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Rise of the Runelords

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I am currently running two different groups through RotR.

Group #1 (original cast until RL got in the way):
- Cassandra of Iomedae, LG Chelaxian human female Paladin 1, from Magnimar,
- Vargus Deverin, CG Chelaxian human male Rogue 1, from Sandpoint (but just returning from completing his lawyer-training in Magnimar),
- Wundaar the Bright, NG dwarven male Bard 1, from Janderhoff,
- Sanderion, N elven male Conjurer (teleportation sub-school) 1, from Kyonin (I think; it might have been Crying Leaf instead).

Group #1 (current cast of 3 plus 1 NPC):
- Kéleb Darkblade (NPC), CG elven male Fighter 5 /Oracle (Metal) 2, from somewhere far, far away (star-faring elf slumming it on the surface while the starship is being repaired after a too-close encounter with an Eoxian boneship),
- Vargus Deverin, Rogue 6 /Fighter 1,
- Wundaar the Bright, Bard 7 (planning on taking Ranger 1 for FE: Undead [they just finished Book 2], then going Eldritch Knight),
- Ashlon, NG elven male Evoker 7, from Crying Leaf (who will probably gain the nick-name "Boom-Boom").

Group # 2 (original cast until character death got in the way):
- Donk, CN half-orc male Barbarian (invulnerable rager) 1, from the Mindspin Mountains nearest Urglin,
- Sombrío Infeliz, CG Taldan human male Magus (kensai) 1, born in Taldor but brought up in exile in Brevoy,
- Brae, NG Ulfen human male Magus (hexcrafter) 1, from Halgrim in the Ironbound Islands in the Land of the Linnorm Kings,
- Halatir of Erevan, CN elven male Inquisitor (spellbreaker) 1, from somewhere far, far away (star-faring elf slumming it on the surface while the starship is being repaired after a too-close encounter with an Eoxian boneship),
- Saoirse of the Green Faith, N ratatosk female Druid (menhir savant) 1, from somewhere near the Spire of Lemriss.

Group # 2 (current cast):
- Donk, Barbarian (invulnerable rager) 7,
- Sombrío Infeliz, Magus (kensai) 1 /Fighter 5 (Aldori swordlord) /Aldori Swordlord 1 (aiming for Duellist),
- Brae of Nethys, Magus (hexcrafter) 6 /Cleric 1 (aiming for Mystic Theurge),
- Justine Clairmont, CG Taldan human female Slayer (pureblade) 7, from Cassomir in Taldor,
- Saoirse of the Green Faith, Druid (menhir savant) 7.

Note: we are using the Unchained version of various classes (including Fighter-only stamina pool and combat tricks).

I have two groups, both with four players.

-Barvis Lucius, Witchhunter! Human Magus 3, dex-based, has a rapier & likes shocking grasp. Apparently inspired by the witch-hunter of Vermintide. This player's character is NE/CE, but you wouldn't know it until he's faced with a moral quandery. I like this kind of evil characters.

-Syrril Uradin (& Co.), Human N Swashbuckler 3. The focus of a certain maiden's attentions, and an even more certain aristocrat's obsession. The 'Hero'.

-Sekhmet, Human CG (or CN? I can't recall) Cleric of Bastet. Has a high strength, a suit of scale mail, and a kopesh, and has been carrying the party through buffs, save-or-lose, kopesh-to-the-face, and last, but not least, healing.

-Mordred Tonerre, LE Cavalier 3. He's the son of the town mayor, recently returned from distant lands, as I needed an 'In' for the character. I one-shotted this guy by accident, (A melee rogue with very nice stats, except he chose to have con 9) and so he made a cavalier instead.
Has a hard time with not getting to take his horse anywhere. I told him this at the beginning, but noo, he was making a cavalier no matter what. Then he whined when he didn't get to keep his mount. Sigh. Still, his character has all the makings of a bad-ass, I'll give him that.

I have to keep an eye on that last player, he doesn't do evil well.

As you might be able to tell, I think I might run into trouble without a wizard or sorc there to help them out.

Oh well. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

The other party is of more traditional composition.

-Lia Vantas, NG ½Elven Magus [Eldritch Scion] 1, the frontliner.
-Sesi, NG Human(Varki) Ranger 1, archer & backup frontliner.
-Horst Ironbrow, NG Dwarven Cleric of Torag 1, the Divine caster, healer, and backup frontliner.
-Pendrix Ragnack, CG Human Arcanist [Twilight Sage], the arcane caster.

We haven't started yet, but I'm looking forward to it a lot.

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Yeah, my group #2 will probably feel keenly the lack of a full nine-level arcane spellcaster. I did warn them though! "This AP favours Wizards over Sorcerers, etc.".

My group #1 doesn't have a huge amount of healing available, which also worries me.

Honestly, I think the desperate need for healing is only really a thing for the first couple levels.

It's nice of course, but not essential.

In my opinion at least.

Shadow Lodge

GM Runescarred Dragon wrote:

Honestly, I think the desperate need for healing is only really a thing for the first couple levels.

It's nice of course, but not essential.

In my opinion at least.

You just have to be able to spend for potions and scrolls to get around the healing issue.

Usual Suspect wrote:
GM Runescarred Dragon wrote:

Honestly, I think the desperate need for healing is only really a thing for the first couple levels.

It's nice of course, but not essential.

In my opinion at least.

You just have to be able to spend for potions and scrolls to get around the healing issue.

Yeah, I guess. By my count, RotR gives out WBL-and-a-bit, not including consumables, but maybe your parties missed out on some treasure?

The Exchange

Okay; so our Runelords group has changed a fair amount over the last 2.5 years. Last night we hit our stride with the following;

Brahmik - male human Invulnerable Rager Barbarian (L10)
Sapphire - female aasimar Paladin of Iomedai (L10)
Konnor - male drow Rogue (L10): the infamous Drizzt 254875.9
Tessa - female sylph Witch/Tattoo Mystic (L9/1)
Qakisst - male bunny Sorcerer/Oracle (L6(CL8)/4)
Dahlia - changling Bard cohort (L8)

Fortunately I am back to being my fiery ifrit self once more. Hand me that carrot, please.

I am running for three players of which one always needs to leave early.

Every player has one main character they control outside of combat, in combat they control both.

Player 1:
female Gnome Sandman (Sandwoman?) as main
male Human Wood Oracle as secondary (Craft Wand planned for downtime)

Player 2:
male Human Paladin of Desna as main
male Elven Ranger/Mage, soon to be Arcane Archer (Craft Bows/Arrows planned for downtime)

Player 3 (leaves early):
female Ork Barbarian as main
male emo Human Stormborn Sorcerer (Craft Weapons for his Javelins planned for downtime)

We have just finished our first session played with their mains only. The secondaries will join before entering the Glassworks.
For now I haven't had to add mobs or HP, but will do so if all are present. When Player 3 leaves, I can just GM from the book.

My group is in the middle of the Catacombs of Wrath right now. Three of my players are fairly new to Pathfinder.

Qadim- LN Garuda-Blooded Aasimar Monk of the Lotus/Sensei 2.
A formerly incredibly powerful monk who sat under a tree for around three hundred years in meditation. His mind and body have since seperated and Qadim's mind wanders the planes while his body has reawakened to relearn all that he lost in the seperation. A peaceful and wise sage, who prefers words rather than violence. He has a part time job now at the Rusty Dragon Inn as a cook and tea brewer.

Penwyn- CG Human(Unknown Ethnicity, Probably Varisian) Pyrokineticist 2.
Born outside of Sandpoint on her small family farm, Penwyn is a flighty and friendly girl who's always eager for a new adventure. After catching her in two close encounters with his daughter, Vin Vinder has grown to deem her as a bad omen. She really REALLY hates goblins.

Daruk- NE Shoanti/Varisian Aetherkinetcist 2[Going into poisoner rogue and then assassin].
Daruk has worked as an assassin for most of his life. His former tutor was a member of the red mantis, but he was killed when he was much younger. in honor of him he has tattooed pincers under his eyes just barely covered by his bandana. He's the quiet and stealthy sniper of the group and put in a lot of work during the initial goblin raid, saving the party fro goblins, by picking them off from a belltower.

Dunbor- (Unknown Alignment and Ethnicity) Human Siege Gunner 2[Going into Eldritch Archer Magus].
I don't have a lot of information on him yet since he's just come in after he decided his last character just wasn't working. but he did do quite a lot of work against Erylium and her sinspawns. Uses a blunderbuss.

Kat- CG Elf Hunter 2 and her Wolf Companion.
A younger elf girl from a smaller Varisian village. Coming from a family of adventurers Kat always loved listening to their stories and wanted to aspire to be like them. As such she's gone off to Sandpoint with her wolf companon to get a start to her adventures. She's quite, occasiionally interjecting a sassy remark. She like Penwyn has become fairly good friends with Ameiko. Aldern Foxglove has taken quite a liking to her.

Garen- CN Warpriest of Gorum 2.
A mercenary who craves nothing more than the thrill of battle. For a bloodthirsty guy, he's surprisingly kind, if a bit bold and simple minded. Well known by the party for his signature solution for dealing with flirting.

Dunbor's last character was an Antipaladin with the Lord of Darkness archetype, who wanted to corrupt the local church but he got tired of the concept and decided to switch this last session.

3 of my PCs from my previous campaign just up and disappeared, so I got a new group.

Azzerix-LN male Kobold (with dayrunner alternate racial trait) Sorcerer (Draconic-White); thinking to be a white dragon reincarnated as a kobold, Azzerix has heard tales of how Sandpoint used to belong to mighty dragons in ages past-thus, he heads there to be it's new draconic leader. (This is the only PC from the previous campaign to stay in this one)

Ethan Sower-LG male human cleric of Erastil (Domains: Community and Good); simply a wanderlust as a kid, once he completed his training as a cleric of Old Deadeye, he decided to share the knowledge he learned with a small community-Sandpoint.

Fulito Ferrywarden-NG male Halfling bard; being a wanderer, he settled down in Whistledown, a gnomish town, and opened an inn. After another group of adventurers reminded him and his wife of the days of adventuring, he decided to go to Sandpoint to attend the Swallowtail Festival (or, as he read it, the Swallow-Your-Tail Festival)

Toban Ragemont-CN male human barbarian (titan mauler archetype); having lost his family to giants, he has been wandering around parts of Varisia as a giant slayer; he has settled down in Sandpoint for a time to attend the Swallowtail Festival, hoping to have his spirits lifted up a bit.

Adolina d'Jhaltera-LG female half-elf cavalier (replaced mount with a war hound companion, and with the ancestral arms alternate racial trait); the "bastard daughter" of a Kintargo noble house, she left when her father died and her brother took over the house; she has made the alibi that she is departing to Sandpoint to study Thassalonian ruins with Brodert Quink (although they have never met in person).

hmmm. I never posted in that thread? weird.
anyway, here is the group I'm currently GMing. We finished a certain manor yesterday and will soon visit Magnimar.
Azarni Moragawa (Kitsune/ Rogue/lvl 6) - elevator pitch: female Alfred Pennyworth whose Bruce Wayne spent all his money on fighting crime. Since he can't afford servants any longer, Azarni originally went to Sandpoint to work for the Kaijitsus instead, while her former employer is still in Magnimar searching the murderers of his parents (that will become very handy very soon)
Damiana Verbana of the Silken Veil (Changeling/Cleric/6) - Priestess of Calistriae. Sent to Sandpoint from Riddleport to watch over the Pixie's Kitten which has problems with the local Sczarni. Became the obsession of a certain aristocrat
Udyr (Oread/Monk/6) - Expert in Thassalonian history who came to Sandpoint because of its Thassalonian ruins after he met Grungar. Also: the major damage dealer of the group.
Grungar (Dwarf/Shaman/6) - Another expert in Thassalonian history from Janderhoff. Befriended Quink and Mdme Vashta very quickly and was so far able to translate every single Thassalonian message they encountered
Peter File (Elf/Wizard/6) - A Forlorn Elf, raised by druids in some woods, who - for whatever reason - was supposed to marry into elven aristocracy. Decided to flee as far as he could instead and ended up in Sandpoint. After finding out that a high bounty is on his head, the group also found out, that his sexual preferences were the real reason for him to flee. Fearing the worst after noticing his punnish name, it was revealed he's heavily into furry women. When our Kitsune, under the influence of a haunt, changed into her real shape last session, things did get complicated.
Perellon (Half-Elf/Cavalier/6) -Order of the Star, follower of Calistriae, was sent to Sandpoint to deliver the heritage of a fallen member of his order to the last living relative of his comrade, his nephew Banny Harker. After meeting Harker together with the Vender sisters, Perellon soon had a lot of intimate encounters with the younger sister and together with the group's cleric and the women of the Pixie's Kitten helped Banny to get 'quality time' with the older sister as well. It, of course, got very personal at the start of book 2

so far, 16 sessions played, I think I made a good job providing lots of fun stuff to do for them based on their different backgrounds and characters. the monk and the shaman may be a little underdeveloped in that regard compared to the rest of the group but I'm always looking into side events specially for them and am positive that Magnimar or the Hook Mountains will offer a lot of opportunities for them.

As it has turned out, 6 characters is the ideal size for the group, since that makes it possible that I have at least 4 players on the table every two weeks - considering working schedules or personal lives. of course, if all of them find the time, things get crowded around the table and I have to toughen up encounters. but so far, no real issues. after 6 months of RotRL that's not bad

Everyone picked there class without knowing what others picked so we have a odd group of being all ranged. No base healer as well

Elf eldritch archer magus
Human archer fighter
Half elf Kineticist aether with a theif feel.
Elf arcanist Occultist. Me

Infernal healing will have to do for low level healing. And summoned monsters or mount for tanks/targets to go without a standard front line. Worked out well so far.

My group

Brother Boom - Human Cleric of Irori
Vorn Lastwall - Dwarf Barbarian
Rabbit - Elf Earth Wizard
Veran - Human Cavalier (Musketeer archetype)

They also had a 5th character - a halfling rogue but his player kind of drifted away from the game. And they have a Human Fighter NPC who sometimes helps out.

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My friend asked me to run a game so his 14-year-old son could have a hobby, so with my friend, his wife, and his son I'm doing a three-person group. I've decided against my traditional GMPC... but will also incorporate Mythic into the game when the group encounters the Runewell.

The group is currently being fleshed out, with this possible mix:

Human Unchained Rogue - this is being run by the son, who has shown a tendency to loot the dead during combat when he was running a character in a previous campaign (he was there for two games so I let him play a turncoat who betrayed his comrades and joined the PCs). I'll let him know that my games do have a "you get caught, you suffer consequences" bit to discourage him from robbing shopkeepers and the like.

Kitsune? Bard - My friend's wife feels like running a different character than she'd done before, and Bards can provide healing and the like. If she changes her mind she'll probably go with Druid.

My friend is of the "fill the space needed" viewpoint and was considering some sort of fighter. I did point out two other offensive types that could indulge his enjoyment of a powerful spellcaster as well - the Magus and the War Priest. Though to be honest, he might be pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of fighters and other related classes.

Just started GMing a new group last night

Tavark - Half-Orc Fighter
Mogrym - Dwarven Cleric of Torag
Kronan - Human Archivist Bard
?????? - Mogrym's player's wife will be joining next week but I don't know what she is planing on building yet.

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I am a new GM, running RoTRL with an experienced group consisting of:

Dwarf Wizard - metal school of magic
Dwarf Fighter - melee focused
Gnome Bard - lots of skills and buffs
Half Orc Paladin - focused on archery
Human Cleric - luck and travel domains

1st session ended just before the Glassworks, where we will pick up sesson 2. The festival games really helped the characters "bond" and get them all introduced to one another.

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Might as well update my current campaign...

Original cast...

Lynnda Windstrike, Female human sorcerer (arcane bloodline) and Shadow, her cat familiar
Halvor Tanner, Male human fighter
Krissina, Female human oracle (flame mystery)
Kyrian, Male half-elf rogue (investigator archetype)
Cerinibert, Male aasimar (of gnomish stock) druid

Lynnda was originally my character, but the GM resighed and I took over the GM duties. She's the sister of the NPC Kaven Windstrike from Book 3. After GMPCing her through the Catacombs of Wrath, I eventually wrote her out of the story. The players of Krissina and Halvor also both resigned; the characters are still NPCs in Sandpoint, but they've stopped adventuring because reasons.

We brought in three new players. Their PCs are:

Gwynithiel, Female elf arcanist/rogue
Helena the Pale, Female human oracle (life mystery)
Orik Vancaskerkin, Male human fighter

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Well, my group has mostly been hammered down. It consists of the following:

Wilhelm, a male Varisian Unchained Rogue

Alyssa, a female aasimar Bard who grew up in Sandpoint but is several years younger than Nualia and whose family sheltered her from some of the s@~# Nualia went through before she died in the chapel fire.

Archibald Thyme, a male Ulfen Universalist Wizard whose family moved to Sandpoint probably around the time of the Late Unpleasantness.

To make up for only three players and no frontline fighter, I'm starting them out with double first level hit points, and plan on incorporating Mythic probably around 3rd level.

I chose not to run an GMPC this time. I'll hone my skills with the NPCs, and see how things go. Also, to be honest, I've found gaming groups slowly grow in time. So the three players will likely become more eventually.

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I recommend opening your pitch with "So hey, what adventure path you wanna play not Rise of the Runelords"

It is a nice party tho :-)

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Tangent101: If I were in your position, I'd rebuild Shalelu at Level 1 and run her as a GMPC.

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I honestly don't think it'll be much of a problem. They'll have Hero Points, I'm not exactly a killer GM, and they'll be leveling up sooner because of the lack of a fourth character. Also, while one player is new, and a second doesn't have years of experience, the third is a cunning and paranoid player who will do things like research and identify the weaknesses of the enemies under Sandpoint.

(One time back in a 2nd edition game he figured out his drink had been poisoned and had the cleric cast Augury to confirm his suspicions despite the lack of cues. I still have no idea how he realized it.)

They're also using 25-poinr builds. That'll give them a small boost as well. (Mind you, I'll boost their opponents stats by +1 per stat once they Ascend with the Runewell.)

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It's too bad you couldn't convince them to go with Hell's Rebels. :-)

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Meh. Their loss. I've done Runelords before and wanted to have Bill go through it at some point anyway. This just accelerates things. And hey, it's less work for me in some ways. Though seeing Bill wants to go with the tabletop experience (ie, miniatures and drawn maps) it won't be completely easy. ;) (Still, for random encounters, tabletop can be easier as you don't need to struggle to find maps and the like.)

1. Dwarven ranger with a grudge to pay, a strong arm, and a keen wit
2. Elven wizard with a superior attitude, a family to save, and a love for fire
3. Human cleric of Saranae with a stern demeanour, a guilty past, and true grit
4. Half-Elf rogue with a cocky grin, a love for tall tales, and a silver tongue

1. Belodal Lichthammer (translated Lighthammer), a dwarven cleric of Caiden Caylean
2. Enso Hammerfaust (translated Hammerfist), a human Paladin of Sarenrae
3. Fran Feuerhammer (translated Firehammer), a Aasimarian Paladin of Erastil
4. Djafurn, a Satyr Bard.

Pretty hammerfocused party obviously :D

They are actually pretty boring from a "original party" - perspective but I like them. Especially the Satyr is amazing and the most original in our group. He loves roleplaying and his character is kind of the guy who just f***s with everybody. With his insane diplomatic skills and his huge charisma he kinda does what he wants and it is extremely funny.
Yesterday he laid Kendra Deverin, the mayor of Sandpoint. :D

We started Rise of the Runelords back in September. Fourteen sessions in, and we've just recently finished Burnt Offerings, allowing for downtime and exploration and side quests before I start Skinsaw Murders.

I have a whole of six players, which means that as a first-time GM, things are moving somewhat slowly, but we're all having fun. And there is a lot of potential for character building that I hope to have them elaborate on.

* LG male chelaxian Summoner/Paladin of Iomedae (formerly caravan guard)
* NG female varisian/shoanti Ranger
* LN male half-elf Fighter
* TN male varisian Wizard (formerly innkeeper in Sandpoint)
* TN male varisian Cleric of Calistria
* CN male dwarf Barbarian wielding Thunderdad

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Keeping myself busy while waiting for the release of the Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide...

Characters for Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition: Core Rulebook and Advanced Player's Guide (including hero points and traits) only; must select one of the campaign traits from the APG.

Bodill Pickaxe - female dwarf (Lorekeeper alternate racial trait) mountain druid; always an independent sort, Bodill left home after refusing to become a "proper" dwarf maid following a "proper" profession; now a druid of the Green Faith with the Plant/Growth domain "sent" to Sandpoint to request inclusion of the Green Faith in the new Sandpoint Cathedral; Magical Knack (Druid), Outlander/Missionary (+1 CL/DC with barkskin, flame strike, righteous might); Ironhide; plans to take two levels in barbarian at some point (probably at 6th-7th character level).

Hakak - male half-orc (Toothy alternate racial trait) spirit ranger; growing up an unhappy youth with distinctive, copper-colored eyes in Wyvernsting, Hakak freed his Varisian mother (same color eyes; favorite of one of the sub-chiefs) and fled with her to Varisia; converted to the worship of Desna and left his mother to ask advice from Madame Mvashti on making a fresh start, either in Varisia or elsewhere; Favored Enemy (Aberrations); Outlander/Exile, Starchild; Two-Weapon Fighting (primary weapon is orc double axe); planned progression of ranger 6/bard (arcane duelist) 1/dragon disciple (copper dragon bloodline) 4/ranger +2/mystic theurge 5.

Manius Turandarock - male human detective bard; a Sandpoint native of unknown Chelish/Varisian parentage left at the Turandarock Academy as an infant, adopted the name of the academy on becoming an adult and is considering joining the Sandpoint town guard (either now or after first making a name for himself); fascinated with a scrap of parchment he bought from the Feathered Serpent detailing an incomplete ritual of some sort; Favored Son (Belor Hemlock), Natural-Born Leader; Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm (primary weapon is whip); planned progression is bard 2/summoner 16 (after figuring out the ritual to bond with an eidolon; possible eidolon appearance of a multi-colored snake with feathered wings).

Theodric Escadar - male human wizard; hailing from Absalom, Theodric has long been fascinated with ancient civilizations; after finishing his training as a ship mage (his family having a long tradition of naval service), he's taken the opportunity to relocate to Sandpoint to begin his studies into Thassilon; Arcane Bond (signet ring), Arcane School (Divination/Foresight; opposed- Enchantment, Necromancy); Magical Knack (Wizard), Outlander/Lore Seeker (+1 CL/DC with hydraulic push, mage armor, and dragon's breath); Athletic, Eschew Materials, Scribe Scroll; plans to take two levels of archivist bard at some point (probably at 4th-5th character level).

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Dwarf Hunter
Human Sorcerer
Half-Orc Spell-Less Ranger
Mul Barbarian
Aasimar Paladin
Aegis Half-Giant
Monk Half-Elf (drow)
Changeling Ninja (from 3.5)

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Yikes! That a huge group! (Four players being the norm for APs.)

Did you ever consider turning them into two separate groups of four players?

The Exchange

What character build rules did you use, Guy Ladouceur?

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We start this Saturday

We have 6 Players

Zakti: Human Varisian Wizard Specialist Conjuration(Using The Harrow Deck)
Meela: Gnome Shaman of the Heavens
Malakam Morogrim: Dwarf Warpriest of Sarenrae
Brian Boru: Aasimar (Agathion Blooded) Hospitaler Warrior of the Holy Light Oath Against Fiends Paladin going to be a life oracle Oradin soon
Thor: Human Magus using a War Hammer and Shocking Grasp who thinks he is a banished god.
Gib Dragoons: Human Hunter with Wolf Companion Polaris

Here is our Obsidian Portalif you want to check it out.

I've been DMing for my university's gaming club for a while now, and I keep getting people wanting to get into the game, so I offered to run RotR for a bunch of beginners (I had played it as a player myself previously, but that campaign died as soon as we reached book 2). I restricted them to core races/classes, to keep things simple, and we rolled for stats (everyone rolled quite decently).

The party:
Oriana, a NG halfling druid from the Fenwall Mountains. She's a bit of a hermit, living in high solitude, but she loves books, so every few weeks she'd fly into a nearby town/city with her roc Anea and pick up something new. She just finished her last book (an abridged history of Thassilon), and has flown into Sandpoint to find something new to read just in time for the Swallowtail Festival.

Romnir, a LG half-elf of Varisian descent who has recently taken oaths as a paladin of Arshea. Romnir cares less for the Empyreal Lord's aspect of freedom and more for their promotion of sexual encounters. He came to Sandpoint hoping to find other followers of his deity and join them in "worship".

Bertio, a N Chelaxian half-orc ranger who is stereotypical as you can get for rangers. He prefers to spend his time out in the wild, hunting down goblins, and generally being antisocial. He only returns to civilization when he runs out of ammo - and it turns out, now happens to be just such a time.

Haerra, a CG Varisian half-elf Kapenia Dancer/Spell Dancer (Magus archetype) and the only Sandpoint local in the campaign. She spends most of her time entertaining, performing her dances at Sandpoint Theatre, but she has always dreamed of getting out of Sandpoint and seeing the world. With trouble brewing, this might just be the opportunity she's been waiting for.

I think we're going with:

Human Male CG Ranger
Human Male LN Witch
Dwarf Male CN Cavalier
Half Elf Male LG Paladin
Gnome Male LN Druid
Elf Male CG Rogue (May convince him to take Archaeologist Bard instead)

Anything I need to worry about?> Biggest issue, I think, is the lack of reliable healing at first level, particularly if the Witch and Druid decide to take offensive/buffing/crowd control spells.

SMNGRM, only thing you need to worry about is the PCs steamrolling your encounters. 6 players will require you to boost enemies quite a bit.

Other than that, when it comes to healing, they'll probably fetch a Wand of Cure Light Wounds first chance. :)

That's fine, I'm running the challenging encounters from that other thread, and I'm not convinced the rogue will actually show up.

Sovereign Court

My last RotR camapaign (posted about upthread) finished when all my players left for various universities, so I'm now running it for a different group through roll20 - I swear I will finish this AP one day!

Current group:

Nicolai and Cepheus
Half-Elf Druid/Cavalier/Nature Warden with a Horse Animal Companion.
Fell for Shayliss' wiles, appears to be gravitating towards a leader role much to his chagrin.

Garuda Aasimar Flowing Monk of the Sacred Mountain.
Combat veteran of the bandit wars in the Mindspin Mountains, came to Sandpoint for the Hagfish competition, stayed to KO evil and for the free beer.

John Heming
Human Tattooed Sorcerer (Orc Bloodline).
An amateur actor with a house in Sandpoint, part of a minor merchant family and a reluctant adventurer. Has recently become famous for his ability to explode Goblin heads with Magic Missile.

Human Empiricist Investigator.
A farmer's daughter curious about the world. Enjoys tea, aiding another and stabbing goblins. Dislikes being lectured about mole people.

Brand spanking new, fresh out of the packaging GM here. Running RotRL as my first campaign as GM. New to the forums as well. They were a big help with Swallowtail festival! Party of 7:

1.) Human Ranger
2.) Human Druid
3.) Human Magus
4.) Human Spellthief
5.) Aasimir Palladin
6.) Tengu Monk
7.) Human Warpriest.

Running RotRL in the Forgotten Realms just north of Ravensbluff.

Party consists of:
Human Paladin of Hoar
Gnome Sorcerer (Air)
Human Cleric of Denier
Halfling Monk
Elven Rogue
Elven Druid

Used 28 points to generate characters, only using core rules for character creation. Medium XP path.

Starting our 3rd game session: Just starting Goblin fights AP1.

24 year game master, 1 player has played Pathfinder before and 2 others have played 3.5 D&D. The remaining 3 have not played either. Should be tons of fun.

Grand Lodge

Our group has just started Part two, although we have not fully explored Thistletop, from my understanding and we are planning to go back there when we get the opportunity.

Argus Kaleria; Fighter/Ranger(trapper)3/1 Varisian male. Spent his childhood travelling in a traditional Varisian style family group until his people were killed in a bandit raid that just might have had something to do with his Fathers criminal associations in Riddleport. While attempting to get revenge he was press ganged into rowing on a pirate ship. Argus eventually escaped, but not before he was very far away from home. He later found work on an Andoran Privateer vessel and spent several years at sea, only just returning to Varisia to reconnect with his culture and people.

Johans Blackboots; Fighter 4 Chelaxian/Varisian male. The bastard son of a chelaxian noble and his varisian mistress. Blackboots grew up in luxury in Magnimar, seeing his father when he came to Varisia for buisness, but he has been on the run for a little while due to some family troubles that involved the death of his parents and the maiming of his half brother.

Baelmarus Azathor; Cleric of Asmodeus 4 Chelaxian male. Grew up in Korvosa where he studied Law and eventually was drawn into the faith of Asmodeus. Has some mildly heretical religious views and was encouraged by his superiors in the church to bring Asmodeus' word to western Varisia. He heard about the multi-faith cathedral in Sandpoint and decided to start there.

Ned Sugar; Wizard 4 Tiefling male; Born and raised in a village near Kaer Maga, Ned apprenticed to a wizard in the City of Strangers, but went looking for his parents when he stopped hearing from them. Back in his home town he was attacked by a mob and nearly burned alive before being rescued by Blackboots, before the two of them made their way to Sandpoint.

Larates wrote:

Running RotRL in the Forgotten Realms just north of Ravensbluff.

Party consists of:
Human Paladin of Hoar
Gnome Sorcerer (Air)
Human Cleric of Denier
Halfling Monk
Elven Rogue
Elven Druid

Used 28 points to generate characters, only using core rules for character creation. Medium XP path.

Starting our 3rd game session: Just starting Goblin fights AP1.

24 year game master, 1 player has played Pathfinder before and 2 others have played 3.5 D&D. The remaining 3 have not played either. Should be tons of fun.

Longtime FR fan (especially pre-Spellplague days), hope it turns out a great campaign for you guys!

Side note: I completely understand going core only, but have you considered letting the rogue and monk play the unchained version of the classes (keeping everything else core only)? They are vastly better made/balanced than the core rulebook versions.

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I guess I should write my party too.

Male half elf (mutagen warrior)fighter/(beastmaster)ranger
Male human unmonk
Female leshy warden druid gnome
Male human wizard, later reincarnated into changeling
Archer fighter

Two of players had to leave because of real life stuff so party is down to one fighter and no gunslingers. So far the fighter is MVP of the party despite taking worst stats when we rolled them. Might change down the line, but yeah.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Qhorrin, Half-Elven 2nd level Divine Hunter / 15th level Battle Oracle (Powerless Prophecy Curse)

Daenar, Human 2nd level Unbreakable Fighter / 15th level Invulnerable Rager

Llyra, Kitsune 17th level Serpentine Sorcerer

Gr'rub, Goblin 2nd level Master of Many Styles / 15th level Brawler

Really going well so far... best part about it has been the character backgrounds and the way they tie in to the overall story.

Grand Lodge

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Vincenzo Patchouli - Ratfolk Alchemist (Grenadier) 1
Yume - Tengu Gunslinger (Musketmaster) 1
Isaac - Elf Wizard 1
Antonio Patchouli - Ratfolk Rogue (Waylayer Unchained)
Cackle Stone - Gnoll Paladin (Sacred Shield) 1

Started the campaign today, 1st session went pretty good, made it through the Glassworks and defeated Tsuto

Liberty's Edge

Running this for the wife and my two teenage sons.

Tessara- Elf Witch 6
Beran- Halfling Rogue 6
Seldon- Elf Ranger 6 (Also has a Giant Mantis companion whose name I can't remember at the moment)
Rirek- Dwarf Druid 6 (GM ran PC)

We are in the finishing stages of Skinsaw Murders.

first session was this passed Sunday
finished thru the gobbo raid.

Human sword and shield bashing Fighter 1
Human Cleric of Sarenrae 1 (originally was going to be a healing caster druid)
Half Orc Ranger 1 (originally was going to be a war priest)
Elf Rogue 1
Gnome Summoner 1

to be honest, I was looking forward to seeing if the druid and warpriest could cover all the healing... but then the war priest changed to ranger and so the druid decided to go cleric to make sure the healing was covered.

My group is just now heading to Foxglove Manor. Our group has been together for slightly over twelve years, though the only continuous members have been the current DM and myself. He has served as DM for ~60% of our campaigns, and I've done the other 40%. We've used a ton of different systems but 3/3.5/Pathfinder has been our favorite. We do a lot of RP, and get really into our characters. We tend to ensure that our characters are very well prepared (flasks of oil, bags of salt, always carry alchemical silver and cold iron, etc), proceed very cautiously, and use stealth and tactics to crush our foes.

The characters are:
Arjun - LN Tiefling Magus (kensai - katana). A slave from Cheliax who escaped to Jalmeray. There he was taken in by a kindly monk of Irori, who raised him in a monastery of Irori. After the monk's death, the next master of the monastery did not want an infernal being polluting the students, and exiled him. He then went to Absalom where he met Tatiana (see below), and together they pursued a criminal across the Inner Sea. They met up with Bumbles (see below) in Promise, and tracked the criminal to Sandpoint, where they met Evais and Tess during the ceremony. Is an active abolitionist who wants to end the reign of House Thrune, and is seeking a way to dethrone Asmodeus. This is my character. Devastating in combat (keen katana + Shocking Grasp), but socially can only intimidate people.

Bumbles - N Custom race (construct) Arcanist. Bumbles has no memory before awakening in an empty, decrepit laboratory in Promise. While wandering around, Bumbles met Arjun and Tatiana, who requested the skilled arcanist accompany them. Bumbles is 1' 6" tall, made of soft fabric, and resembles a bear. How Bumbles works and came to be is one of the party's side quests. My wife's character. Focused on conjuration/summoning, and is a walking library.

Tatiana - CG Human Slayer (bounty hunter). Her parents were Red Mantis Assassins in Absalom, but disappeared when she was young. Not understanding the true nature of her parent's activities and raised on the streets of Absalom, she believed that her parents were masked heroes protecting the people of the city. She wears an elaborate costume while hunting criminals, who are then turned over to the authorities, but also frequently investigated corruption within the government. Met Arjun at the temple of Irori while hunting a bounty, and asked for his aid. Notable for having incredibly low Int. Played by a good friend. Flanking attacks and dirty tricks, plus good non-lethal takedown abilities for getting prisoners to question.

Evais - CN Half-Elf Rogue. Former pirate from Tien, who plied the waters from Jalmeray to Absalom. She was shipwrecked while heading to Riddleport, where she hoped to build her own pirate crew. Tess rescued her, and brought her ashore near Magnimar. They quickly fell in love, and were traveling by land from Magnimar to Riddleport, when a quick stop in Sandpoint went wrong. Played by my sister-in-law. Worthless in combat, but utterly terrific in social encounters.

Tess - NG Mermaid Druid. Rescued Evais from drowning, and fell in love. She's the DM's self-insert character, who typically avoids combat and focuses on healing the party and crafting our magic items. The DM is my brother-in-law.

Odd notes on the actual campaign thus far:
0. All characters are currently level 7. The DM has needed to scale up most encounters, because the three combat oriented characters have been utterly devastating. Very few combats have gone longer than one round, and only the tentamort (which was scaled to CR 12) was a real threat.

1. We captured Gresgurt and a very high Intimidate check by Arjun cowed him into becoming our minion. After killing all of the Goblin leaders in/around Thistletop, we made him into our puppet king.

2. We're currently building a fortress on top of Thistletop. Evais convinced Gresgurt that it will protect his tribe, and thus the Goblins are aiding in its construction. Evais convinced Sandpoint to help fund it to contain the goblins, with us as its wardens. Evais also negotiated a treaty between the two for peace and trade. We're using Shalelu to keep an eye on the Goblins while we're dealing with the Skinsaw murders. Also, we've organized joint patrols in which a human teams up with a goblin to put down the undead after the farm incident.

3. I managed to slam and pin Malfeshnekor (thanks to a nice combination of buffs and debuffs), and successfully intimidate him into ceasing hostilities. With a contract bound in blood, I agreed to free him in exchange for his assistance in my future plans of dethroning both House Thrune and Asmodeus. After dealing with Foxglove manor, we'll acquire a scroll of Mage's Disjunction and free him upon our return to Thistletop.

4. A chief tactic that we use is to sneak up to ~60ft from the enemy, have Bumbles cast Invisibility, then have Arjun throw an invisible Bumbles to the other side of the room. Bumbles then hides and summons the strongest creature he can, and then Arjun and Tatiana charge the enemies, who are now facing the opposite direction. This didn't work against Nulia (GM gave her a constant effect Truesight) and nearly got Bumbles destroyed (and being a construct, no resurrections allowed).

Pathfinder Pawns Subscriber

Our group started this AP right after the AE came out. We're just about to start Sins in our next session. We have had fairly sporadic play due to people's schedules and at least 3/4s of our party moving and changing jobs at least once during that stretch. We've all still managed to maintain enthusiasm for the game and this AP, but we're definitely champing at the bit to get this one wrapped up and move on to a new adventure... and give our poor GM to sit on the other side of the screen for a bit.

Bannon - N Human Stormborn Sorcerer - Glass cannon, drunkard and lech. Weapon to be pointed in the right direction to unleash hell on unsuspecting monsters.

Ryobin - CG Human Rogue(Converted to Unchained after that came out) - Impressionable youth who loves collecting animals and (unfortunately) worshiping Desna. Party scout and master of the one turn kill.

Myron - LE Human Cleric of Asmodeus - Prideful and more than a little racist. The brains of the outfit and has eyes only for Empire. Loves drafting up totally fair contracts and finding creative ways to improve conditions for his party.

Myron has (in-game) been sending status updates back to Cheliax on a regular basis but hasn't actually taken the time to write them out out of game. His player is working on writing up a campaign log in the form of these in-character missives to put up on the forums.

Huh; I've been running a RotR PBP for over two years and never noticed this before. Whaddayaknow. We just started Hook Mountain.

So, firstly, our two PCs who have been have been with me from the beginning.

Llevyn 'Spectrum' Dawntree, Male Elf Wizard|Alchemist, and his two Pseudodragons, Array and Glimmer. Friend to Ameiko and energy damage enthusiast, his unflagging stony-faced determination and good-heartedness has been an endless boon to the group.

Isme Zikaldiru, Female Noble Raven Bard|Witch, former familiar of Chaise Zikaldiru, Bard|Wizard who sadly perished and, now resurrected, supports the party as he recovers. Now making her own way in the world, Isme is keen to make a mark as few ravens ever have.

And our two PCs who joined us later, for the latter, and took over a starting character, for the former.

Wyam Marshal, Male Human Cavalier|Paladin of Iomedae. Born into a noble family, he has distinguished himself through his desire to serve and protect as an errant knight. Now keen to serve Magnimar by checking on Fort Rannick, he's keeping his eyes and ears out for word of a sinister woman named 'Lucrecia'.

Renyard Freeman, Male Tiefling Magus|Rogue who is our newest arrival. Declaring his intent to combat infernal influence wherever he found it, this stranger-turned-prospective comrade is the most mysterious of the bunch.

Just started the campaign as a GM, and have three characters.

Insanius Mirrorhaft, CG Male Dhampir Rogue 2. A sadistic Robin Hood type character, struggling to keep the need to cause pain to others in check. Hermit Native of Sandpoint, short, slightly overweight and craving adventure, and often bullied by the other natives for his undead heritage. A skilled archer and thief.

Spidier Turnrou, LG Male Half-Elf Monk 1/Cleric 1. A devout worshipper of Sarenae, he constantly is committing small evil acts and then redeeming himself. Traveler of Unknown Origin, has a thick French accent and is our front liner surprisingly.

Tygoer Bellowfoot, CG Male Gnome Sorcerer 2. Atheistic former assassin really trying to atone for all the vile deeds he did. Infernal bloodline and a focused blaster. Reluctant to kill the innocent and has no social skills (Charisma 7 even with the gnome bonus).

Igeir Swallowtouch, NG Male Human Summoner 1. NPC run by me. Tian Xian noble, made a deal with a devil for a companion that will never leave him in exchange for his soul, and is trying to win it back. Buffer and Summoner, and his eidolon is a tank and Flank Buddy.

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