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So I just read through the Aballon entry in Pact Worlds, as well as the Anacite entries in both Alien Archives. I really love the lore of these guys but one question has plagued me. Do they have souls?

Gameplay-wise, it would seem not, as all of their NPC entries list them as unliving. They are not listed as being "constructed" like Androids or as having a "healing circuit" like SROs. This would lead one to believe that they do not in fact have souls.

However, those are all just gameplay mechanics. What matters here is the lore. Anacites are very advanced creatures who were even capable of creating their own god (Epoch). They are interested in their own creation and run the Church of Triune, and treat the ancient cities of the First Ones as holy sites.

From the lore of SROs and Androids we know that souls are attracted to complex machines. Well, anacites are incredibly complex machines, so it would stand to reason they would be advanced enough to attract souls as well, but nothing says that they do.

So, given that gameplay wise they do not seem to have souls, and in the lore they are not said to have souls, the big question here is, why don't they?

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so after going through the computers section and then looking up crafting, it occurred to me that computers dont actually have item levels, just their tier.



"Creating an item normally has a

base time of 4 hours. If your number of ranks in the appropriate
skill to craft an item exceeds that item’s level by 5 or more, you
can craft that item in half the base time. If your ranks exceed
the item level by 10 or more, you can create the item in onequarter
the base time. Objects larger than a Medium creature
take twice as long to craft for each size category larger." p. 235

So if Computers dont have levels, and only tiers, RAW then any computer takes 4 hours to craft, regardless of tier and how many skill ranks you have. But if tier is supposed to be the same as their level, then you could craft a tier 10 computer in 1 hour if you have 20 ranks in computers or engineering.

And while we are at it, computer sizes are never specifically outlined. Oh sure, you can miniaturize them, but that mechanically affects their bulk, and not necessarily their size. The closest I find to size is that if they are 25 bulk or more (ie tier 5 or higher) then they are generally considered too large to be portable. Does that mean they are "larger than medium" ?

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I have successfully purchased the Starfinder CRB PDF in the past but I am trying to buy the Starfinder Society ongoing Subscription and when I get to the end of the order page and click Place Order, nothing happens. I see a loading circle which appears to be a part of the web pages script and not a loading circle inherit to my browser or PC, but after a few moments the loading circle disappears and nothing happens.

I have tried two different browsers (Firefox and Edge) not sure if there is a site issue or an issue with that product or something on my end.