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Current Campaigns

Flesh and Bone-A zombiepocalypse story

The party enters a world much different than the one many of them left 3 years ago. Many cities have been abandoned. Those cities that are still occupied are under martial law to a large extent.
People are very afraid of the world, and for good

Legacy of Fire

Blood of Dragonscar-Level 15 (inactive)

High Level Danger

DM Carbide's Through a Cracked Mirror: The Dark Road (inactive)

As the myriad potential Golarions collide, a small group of heroes is charged with setting things right.

The Gauntlet (inactive)

In Darkest Times (inactive)

In short, this homebrew was intended for beginner GM's. The story contains a variety of elements in sequence that gradually go through different terrains, battle situations, and other challenges to allow a DM to become familiar with the rules.

Shore to Sea: All Broken Up Inside. (inactive)

The heroes are called to investigate a young man's claim that something from the sea kidnapped his fiancé while he was visiting her at a remote village. What was it, and will the heroes be its next victims?