ran right then we would have had almost no way of winning. also funny to me that the dino druid at huge got swallowed. it was also 1 am on Wednesday and people had to work the next day so it got a little hand waved.

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Talonhawke I thought so too with the feat assurance, but it lets you not roll and just get a result of a 10 with no bonuses, penalties or modifiers. expert a total of 15 master 20 and legendary 30. once more it is not that you rolled that number, that number is now your total.

I would like to get the thoughts on dwarf ancients blood. I understand that getting +2 to saves vs magic is very good, but is the cost of -2 Resonance Points worth it. It would make a dwarf that has put nothing into charisma get the first resonance point at level 4. The other side is does that even matter, will magic items not have much effect before level 4.

My party had a hard time with the akata, and from the way they interpreted the logs on the ship, they think the drift rock might have over 100 akatas on it. So they thought of calling backup. now as it was hard to deny them that, i did the best i could in the moment. letting them contact who hired them Eox’s ambassador and had him tell them back up was on its way but will take some time to get there, and to go down to the drift rock and if things get too bad down there to get on the ship and wait for backup to arrive. thus making me skip the part where the ship leaves them stranded.

players have seen enough scifi horror to know not to explore more when they can call for back up.

bonded mind would be funny.
lots of Betrayal teamwork feats.
Friendly Fire is a good one.
Volley Fire for the no cover part
Pack Attack to attack and move away.

It all depends on how often those conditions come up for your game like all things it is relative. i can see it being over powered on a psychic caster but that is it. talk with your dm and find out how often those conditions would pop up, at the least some thought should be given to how often it would actually be useful. On the other hand i can see it being banned for a different reason. it is from a module and is made for use in that module.

I too suggest Occultist archetype, and the feat summon good monster, nothing better then having aid at will from your summoned pet on the whole party, and they can tank the traps too. I say this as someone that played this path with that build it was very fun.

More of a seed, a planet devoid of life, after an experiment taping into the plane of positive energy goes too well. all the plants grew too fast and sucked out all the nutrients from the soil. all those that were living in the area died from being too healthy. a few survivors are left but they have to keep hurting themselves to stay alive and not pop with positive energy. the positive energy keeps them sustained without food or water. play with it as you want.

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My group took the rails off the track then put them together once more and had them hooking up to another track so that two trains would hit each other.
but first some food for thought, your players might try to dig a tunnel from under the inn to the fort, easy way to stop that is say the fort is on solid stone. Also in this line of thought is if the party has a necromancer and made the undead dig.

My group has a fiendish vessel cleric who has a free imp familiar, they made this plan up after killing the monk. they told Oppian that the wizard was conducting foul rituals in his home, they were on friendly enough terms with him so he took 6 guards some of them named and went with them to the wizards manor, just before they got there, the imp with a bag of holding went in the window of the second story manor and put dead body's in a ritual configuration. they arrive with Oppian and get the wizard to come out he is confused as to what is going on, Oppian sends up one of his men to look for confirmation that some dark ritual is being done. the man comes back down says yes it is. party is behind oppian and his guard and has the imp act once more using the discord bottle, all but the wizard and Oppian failed, the party bard casts glitter dust on the wizard and two guards they all fail, the fiendish vessel casts lesser confusion. in short order the party wins by much trickery. with that i ended the book, the town lost its GR leadership in two days. they never had to storm the fort. But i was the one running the game, and we don't get that much play time a session for reasons.

My group just got done with this book, but some things i took away from it.
1 it makes it easy for necromancers to make a large army from things for my group it was dire bears that they kept getting on the random encounter table.

2 you never know what the party will try at the orphanage, mine has a witch that used its prehensile hair hex to kidnap one of them, his name is joey and he has to go around following the party or die...

3 because of the big battle/siege near the end, if you want the party to have easy sacrifices to get a hold of the portal just let them find some knights that are stable at negative hp.

4 if you have necromancers a good place to purge the number of undead they have is at that siege.

just what i have seen from my groups play of the book.

My party has only 3 players so gm gave us a npc that we made together. It is a witch and as we were looking at familiar we picked monkey and then the archetype sage, the rest of the party is not that smart so likely we will be following the monkeys advice. So we picked the name monkeys paw. I hope things won't go badly for us.

my party never got to fight him. our gm was too frustrated with how powerful we were even at just the end of book 5. he saw each of the 4 of us as being able to take him down in one turn. party had a aether kenitisist, archer magus, fighter, and me the summoning archanist. after 5 sessions in a row of use taking no damage and killing everything on the first turn that kind of broke him.

fast bomb allows you to make more then one bomb attack a round. but does not itself give you a bomb attack. you treat your bombs now like a normal thrown weapon for how many attacks you can get out of it

so because you have 3/4 base you get
3 from bab in the end
1 more from rapid shot
1 from haste
3 from all the two weapon fighting feats
= 8 bombs a turn at most,

I am currently playing one in rise of the runelords and i dont find the need to summon more then twice a day even rushing through things with no breaks. I suggest getting the feat summon good monster and get some archons and keep using the aid spell they have at will. for the the errata has not mattered at all and at this point going on book 4.

so umm. has anyone had to deal with a group that was very clever with dealing with the gray garrison.

seeing how the building is made of stone, a character that had a pet earth elemental from some source be it a companion or a summon, then putting invisibility on it some how, could just go up to the top floor using earth glide invisibly then go inside the building and use the rod of cancellation to touch the wardstone. effectively making the only one in the room or even building, while the players are across the street waiting. then what does Areelu do, does she just see a small earth elemental with the wardstone shattered. do the players still get mythic some how. this has not happened yet in my game but how to handle this corner case.

This more or less has the players out think themselves from getting mythic.

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commoner that is told to be a warrior guard. with drawback sleepy
a security guard with no training prior or on the job instruction.

Everyone picked there class without knowing what others picked so we have a odd group of being all ranged. No base healer as well

Elf eldritch archer magus
Human archer fighter
Half elf Kineticist aether with a theif feel.
Elf arcanist Occultist. Me

Infernal healing will have to do for low level healing. And summoned monsters or mount for tanks/targets to go without a standard front line. Worked out well so far.

All winnable crew gotten. As the party got more ships they got promoted to Captain. I tried to get my group to build a fleet early that way. So book 5 does not hit them so hard. Only person left from starting crew was fishguts by the time we finished book 6. Even made friends with pepper from how they saw it and invited her to a party in book 4. Thus in a round about way leading them to skip all fleet battles.....

Hmm seems my party was a bit meaner and stealthy. Two days on man's promise they stealthed to the sleeping forms of plugg ando scourge and coup de grace them. Thus ignoring a final showdown.

Something that can go differently then as written as it did for me.
1 the party killing the hurricane king in the counsel meeting. (my party did that at start of book 5 technically, killing him before he could do more then one move action. ) so no need for the dungeon crawl.

2 scry and die on the fleet. if you let the party know the name fo the admiral leading it and/or the name of her bodyguard it is a simple thing scry and find out when she sleeps, go invisible teleport and kill bodyguard then her. using cloak of dreams to make bodyguard fall asleep. then go around with overland flight with inadvisability and grabbing something from the other captains to scry on them for next time. while also planting as many castings of fire seeds using holly berry's inside of the ship at night. thus killing a fair amount of the non combat crew and setting the ship on fire from the inside. thus a party of 4 can take on a armada of 50 or so ships and win.( well a high level caster can do this by themselves to any military force not prepared for it. ie scry, fly, greater invisibility, teleport, evocations of some kind, teleport out, do that a few days and watch common military forces die)

thus the last book can turn into one short session with no need for a fleet battle. in fairness yes i know that devil has see invisibility but there are only 4 of them and i missed that in there stat block. You can take this as a warning of how to avoid this or as a easy way to resolve the book as you will.

another idea/warning only the hurricane king has a Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location in the book, so scry and die is something you can do on his first officer who the party has seen before. risk would be things could attack from behind.

well Errant Mercenary. they were level 11 and i ran the encounters as written but they jumped past a few of them with short ranged teleports of different types. the party started out as just 3 people so gave them 25 points, a few books latter let them have a npc heal bot. the wealth by level got a little screwy because two of them turned into item crafters, with a familiar that had the valet archetype so could quick craft 4,000 gold in one day. With that and seeing how they are on a ship with a fair amount of down time for travel, well it changes things. Even with me only giving them magic items and loot that was written in the book, even then they missed out on a fair amount.

Even stranger part was the next session when i went to wrap up the book with just having the pirate counsel meet. they voted on things like what was expected. then at the end they presented the information they got from the end of the book. so i took the interaction the hurricane king has for that from book six. as well as a expected personality of the party is new and knows nothing and are pathetic. the party did not like that and the shaman used its teleport hex with split hex to move the cutlass magus and the two weapon fighting kukri using slayer to both side of the hurricane king, so they are flanking. as the surprise round they got out there weapons. rolled for initiative slayer went first then hurricane king. slayer does a few crits and sneak attack doing massive damage, and yes i rolled as appropriate for the hurricane kings gear just got unlucky, the kings turn, move action stand up. provokes attack of opportunity. they slayer and magus hit him and he dies. he only got to stand up. I had two people from book six with him at the meeting, they both only got one action then went down. the slayer picked up the crown and asked if there were any objections, one pirate lord had one. then the shaman did baleful polymorph and asks if there was any more. no one said anything.

so my party now has a newly crowned hurricane king.... at technical the start of book 5... to make matters funnier in book three with the race the slayer made a bet with tessa fairwind and if they win she would marry him for one year. they win the race with a score of 55 where the scale only goes up to 11. I then had tessa walk around the table to the slayer ie the new hurricane king and had her say "so what do you want to do now husband?" my group loved that part, i also thought it worked as she does not want to be the king but wants a fair amount of say in what goes on.

They then use the time after that to do scry and die method on the major plot point of book six. thus ending my run of this adventure path. the party finishing the last two books with one session per book. i did skip some things along the way but all the major plot points were covered. I leveled them up at the speed of plot, meaning when the book says they should be level x for this part i leveled them up for it, mostly this happened with the at the end of book they should be level x.

I also say this as a kind of warning that can mess up the last two books. ie party goes to harrigan's island early killing him thus negating most of book 5, and no need to build a fleet. also party decides to kill hurricane king at meeting making them the new king, and scry and die on the plot point of book six.

Gming had my party send out invites for the party in the last book. The sent some to Harrigan pepper and others. Had those two refuse peppers refusal in his hand writing. They scryed her and saw her condition. The party was a few days away, so after it they scryed her and found Harrigan talking to her. So they used find ship with some wood from the wormwood they got earlyer. Got to the island to rescue pepper. Changed the plan and killed 5 different encounters within one turn the foes not getting a single action, then did in Harrigan with him not able to act.

So they basically jumped to the end of the book took out the threat before they even saw it as one. That is all before the pirate counsel meets. Taking the party one day of travel.

I know a far amount of that is on me for allowing it. But I wanted to share, and show how far things can go off with this book.

I suggest depending on how long you plan for this to be, to up the player count to 5, the longer it goes the higher chance someone might have to drop due to something outside of there control.

was fun to build in any case, have fun.

Found something strange with the d20 site for mythic feats. It tosses in 3rd party stuff without saying that it is 3rd party. If you click on the feat and scroll down a little you can see what book it came from. Just a reminder for everyone to double check to make sure what they picked out is legal.

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