Can my Monk use a shield?

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Can my Monk use shield with unarmored defense?
Unarmored defense just says a Monk can't wear armor. Shields have a separate section in the rulebook from armor.

If so, expect to see my Capt. America Monk at the table!

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Yes a monk can use a shield and not loose any of his class benefits.

Edited. I said cant be enchanted and meant cant increase the AC with runes like Armor. What I had before could have been easily confused.

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There are magic shields. They just do not receive an item bonus. Instead they get more hardness and hp for the blocking. All the listed ones are specific magic shields. They do not use runes.

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Real Talk: I think Monks are actually one of the superior Shield using classes because with Flurry, you can attack twice, move and raise a Shield.

With a Tower Shield, you could attack twice, raise the shield and take cover for +4 AC, with this, a lvl 1 Monk in Mountain Stance has 23 AC, repeatable every round.

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