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I like the relationships between the gods.
The goddess of love is the sibling of the god of pain. The god of disease is opposed by the goddess of dreams.
It feels more like real mythology instead of the bland binary relations you see in other games.

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I would rule that there is a barrier in Krynn that blocks the power from outside gods, but that it only really works on demigods. True gods can bypass it. So Andoletta's clerics would slowly lose their power, while the clerics of Sarenrae would be unaffected.
The Golarion gods and demigods would not accept their followers losing their power and they would try to find a way to break that barrier.

Magic in Krynn comes from the moons. This should be reflected by some feat that would allow Krynn mages to increase their power based on the moons. This would make them stronger on Krynn, but weaker on Golarion.

The Towers of High Sorcery would also try to regulate and control the magic users coming from Golarion. The Golarion mages would look at them as a bunch of extorstionists or self gloryfing loons at first. The idea that one organisation claiming to represent ant contain all arcane magic-users would be a ridiculeus boast to them. So the Golarion mages would ignore them, wich would make the Towers pressure harder and things would escalate from there.

The Balance between Good and Evil. This is a key component in the Dragonlance. Golarion lack that and the idea that Good not being opposed by Evil would cause it to become Evil, would look bizarre, bordering on Blue and Orange Morality to the people and gods of Golarion. Cayden would then promptly ignore the Krynn gods and proceed to drink wine and try to beat up Evil.

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I'd like a Druma book.
I need a list of the 10 richest folk so I know who to rob.

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Choked to death because the Dark Lord found his lack of faith disturbing.

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Android Blood Arcanist with the Nanite Bloodline. A character who wandered in at the wrong time in the wrong place.

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Today is a good day for my enemies to die!
Tulta Munilla( from the Finnish battlecry, it means fire at their balls)

Our Lord has a cunning plan.

Winter is coming

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

We help the helpless

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A gunslinger named Old Man Henderson

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Occultist Tome Eater, if only to say: `I eat the Necronomicon.'

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Shelyn, nothing beats the power of love.

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About 7: You should check out the anime/webnovel Overlord. The main character, an average man, becomes a lich and he realises that he is no longer distrubed by death and murder and that he has no emphathy for humans anymore. Creepy sets in the moment he freaks out over this and his undead state forcibly calms him down. Now imagine hundreds of years of such an existence.

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My personal view is that Lissala was a LE deity who was slowly shifting to LN. Then the degradation of Thassilon happend and she quit in disgust.

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Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Destruction, Protection
Favored weapon: Staff
Symbol: a Staff with a blaze of flames in the background

The god of Magic. Followers keep to a personal code, but have no problems breaking laws to save lives. Often depicted wearing a long coat while burning down evil-doers.

The Doctor of Doom
Domains: Law, Artifice, Magic,Nobility
Favored weapon: metal gauntlet
Symbol: an iron mask

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Lord Fyre wrote:

For example: When dealing (peacefully) with clerics of "Zon-Kuthon" does a cleric of Shelyn refer to their god as "Zon-Kuthon" or as "The Midnight Lord"? (The Shelynite -in this case- wishes the encounter to remain cordial.)

In that situation I think the Shelynite would call him The Brother of Our Beloved Lady. True, and not something the Kuthite can take offense to.