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I like the relationships between the gods.
The goddess of love is the sibling of the god of pain. The god of disease is opposed by the goddess of dreams.
It feels more like real mythology instead of the bland binary relations you see in other games.

My idea is that Lissala was a LN goddess who later turned into LE. It has been mentioned that she felt that all knowledge should be freely shared in Azlant. This was the big difference she had with Amaznen.
I thin someone used that knowledge she spread so freelt very stupidly. So stupidly that he killed an enourmous amount of people. Lissala was so shocked by this that she reconsiderd her ideas on knowledge sharing and made it stricter.
Making ever more compromises to her original ideals till they were completely changed.

Bloatmages can drink blood in order to gain power. An Immortal Ichor is the intelligent blood of a dead deity. So my question is: What would happen if a bloatmage drinks an immortal ichor?

The Fastachee would make a great monster for a Children of the Corn cult.

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I would rule that there is a barrier in Krynn that blocks the power from outside gods, but that it only really works on demigods. True gods can bypass it. So Andoletta's clerics would slowly lose their power, while the clerics of Sarenrae would be unaffected.
The Golarion gods and demigods would not accept their followers losing their power and they would try to find a way to break that barrier.

Magic in Krynn comes from the moons. This should be reflected by some feat that would allow Krynn mages to increase their power based on the moons. This would make them stronger on Krynn, but weaker on Golarion.

The Towers of High Sorcery would also try to regulate and control the magic users coming from Golarion. The Golarion mages would look at them as a bunch of extorstionists or self gloryfing loons at first. The idea that one organisation claiming to represent ant contain all arcane magic-users would be a ridiculeus boast to them. So the Golarion mages would ignore them, wich would make the Towers pressure harder and things would escalate from there.

The Balance between Good and Evil. This is a key component in the Dragonlance. Golarion lack that and the idea that Good not being opposed by Evil would cause it to become Evil, would look bizarre, bordering on Blue and Orange Morality to the people and gods of Golarion. Cayden would then promptly ignore the Krynn gods and proceed to drink wine and try to beat up Evil.

I was wonderings what monsters could be used as the god of a cult. It wouldn't have to give divine magic, just be able to do something for the people worshipping it or causing enough fear that they do.

The ones I already got:
Nemesis devil
Immortal Ichor
Living Lake
Megaprimatus: good if you want a King Kong style with a tribe worshipping the giant ape.

Has anyone got more?

Just finished Nevernight by Jay Kristoff.
It's about a girl who enters a religious assassin order to get revenge for her murdered family.
One of the things that popped up in my head was that this book really describes just how the Red Mantis Assassins train their members. Some parts of the training are really disturbing.
This is a book with a lot of death, gore and even more blood. Not for the fainthearted.

Quintain wrote:

Ok, a fun thread to discuss the odd consequences of magical things in the Pathfinder universe:

1) Can someone survive solely on summoned (not created as in create food and water) animals for food (if swallowed whole)?

You could, but the extradimensional energies would have side-effects. Do you like having chickenfeet because you keep eating otherworldy fowl?

A desert town where the rules of heat and cold are reversed. The more you try to heat something up, the colder it gets and the reverse. As a result people in this town are freezing to death in the hottest place on the planet.
To reverse it the pc's will have to combine the hottest and the coldest object in the exact center of the town.

Thanks guys, some great material you have.

To flesh out things a bit:
The caster is a LN guy who has generally been obsessed with very esoteric and eccentric questions and experiments.
His three objectives with this project:
1 To gain the power he needs to alter his part of the world more to his liking.
2 Becoming a god is possible, but he wants to know if he can make something else a god instead of becoming one himself. It hasn't been done before and he dearly wants to know if it's possible.
3 He wants to understand the religious mindset. To his great annoyance he just can't wrap his mind around it and he hopes that by building a religion from the ground up he will finally grasp it.

He figures that no matter what happnes he comes out ahead. Even if he loses control and he gains none of his objectives, he always makes notes, so he can try again.

I saw the tulpa and the egregore after reading some Discworld stories and the idea just clicked.

The basic idea is an occult caster wants the power of a god backing him up, but he's too much of a control freak to worship any of the existing ones. Solution: build your own that you can control.

By combining tulpa and egregore techniques he plans to make an entity that is fuelled by the minds of its worshippers. With the right spells , such as imbue with spell-like abilty, it could fake being a god reasonably enough.
With some false priest sorcerors who think getting in at the ground flour of this operation is a good idea, I think you have the basics of an interesting cult.

Any thoughts?

Some idea's on the temples and cults:

The temples are divided in several area's:
The center, the holy space. Only the High Priest and his direct subordinates are allowed here. This where the good loot is.
The great hall: for the official rites that anyone can watch.
The inner chambers: for iniated members and priest only. Here you have the secret rites that the outside doesn't know about.
The priestly living quarters: they have sleep somewhere.
Slave quarters and workspace: the temple earns it's money providing a service to the community and that is done here.

The cults are all mystery cults. It's members should have access to feats, items or spells that the players don't have and will only get by either joining the cult, or by stealing it's secrets.
It's true doctrine should only be known by the priests. Initiated have a greater understanding then the common man, but the fine details are only for the inner circle.

Make magic mysterious.
Have the clerics, wizards and occultist themselves don't know the difference between their magic. The high priest of a cult can just as easily be a wizard as a cleric. Keep the players guessing as to what kind of powers these mystics have access to.

Magical items should be rare and have side-effects. People should wonder if having these things is really worth it.

Anything can be worshipped. A cult can just as easily worship an elemental or an idol as an actual god.

Warpriests and shamans could be used in the foreigners quarter. This were you find all the immigrants from other cultures. Ninja's could be the elite forces of an assasin cult. Play up the strangeness. Make the players feel out of their dept whenever they enter the quarter.

My personal theory is that Xanderghul is the Peacock Spirit. He captured Melek Taus the Peacock Angel and has her locked up somewhere, siphoning her energy to fuel his Mythic power.
Freeing her would be key in Xanderghul's downfall.

I was wondering how would the Rahadoumi feel about the Hero-Gods of Aelyosos?
They are not distant figures like most gods, but you can actually meet them and they are activly involved with their people.

I'm wondering if there are Outsiders who are working to use pieces of the Drift to expand their own planes.

Order of the Torrent
This order is focused on rescueing the abducted. With a whole lot of place to abduct people from and to, I expect this order to be greatly expanded.

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I'd like a Druma book.
I need a list of the 10 richest folk so I know who to rob.

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Choked to death because the Dark Lord found his lack of faith disturbing.

The Pc's crash on a planet. After some time they discover the world they've ended up on is a huge flat disc, carried by an even larger turtle.
And it is moving towards the Pactworlds.

I would suggest a Nemesis Devil.
They can give people power with their Devil Mark and with the Charm Domain they would get acces to charm person and charm monster abilities.
Coming down and presenting themselves as gods to be worshipped is the core of their being.

The gods I would suggest are:
Cayden Cailean

The PCs are members of a diplomatic mission to make first contact with another starfaring civilization. This Federation is fully tech based and there is no reference of magic use anywhere.
They also treat the talk of magic and religion by the PCs with polite interest, but you can tell that there is an undercurrent of arrogant disbelief.
(Basically you meet the Federation from Star Trek in their most self reightous version)

A Triaxian Solerian who was born on a planet where dragons are worshipped like gods. He's on a mission to retrieve a dragon egg that was stolen as a gift to a king's daughter.

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Android Blood Arcanist with the Nanite Bloodline. A character who wandered in at the wrong time in the wrong place.

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Saving the world, one act of chaos at a time.

To protect and serve

Can you grab the pebble from my hand?


Time to fight fire with fire

Wanna party?

Oh, no tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.(hellraiser)

Blood for the blood god!

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Today is a good day for my enemies to die!
Tulta Munilla( from the Finnish battlecry, it means fire at their balls)

Our Lord has a cunning plan.

Winter is coming

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

We help the helpless

A Possessed Oracle with the Haunted curse and the Dark Tapestry mystery who is so insane that he drove the possessing spirit mad.

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A gunslinger named Old Man Henderson

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Occultist Tome Eater, if only to say: `I eat the Necronomicon.'

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Shelyn, nothing beats the power of love.

18. Your shadow falls towards the light source instead of away

19. Your nails are made from a crystal like material

20. Colors become more intense around you.

21/ You conssstantly ssspeak in sssnake ssspeech.

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About 7: You should check out the anime/webnovel Overlord. The main character, an average man, becomes a lich and he realises that he is no longer distrubed by death and murder and that he has no emphathy for humans anymore. Creepy sets in the moment he freaks out over this and his undead state forcibly calms him down. Now imagine hundreds of years of such an existence.

Asmodeus probably has a whole list of rules and regulations you have to follow in order to speak with him, wich includes bribing other devils.

Cayden would probably offer a lot of suggestions and almost never command his followers. He is the god of freedom after all.

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My personal view is that Lissala was a LE deity who was slowly shifting to LN. Then the degradation of Thassilon happend and she quit in disgust.

An alchemist could become a Forsaken Lich. In Carrion Crown a character becomes one by drinking a lichdom potion meant for someone else. No reason an alchemist couldn't do that.

This would also be funny


Aelryinth wrote:

Aye, it used to be that if you weren't in a country ruled by a king with landed aristocracy, you were a barbarian and inherently evil savage trying to tear down the walls of civilization. Absolute obedience to your monarch, adherence to his laws and customs of your people, those were Good Things.

The whole tribal/clan thing was a nasty, savage relic from dark times that had to be expunged. So, yes, Law was civilization going forwards and lighting up the darkness, and Chaos all the savages that brought in the Dark Ages since the fall of Rome and an evil meant to be overcome by all right-thinking men.


Lawmakers twist the rules to make themselves richer and others poorer. The order they espouse is one where they rule massive estates with the rest of us as slaves.

The whole nation/state thing is a nasty, savage relic from dark times that must be expunged. Chaos is the true source of civilization. People working together of their own free will, not petty commands.

Domains: Death, Evil, Magic, Darkness
Symbol: a skull with a snake for a tongue

Domains: Rune, Knowledge, Charm, Magic
Favored weapon: whip
Symbol: a circle of snakes

Domains: Chaos, Madness, Trickery, Evil
Favored weapon: mallet
Symbol: a distrubing rictus grin

Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Community
Favored weapon: bare hands
Symbol: an s inside a diamond

7 You got drunk in Absolom and woke up here.

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Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Destruction, Protection
Favored weapon: Staff
Symbol: a Staff with a blaze of flames in the background

The god of Magic. Followers keep to a personal code, but have no problems breaking laws to save lives. Often depicted wearing a long coat while burning down evil-doers.

The Doctor of Doom
Domains: Law, Artifice, Magic,Nobility
Favored weapon: metal gauntlet
Symbol: an iron mask

Most of the wealth of dragons is invested in buisnesses. The hoard consists of all the items that have personal meaning to the dragon. If you live for hundreds of years, that stuff piles up.

I checked the list of Witch patrons and one of them is Ancestors. It seems to me that the Githyanki would consider that an acceptable patron.

My take on it all is that the inside of the Silver Mount is a patchwork of maintenance robots working off garbled instructions, defense systems and whatever happens to have set up shop in there over the centuries, all of it working at odds with all the others.

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Lord Fyre wrote:

For example: When dealing (peacefully) with clerics of "Zon-Kuthon" does a cleric of Shelyn refer to their god as "Zon-Kuthon" or as "The Midnight Lord"? (The Shelynite -in this case- wishes the encounter to remain cordial.)

In that situation I think the Shelynite would call him The Brother of Our Beloved Lady. True, and not something the Kuthite can take offense to.

Engineers try to make things sturdier then they need to be. For an exploration vessel they probably tought up every problem and hazard they could and tried to make sure the ship could take twice that. Sure, it didn;t help them much against the Dominion, but most of the ship staid in one piece. That's still an impressive feat.

One of the reasons the League has been able to strenghten it's grasp on Numeria is because of the Worldwound I think. All the people who have the power and influence to investigate and challenge the League are more focused on taking out the demons. By this point the League can easily take out the occasional loner or group who comes to investigate.