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I'm writing my own campaign and the only issue I'm having is finding a god/spirit/deity that does what I need it to do while keeping in the theme. I've searched multiple times for a cannon deity which i would prefer over making my own for it's connections to pathfinder history, etc. So I'm looking for suggestions of gods, spirits, higher powers that can fill these requirements more or less:

  • Can grant large amounts of power to humanoids no matter their affiliation to said deity

  • Could wipe out large amounts of a population (An evil alignment is preferable)

  • Could control large amounts of people in a general way (kind of like an extended charm person)

    I'm not read enough to know exactly the ways gods and deities can be exploited or used in pathfinder so if none of these things are possible that would be good to know and I can adapt to make this more based on my imagination than cannon pathfinder lore.

    CONTEXT (very basic): The deity took over a leader of a clan who was searching for power (not surprising lol) and in doing so descended down in the physical realm to exert their control over the entirety of the region. Said deity plucked several already-powerful individuals from the region and granted them more power via enchanted amulets to become their 'muscle' i suppose, at the expense of their free will. But also decided to use the normal people in the vicinity to become their slaves (to an unknown end for the pc's). But as far as the pc's are aware the citizens around are conducting business as usual (they're just kind of mindless and bland)(not as important). This is just a little bit of context but I haven't exactly decided on the deities end game in the area but it could change depending on who I pick!

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    Nethys might decide one day to do this. He's Neutral, but in his case it's more both good and evil.

    Norgorber might fit the bill: Charm Domain, god of murder and greed.

    Nethys (N) is highly conflicted, and might well be motivated by a misguided desire to protect the clan & other locals as much as to use them maliciously.

    The Inner Sea World Guide wrote:
    ...Nethys has been of two minds — one set upon destroying the world and another pledged to protect it. The church of Nethys tries to balance the god’s two aspects, but individual temples might lean one way or the other. His followers are those who desire magical knowledge or power, arcane or divine, regardless of how they want to use it — whether to destroy, invent, or protect.


    The only other core deity that looks possibly suitable to me is Asmodeus (LE). In Golarion, his church is currently ruling the former empire of Cheliax.

    The Inner Sea World Guide wrote:
    Asmodeus believes in strict discipline, unwavering obedience, and the strong ruling the weak. He loves the art of negotiation and delights in deals that appear fair but actually give one party a distinct advantage.

    (I don't know why they say "one party" when that clearly should be "his party.")


    These suggestions aside, I urge you to reconsider your decision to use a "Pathfinder" deity. Certainly, the Inner Sea World Guide lists 10 minor deities found in just part of Golarion -- deities that I believe are far from "canon" in the sense of appearing in the Core Rulebook. Is the deity you're looking for going to be widely worshiped outside of this one area? If so, a core deity might be best.

    But if not, designing your own homebrew deity who is active in a small bit of the world would guarantee a deity appropriate for your campaign. And you'd have tons of info, as much as your imagination can supply!

    Or do you want help with the imagination part? I can!

    You mentioned looking for a god who could grant power regardless of a mortal's affiliation. I think most gods could do this, but it would be an unusual situation where they would want to grant power to someone who might work against them.

    qaplawjw wrote:
    You mentioned looking for a god who could grant power regardless of a mortal's affiliation. I think most gods could do this, but it would be an unusual situation where they would want to grant power to someone who might work against them.

    Yes in this case the people receiving the power would end up working for the deity (via some kind of loss of free will)- I had meant a previous affiliation with said deity. Like this region didn't necessarily need tons of their worshipers or anything like that.

    I would suggest a Nemesis Devil.
    They can give people power with their Devil Mark and with the Charm Domain they would get acces to charm person and charm monster abilities.
    Coming down and presenting themselves as gods to be worshipped is the core of their being.

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