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Elven Heroes!


What can I say. Another great set of characters with personality.

(OK, one of my characters showed up as a mini here...so I'm biased).

But these fit well with the other PF and B!S minis and this gives you a horde of choices for your games.

Get it now.

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Instant Encounters


I loved the idea behind this set and I love the results.

An awesome set of guards and bandits. Great for making semi-unique (yes I know you can't be semi-unique) groups of adversaries for your heroes. Or they'd be good for heroes themselves.

Each has some personality and I can see a lot of use for these as flunkies for assorted NPCs.

Keep up the good work.

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Gnomes Gnomes Gnomes Yay!


Battle Studios is back with more minis. And this time we get something we've rarely seen in the paper mini world: Gnomes!

There are silly gnomes, action pose gnomes, feral gnomes, and even heroic gnomes.

As always, you get three different versions of each pose: two in different color schemes and one in black and white for you to color yourself.

The artwork fits well with B!S's other sets and also looks good with the Pathfinder Paper Minis...

Get it now!

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Another great CJ set!


And Callous Jack returns with a set to coincide with the new AP!

OK, you get some pirates and undead and swarms but you also get some great new monsters that I've never seen in paper mini form.

Including some creepy Grindylows!

And an Ankheg who looks like an Ankheg! (Instead of that absurdly silly thing from the bestiary.)

Pretty much, if you loved the other PF Minis sets, you'll love this one too.

Buy it now!

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More Great Characters!



Full disclosure: I've had Tim do some custom minis for me, so I obviously like his stuff. (In fact, 4 of the minis in this set - Two handed fighter, magus, witch, and cleric- were based on my characters...fun to see them in different colors.)

But, that being said, these are some great PC characters done with personality, detail, and often dynamic action.

And for the price: you get 40 (or 60) new characters for pocket change. And the ability to color your own give this some great re-use value.

Anyway, yeah, I'm biased, but that doesn't mean they're not great sets.

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Buy This Now! You need these monsters!


Completely awesome set!

Again, Callous Jack has done an awesome job. You can see the list of monsters above and there are lots of awesome paper minis here. But let's face it, this set is worth the price for the Bulletes and Giant Worm alone...

And the mounted figures.

And the nice NPC artwork.

Well worth the $$.

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More Paper Mini Greatness


Callous Jack did a great job on this set. Monsters and NPCs galore. Every mini you need for the adventure. And a few NPCs who have different identities are shown as separate minis with different appearances. (I won't spoil the surprise, but they are pretty cool.)

And you get the cute little cleric of Zon-Kuthon who has been a fan favorite for years...

Even if you don't intend to run or play this adventure (and WHY NOT!) this is a great set of minis that are well worth the cost.

Our Price: $4.99

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Another Great Set of Minis! Undead galore!


Callous Jack is back with another great set of minis. This one has hordes of urban encounters, including zombies, evil clerics, strange (and iconic) doctors and more. Anyone running a city-based adventure should have multiple reuses for this set!

Our Price: $5.99

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Another Great set with some amazng Monsters

While I know this adventure has taken a lot of flack for its lack of focus and roleplaying, the sheer assortment of cool monsters makes the Paper Minis set another must-have.

The artwork is full of personality and the designs are well detailed and fun to look at.

Get this now!

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Not a bad set...but,,,


OK...I feel bad about giving CJ less than 5 stars 2 sets in a row, but this one didn't thrill me the way many of his past sets did.

All of the major players ARE included, and for $5 that's a great deal. You get some very cool minis (Undead Owlbear, Otyugh, Reefclaws) but there are a lot of repeat minis...minis with exactly the same artwork as other minis in the set (Eels End, Skelotins, and one of the hopeful thugs is just an Eels End guy with different shirt...which would be OK, but then we get THAT guy a second time...)

Still, like I said, a bunch of Minis for a great AP or very little $$.

But the designs didn;t inspire me this time.

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Another GREAT set of monsters


Wow, they really pulled out all the stops here. Dozens of monsters, and it looks like each mini (including the mooks) are unique. So, you get several different trogs, nasty wights, evil ghasts, etc.

This is another awesome set. What else can we say: Great Art. Great Monsters. Great Selection.

(Actually, I think the minis are better than the module itself).

Our Price: $5.99

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ICorrection: They ARE Golarion Orcs. And they fit the design.


OK, I love paper Minis, and this IS worth the $$$

But to me, the orcs look tall and gangly. I picture orcs as much more muscular...less like an olympic swimmer and more likean NFL Linebacker or one of the gorillas from Jersey Shore (and only slightly better mannered).

HOWEVER: After re-reading Orcs of Golarian, I can see that Callous Jack matched the physique of Golarian Orcs very, very well.

So, I added another Star. For Pathfinder, these fit the Golarian Orcs.

I still like the sheer variety, but a few more bulky, musclebound orcs would have been better.

But, get this today, because there are TONS of cool orc variants and you get a serious horde of mooks for your heroes to beat up.

Our Price: $5.99

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Callous Jack has outdone himself



Just Wow.

Tons of minis culled from the bestiaries of the first PF AP 1-6.

You get all 7 flavors of sinspawn. (OK, the lust spawn are too creepy for words)

You get 4 different colors of Boggards!

Full size Rune Giants and Black Mogga!

More Denizens of Leng, Hounds of Tindelos, and more.

While some of these minis have appeared before, there looks to be some good color variants and in some cases, different sized models.

Oh yeah, you also ge the Sandpoint Devil!

Get this now~

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Dwarves Dwarves Dwarves and they look good!


Well, the Dwarves are here and they are awesome! Traditional Warrior Dwarves! Dwarf priests. Dwarf mages! Dwarf females.

Again, Tim's characters have character! Dwarven female with power glove and steampunk goggles! AWESOME!

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a Dwarf person, but these ones make me think twice about that. I'm already looking at ideas for MPCs based just on the designs.

And of course, you get two different color schemes and the B&W to color on your own, so you get to do some nice additional sets. (I'm tempted to try coloring one whole set with the same color scheme just to make a small Dwarven army...)

Well worth the price! Even if you don't normally use many dwarves (like me) these designs will be giving you ideas...

Our Price: $4.99

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A new Paper Mini Artist. And his work is as good as the rest. This Awesome set includes some great minis that are going to show up in a bunch of other modules for me. The undead and "animal" mosters have character. The "character models", including the tribesmen and vegepygmies fit in well with other PF Minis sets.

What else can I say? $5 = 84 paper minis.


Our Price: $4.99

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We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat



Tons of giants, monsters, Lovecraftian Horrors, Devils, Lamias, a Dragon, a RUNELORD! and more...

CJ did a great job with these. Its nice that many of the "repeat figures" were done with what comes off as slightly different olor schemes, so that even things like the kuchrima have identical poses looking different enough.

And the Giants! Some of the Rune Giants take an ENTIRE PAGE PER SIDE! Yup, almost a foot tall.

And now the entire ROTR AP is complete...with these 6 sets you get pretty much EVERYTHING you need to play the entire AP...

Just, WOW! How cool is that...

Our Price: $3.99

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OK Giants. Could have been a lot better.


This is a set of giant paper minis. Something a lot of GMs need when their adventures reach mid levels.

So, how are they? Average. You get an assortment of different kinds of Giants, several in two different sizes, which is nice. And as mentioned by another poster, you get some female Giants. (Albeit, like some of the other minis this artist has done, the Northern Female Giants have comically silicone-looking breasts. This has been a pet peeve of mine from the other sets, so understnad that your female players might not laugh when you put them on the tabletop and as a result it DOES influence my review, so you might not find these as outrageous.)

You get one troll, and it would have been nice to see a few more trolls, as this is the same paper troll mini that has appeared in other sets.

There's also some Southern Flame Giants which actually look like large hobgoblins, but it's an interesting look and would also make for fun efretti as well. Though Fire Giants would have been a nice addition.

One complaint is that there is a lot of wasted space on the pages. Space where another giant or three might have fit if laid out perpendicular to the others. I always hate when paper mini sets leave you with 'paper-mini-sized' leftover space. It shows poor layout and planning. As many of the giants look like they are simply "upscaled" versions of human sized minis (and I don't ahve a problem with that), it doesn't seem like it would have been that hard to include a few more characters. Maybe some Fire Giants.

However, for the price, you do get a nice number of giants, and having bought several other sets this artist has done before, I was expecting the embarassing female frontage problem, so that's not a big letdown.

I still think it is a good value and that GMs needing an assortment of Giants will find something to use here.

But it could have been a lot better.

Our Price: $4.99

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Even More Paper Goodness to Fuel Your Sins!


OK, I'm a prop whore. I love paper minis.

But this is just an awesome set. From what I can see, you get just about everything you need to run the entire Sins of the Saviors adventure.

All the paper minis for an entire AP Issue!

The artwork is good. Callous Jack's work keeps getting better as these sets go on, and he's captured some good character with his minis. That's especially important in a set like this, where so many of the opponents are humanoids, some of whom might interact with PCs, so having some character in the artwork makes them even easier to roleplay and imagine.

Now, you get a lot of minis for the price. And a lot of cool minis that would be usable in other games:

Mummies- check
Mephits- check
Demons- Double Check...these demons have some character...
Wraiths- check
Golems- check
and more.

For $4.99 and $2.00 of cardstock, you get 10 pages of minis to fill your games.

This another thing that I really think sets Paizo and Pathfinder head and shoulders above other game companies. Affordable, high quality ties ins and props for their games.

OK, I'm ranting (and drooling a little) but I just thought this set was awesome, cool, a great value, and just fun.

Nice flavor with some good hooks


Like the first two reviewers, I got this as a free copy, but I still think it's worth the asking price and it gives some nice hooks for players and GMs alike.

As mentioned in the above reviews, you get Finwicket's notes. And they actually look like hand-scripted notes without being too difficult to read. The excerpts give some good flavor, talking about how the character interacted with the fae and even a few legends.

There is a nice description, well, more of an overview, of the fae realms, but in there are some fun ideas for short side quests or entire adventure ideas, including simple time travel, overlapping realms, and the consequences of faerie laws...And I REALLY liked the picture of the fae/material overlap...

The section on the four new faeries is also nice, though there are a few mechanical questions (why does the seer get a +7 deflection bonus? It seems like an arbitrary number)and I would have liked the Thin Man to be a little more sinister and strange in his abilities. He's dangerous, but not something that would invoke the kind of terror that is described in Fit's Notes...

But overall, I'm looking forward to the next book. I liked the quality, and the flavor was fun to read. I like game books that have stats AND are fun to read...

OOPS: I almost forgot to mention the Faerie Path itself...not just the name of the book but an actual flavor/mechanic...

There are some nice examples, but in a nutshell, its a way for the Gm to get players from one plane to another...though there are risks...easily. All sorts of fun there...

Our Price: $1.99

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Nice set of minis


Yay! More Paper Minis!

And they're in scale.

This is a set of 30 (or 60 or 90 depending on how you count it) paper minis for fantasy gaming.

You get three sets of the same 30 minis: 2 sets in different color schemes and one set thay you can color yourself.

The minis themselves have simple detail and are drawn in a cartoony, slightly anime style. But they'll fit in well with the present series of Pathfinder Minis and are a nice alternative to expensive metal minis.

All in all, its a nice set for a good price. I hope they come out with more sets soon. (How about a set of non human adventures...and then some humanoids and monsters?)

Our Price: $2.00

Out of print



Hey, it is what it is. A sturdy box that holds your flip maps and map packs. And it's got Kerzoug on the cover!

Hey, when I got my first one, I could only get it as part of some collection that included actual box contents.

Seriously though, this is a cool, sturdy box that keeps your maps organized.

Yeah, it's a box. But its a cool box just the right size.

Our Price: $3.99

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What Happened to the Old Format???


EDIT: LPJ has been nice enough to answer questions and help find a way to make this less ink-intensive. So it should work better.

In that format, it should work better. Still, It would have been nice to see it in the old format.

PREVIOUS REVIEW: SEE DISCUSSIONS-Well, after waiting all this time (since December?) This was a disappointing Download that will cost WAYYYY too much to ever use.

When LPJ first did his spell decks, they were very usable for the average player. ~6 spells per page, alphabetical by level. So, you could have all of the L0 - L2 spells for your Lvl 4 wizard easily avaiable. Very nice and nothtat bad to print out.

Now we get this thing. 400+ PAGES!!!! In color (there goes your ink cartridge) and only 1 spell per page??? Better off just carrying the PFRPG book with you.

I am REALLY disappointed. I cannot see very many uses for this in a RPG. Even your average player would have to print dozens of pagen just to play a 3rd level wizard...

This series went from being a great tool to being a waste of a good idea.

I would avoid this one, especially at $5.99...

Sorry, Louis, but you lost me on this one...

Our Price: $1.99

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Unique Tavern, Good map, fun characters, good value


I picked this up based on the other reviews and I have to say that it's an excellent value.

Fisrt of all, this isn't a square building, it's a round Tavern, and the authors make good use of the different shape to make an interesting tavern...lots of places for people to meet and discuss...whatever.

Second, the use of three maps (as mentioned: 1 keyed for the GM, 1 without the key for the players, and a 9 page minis map) give a lot of flexibility on how this is used.

Third, the hooks and characters are interesting. I could easily see this being used as the heroes' favorite watering hole..which could lead to all sorts of fun. (Don't want to give any spoilers).

And of course, as a prop whore, I LOVE detailed 25mm/30mm maps. Even in black and white. And this one is good.

My only complaint, the "old style painting" artwork. I'd almost rather see no art than the victorian/whatever paintings. They look horrible and don't bring a feel of fantasy adventure to the product. Even stock art would be better than this. the pic for the maid does NOT make me think of her as attractive or a seductriss, and is not someting I'd show to the players to make them think so. So, for me, that's wasted art.

Other than that, great supplement. And for $1.99! A lot of playability out of a quick Tavern. (And now I gotta look at getting the rest....)

Our Price: $4.99

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A nice set with some awesome Kobolds


Picked up this set a while back. A great set of minis for those playing in the Stolen Lands. Almost all of the monsters you need are included.

The kobolds look great (a little beefier than the skinny ones in the bestiary, which is a good thing) and they all have personality.

The mites look good too. I especially like the "harry potter" look of the scarf and jacket combined with the sinistter evil.

And the extra monsters, hirelings, fae creatures, and of course the named baddies are also fitting. Crsytal's style meshes well with the other minis in this series.

Well worth the $. especially for anyone running a kobold or outdoor adventure.

Our Price: $4.95

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More Aliens for your games


This is another set of minis for the Battlelords game. Like the previous set (also available at Paizo) this has a number of aliens, with male and female for each.

Average but usable artwork and the B&W minis are good too.

Not a bad value, but again, $3.00 would be a more appropraite price (or $6.00 for the pair of sets.)

Still, good for scifi games where you need more aliens.

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