multiclass dedication feats

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Silver Crusade

I was hoping we could see how to multiclass the new classes. that is how you can see if where its broken if at all.

hopefully they will release some dedication feats

I'm pretty sure they already said nothing will be changed/release during playtest, as it has such a tight time frame.

I think that the time frame is short because they have to have changes and edits well before, I think, GEN CON.

I would love to see what they were thinking on them..

Studied STrike for instance would be neat to see if you can get or not. HOpe so. but given pattern feels like they won't.
Which mans i'm not sure what they'd give

We know at least how some of the dedication feats will work. level 4 feat to give a level 1 class feat, and a level 6 feat that lets you take a class feat of half your level. Some fun things can come out of just those feats.

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