is a computer tier the same as its item level?

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so after going through the computers section and then looking up crafting, it occurred to me that computers dont actually have item levels, just their tier.



"Creating an item normally has a

base time of 4 hours. If your number of ranks in the appropriate
skill to craft an item exceeds that item’s level by 5 or more, you
can craft that item in half the base time. If your ranks exceed
the item level by 10 or more, you can create the item in onequarter
the base time. Objects larger than a Medium creature
take twice as long to craft for each size category larger." p. 235

So if Computers dont have levels, and only tiers, RAW then any computer takes 4 hours to craft, regardless of tier and how many skill ranks you have. But if tier is supposed to be the same as their level, then you could craft a tier 10 computer in 1 hour if you have 20 ranks in computers or engineering.

And while we are at it, computer sizes are never specifically outlined. Oh sure, you can miniaturize them, but that mechanically affects their bulk, and not necessarily their size. The closest I find to size is that if they are 25 bulk or more (ie tier 5 or higher) then they are generally considered too large to be portable. Does that mean they are "larger than medium" ?

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While it's not in the CRB, Devs did state that it should twice the tier.
See this link to the blog post here.

Computers themselves are in their own section in the equipment chapter. In general, a computer has an item level equal to double its tier. A tier 1 computer might be something as simple as a common datapad, while a tier 10 computer may be running an entire space station or handling major systems for a large company.

As for size, dimension are never really spelled out. But remember the weight approximation for bulk, and use that to drive how big a pile computer parts (which are usually developed to be relatively light) would be.

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holy cow thanks!

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It would be nice to get a FAQ or Society clarification on this to be sure, since it's not in the CRB.

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