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Possibly because of your ability to manipulate magical energies, a curse, or interaction with a magical artifact, the laws of reality just don't seem to work right around you anymore.

1. Gravity. Items dropped around you fall at different rates of speed. Coins commonly land on their sides. Occasionally an item will pause in mid-air for a moment before it continues downwards.

2. Reflection. Your reflection seems less like a reflection, and more like there is a being impersonating you on the other side of the mirror. Additionally, when your alone and have your back turned, you could swear it makes faces at you. You haven't been able to catch it yet though.

3.Wind. Your hair and clothes always act as if your standing in a breeze. Additionally, if there actually is wind, they always seem to blow against it.

4. Coloration. Your hair or skin has been permanently altered to an unusual shade or pattern, possibly as a result of criticizing an alchemists' plaid outfit. Nerds with magic make bad enemies.

5. Animal fear. Animals are wary of you; pets flee, birds stop singing, the innkeeper apologises saying that there's no fresh milk for breakfast because their cow inexplicably went dry this morning.

6. Chills and blue flames. People get cold sensations when near you and nearby flames intermittently burn blue.

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This is an awesome idea.

7. Your eyes glow. Can't go wrong with a classic!

8. You have a third eye in the middle of your forehead.

9. Cats adore you, even the normally shy or unfriendly ones.

10. Your shadow's actions and movements are completely different from yours.

11. When you open a door, glimpses of other worlds and planes can sometimes be briefly seen on the other side.

12. Objects briefly animate when you are near them.

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13. Uncontrollable flatulence that only you can feel, hear or smell.

14. Uncontrollable flatulence that can only be heard or smelled by everyone else, not you.

15. Your head looks like it's on fire, but there's no heat (and only as much light as a candle).

16. Random notes seem to trail behind you wherever you do, only once in a while do they sound like part of a song.

17. You sweat when you're cold and shiver when you're hot.

18. Your shadow falls towards the light source instead of away

19. Your nails are made from a crystal like material

20. Colors become more intense around you.

21/ You conssstantly ssspeak in sssnake ssspeech.

22. your angst and horribly written personality annoy people, if turned undead, you sparkle in sunlight....

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23. You are a rare genuine specimen of the misunderstood and outcast ubermensch whose identity has been hijacked and driven into the ground by horribly written wannabes. This sucks even more because not only are you still genuinely misunderstood, but they immediately peg you for a tawdry cliché.

24. You have literal ants in your pants. When you're attacked, they swarm all over you in a defensive rage like you're an acacia tree.

25. Your clothes are invisible to fools.

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26. Anything you eat tastes rotten.

27. Your voice has a lag. There is a half-second delay between the time you say something and the time that your listeners can hear it.

28. Whenever you touch coins or gems you receive a tiny shock, like static electricity.

29. You crave some innocuous but normally non-food substance such as as clay or rose petals.

30. Grass you walk on appears darkened, as if scorched by hot iron.

31. Light sucks the heat right out of you, requiring you to go fully clothed on the brightest days.

32. Constructs hesitate when interacting with you, either when following your orders or following orders pertaining to you.


33. When in the moonlight, your skin reflects the light like polished silver and your hair shines like spun gold.

34. Your breath smells like honey and cinnamon, no matter what you've been eating.

35. Your eyes are mismatched, of colors that are not natural for your race, and are a new color every morning.

36. You have never grown a single hair anywhere on your body.

37. Your voice reverberates with an inexplicable bassy note, as though your voice box were far deeper in your throat and your whole chest was producing the sound.

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38. You literally blow smoke out your ears and/or nose when angry.

39. Your voice echoes.

40. Flowers follow your presence the way morning glories follow the sun.

41. After you knock on wood, something knocks back immediately afterward.

42. People find their mental faculties noticeably expanded for a while after spending time in your presence.

43. Your skin feels strange to the touch (scaly, furry, smooth, hot or cold, whatever) despite looking normal.

44. Your hair grows unnaturally fast; a trim each day isn't a bad idea, unless you want to emulate Rapunzel.

45. Your 'shadow' slightly increases the light level instead of reducing it.

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46. Your blood looks, smells, and tastes like maple syrup.

47. Your moles and freckles move around your skin of their own accord.

48. When you sing, birds land on you to sing duets with you.

49. Gold sparkles brightly when you pass nearby.

50. Your nose never stops running. What comes out is a different color every day.
51. Passing gas sounds very funny.
52. Your joints sounds like creaking wood.
53. Soap bubbles comes out of your mouth when you breathe out. The size depends on how deep a breath you took. They pop about less than 5 ft above you and can only be heard popping in complete silence.

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50) When you see your reflection in water, you see an opposite sex version of yourself.

51) You have tangible evidence that your parents came from another plane.

52) You have no chin.

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53. You have a chin you could chop down trees with.

54. Static: all your hair stands on end, all the time; certain fabrics cling to you; when you shake someone's hand a tiny electric shock affects them

55. The tip of one finger radiates a dim, pallid blue light (intensity of a single candle flame)

56. The last word you utter at a time magically repeats, even if your mouth is instantly sealed

57. Roses bloom when your hand passes over them

58. Your breath crackles and sparkles when exhaled

59. When immersed in water or surrounded by rain your aura makes the sound of fanfare if you move

60. Random patches of skin have become barklike in appearance though not in density

61. There is a perpetual cloud of dust trailing you no matter how clean you and your garments are

62. Carrion birds are attracted to you

63. Your palms hum with power

64. Seeds wither to dust at your touch

65. Your teeth chatter uncontrollably

66. Your presence causes baskets to unravel

67. When you sneeze directly on flammable material it smolders and ignites

68. Your aura causes those within 5' of you to taste copper

69. Toxins introduced into your body glow with a greenish color and an intensity visible through your skin

70. Yodels or ululations emitted from your throat can be heard at a distance of 1 mile.

75. When you chew at nothing, some pasty, gooey thing is produces in your mouth.
(looks like SOMEONE didn't bother editing their numbers right *glares angrily*)

72. Small open flames like candles, laterns and torches flicker and dim when you with in 5 feet of them

73. When your stomach rumbles, it literally RUMBLES creating small tremor

74. When you try to yell it comes out as a whisper and vice versa

75. Water and other fluids slightly ebb away from you when you are near them

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80. Animal fur bends away from you when you try to pat an animal - like static attraction but in reverse.

81. Small items that should be easy for others to find inexplicably can't be when you're around; if someone asks you to find them they always seem to be in plain view.

82. Numbers never add up the same way twice around you.


83. People you know sometimes fail to recognize you immediately, no matter how well they know you. They always remember you after a few minutes, or after you remind them of your name, and then can not explain why they didn't recognize you earlier.

84. In your presence, people occasionally use the wrong word by mistake. Sometimes they use another language's word for the same idea, whether they know that word in the other language or not.

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85. Your footsteps quack.

86. You emit an undetectable aura a full light-year in radius that attracts comets closer to your planet, causing them to appear in the sky a great deal more often.

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87. Wherever you touch glows or changes color for a few seconds after you take your hand away.

88. Salt tastes sweet and sugar tastes salty. (Why on Golarion are you emptying half the salt shaker into your tea?!)

89. Your hair is an impossible colour and/or style for your race. (Come on, anime hair is popular for a reason ... )

90. Your feet are always 1mm above the actual ground. You're still stuck with ground HAZARDS, and you displace air enough that you leave tracks, but you just don't actually touch the ground itself. It's as if you're slightly repelling the actual planet.

91. You've polymorphed too much. While you still look like your main race, you look like your main race with hints of other forms.

92. Beard inversion. Hope you're not a male dwarf if you catch this one.

93. Excessive verbiage. You just can't shut up. Even when physically restrained while in the middle of a Silence you cast on yourself.

94. Prestidigitation. Permanent. You have no clue how. It's always taking a spell slot, you can't unmemorise it.

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95. When you speak, your voice is heard from a foot to the right.

96. Every non-living item you touch is transmuted to silver, though it still functions as intended and returns to its original composition when you release it.

97. Alcohol wakes you up and coffee gets you intoxicated.

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98. Your appearance has the effect of a three-dimensional oil painting.

99. As you speak, your words appear as text in front of your mouth, floating for a few moments before disappearing.

100. Whenever you touch anything made of metal, it levitates for a few moments after you release it, with a corner, end, or significant marking pointing toward true north.

-98- 101. You're always smoking. The smell varies on mood but you're always wafting a little smoke as if Elmer Fudd just shot you.

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102. Stairs always appear a half-inch shallower to you than they actually are. Every time you walk down a staircase, you have the sensation of nearly falling because the step isn't where you expect it to be. (Or, replace stairs with chairs.)

103. Your feet are always uncomfortably warm or cold.

104. When your blood is spilled it transmutes into something else; wine, sand, or butterflies are all possibilities.

105. Your hands have been attached to your arms upside down.

106. Anything held by you looks as if it were made of metallic gold.

107. Your controller is inverted... any time you attempt to move something through a new form of movement(like switching to flight or summoning a creature you control), it moves the opposite of the direction you indicate to it. Any dice roll you make is calculated by taking the total sides of the dice(minus one) minus the roll result and associating criticals and critical failures with the opposite end of the dice(you crit on natural ones and fail on natural twenty).

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108. Your shadow comes with numbers, and you can tell time by it.

109. Your voice is always an audible whisper coming from right behind the listener's ear, raising your voice only changes how close the listener has to be to hear the whisper.

110. You are transparent to light sources: you don't cast a shadow and people can see light sources through you.

111. Your ring finger leaves an inky trail behind whenever it touches something.

112. Whenever you back up your ankles glow faintly red.

113. Your tears are mildly addictive.

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114. You generate 'lens flare' in bright light.

115. You are colored like a photographic negative of yourself.

116. People are unconsciously compelled to look in whichever direction you are looking.

117. You occasionally exhale ladybugs.

118. Your touch reverses the effects of fermentation.

119. Your footsteps are laced with sea foam.

120. You don't look reversed in a mirror.

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121. Children unconsciously give you their attention.

122. Nobody looks at you directly.

123. You must obey one innocus suggestion a day.

124. Children unconsciously ignore you.

125. The opposite sex of another species finds you strangely attractive.

126. Mage hand, permanently memorised.

127. Any child you parent will be plane touched. Signs will show up in 1d12 months.

128. Any child you spend significant time with will become plane touched. Signs will show up immediately.

129 - Your skin turns to scales whenever you cast a spell. The colour depends on the school of spell and the effect persists longer depending on the level of the spell cast.

130 - You speak in the sounds of farmyard animals, although you sound perfectly comprehensible to anyone who only speaks your native language.

131 - You spontaneously shape-shift into a creature of the opposite gender whenever anyone polymorphs or shape-shifts within 100ft.

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132. Anyone you have intercourse with will find themselves transformed into the opposite sex by the time it is over.

133. You possess a pair of GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS.

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134. You can perfectly recall every dream you have.

135. Inexplicably, a ham sandwich features prominently in every. single. one. of those dreams.

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136. You are haunted by a strange entity that looks like a cigar-smoking duck. It manifests briefly if ever someone else in earshot of you speaks a certain common word, which changes unpredictably every day.

137. Shared dreams. When you dream, anyone sleeping nearby experiences the same dream.

138. Dream null. When you sleep, no one nearby experiences any dreams.

139. Dream infestation. Any waking person who comes near you when you sleep finds that small, pale, big-eyed creatures wander through their dreams when they next sleep.

G'night all.

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140. Snowbanks rise up and form themselves into snowmen as you walk by. They usually appear to be applauding or bowing to you.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
140. Snowbanks rise up and form themselves into snowmen as you walk by. They usually appear to be applauding or bowing to you.

I'd just let that one go.

141) You randomly burst into song.

142) While singing, you are treated as if under a sanctuary spell.

143. Every time you speak, a random person within earshot sneezes. Every single time.

144: every wizard who ever casts a spell at you firstly announces the spell loudly in faux latin.

145: Goblins hail you as the one great goblin messiah and follow you everywhere singing loud hymns in praise to your glory.

146: whenever a goblin starts singing hymns in praise to you, your eyebrows and hair grow long and orange, you also start growing a large orange beard.

147: whilst afflicted with long orange hair all drinks taste like a fine elvish wine to you.

148: after having drunk a cup of 'fine elvish wine' you feel an unavoidable urge to experience something new, ideally involving fire...

149. Your eyes glow in darkness. In dim light, they twinkle. In bright light, they glaze over. (your vision is not affected in any way)
150. Jon can only speak in the third person.
151. You are incapable of communication unless using a dramatic monologue.
152. When you talk, your voice is heard in its original register, an octave below that, and an octave above. At the same time.
153. You hear everyone else's voices as though they are being crudely imitated by a balrog named Fred. Fred likes to party.

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154. You reflect light like a disco ball.

155. Clerics have heretical thoughts when you are around.

156. Your yawns are literally contagious. Any yawn caught from you is also contagious.

157. Your hair appears to be the favorite color of anyone you meet.

158. You can only say the words "Omlet du Fromage."


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159. Your entire face momentarily disappears when you blink.

160. You exhale helium instead of carbon dioxide.

161. You fart confetti.

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