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Uchuujin wrote:
Actually I think a lot of areas / organizations could really be fleshed out by APs more than hardbacks. Want to really see what the Hellknights or Stewards do? Here's three books where you can play as them and get an inside look. Want a better look at Vesk Prime? Here's a book set there. Etc.

For some things, I agree. In fact I think one of the Aeon Throne, or maybe its Signal of Screams, but one of the backmatters in one of those books is about the Stewards, and of course there is backmatter for the Azlanti Empire in the Aeon Throne AP.

But the Veskarium's core system is 8 planets plus whatever external planets/systems they may have conquered. That is too much info for the backmatter for 6 volumes if there was a "Veskarium" AP.

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Yeah if its homebrew do whatever you want, but the minute you try to commercialize it I think you have to apply for a Starfinder Compatibility license (like Pathfinder) but if there is a cost to that, or other details, I'm sure any info like that is best answered by a Paizo employee

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I want COM pawns that would have more race/class varieties especially for the non-CRB Pact Worlds races like Ryphorians, Verthani, Sarcesian, etc etc.

Even more than that I would like to see Hylki (Red Humans of Akiton) as an alternate race option for Humans and also get Red Human pawns in a possible COM pawns release.

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EltonJ wrote:
2. Alien Archive 3 -- there is a thread for the 3rd Alien Archive already in generals, so might as well put it in a wish list.

It's more than just a thread. It's on the release calendar for this August!

As for my wish list

1) The Veskarium book you already mentioned. Since the Veskarium is only home to 8 worlds (plus their sun if it is worth mentioning). At its core that would make it shorter than the Pact Worlds book. Some have suggested it be "The Veskarium + Near Space" and include some of the other planets that have been teased and mentioned in the existing published material.

--BUT I think it would also be cool if those pages were filled with Veskarium (so also included Skittermander, Pahtra, and whatever other races get introduced) inspired items, weapons, armor, vehicles, starships, player themes, archtypes, class options, etc etc--and of course player race options for the other races of the system.

2) Something like the Character Operations Manual but thats already coming out later this year, so see refer to number 1 :P

Other than that I would like to see some non-AP and non-Society modules and scenarios get published

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Pantshandshake wrote:

Maybe we all just *seem* sapient.

Oh god.

We're the Anacites. It's been us this whole time.

Yeah no kidding. Now we are actually in the Starmatrix running a simulation of how society would progress if everyone just suddenly forgot everything one day :P

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Necrovites have souls because they are kept in their space phylacteries (I forget the actual name at the moment). It is my understanding hat corpsefolk don’t have souls though, but maybe they do?

Anyway back to anacites, it seems the general opinion is that they have souls, or at least should have souls which I agree with based on the narrative reasoning that some of the other constructs have souls. However it is never confirmed (nor denied) anywhere in the current published material which is why I wanted to have this discussion. I wonder if anyone from the dev team could chime in, or if it’s one of those things where it’s not worth commenting on until there’s a need to comment on it, and for now it’s up to the gm of their game

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So I just read through the Aballon entry in Pact Worlds, as well as the Anacite entries in both Alien Archives. I really love the lore of these guys but one question has plagued me. Do they have souls?

Gameplay-wise, it would seem not, as all of their NPC entries list them as unliving. They are not listed as being "constructed" like Androids or as having a "healing circuit" like SROs. This would lead one to believe that they do not in fact have souls.

However, those are all just gameplay mechanics. What matters here is the lore. Anacites are very advanced creatures who were even capable of creating their own god (Epoch). They are interested in their own creation and run the Church of Triune, and treat the ancient cities of the First Ones as holy sites.

From the lore of SROs and Androids we know that souls are attracted to complex machines. Well, anacites are incredibly complex machines, so it would stand to reason they would be advanced enough to attract souls as well, but nothing says that they do.

So, given that gameplay wise they do not seem to have souls, and in the lore they are not said to have souls, the big question here is, why don't they?

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Dan Tharp wrote:
3/13 - Starfinder Wednesday, Jason Keeley will be on the show to discuss the Stewards!

Fantabulous! If possible, please discuss the portal network the Stewards seem to have that lets them instantly teleport to other outposts :)

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Wow I followed this Kickstarter very closely but I had some real life obligations take me away from my hobbies of table top and board gaming so I didn't back it at that time and I am just now returning to Paizo and the world of Starfinder and seeing that this KS hasn't delivered and seems to have several issues going on... I hope anyone who backed at any level at least gets something out of this if not the reward they actually pledged for.

I also hope that whether this KS works out or not, we do get some actual Starfinder minis from somewhere, sometime soon. When I came back to the game this past week and saw the minis weren't out yet, I went ahead and ordered some of the pawns. I should be getting them soon, they are highly rated by people who have them so I am sure I will be happy with them but they just aren't the same as minis that you can hold and feel and paint and make your own.

I tried looking at similarly themed systems like Warhammer 40k for minis but its too different to justify spending the money to try to make it work and having something that isn't really Starfinder.

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FormerFiend wrote:
thecursor wrote:
FormerFiend wrote:

Playable dirindi & sarazoans.

If there is any justice in the universe.

Jog my memory, which ones are those?

Well for a start I horribly misspelled sazarons because of the way my brain conflates letters.

But, assuming you weren't poking fun at said spelling error, dirindi & sazarons are the natives of Arkanen, a full pact world member moon of Liavara. Dirindi are described as "three-eyed, electrically charged humanoids" while sazarons are centaur-like creatures with humanoid upper bodies & sarian lower bodies.

They're probably the two biggest glaring omissions in terms of statted species for the pact worlds. But, it has been heavily hinted that they'll be featured in Alien Archive 3; one of the confirmed monsters in the book is native to their home world & devs made teasing comments regarding their inclusion.

So there may be justice in the world after all.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who finds the inclusion of these two races as a glaring omission thus far. With Arkanen and Osoro being originally mentioned in Distant Worlds like you mentioned, and being brought up again in the Starfinder CRB as FULL MEMBERS of the Pact Worlds, I find it odd that we haven't gotten these races in the first 2 Alien Archives yet. If we are getting one of them that's great but I really hope we are getting both.

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Metaphysician wrote:
I'm also in the "the Veskarium deserves a whole book". Note that this doesn't mean it can't cover planets outside that system. Just, those planets should be the external territories *of* the Veskarium: planets and systems that are colonized, annexed, or hegemonized by them.

Yeah that did't actually occur to me but it would stand to reason that the Veskarium would include other worlds outside of their home system. I mean they are conquerors and that was the reason they came to the Pact Worlds in the first place. Just because they failed to conquer the Pact Worlds doesn't mean they failed to conquer other extant planets/systems outside their home system. They had that one planet for a short time afterall, right? The one that the Azlanti Empire took back since it was in space they claimed. The 8 worlds of the home system plus another 4-6 worlds ruled by the Vesk would be neat.

But I would also be happy if it included some of the other systems mentioned in other source books like the Shadar Confederacy or some of the lone world systems like Elytrio or Daimalko.

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Yeah! In terms of future Pact Worlds style books, I think the next book should chronicle the worlds of the Veskarium. More details on the Vesk homeworld of Vesk Prime and their culture. They are a core race for crying out loud! Plus more info on Skittermanders and Pahtra, plus the hinted at Ant people from one of the Vesk worlds and whatever else there may be in that system! Considering the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium are in an alliance with each other I think its vital that we get more information on that system.

Of course that is just in regards to the next Pact Worlds style book. If it takes a while to get one of those that's fine as I am perfectly content, especially since the next main book we will probably get after Alien Archive 3 will be an Advanced Class Guide of some sort that includes the recent Playtest classes.

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holy cow thanks!

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so after going through the computers section and then looking up crafting, it occurred to me that computers dont actually have item levels, just their tier.



"Creating an item normally has a

base time of 4 hours. If your number of ranks in the appropriate
skill to craft an item exceeds that item’s level by 5 or more, you
can craft that item in half the base time. If your ranks exceed
the item level by 10 or more, you can create the item in onequarter
the base time. Objects larger than a Medium creature
take twice as long to craft for each size category larger." p. 235

So if Computers dont have levels, and only tiers, RAW then any computer takes 4 hours to craft, regardless of tier and how many skill ranks you have. But if tier is supposed to be the same as their level, then you could craft a tier 10 computer in 1 hour if you have 20 ranks in computers or engineering.

And while we are at it, computer sizes are never specifically outlined. Oh sure, you can miniaturize them, but that mechanically affects their bulk, and not necessarily their size. The closest I find to size is that if they are 25 bulk or more (ie tier 5 or higher) then they are generally considered too large to be portable. Does that mean they are "larger than medium" ?

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I tried ordering today and had no issue. Issue can be closed

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I have successfully purchased the Starfinder CRB PDF in the past but I am trying to buy the Starfinder Society ongoing Subscription and when I get to the end of the order page and click Place Order, nothing happens. I see a loading circle which appears to be a part of the web pages script and not a loading circle inherit to my browser or PC, but after a few moments the loading circle disappears and nothing happens.

I have tried two different browsers (Firefox and Edge) not sure if there is a site issue or an issue with that product or something on my end.

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I don't think the "Host" gender is intended to be another female (or male) Shirren or a female or male of any other race either. From what I understand from reading the CRB, the "host" gender is unlike the male and female genders entirely. The shirren are bug people, so think of an Ant or Bee colony. You have drones and workers, and a Queen. The Queen is unlike drones and workers entirely. I think that is what the host gender is intended to be like. A matriarch of some sort, and for all we know a single host may incubate dozens or even hundreds of larvae at a time. The host may not even look like a typical male or female shirren and could be an order of magnitude larger even!

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Biztak wrote:
Been looking forward to this for some time. Do we get a PDF copy for preordering this product? Because if not I'll buy it from my LFGS.

I was wondering this too. In the past they said they haven't decided yet so I e-mailed them on Wednesday and they responded but said they still haven't worked out if they will be doing that or not yet.