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Megistone wrote:
I don't think we will see partial casters in PF2.

It might be a pipedream but I REALLY hope this is not the case. They need something between Full Caster and Archetype casting that doesn't eat up 4 feats and have an odd, stunted progression. I'd gladly give up the single 7th & 8th level spells to cast from 1st w/ a smoother progression. Or grant 7th & 8th spells as a capstone the same way Full Casters get 10ths. Spellcasting for a Partial Caster archetype would be the tricky part. Maybe cap it at Expert Spellcasting.

A Martial w Cantrips only and Focus might pull off an Inquisitor. A self only version of the Bard's Composition cantrips would be a good starting point for Judgements. If they have Wis as a Key Ability they'll need a boost to keep them up in the math. Start w/ a base Justice Judgement cantrip and pick up the other Judgement options w/ class feats. Throw in Bane as a Focus Spell with options for Discern Lies/Zone of Truth.

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N N 959 wrote:
Casters don't actively attack with their key stat. Cantrips use DEX and most damage spells aren't boosted by CHR or WIS or INT for the various casters.

No clue where you're getting this but it's just plain wrong. Targeted Spells, including Cantrips make a Spell Attack which uses the casters casting stat. The attack Cantrips add the spellcasting ability modifier.

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MCing Monk and picking up a stance feat opens up some unarmed weapon choices with both Agile/Finesse and some useful bonuses too:

Crane: 1d6B +1AC(Circ) w/ Jump bonuses
Fire Talon: 1d4F +1AC(Status) 1/2LVL Fire Resistance
*Lashing Branch: 1d8S reflex save lockdown effect
Tiger Claw: 1d8S 10ft Step
Wolf Jaw: 1d8P gains Trip when flanking

Wolf seems strong for a Gymnast w/ the item bonus to Trip checks and Backstabber trait for +1 dmg vs flat-footed (+2 dmg @ 16th w/ +3 weapon.)

Fire Talon is pretty weak but the AC is Status so it stacks w/ Shield/Buckler/Parry. Might work for a tanky control character.

*Lashing Branch comes online @ 16, way too late for most MC builds to consider.

It seems like there could be something done to bring styles a bit closer in effectiveness/use:

Fencing is the stand-out since it's only weak vs Mindless and has no MAP, size restriction, or 10-minute immunity. You can basically Panache cycle with this all day long as long as you steer clear of mindless things. No feat tax, it just works from level 1 on.

Braggart is pretty limited w/ 1/target and weak vs Constructs/Mindless/special training (whatever that means.) The language-dependency makes Intimidating Glare/Prowess a must.
Fix?: Allow re-use of the Intimidate skill to "harry" an opponent w/o out the Frightened condition? Or limit it to Frightened 1 only on a crit after the 1st Demoralize?

Gymnast has quite a few options but all of them are MAP based and size restricted. Titan Wrestler is an obvious choice to minimize the size restriction. I get that Gymnasts can target a specific save as needed but I think -5 (-4 w/ Agile) on your Attack after gaining Panache is a bit steep.
Fix?: Allow a non-MAP use of Athletics or reduce MAP?

Anyone have any other ideas/thoughts?

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Can't wait for the Witch Archetype so I can finally have a proper Dwarf Beard Fighter!

albadeon wrote:
The big issue with attack cantrips is that, unlike finesse melee/thrown weapons and ranged weapons, attack cantrips don't trigger your sneak attack bonus damage so they do start to fall behind weapon attacks (which can also additionally be using runes and/or poison) in pure damage output quite quickly. But it's all based on the exact conditions.

Magical Trickster lets you attack w/ spells (cantrips included.)

Not sure about other activities but RAW you can perform the Refocus activity while doing something else appropriate to your spell source.

Sorcerers get the best deal on this since they don't have to do anything in particular to regain focus.

I've looked at a similar build using 1 level of Far Throw Monk and loading up on the Startoss feats for extra damage & almost full attack as a standard. Probably Multhuni Arsenal on the Warpriest side.

I play a Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor w/ a similar concept: a reformed enforcer who saw the light and redemption of Sarenrae.

Sanctified Slayer for the Sneak Attack, plenty of skill points, Conversion Inquisition for social skills. Bane + Sneak Attack + Studied Target make for a great alpha strike.

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Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor: It fits the roguish-clergy niche I've wanted for years. No sneak attack till 4th is a little annoying (Precise Strike @ 3rd helps off set it.) Throw in Accomplished Sneak Attacker @ 5th and your even with a Rogue till 10th. Studied Target doesn't have the versatility of Judgements but it's infinite use and saves time & calculation @ the table.

Phantom Blade Spiritualist: A dip in monk is practically mandatory but it makes for a monk w/ psychic spells and magus spell combat that actually works with the psychic magic rules (unlike the Ectoplasmatist.)

Kinetic Knight Kineticist: The elemental warrior/knight done right that doesn't lose the core fun of the class (side-eyes Elemental Annihilator) Sword & Board is mandatory but the scaling weapon damage & tricks/riders to add to it make for a fun spin on the fighting style.

Spirit Guide Oracle: Depending on the Mystery this is a no brainer for day to day versatility on a a spontaneous caster.

I agree w/ GM Rednal, high level magic in PF got a bit silly so they reeled it in some by going with 6th level casters.

kaid wrote:
They are the strongest AOE dps from what I have seen of any of the classes.

I haven't looked at Technomancers much for AOE blasting, I've only glanced at Disintegrate for DD. I'm curious to see the math on this compared to a Bombard Soldier.

I've always wanted to play Hogforn Heglorn: a rotund, white Tengu that speaks in a southern accent. I can never decide what class tho, maybe a Bard w/ a (chicken)hawk familiar.

Cathulhu wrote:
an entangling fusion

I've seen people post about Entangling infusion and scratch my head since a once a day entangle seems like a waste of an infusion slot.

Is there something I'm missing?

NEVER use Deadly Aim for Explosive weapons. The -2 also applies to the DC.

Any penalty you would normally take to your weapon attack roll also applies to this DC, including penalties from the weapon’s range increment screwed up their OCR conversion and added most of the sidebar to the Powered weapon description (2nd paragraph.)

rook1138 wrote:
what about things with the explode property

I'm curious about this too. As far as I can find, Deadly Aim works with Explode and Weapon Specialization works with non-grenade Explode weapons.

Technological Items pg 218 wrote:
Items with a specified usage use a battery that comes fully charged when purchased. Such batteries can be recharged as normal using generators or recharging stations (see Professional Services), or they can be replaced (see Table 7–9: Ammunition for battery prices).

Comm Units have a usage AND use a listed battery, computers do not. That parenthetical you quoted is only for hack DCs etc. for the computer in the Comm Unit.

Batteries pg 190 wrote:
Batteries have a standardized size and weight, and items that take batteries all have a slot into which they fit, regardless of the item’s actual size.

It doesn't matter if it's an internal battery or not they're all interchangeable due to standardized size/weight/slot.

I agree that neither flashlights nor comm units should be able to have their batteries used in weaponry but the rules as written still support these loopholes.

Batteries are a Pandora's Box. There are some rediculous loopholes in pricing thanks to the rules that anything that has a usage listed also has a removable battery and batteries are interchangeable.

- The Pulsecaster Baggageboy pointed out is the most obvious offender: 100c gun with a 330c IL4 battery. I'm guessing this was a capacity misprint since a 20 capacity battery is 60c and item level availability mean you can't buy a backup/replacement until 3rd level.

- Personal Comm Unit is the biggest offender though: 7c for a 390c battery. Yeah it's a cell phone battery but RAW it works.

- Flashlights & lanterns are another cheap battery source: 1c for 10capacity battery. Cheap alternative if you have a low usage weapon.

I'd like to see a feat that gives Unarmed Strikes an Item Level that scales with the damage and allows you to add fusions. Kind of surprised no one mentioned the fact that Unarmed Strikes currently do not qualify for weapon fusions.

There is no Entangle Combat Maneuver. Entangle is a weapon ability.

As far as which AC to target, KAC is sort of the default unless the weapon deals only energy damage. "But the net doesn't deal any type of damage." True but it doesn't deal any type of energy damage either. Also, Kinetic AC is described as "Your Kinetic Armor Class (KAC) represents the defenses you have against attacks that primarily deal damage as a result of a physical impact" It makes sense that you'd have to physically impact the target with the net to entangle it.

Corrosive, Flaming, Frost, Shock, Thundering wrote:
Half the weapon’s damage type is replaced with XXX... If the weapon already deals two types of damage, replace one of them with XXX... You can add this fusion only to a weapon that does not already deal XXX

Every elemental infusion splits the damage type for single damage weapons. If the weapon already deals 2 types you pick which is replaced.

Battle Fist wrote:
You treat any unarmed attack you make while wearing heavy or powered armor as being made with a battleglove

With that we can answer a few questions right off the bat:

- Melee Striker Boost? Yep, Power Armor is specifically mentioned right there in the 1st line of the ability.
- Archaic? No, It counts as a Battleglove and Battlegloves are not archaic.
- Powered Armor damage dice or Battleglove damage dice? This is the odd one with no rules either way. There is a huge gap in Battleglove upgrades compared to regular Unarmed Strikes (w/ 2 upgrades in the same level range.) The 1d10 melee damage @ 5th isn't game breaking or overpowering. It's seems a special kind of jackassery to have a class ability actually reduce your damage but I can see the other side of it. I disagree with it but I understand it. Until there's a FAQ this is a case of talk to the DM.

On the Pulse Gauntlet:

The Pulse Gauntlet is not an unarmed strike nor is it heavy or powered armor, it's a weapon all on it's own so it gets no bonus from the Hammer Fist feature.

Targeting Armor Class wrote:
If the weapon deals only kinetic damage, or if it deals both energy and kinetic damage, the attack targets KAC.

The Pulse Gauntlet targets KAC

As far as weapons go, I second looking at Unwieldy. Blast weapons are -2atk already, throwing in another -4 for multiple attacks is kind of painful. Also, there are some odd gaps for weapons. If you focus on damage dice you're looking at Flamethrowers with a Screamer thrown in occasionally. Neither of them work w/ Brutal Barrage.

Are you set on Hit & Run? If you're focusing on Unwieldy Blasts you're not using any of the style perks till 9th. Fine if you're starting 9th or higher but it seems a waste to get no style perks for almost 1/2 the levels. Sharpshooter would be useful for the 2 less AC from cover bonus in case enemies are stacked in a line. It'd also take some of the sting off multi attacks if you decide to go w/ Scatterguns.

Not to derail the Barricade debate going on but I nominate Fusilade for the worst trap option. If you want automatic fire capability and only have small arm proficiency bite the bullet and take Proficiency: Longarms and Versatile Specialization. It'll open up automatic options and boost damage for standard & automatic attacks.

Why you say?:
- Must have 4 or more arms: Kasatha or 13th level w/ 70+k to spare for any other race (Dual Cybernetic Arms)

- Must have 4 identical small arms: you're at least 1 item level behind if you don't buy much other gear. Small arms get 1/2 specialization and have lower base damage to boot.

- Firing auto uses all the ammo in all four guns: Then spend the next 2 rounds to just reload them. And that's if you ignore the logistics of the number of hands needed to hold & reload the weapons.

- Count all ammo from all guns for the number of targets you can hit: This doesn't lower the usage just ups the number of targets you can hit. The situations where this is an actual advantage over an automatic longarm or heavy weapon is going to be pretty rare.

That's just it, there's NOTHING a soldier can do to be the best Gunner. The disadvantage is inherent to the system. ANYONE with piloting ranks and a dex focus is better than the melee-centric character. Most of the classes can be better at the other positions w/o even trying due to baked in skill bonuses that apply:

Envoy: Skill focus & scaling expertise dice
Mechanics: scaling bonus to engineering & computers
Mystic: scaling bonus to Connection skills (Mindbreaker, Overlord, Star Shaman all have space combat skills)
Operative: enough skill focus & points to be good at every position; Hacker Operatives don't even have to spend points, it's automatic
Solarian: Sidereal Influence, not as good as the other class bonuses due to the limited skill selection but they still get a d6 bonus
Technomancer: scaling bonus to Computers & int based

The Soldier really needs something stand out at their star ship position. Hell, I'm fine with it being locked into gunnery. It's just a slap in the face to have every other class get to add their class features to the other positions but for Gunnery, the combat position, a soldier is equal or outshined by the dex pilot.

Magus Black wrote:
It seems that you cant ever apply Specialization bonus to explosives period. Under the Proficiency part in SRD ...seems like they're no point in specializing in explosive weapons even if you are a Bombard Soldier

I haven't seen a designer comment on it and it may be errata'd/FAQ'd at some point but RAW Specialization applies to weapons like Plasma Cannons/Shock casters w/ the Explode property as well as Blast weapons.

For a dex based character there's 2 builds I'm a fan of:

Inquisitor(Ravener Hunter / Sanctified Slayer) of Besmara/Cayden Cailean: take the Battle mystery and grab Weapon Mastery as your 1st revelation and a human can have dex to damage @ 1st. Bane & SA make up for the lower of damage of fighting 1 handed.

UMonk1/Spiritualist(Phantom Blade): no dex to dmg until you grab an Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists. On the plus side, you have level -2 unarmed progression and you'll never have to pay for enhancement bonuses thanks to Weapon of the Mind. You get Spell Combat/ Spellstrike and have a few debuff spells to use with it. Bonus combat feats are icing on the cake.

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If you only want to invest one feat there's always Improved Dirty Trick for 6 different debuffs in one.

Personally I'm not a fan of Trip in SF unless you have a melee heavy group. Prone w/ +4ac vs ranged kinda screws the rest of the party.

The Mad Comrade wrote:
every character is equally good at piloting and gunnery when it comes to pure skill ranks

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. An Operative w/ specialization & edge in Pilot is going to be a better Pilot than a Soldier. The Soldier & the same Operative are equal as Gunners which is what my whole point was. With the other classes getting skill bonuses and the other roles being skill checks where all those bonuses apply, the Soldier has no niche in space combat. Soldiers should get some sort Gunnery bonus that lets them shine at the one thing they're supposed to be good at: combat.

The argument that Soldiers have feats to spare to make up for the lack of class skill bonuses will fade out as new "must have" feats are released in new books. I only hope Paizo releases the SF version of Weapon/Armor Master Handbook options at the same time.

Additionally, the lack of a skill bonus pretty much locks a Soldier into the Gunner role for Spaceship combat. And that isn't even a niche since Pilot ranks do the same thing. Any hotshot pilot is just as good a gunner as a Soldier AND can fly the ship better. If the Soldier is supposed to be focused on combat why do they not get any bonus to spaceship combat? BAB means jack when any class w/ skill points to spare can hit just as easily.

I'd agree with you if a Mechanic couldn't repair a droid during a rest. Why is it not taxing for a Mechanic to run diagnostics, troubleshoot and repair a high-tech device but assembling a grenade is?

Making the grenade is basically the reassemble part of field stripping a weapon, something soldiers are practically trained to do in their sleep (and some literally can do it blindfolded.)

I've a Bombard Soldier that'd like to see some clarification as well. Assembling a grenade doesn't seem any more taxing than repairing a droid. It seems kinda dumb to sit around for 10 minutes doing nothing then asking the rest of the group to wait another 10 to make a grenade.

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Chaos Isaac wrote:
Andoran is Pathfinder America, and that's cool, but I couldn't tell you who they were friends or enemies with, any real notes of their relations with other nations.

Using your example, Andoren foreign relations has exactly the information you're complaining is missing. It's nicely footnoted so you can go read the information. Just because you or your DMs haven't done the homework doesn't mean Paizo hasn't given their setting some depth. It just wasn't all in the core book. It happened over time, just like Shadowrun and the other settings you like.

Shaudius wrote:
It also has the added side effect of making the mechanic stealth drone effectively a non-combatant.

They FAQ'd this fix:

Starfinder FAQ wrote:
Combat, hover, and stealth drones with melee weapon arms or weapon mounts can use weapons designed for Small or Medium creatures without penalty for their size.

Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
IMHO; Bombard gives you really good thrown range for grenades and a free grenade that you have whenever you have 10 minutes floating around

As a dip, Bombard is bad. The grenade level is based on your Soldier level and the save is based on the item level giving you a 1d6/1d8 w/ an 11+dex reflex save for half. Aside from the smoke grenade the free grenade quickly becomes useless. The increased range isn't even worth it since Grenade Launchers are available @ lvl 1 w/ a 60ft range and you get proficiency by default as a Soldier. Take a different style if you're dipping.

Sharpshoot is solid for range focused character.

For the Swashbuckler dip, throw on the Noble Fencer archetype to dump the nigh useless Dodging Panache deed for an extra d6 to Bluff, Diplomacy Intimidate, or Sense Motive that explodes (rerolls) on a 6 a number of times up to your Cha mod.

I was hoping this would be addressed in the companion slots FAQ but it wasn't.....

First Mother's Fang gives a Constrictor Snake mount. Cavalier mounts get light armor proficiency. However, Serpentine forms have have no armor slot so it does nothing for them. It gets even worse since Serpentine forms have a belt slot but no [saddle] designation. Seems silly for a class based on riding an armored mount to not actually be able to armor their mount AND have a permanent -5 to ride checks since they're forced to ride bareback.

I like Metamorph Alchemist for gestalt w/ a IdRager Bloodrager. You're a literal monster with lots of Str, a self charging HP battery, and a 50% chance to negate crit/sneak attacks that has a pseudo lay on hands light.

- Dedication focus
- +2 atk & weapon size increase vs anyone who attacks you, hit or miss
- bonus Iron Will while raging
- bonus save feat (grab Iron Will for outside combat)
- Defending Aura for 10ft +2 to ac, CMD, Saves; deflection though so the AC is kinda meh
- Free Skill Focus: Diplomacy or Sense Motive (both at 12th)
- Throw in Steelblood for heavy armor prof if you want to since armor resizes to fit
- ignore Int (no Extracts or anything that keys off int)
- Mutagen w/ no worries about -int for the Str version (see above)
- Protector Tumor Familiar w/ fast heal 5 and constant shield other (Hedgehog for the will save)
- Spontaneous Healing/Healing Touch discoveries for free action fast healing 5 for 5xlvl HP/day and no worries of dying when dropped while raging
- 4-armed Gargoyle form for 6 natural attacks
- Monstrous Physique + Mutagen + Rage makes for a silly strength score

Throw on Spirit Guide and take the Lore Spirit to grab Benefit of Wisdom hex for CHA to all INT skills thanks to swapping WIS and CHA for the effects of hexes. For extra sillyness grab a Circlet of Persuasion and challenge the Wizard to a game of trivia.

I'd forgotten about Brawler/Fighter. That one seems just as insulting since there are other classes w/ stacking effective fighter levels. Monk/Brawler unarmed strike not stacking seems as stupid as the Brawler Fighter.

I know it's asking a lot but I like consistency and hate arbitrary rules. Every prestige class that grants SA stacks but classes/archetypes are all over the map. Hybrid class stacking isn't even consistent. Brawler Snakebite Striker gets SA that stacks but Strangler w/ a more limited SA doesn't. Both Warpriest Cult Leader & Mantis Zealot get SA that stacks but not Inquisitor Sanctified Slayer.

It seems like they could save a lot of player confusion and page space if they just said across the board that bonus damage from SA stacks up to 1/2 character level but not the effective level for the rate of SA increase.

The hybrid rule on stacking is because the Sneak Attack class feature has progression baked in and it's different for Rogue & Slayer:

Rogue Sneak Attack wrote:
This extra damage is 1d6 at 1st level, and increases by 1d6 every two rogue levels thereafter.
Slayer Sneak Attack wrote:
This additional damage is 1d6 at 3rd level, and increases by 1d6 every 3 levels thereafter.

If the stacking rule wasn't there, people would just take 1 level of Rogue and switch to Slayer for faster SA progression.

I realize this is firmly in the realm of RAI but they really do need to clarify this. It's the only instance I know of where you essentially lose abilities for multiclassing since you're never going to be able to use that extra d6 of SA if we follow the logic of 2 sources of sneak attack not being able to trigger on the same attack. That's a HUGE middle finger to the rogue/slayer combo and no other hybrid multiclass is penalized so severely.

This is an overly pedantic argument.

If you have 2 classes with the same feature that don't stack you still have the feature from BOTH of them EG: Paladin & Cleric channeling.

So a rogue 1/ Slayer 3 has 1d6SA from rogue & 1d6SA from Slayer. They don't lose one of them because they multiclassed, they simply have 2 different sources of sneak attack.

Stacking would come into play for a URogue/Slayer fighting something w/ concealment. Without Shadow Strike, only the URogue SA would work. Archetypes that trade sneak attack dice for special tricks, like the Bounty Hunter's Dirty Trick boost, would follow the same restrictions.

Additionally, the stacking clause is in there to prevent stacking classes w/ different Sneak Attack progressions because the rate of increase is baked into the Sneak Attack class feature. You can't take 1 level of Rogue then switch to Slayer and still get 1d6SA every 2 levels. You get your new SA at the Slayer 1/3 rate.

Atalius wrote:
How come only one level though? Is it worth taking more or better to stay druid the rest of the way except the one level.

It depends on what you want. If you want more spells & minimal interruption to animal companion, go back to Druid. If you want more BAB, skills, and some extra feats stay Ranger and grab Boon Companion to patch the AC or forget about it altogether.

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If you don't go w/ Umonk, you're at the right level for another pretty good druid multi-class option that might be worth it: Ranger w/ Shapeshifting Hunter as your 7th level feat. You trade 1 caster level for full scaling Favored Enemy & don't lose anything for Wild Shape.

As far as Favored Enemy in RotRL, I've seen Giant suggested as primary with a toss-up between Goblin & Human.

I've always wanted to try a blaster bard, a Sound Striker Bard from Pitax: Academy of Grand Arts.

My big holdup is it comes online @ 6th which is painful in PFS & home games that start @ 1st.

I'm not following the issue here beyond a rare/odd attack that does both lethal & nonlethal.

Since nonlethal and lethal are tracked separately, if you go below 0hp via lethal you can use Unstoppable Resolve because your nonlethal is unaffected and vice-versa.

What am I missing?

Ahh. I forgot about Outflank as a bonus feat for Hunters.

I just made a First Mother's Fang Cavalier 1/ Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor 6 for a home game and ran into the BAB req.

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Outflank has a BAB +4 requirement. How are you taking it at 3rd?

Perspicacious Wanderer wrote:
Something fun could be a Barbarian/Psychic or Medium where the rage is actually possession by another being or a darker alter ego with a completely different personality. Give it 4th level psychic casting and access to its own brand of rage powers.

Id Rager fits but it gets Spirit abilities instead of psychic rage powers. You just have to be careful picking a Spirit. Due to the wording, some of the abilities don't work w/o a slam attack.

It's definitely better than the steaming pile of crap they pulled w/ the Exciter Spiritualist. I can't say enough bad things about that archetype.

First Mother's Fang gets a modified Constrictor for a mount. Does it stack w/ other classes that have Animal Companions/Mount? Or since "Riding Constrictor" isn't on their list it doesn't stack?

Alex Mack wrote:
I was actually planning to use it with Archery but I don't think that will work because the target has to be within your ash cloud to lose DEX to damage. Or am I missing something here?

The Ash Cloud 10ft radius is a little wonky but workable if you pay attention to the point of origin. Since it's fixed once you drop it, you can just 5ft step as needed to keep 10ft of it between you and your target.

It's a pity Obscuring Mist isn't on the Inquisitor spell list, Water Sight from Waves Would be easier to pull the same trick.

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