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Their brain probably edits it out like our brain does with the nose.

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Pretty neat!

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Mr.Torgue? I can not unsee it now. Or unthink. EXPLOOOOOSIONS! GUITAR SOLO!

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"In the name of Me, Myself and the Holy I!"

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The best thing would be if it was uncovered that Razmir is actually a rogue faking his wizard powers with magic items and rogue talents.

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James Jacobs wrote:

I never bought into that analogy myself, simply because a deity is not a mortal phone operator. Part of what makes them gods is the fact that they can do godlike things like answer an infinite number of prayers simultaneously.

Otherwise it would probably be something like this.

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His name suggests more Kull the Conqueror

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Our party of chaotic neutrals and one true neutral made her neutral good, we wanted to be sure there was no chance of Unity 2.0. The true neutral character became her herald.

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Remember to not pick the lonely bush as your hiding place. Also do not stand up just because someone asks you to.

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{Mr Burns voice} Eeexcellent!

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Your character is toast, likely literally. Why would dying characters be immune to extra damage?

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It says right in the (1E) Bestiary that goblins believe writing steals words out of your head. No mention of any region at all. Nothing is said about hooves stealing souls, only that goblins fear horses.

Rysky and zimmerwald1915, good points both, but is there an "official" explanation offered anywhere (a blog post or similar is official enough)?
Has anyone clarified, or given examples of, how should the unchanged reputation affect the goblin PCs? If they are able to freely walz in anywhere, the statement that goblin reputation is unchanged is not really true.

Should the average town guard greet Fumbus as warmly as he would greet Harsk? Or should he give him suspicious and dirty looks or worse? I realise this should change from town to town and country to country, but some baseline would be nice. I mean, is the dirty looks a norm and warm welcome a nice exception, or the other way around?
And yeah, I know all adventurers should probably get dirty looks from town guards :D

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I would run the the scenario as intended even if it kills him. Have the assasins attack Bill and some NPCs first. Have Bill blame the PC for hiring the assasins to murder him and then have him escape, swearing vengeance for this betrayal. Make it possible for the PC to slip away or hide in the chaos too.

If he sticks to fight, a single PC death is easily remedied with money.

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From the Murphys Rules:
(1d18 or 2d9, five times)
1 The Big Little Book of Magic
2 The Book of Punch-Out Golems
3 1001 Things a Boy Can Do With Human Skin
4 Fantasy Forest
5 My Picture Book of Conjured Monsters
6 The "I Hate to Spell" Spell Book
7 Jane's Book of Monsters
8 Dick's Book of Demons
9 Spot's Book of Spririts
10 Understanding Traveller
11 Now We Are Tree: A Druidical Primer
12 The Big Book of Giants
13 The Little Book of Leprechauns
14 Papers and Paychecks
15 The Chaotic Evil Coloring Book
16 Naked Elf Women and How to Find Them
17 Plane Truth, the Magazine of the Astrally Alert
18 The D-18 Dice Chart: Theory and Application
- Worcester War Gamer's Collective
Space Gamer 74 May/June 1985

They should make a new complilation with modern RPGs and their stupid/funny rules. Actually the falling damage rule was silly in AD&D and it is silly still.

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Really, really great job!

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That was the most thorough answer ever. 10/10.

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-Luck bonus to saves. +1 to one save at first. Then another. Then another.
-Extra use of the domain power Bit of luck. OR another domain power.
-Able to burst in to a kaleidoscope of butterflies á la the Raven's Flight spell.
-Always have safe dreams. +10 to perception checks while sleeping, immune to Nightmare spells and similar effects.
-Use summon monster III to summon a star monarch 1/day.
-Cast sleep or Deep slumber 1/day
-Never get lost while travelling under the stars.
-Reroll a natural 1 1/day.
- x times per day invoke the power of Desna to get a +x luck bonus to a skill check/save/what ever as a swift/move/immediate action.
-Sacred bonus to Perform(Dance) and Perform(Sing)
-Cast one domain spell 1/day. GM picks. Or maybe have the player pick.
-Can use the symbol as a masterwork starknife. May improve with levels.
-Heal double the normal amount with rest. Heal ability damage quicker with rest. Heal ability drain with rest.

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Planescape Torment had the Vrischika's Curiosity Shoppe with some strange items like Baby Oil ("Interested? It's the real thing, of course. Thousands of mewling, mortal babies went into the making of the stuff." ), Devas Tears ("This is a small glass phial labeled as 'Deva's Tears.' They were collected from a deva who was captured during a Blood War skirmish. The fiends tormented the imprisoned angel for eons before he at last escaped – this small bottle holds the twelve tears he shed in that time. Deva's tears are said to soothe the most savage anger... even that of a fiend's tongue.") or Fiend's Tongue ("This is a fiend's silvery tongue floating in a jar of brine. It's said that, once placed into the mouth of any living thing, it will give the ability of speech, even if there was none before").

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Silver dragon

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I did, though Tiadora refused to be a pack mule. She would not haul packs full of armor around. She would get their easily carried stuff and buy some other easily carried stuff with that.

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5 players with 25 point buy does not really sound like you are toning things down. AFAIK the APs are designed for 4 players with 15 point buy.

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Great instrumental music:
Two Steps from Hell
Antti Martikainen
Thomas Bergersen
Witcher 3 soundtrack

Battling for supremacy of epicness with Gloryhammer is Graveknight.
Especially the song Pumping Iron Power is awesome!

Great recommendations DungeonmasterCal, have to check out some of those bands you mention.

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Someone must take a cat as their beast bonded familiar.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Absolutely because of the classic theme of "Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."

I guess the Runelords subsribed to the "Power corrupts and absolute Power is actually pretty neat" school of thought.

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Yep, those grapple and reposition maveuvers are best left for the wedding night.

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Suddenly I'm not sure I have understood the organization rules correctly. If the PCs form a council how do I calculate the number of actions they have per week? Is it levels(4*7)+combined charisma(2+3+3+1) = 30 thus giving them 10 actions per week. OR is it calculated for each character individually and then the actions are totaled. This would give them only 2 actions per week since only two characters have CHA +3 giving them score of 10 and 1 action per week. The former sounds like they get too much and the latter that they get too few actions.

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So, Atalius, how did the fight go?

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Enlarge person. Reach and more damage is never a bad thing.

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My group and Grumblejack ran into Jurak the Elder. Bluff failed so init was rolled. Grumble swung his sword, hit! I started singing "I'm, a Grumblejack and I'm okay, I drink all night and kill all day! ".

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Ice==Remorhaz. Their immunity to both fire and cold makes them challenging to blasters. The Heat ability is terrible surprise to the pouncing wildshaped druid and his animal companion, or the monk. "Ok Fred you hit the creature five times, take 40d6 damage". Other melee types might just melt their weapon. Archers are just fine as usual, sitting in the back, shooting their bows. Until the second remorhaza bursts out from under the ice. Have them use Awesome blow on the melee fighters and swallow the archers and casters whole.

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Nil'murr'shass- House Everhate wrote:
That is what the creature is using so far,does not mean that it isnt getting ready to do worse things :)

So Necromancy effects work fine for the demilich but do not work for anyone else?

Scroll of antimagic field, tiny familiar UMDs it and then sits on a raging barbarians shoulder, or in his pocket. Barbarian whacks the thing to death.

Serisan wrote:
Always remember that we're talking about a flying skull that should only be active if disturbed (unless Torpor was removed/modified by the GM). Scoop it into a bag of holding and poke the bag if you have to.

That was actually what my players did in the original Tomb of Horrors! They scooped Acerak up (don't remember how exactly), tossed him in the bag and threw the bag in the Green Demon mouth. Fun times.

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There is no general rule that CL cannot exceed HD. Some feats or traits may place a restricion on its use, for example the Magical knack trait.

The wizard in your example casts spells at caster level 16.
I have a 14th level wizard with Varisian tattoo(evocation), pyromaniac gnome race trait (+1 CL to fire spells) and Spell Specialization(Fireball), his CL for Fireball is 18.

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scary harpy wrote:

Could the expanded pantheon include deities from other mythologies? Finnish? Etruscan? Roman?

Oh yeah, warpriest of Ukko would totally rock! (to THIS song)

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Universal monster rules has table Natural attacks by size and it says Bite damage type is B/P/S.

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Appropriate for your profile pick: Milliners or hatters.

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2bz2p wrote:

Totally agree and have similar experiences myself. One of the most nasty traps in Tomb of Horrors was the curtains that transformed to green slime when touched. Now, with perception roles and detect magic at will, that's not much of a threat. Green slime has become a low level critter... erh, hazard... not the bane to all it once was.

I don't think I got any of my players with the curtains sadly. I did get one to jump into the demons mouth, which was fun.

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Green slime is not a creature but a hazard.
Survival check to avoid (DC15) and Knowledge Dungeoneering to identify( DC 15+CR4=19). I would also give DC 15 perception check to notice the bright green slime.

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vagabond_666 wrote:

I'm playing a Paladin 7/Pei-Zin Oracle 1 who can currently raise 2 people per day with Ultimate Mercy. I'm seriously considering a dip into Angelfire Apostle Cleric and one of these to make it 3.

If you really need to raise people from the dead three times per day something wierd is going on in your campaign.

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Almost all of the tech items from Technolgy guide are horribly overpriced for what they do. Worst is the Prismatic Lockcoder; for the measly sum of 200 000 you can reprogram any lock or access card, IF you can beat the DC60 Disable device check.

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As one of my players is interested in the Hellknights I inserted the bit about Brandescar being an old fort of the Order of the Brand Hellknights.
I took the few tidbits Gary gave and Kevin expanded on and came up with this:
This is all the knowledge that is left from before the Order was destroyed and disbanded.

Order of The Brand
Symbol: Flaming greatsword
Headquarters: Castle Branding
Leader: Lictor Sir Marek Barca
Members: Barcan nobility and their allies
Favored weapon: Greatsword or heavy mace
Disciplines: Brand, Command
Reckoning:Burn yourself over an open flame. Once per day as an immediate action, you can gain fire resistance 10 for 10 minutes. This does not stack with resist energy or any other abilities that provide fire resistance and overlaps with protection from energy.
I will support the rulers of the realm as long as they are worthy.
My fire will burn the unworthy who would oppose the rightful ruler.
There is no place for chaos in the realm. I will do my utmost to stamp it out.
Wilderness is chaos, civilization is order. Thus I will rid the world of threats to civilization and make it fit for the law to flourish.

The Order of the Brand was composed of mainly Barcan nobility and their allied houses. They supported the Barcan kings and fought against the "chaos" of the uncivilized north and Caer Bryr, believing that all of the island should be conquered for the kingdom of Talingarde.

If he succeeds in becoming a Hellknight and renews the Brand, how much is he able to change, should he want to? Tenants surely, but what about Reckoning and Disciplines?
Any suggestions about better fitting reckoning or disciplines? More tenants?

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A nice guide for all your druid needs (does not include Draconic druid sadly).

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TrollingJoker wrote:

Our goal is to produce a night where there are 3 full moons.

Get three PCs, drop your trousers, bend over and voilá, three full moons. :D

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"Jack Sparrow"
(feat. Michael Bolton)

[Secretary:] Guys, Michael Bolton is here

[The Lonely Island:] Oh Great, send him in.

[Michael Bolton:] Hey guys.

[The Lonely Island:] Hey, hi, thanks for coming

[Michael Bolton:]
Sorry I'm late, I got caught up watching a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Have you seen those things?

[The Lonely Island:] Oh yeah, yeah, those are, those are great.

[Michael Bolton:]
Well, I checked out the track and I loved it. And I wrote you this big sexy hook I think you're gonna really dig.

[The Lonely Island:]
Oh wow that's great, awesome. Should we just lay it down?

[Michael Bolton:] Boys, let's get to it.

(Here we go.)

Ungh, Lonely Island, Michael Bolton
(The night starts now)
Together on the track, the boys are back
(The night starts now)
Night starts now baby roll with us, chicks are snapping at the neck when we rollin' up.
{Rollin' up}
Blow through the doors ain't no holdin' up
Black card at the bar like I gives a f&+%.
{Come on}
Ladies shifty eyed when we walk into the set, f@@@ the fellas looking jealous play the back and get wet
{Yeah yeah}
Three pound in my waist, shank in my sock, you either get cut, get stuffed or get shot.

{This is the tale of captain Jack Sparrow, pirate so brave on the seven seas}
{A mystical quest to the Isle of Tortuga, raven locks sway on the ocean's breeze}

Yeah that was kinda weird, but we're back in the club
Buying up the bar so the groupies show us love
{Kiera Knightley}
Motherf~~#ing ice-man, I'm the top gunner
Heater on blast, I'm the number one stunner
{Jack Sparrow}
Watch it girl cause I ain't your "Mr. Nice Guy",
More like the "meet ya take you home and f!#& you twice guy"
{Yeah Yeah!}
All dressed up with nowhere to run,
And now I make you feel crazy with the-

{Now back to the good part
From the day he was born, he yearned for adventure}
{Old captain Jack giving them what for.
He's the pauper of the surf}
(Uh huh)
{The Jester of Tortuga}
(Oh God)
{But in Davy Jones' locker what lies in store?}
(Yeah, we've seen the movie)

Put your hands in the air and say hell yeah, come on
{Captain Jack}
{Johnny Depp}
From the front to the back say we count stacks come on
{Davy Jones}
{Giant Squid}
Michael Bolton we're really gonna need you to focus up

{Roger that let me try it with another film}

{Life is a box of chocolates and my name is Forrest Gump}
(Not better)
{Though I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, I give jenny all my love}
(Come on!)
{Ok then I'm a legal aid, Erin Brockovich is my name}
(Nooo, God)
{Then you can call me scarface, snortin' mountains of cocaine}
(Close enough)
{You cockroaches wanna play rough? Okay, I'm reloaded}

{This is the tale of Tony Montana}
(This is the tale)
{Cubano flame, with the Miami nuts}
(Take it home!)
{Got a basehead wife, but her womb is polluted this whole town's a pussy, just waiting to get f*+@ed! (Just waiting to get f%%$ed!)}

Ooookay, turns out Michael Bolton is a major cinephile
{You complete me!}
(Yup, yeah, ok...?)

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Maha Kali, dark mother dance for me
Let the purity of your nakedness awaken me
Yours are the fires of deliverance which shall bring me bliss
Yours is the cruel sword which shall set my spirit free

Devourer of life and death who rule beyond time
In thy name I shall fulfil my destiny divine
Maha Kali, formless one, destroyer of illusion
Your songs forever sung, the tunes of dissolution

Kalika, black tongue of fire, embrace me
Make me one with your power for all eternity
Awaken within me the reflection of your flame
Kiss me with your bloody lips and drive me insane

Jai Kalika! Jai Kali!
Make me one with your power for all eternity
Maha Kali come to me

Smashana Kali, I burn myself for thee
I cut my own throat in obscene ecstasy
I make love to abominations, embrace pain and misery
Until my heart becomes the burning ground and Kali comes to me

O dark mother, hear me calling thee
Mahapralaya, bring to me
Through all illusions I shall see
I shall cremate this world and set my essence free

Jai Kalika! Jai Kali!
Without fear I will dance with death and misery
Maha Kali, come to me

"O Kali, thou art fond of cremation grounds
So I have turned my heart into one, that thou may dance there unceasingly.
O mother, I have no other fond desire in my heart.
Fire of a funeral pyre is burning there."

[Female voice:]
Jai Maha Kali, Jai Ma Kalika
Jai Maha Kali, Jai Ma Kalika
Kali Mata, namo nama
Kali Mata, namo nama

Jai Kalika! Jai Kali!
At your left hand for endless victory
Maha Kali, come to me

Jai Kalika! Jai Kali!
Mahapralaya will set our spirits free
Maha Kali, come to me

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Mark Thomas 66 wrote:

Inertia Creeps- Massive attack (sexiest damn song ever. Trust me go listen to the rhythm of it.)

I had all but forgotten this song, thanks for reminding me! It is a great song.

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Summons don't care for saves. Summon monster 3 lasts 5 rounds with those rules. That is plenty. Stone call offers no save, has huge area and creates difficult terrain for a few rounds. Most of the battlefield control spells offer no saves.

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If the problem is that he goes through his spells too quickly, get him some wands and scrolls. Summoned monsters stay around a few rounds so he can fight through them and not waste all of his spells on mooks. Usually it is not a good idea to use all your spells in the first fight of the day. Remember that cantrips are usable infinite times per day. So he can lob acid splashes or shoot rays of frost all day long.

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Since you roll for fireball damage only once and apply it to all affected, I think the bonus from Intense Spells should apply to everyone.
For spells like Burning Arc, where you roll damage for each victim separately the bonus damage would only affect one of them.

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