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Thanks for the response Landon Hatfield. I will wait and see then and ask the person running it locally if he finds it acceptable if they do become trade eligible.

I will play my first Pathfinder Society game this Saturday and I am big on novelties gimmicks and boons fall under that category I think. One post mention selling boons is not allowed and that is understandable. Trading is allowed though but trading what. How about trading things like game material (IE: Player has boons another player wants and that player trades him the new Lost Omens World Guide for it). I can view that as selling but I can also view it as trading, so sorta a grey area. This will also help DMs who want more adventures to run and who has an excess of boons available.

That being said what Pathfinder 2e boons are currently available here?

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What constitutes a block of downtime. Reading the crafting rules for Orgainized play (copy/pasted below) it list the requirement to spend 4 downtime days per block of downtime to prepare before beginning actual crafting.

IMO a block of downtime is 8. If that is true 4 out of 8 downtime days is spent just preparing for it. How about if you only have 2 or 4 days of downtime? Can you spend 2 downtime days and the next session prepare 2 more then spend the next 4 downtime crafting even if it is spread over another session?

On another forum a poster believe a block of downtime day is however long you spend crafting the item. Meaning you spend 4 downtime days preparing and every additional day you craft is 1 downtime. Meaning you can spend 32 downtime days to prepare 4 days and craft 28. Makes sense but IMO that is too optimistic.

IMO this makes the Faction Boon Crafters Wookhall pretty important. Does anyone know what the text "However, your fellow faction members expect your assistance in return." means in actual gameplay? I do not mind doing a quest or running errands during game, but if it is spending gold or downtime days than it defeats the purpose.

Rules wrote:

Crafting: Some characters may choose to spend their time Crafting a piece of equipment. The rules for crafting can be found on pages 244-245 and 503–504 the Core Rulebook. Use the DC based on the level of the item from Table 10–5 for common items, applying the hard DC adjustment from Table 10–6 to the DC for uncommon items and the very hard DC adjustment for rare items. You can Craft uncommon or rare items only if you find their formulas. Crafting requires that you spend the first 4 days of a block of Downtime preparing before attempting your check to Craft; unlike Earning Income, Crafting tasks can be continued across as many Downtime days as necessary until the item is completed or you pay the remainder of the Price required to finish the item.

How fast are they at updating it normally based on PF1 societies past?

I plan to only play Society as that is what the groups in my area plays. If I can't use the books I don't see the reason to buy them right away and by then they will be on AoN. If that happens than I probably will only buy a book when I plan on using an option from that book and its already been updated to be usable.

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Basically Sturdy Shield for shield block builds and all other shields for everyone else who does not shield block. Shield blocking once will break the shield (break not destroy) normally so do not even think about it.

This is a problem for those who want to shield block but most do not see a problem because they don't plan to shield block. Hope when they have a problem people do not take the same attitude of not seeing a problem just because it is not THEIR problem.

Currently an active shield block user can not get special abilities on something they specifically built around other than to get it to block more and soak up more damage while all others can get special abilities on their shields.

I want to be a skeleton. Bony white skeleton. Wont happen unless I homebrew it but its what I want.

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Some basic info on Treat Wounds that we probably know but just in case.

It takes 10 minutes to treat wounds and if you fail you waste those 10 minutes. This means it is important NOT TO FAIL as there is a good chance the party needs that healing sooner rather than later.

A critical failure results in 1d8 damage to target. This can kill the player but as long as you are not trying to heal at a higher DC than you should this should be rare.

Since it is important not to fail the Assurance feat comes in very handy. It also allows you not to focus on wis or purchasing the more expensive healers kit or the healers glove (both are item bonuses so they do not stack with each other).

As long as the player increases his proficiency rank in medicine than with assurance the following is true.

Level 1-2: Assurance will not work. Expect some fails on treat wounds with even some possible critical failures.

Level 3-6: Assurance will work fine with DC 15 to heal for 2d8.

Level 7-14: Assurance will work fine with DC 20 to heal for 2d8 + 10.

Level 15-20: Assurance will work fine with DC 30 to heal for 28 + 30.

There is also a new Medicine feat in the upcoming Omens World Guide (due out on the 28 Aug). Reduces the cooldown for Battle Medicine to 1 hour instead of 1 day. Also increases healing with Treat Wounds and Battle Medicine by +5.

You get 4 free ability boost. Each +2.

Page 30 in the book.

Directly from the book:

Alternative Method: Rolling Ability Scores

Roll four 6-sided dice (4d6) and discard the lowest die result. Add the three remaining results together and record the sum.

Apply the ability boosts your character gains from their ancestry, but your character gets one fewer free ability boost than normal. If your character’s ancestry has any ability flaws, apply those next.

Finally, apply one ability boost to one of the ability scores specified in the character’s background (you do not get the other free ability boost).

These ability boosts cannot raise a score above 18.

Record the final scores and assign the ability modifiers according to Table 1–1. When your character receives additional ability boosts at higher levels, you assign them as any character would.

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The below ring has the wrong item level and thus price. Probably should have been level 16.

Ring of Energy Resistance (Major) Item 6
Source Core Rulebook pg. 614
Level 6; Price 245 gp
The ring grants resistance 15.

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Korre wrote:

Per the Rulebook: reaction - An action you can use even if it’s not your turn. You can use 1 reaction per round. 17, 461–462, 472–473.

You can only have one reaction per round. You would get to choose the one you wanted to use though as far as see it.

That is the general rule. Specific rules override it. There are ways to get many many more reactions per round. Quick Block. Combat Reflexes and the Fighters lvl 20 feat which gives many many more reactions per round depending on the number of enemies he faces.

Greg.Everham wrote:

It's a trade off of accuracy penalties. Double Slice makes both attacks at -2/-2, assuming we're not using Agile weapons. Twin Attack makes them at +0/-5. There's also Twin Feint (Rogue) that goes at +0/-3, assuming the target was not already flat-footed against you or otherwise suffering a circumstance penalty to AC.

Building my character and confused why Double Slice makes both attacks -2/-2.

Double Slice Two Actions
You lash out at your foe with both weapons. Make two Strikes, one with each of your two melee weapons, each using your current multiple attack penalty. Both Strikes must have the same target. If the second Strike is made with a weapon that doesn’t have the agile trait, it takes a –2 penalty.

The wording of the above (copy pasted from AoN) says only if the second attack does not have agile trait it takes a -2. So it should be 0/-2 for double slice. Am I missing something?

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The horns IMO makes it that the feat can not be obtained via Adopted Ancestry which greatly reduces its OPness. Which is a good thing IMO.

I read on other threads that Aasimar and Tiefling was supposed to be Heritages that other races can get (supposed a dev mentioned it). Is that still planned (like half orcs and half elfs)?

Damn I have been playing rogues to long in 5e that when I read sneak attack I automatically assumed. My mistake.

A Multiclass Rogue sneak attack is 1d4 (at level 4) and 1d6 (at level 6) and requires the target to be flat footed. This is only dealt once each round.

A Multiclass Barbarian rage attack there are few options at level 6.

Dragon Instint which will deal 4 damage per attack. So hit twice with double slice that is 8 damage (6 when one weapon is agile). The enemy does not need to be flat footed. The entire attack can be your dragons type.

Giant Instint which will deal 6 damage per attack. So hit twice with double slice that is 12 damage (9 when one weapon is agile). The enemy does not need to be flat footed.

You will loose 1 AC but gain Temporary HPs to offset it. Agile weapons will do less rage damage but even then the barbarian will do equal or more damage then the rogues max. For giant instint you gain clumsy condition which is a dex penalty. If you wear Full Plate Armor as a fighter then it wont matter unless you need to make a dex check.

What is important other than the increased damage though is the ability to change the damage type of the entire weapon damage. Just looking through the book there are a ton of enemies with resistances and being able to change it to say acid (dragon) or positive/negative (spirit) if you tend to fight a lot of undead/evil is great. The positive/negative one lowers the damage though to 6 if both attacks hit (5 when one of those is an agile weapon).

That is through a pure damage viewpoint. Rogues Archetype has a few nice feats that are worth it imo.

Edge93 wrote:

What's your definition of legal? Is this 3pp? Because that feat IMMEDIATELY smacks of badly designed 3pp content.

And by that I mean it is an Ancestry Feat that does something that already matches the baseline for an Ancestry Feat (or Heritage rather) AND gives a frankly broken benefit that immediately becomes hard-optimal for anyone looking to use unarmed attacks primarily.

Good to know PF2 3pp is off to a strong start...

I was just told it was legal and did not understand what that means in pathfinder. Guess in most games i run it would not actually be legal as we only run core. That is 3.5/5e and not sure how it is handled in Pathfinder as none of my friends want to play it. Will be joining a new group.

I myself think it is to strong and there are other feats that are just as broken if not more so in the Heaven and Hell. If it was the games I DM in 5e I would not allow it at the table at least for now. Once they add other core books with similar OP things I would reconsider.

lordcirth wrote:

Where are you getting this tiefling stuff?

Heaven and Hell pdf that is legal. I downloaded it yesterday from this site.

Have you ever watched black butler. Make a Sebastian.

1: Pick Tiefling. Good thing with Tiefling is this feat and it matches Sebastian.

You have a remarkable adaptation to hot
environments from ancestors who inhabited
the outer planes. This grants fire resistance
equal to half your level (minimum 1), and you
gain horns. These add an extra die to any
unarmed damage rolls that you make.

2: Get a cat familiar or companion ASAP. Do not ignore this step. This is important.

I did some math on repairing shields. Here is a breakdown 1-20 with the following guidelines uses.

1: Proficiency used is Level 1 Training, Level 3 Expert, Level 7 Master, and Level 15 Legendary.

2: Int Modifier used is Level 1 is +1, Level 5 is +2, Level 10 is +3, and level 15 is +4.

3: Specialty Crafting is Level 1 is +1, Level 7 is +2.

4: Repair Kit (superb): Level 5 is +1. (can get this sooner but it is expensive).

Shields Used at what levels: DC
1-3 Steel Shield: 14
4-6 Sturdy Shield (minor): 19
7-9 Sturdy Shield (lessor) 23
10-12 Sturdy Shield (moderate) 27
13-15 Sturdy Shield (greater) 31
16-18 Sturdy Shield (major) 35
19-20 Sturdy Shield (supreme) 39

The DC is based on the books recommend DCs. A DM can chance it of course. It is also possible to get a higher item bonus than the repair kit with a magic item but its expensive.

Roll needed to succeed:
1: 9
2: 8
3: 7
4: 9
5: 7
6: 5
7: 5
8: 4
9: 3
10: 5
11: 4
12: 3
13: 6
14: 5
15: 1
16: 4
17: 3
18: 2
19: 5
20: 4

Other fun facts. At level 7 a Champion who has Divine Ally Shield and a Sturdy Shield (lessor) has 12 hardness for a shield. The max damage a shield takes on a critical fail is 12. Thus a Champion will never destroy their shield from then on due to a critical failure. For those who do not have Divine Ally Shield once they get Sturdy Shield (moderate) at level 10 they will also never destroy their shield on a critical failure.

At levels: 1, 4, 10, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20 having Crafting Assurance will not work. The rest of the levels they will. Not worth the bother IMO.

Now the big important question. Can you throw a weapon without the throw trait. Lets say your longsword.

Because if so I really want to be a longbow user who instead of firing arrows throws his bow at the enemy. Add returning to the bow of course.

Just thinking about it makes me giggle. When i see the rest of the parties reaction at the begging of combat when i throw my bow would be priceless.

I downloaded the book yesterday and IMO there are feats that are to over powered. A few examples below:

You have a remarkable adaptation to hot
environments from ancestors who inhabited
the outer planes. This grants fire resistance
equal to half your level (minimum 1), and you
gain horns. These add an extra die to any
unarmed damage rolls that you make.

DMs shouldn't allow players to get the above feat with Adopted Ancestry because IMO gaining horns screams physiological feature.

Another one.

Magic burns within you. Choose one magic
school. Treat all spells from the arcane list with
that school as heightened (+1). For example,
if you cast fireball as an arcane spell, and
you’ve selected evocation as your school, it
does an extra 2d6 points of fire damage.

I am sure there are other powerful feats but the above two are what stands out to me. IMO if I was an unarmed user or a arcane caster I would defensively pick Tiefling. Shield focus users will likely want to go Aasimar or at least adopted ancestry into them.

I think you are confusing something.

Cultural Adaptability will give you Adopted Ancestry Feat and allow you to pick one 1st level Ancestry Feat.

Adopted Ancestry does not give you a feat.

With your 1 feat from Cultural Adaptability you can then take General Training or one of the other Ancestry feats but only one.

If you select General Training with that then you get 1 feat that must be a general feat (any feat with the general tag). Thats it.

I purchased the book. Wont go to much into detail as they would probably like others to purchase it as well.

Aasimar is the Ancestry with Angelkin (Angel Heritage), Idylkin (Agathion Heritage), Lawbringer (Archon Heritage), and Muse-touched (Azata Heritage)

Has some very nice feats including a few that are similar to class feats. Ability bonus is Wisdon, Charisma and Free and flaw is Con. There is a feat that lets you pick Tiefling feats.

Tiefling is the Ancestry with Grimspawn (Daemon Heritage), Pitborn (Demon Heritage), Hellspawn (Devil Heritage), Gobmaws (Barghest Heritage)

Ability bonus is Int, Cha and Free and flaw is Con. There is a feat that lets you pick Aasimar feat.

Tiefling have a Supreme Sorcery feat at level 1 that heightens one magic schools spells by 1. That is OP IMO.

Tiefling also have a Level 1 feat that increases there unarmed damage by 1 dice. Monks are going to love that.

There is also a mistake. One of the 5th level feats has a prerequisite of a higher level feat that has a prerequisite of the lower level one.

Depends on what type of crafting you want to do.

Repair is possible if the DM uses the recommended DCs in book. If you are looking at mainly repair let me know and i will post more info.

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Yes a monk can use a shield and not loose any of his class benefits.

Edited. I said cant be enchanted and meant cant increase the AC with runes like Armor. What I had before could have been easily confused.

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Special materials are very costly and require higher grades in order to apply higher level runes on them. It will nearly double the cost of a item to have it made from cold iron and will prevent it from being upgraded past a certain point.

As of now I very much doubt anyone will be crafting with these special materials unless they know they will be focused on a very specific theme. Average groups will not have them.

Another way to increase ranks.

Human at level 9: Take Multi-talented and get Rogue Dedication. You get 2 skills and a skill feat.

Any time you get a class feat you can then get Skill Mastery. This increases a skill from expert to master and a second skill from trained to expert. You also get a skill feat.

For the above you lost 1 Ancestry Feat, 1 Class Feat but gained 2 skills, 2 skill feats, and increase ranks in 2 skills. Not to mention gaining surprise attack and access to other rogue feats and abilities.

If you do not want to be a human you can either sacrifice another class feat or get adopted ancestry general feat human. Humans have some very good skill based ancestry feats.

shroudb wrote:

keep in mind, that Assurance will only ever grant you success though.

as an example, the sturdy shield you meantioned has a BT of 32 and 64 HP in total.

A success on a a repair, at expert level, is just 10 hp. So you'd need like 30 minutes to fix it.

The DC is low enough that with some investment you can easily crit it, especially later on when bonuses from items are bigger than the +1 that the tools give, or that specialty becomes +2, and etc

as an example, let's say that you're now level 7, and you're still using this level 4 shield, you just have expert tools, specialty crafting, and a 12 int. That's already +17 on the check, with a 12 or more you crit.

Repair success is 5 + 5 per rank in crafting. Also Quick Repair should be a given but i guess I did not mention that. This means it will take 1 minute to repair for with training/expert. 3 actions for Master and 1 action for Legendary.

Level 1-2: Training in Crafting: 10hp per repair. Steel shield has a max of 20 hps. So 2 minutes to repair a shield max.

Level 3-6: Expert in Crafting: 15hp per repair. Sturdy Shield (Minor) has 64 hps. So 4 minutes to repair a shield unless it has less than 4 hps remaining.

Level 7- : Master in Crafting: 20hp per repair. Takes 3 actions which is 6 seconds. In 1 minute that is 100hp healed.

Only two levels I can not get auto succeed is level 1 (steel shield) and level 4 (Sturdy Shield minor). If I keep upgrading crafting skill and get the higher rank Sturdy shields I will never fail with Assurance beyond those two levels.

Thanks for the replies. The second question is more about if I did the math correct and if it actually works that way. If so the Assurance feat is really worth it for shield repair as there will be only two levels (1 and 4) where you wont succeed if you use a steel shield then sturdy shield. This means I can drop a few crafting feats I was going to take to increase my chance of success to repair.

For the tower shield I think im just going to give up until they add future feats and specific tower shield.

I have a few questions most of which relate to shield. I have searched the books and as much info as I can find but do not see it printed anywhere.

Question 1: Shield boss and shield spikes are listed in the melee martial weapons table. Weapon runes can be attached to them and they scale based on martial weapon proficiency from what I have read. They have weapon critical specialization and a few other places mention its a weapon attack.

This to me means they can be considered melee weapons.

Wouldn't this imply that a sword and shield user is wielding two weapons. So feats like Double Slice should apply and I can attack with both and gain the benefit of the feat.

Wouldn't this also imply that you can use parry feats. Example Dueling Parry or Twin Parry depending on if you are wielding a shield and unarmed or sword and shield. (sword is an example and could be any one handed melee weapon). This means you can add another +2 to AC.

Am I missing something?

Reason being is this: Raise Shield +2 AC, Dueling Parry +2 AC for 4 AC. Normally this would require 1 feat and 2 actions. Take Dueling Dance or Paragon Guard to offset it at level 12 (fighter) by making one of the actions include a strike or make it free.

Questions 2: Crafting confuses me, but since I plan on investing in shields I will want to be able to repair the shield to the best of my ability. How heavily depends on the DM and hopefully answers i find here before the game.

Lets take a simple Steel Shield. Its item level is 0. From reading the book to craft or repair the shield the normal DC should be 14

Lets assume I have a 12 Int (+1), Trained in Crafting at level 1 (+3), and Specialty Crafting (blacksmithing) (+1) for a total of +5.

With a 14 DC and a +5 i would need to roll a 9 or better to succeed. A Nat 1 would cause a critical failure and deal 2d6 damage and may destroy the shield. At level 3 I take expert in crafting so I will have +9. This means I need 5 or higher to succeed but it is still a critical fail on a nat 1.

Now lets assume I have the Assurance feat. Still a DC of 14 but now I should only have a +3 as I can't add specialty crafting or the int bonus. At level 1 there should be no point as it will be an auto fail. At level 2 and beyond it should be an auto succeed with no risk of a critical failure.

From the above the Assurance feat seems worth it.

Now I do not plan on having a steel shield long. I plan on upgrading to a sturdy shield (minor) as soon as I can afford it. Sturdy Shield (minor) is a level 4 common magic item. If I read the book right the DC should be 19 to repair this shield.

Lets assume I have 12 Int (+1), Expert in Crafting at level 4 (+8), and Specialty Crafting (blacksmithing) (+1) for a total of +10.

With a DC of 19 I would again need to roll a 9 or better to craft or repair it with a nat 1 a critical failure. At level 5 with the Assurance feat it will succeed every time.

With just a quick check it seems when I upgrade to Sturdy shield (lessor) at level 7 I should auto succeed with the Assurance feat. The other upgrades are the same.

Question 3: Tower shields seems to have little information about them. Tower shields are more expensive, have a movement speed reduction and have a much higher bulk. Overall not worth it. I want them to be worth it though but can not figure out how. I can remove the speed reduction with the dwarf feat Unburdened Iron and increase my bulk limit with feats but that would require 3 feats just to increase my AC and Reflex saves by 2 which also requires an action. (the action is take cover which is where the +2 ac comes from as well as the reflex save)

There are also no Specific tower shields. Sturdy Shields are by far the best IMO and those are just normal magical steel shields. Is it even possible to make a Sturdy Tower Shield and if so what should be the increase in cost. As I do not think there are rules for this I assume it would be one of those where a DM has to decide. Rather not even bother at that point.

Am I missing something?

Stubs McKenzie wrote:
That is 72 days of scrolls, just fyi. Dc would drop significantly if you used them though.

How much would the DC go up if he doesnt use the scrolls. Only 5 right.

Ok so if i use scrolls I dont have the +5 to DC.

Gauss so can I make an item without using the the spell in any way just by increasing the DC by 5?

Example. Ring of invisiblity: Requirement: Craft Ring, CL 3, Invisiblity spell.

With Spell from any source (scroll, wand, another caster)
DC = 5 + 3 = 8

Without spell at all from any source:
DC = 5 + 3 + 5 = 13

So I wont need to buy scrolls or a wand to make an item if I can make the DC without any issues right?

Hell and thanks for reading. Have a few questions that I am unsure on.

1. Enhancement bonused do not stack but want to clarify items worn and spells cast. How I read it if you have belt that gives a +6str enhancement bonus then you cant benfit from getting the spell Bull Might since both say enhancment bonus right? Thats how I read it but someone in game uses both.

2. The DC to make a magical item seems low and wanting to make sure Im reading it right.

[qoute=D20srd] The DC to create a magic item is 5 + the caster level for the item. The DC to create a magic item increases by 5 for each prerequisite the caster does not meet [/qoute]

So if I have master craftsmen my rank will be my casterlevel. I use the scrolls for each day. If I want to put a 1st level spell into an item with CL of 1 what would the DC be? Have the item crafting feat.

DC would be 5+5+1 = 11 right?

Agree with Seranov. He can only take 1 AoO per round unless he has Combat reflexes. No where does it say he can take more then his normal AoO.

To evil drow in you takes over and while on watch one night you slit the rest of the groups throats with coup-de-grace.

May get you kicked out of the group but the whole party has to roll new characters unless the GM blocks you. lol

I would like to find a group to join. There are recruitment threads, but since I am new to this I thought it better to post this type of post instead. That way the GM and group may be more understanding and I wont ruin the fun for the group by being a noob.

My play style is I enjoy working on my backstory and class. I can play a healer, caster, or melee without a problem. I have played many over powered games and dont mind them but would prefer core rules only. Less likely a few group members would be way overpowered while others underpowered.

Game play: Prefer a lot of dungeon and monster fights with some roleplay. Means I like at least 25% of the time playing to be actually fighting. Dont even mind if its a lot higher but am ok with it not being. I will be able to roleplay my character a lot better by typing rather then using voice chat so prefer no voice chat ( not sure if thats possible).

I am 32 and a college tutor while working for an advanced degree. Have the time to play. Would like to learn how to play on these boards and in the future GM. Designing realms and game play really interest me.

More Utility with a few certain spell and feats. The group I am in will end up not having any main casters. 3 melee 1 healer who is planning on multiclassing to another class without heals.

If I get 10lvls of the fist I will be able to cast 5th lvl spells including some heals if needed. I also like to craft and need a caster level. One spell I do want and will try to cast before a battle is Metamorphosis.

james wrote:
Just take Zen Archer to at least 10th level for the extra flurry and perfect shot die

I would get the full flurry of blows at 6 ZAM and 10 Psionic Fist. Taking an extra 4 lvls in monk will give me more perfect shot die but not an extra flurries. Total of 7 flurrys starting at 16. At 20 still only 7 flurries.

Vestrial wrote:
What's the allure of the psychic fist? Are there particular powers you really want?

Mainly wouldnt mind having the abiltie to cast spells (psionics). Only class Iv seen that would add spells while my flurry of blows increase is Psionic fist. If I would multiclass into something else I would loose attacks. I was debating on going psion in order to get their spell list instead of the warrior. Plus I enjoy crafting and want to make a few flavor items and I need the caster levels.

I was thinking of taking the Inquisitor and replacing both archetype packages since it will be allowed for the group.

Youxia for more Ki points, and Strong Wushu or Arcane Arts.
Weapon Champion Can pick unarmed attacks so all my feats for bow also effects my fist (weapon focus, weapon spec, improved critcal, etc)

Also thought of the Time Thief for the motes and evasion. Could also do a type of Godling.

I am currently a 4th lvl Zen Archer and just made 5th level and trying to decide whats the best path. This is a powergame where we could pick any race or class on the D20pathfindersrd site. The group will likely see 20 and there is a possiblity to seeing above level 20.

Heres what I was thinking and wanting to see if anyone has any advice.
I have a +2 Adaptive Deep Crystal Composite Longbow that the GM allowed to be crafted (rolled % and I got lucky).

I plan on getting 6 levels of Zen Archer. Then 10 levels of Physic Fist. That way ill have my 7 flurry of blows attack, full unarmed bonus and AC (with monks robe), and 50speed boost.

I have 4 levels where I can choose another class and not sure what would be the biggest bang for the buck.

Should I take the classes now or wait till after 16.
Instead of spending a feat on wild talent (Requirement of having a powerpoint reserve for psionic fist) should I take a psionic class instead (was thinking Marksmen though have to ask the GM since its not on the D20srd site yet).

I will be getting a crafting item feat when I meet the requirements since I enjoy crafting and will fit my character backstory. Also want the ability to cast spells (psionics in this case). In combat I want to normally use my flurry of blows so wont cast much if at all while in combat. Normally have to to prepare in our game to buff and so forth.

I agree 168k is high and I wouldnt choose it. Just going by the spell and item creation gold guide. I do think a +2 is way to low though. Was looking at the item creation guide and though of why not just make it like bonus for AC or ablitiles scores.

Option 1: HP (bonus)/hit Bonus squared x 1,000 gp

Option 2: HP (bonus)/hit Bonus squared x 2,000 gp

Would be cheaper and wouldnt make a difference on what type of weapon it goes on. Wont scale on its own but can add HP bonus as you can afford it. Also as you level you get more attacks so get more hps per round.

Ok think of your a fighter and you have 5 attacks. While wielding a 1d8 weapon you hit 3 out of those 5 you would heal 12 hps that round. I agree thats sorta lacking. But say if you are wielding a Greatsword and then enlarge yourself. You hit for 3 out of 5 attacks. Since its base that would do half of 3d6 per so 9hps x 3 hits thats 27hps. Thats not so bad.

Have to think about it being abused by some way that will make the character overpowered and the healer job less worthy. If you only make it happen on crits I could see it being a +2 but not every hit.

If would become the first choice of any two hand wielders if it was only at a +2 cost. Heck make a class that can use larger weapons then normal and its even better. Or a monks unarmed damage and then enlarge at higher levels.

Seems im playing the devils advocate. Its all up to the GM and how the game is being played so may not be overpowered at that gamers table. If your the GM and wanting to make it for a player just make him what you feel is needed but let the player know it may be scaled either down or up if its needed.

That shows how expensive it would be to add healing on a weapon if going by the magic item cost table. Also like Ilja said that its normal for enchantments to have diminishing returns as you level.

I wouldnt go lower then 168,000 base cost if it doesnt have serious restrictions. Also most items goes by its creator's caster level at the time of creation and wouldn't scale depending on whos using it.

If you want it to scale instead of it scaling for the player make it scale for the weapons enchantment. I dont think thats to far fetch. For every +1 enhancement enchantment adds 1 to its healing. Would increase the base cost by alot imo though.

Step One: See what the rest of group is planing on making and finding out if any wierd house rules. Dont want to be overpowered or underpowered compared to others.

Step Two: Build a few classes I am thinking up to lvl 20 and see which one I like best while leveling. Our parties normally reach 20.

Step Three: Pick a race and then get GM approval on my char/race/plans.

Step Four: Build backstory. I like to build and think on this for a long time. Can get complex but its mostly for my benifit and what i enjoy the most.

Most of the times I alreay have a new character waiting if needed.

If you have Psionics in your game then just go by this spell and the cost accordingly.

Vampiric Blade
Discipline Psychometabolism
Level Psychic warrior 3
Target One weapon you hold
Duration 1 round/level
Power Points 5

3rd Party Publisher
You heal a number of hit points equal to half the base damage dealt by your weapon, rounded down (additional damage dealt because of a high Strength score or other enhancements does not count toward the amount you heal). You heal as many hit points as can be gained while the creature remains at 1 hit point or higher. Any damage that would reduce the creature to 0 or fewer hit points does not benefit you.

Use-activated or continuou: Spell level x caster level x 2,000 x dur

So Cost:
Minimal caster leval: 7
Spell Level: 3
Multiplier for duration: 4

7x3x4x2000 = 168,000 Base price.

This is for half of whatever your base weapons damage.

Examples. Shortsword: 1d6 heals 3dmg
Longsword: 1d8 heals 4dmg
Baster Sword: 1d10 heals 5dmg
Greatsword: 1d12 heals 6dmg.
You see where this is going. So the higher the base dmg the better its to get.

The price tag makes it withen reason and not to over powered IMO

They would still fall into the pit if they are not currently flying. Example if they are walking on the ground they would fall into the pit. If they are currently flying and the pit floor opens then they wouldnt fall.

This can go in both extremes and can only be fun to those who like the extreme. Once tried a group who went 3 game plays without any battles and spent all the time roleplaying in an Inn. On the 4th game play we fight one monster who enslaved one of the party members and then teleported out with said partymember. GM said partymember was unsaveable and they had to start another toon. I left the game at this point but a friend said they spent 4 game plays with introduction of new partymember. He enjoys it I couldnt stand it.

New group I am in is nearly nothing but battles. A very weak sub plot of one of the characters and no other plot. Just battle after battle. I enjoy it though wish for more dungeon crawls.

It can be a fun way to add something else to your adventure. As you level you can add better stats to it and make it your one major ring. By time your 20 it would equal a major artifact with awesome abilities. Just make sure you have a good way to control it since it has its own will.

It can be intellegent but still have passive abilities also.

How does the rest of the group get along with the new player. If the rest of the group is having issues then I would recommend the GM talking to him to see if he could curb his god complex. If he doesnt then sometimes its best to just drop the player. Not all people work well together.

Also the party could allow him to do something he isnt suited for and just kill him off. After a few such characters he may well learn his lesson.

Actually keep them like they are but make it so he can only see and hear for a total of 15ft. So if the wall is 1 ft thick he can see and hear anything withen 14ft beyond. Most creatures will not be right behind the door and will rarely help. This is in line with the 2k gold

I like Intellegent items. If your GM will allow one to be disigned for 62k it could be awesome.

Base increase 500gp
Make it Your allignment:
14int/10wis/10cha 1,000
Telepathy 1,000
Purpose (something that wont betray you or group)(below is what I pick)
Defend the servants and interests of a specific deity

Item can use a 4th-level spell at will 56,000 gp
Item can cast a 0-level spell at will 1,000 gp
Item can cast a 1st-level spell 3/day 1,200 gp
Item can cast a 1st-level spell 3/day 1,200 gp

Total cost: 61,900
Total Ego depends on the total cost of the base item minus its intellegent ehhancements.

The item can cast the spells on your turn but it has its own actions so you wont need to cast them.

If making it Arcane:
Dimension Door: (Item is caster you can still take actions)

If making it Divine: (change Int to Wis)
Cure Critical Wounds

Above is just two suggestions for spells. Can pick any 4th lvl spell as long as it doesnt have costly components. Can also Drop the 4th lvl spell at will and change it to a 3rd-level spell 3/day and 4th-level spell 3/day for 51600 instead of the 56000. Then can add other things to it.

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