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Bloatmages can drink blood in order to gain power. An Immortal Ichor is the intelligent blood of a dead deity. So my question is: What would happen if a bloatmage drinks an immortal ichor?

I was wonderings what monsters could be used as the god of a cult. It wouldn't have to give divine magic, just be able to do something for the people worshipping it or causing enough fear that they do.

The ones I already got:
Nemesis devil
Immortal Ichor
Living Lake
Megaprimatus: good if you want a King Kong style with a tribe worshipping the giant ape.

Has anyone got more?

I saw the tulpa and the egregore after reading some Discworld stories and the idea just clicked.

The basic idea is an occult caster wants the power of a god backing him up, but he's too much of a control freak to worship any of the existing ones. Solution: build your own that you can control.

By combining tulpa and egregore techniques he plans to make an entity that is fuelled by the minds of its worshippers. With the right spells , such as imbue with spell-like abilty, it could fake being a god reasonably enough.
With some false priest sorcerors who think getting in at the ground flour of this operation is a good idea, I think you have the basics of an interesting cult.

Any thoughts?

I was wondering how would the Rahadoumi feel about the Hero-Gods of Aelyosos?
They are not distant figures like most gods, but you can actually meet them and they are activly involved with their people.