Numeria's Trade Routes and Roads

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Numeria is a harsh land and place. A lot of written word went into its dangers and many points of interest, fauna, culture, etc. The Iron Gods adventure path has a lot of travel, but no mention of transitional roadways or routes.

There is definitely a confirmed (but unmarked) route Crusader's travel to Mendev. Looking into the region of the Echo Wood, the crusader road actually runs along the West Sellen, which defines the border between Numeria, Ustalav, and the Worldwound/Sarkoris

In word and in the adventure, though, Crusaders certainly travel through Numeria itself to get to Mendev.

Aside from that and roads along rivers, there's no real mention of roadways or trade routes, but there is certainly plenty of that to go along with locations such as Torch, Chesed, and Starfall.

How might these trade routes look? Would actual "roads" exist? How might the nomadic culture of the Kellid people affect them--reinforce their definition and use at all?

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One thing to keep in mind is that Numeria isn’t much of a state; Kevoth-Kul was a puppet leader until very recently, the Technic League cared more for tribute than rule, and it seems like cities are largely on their own. Even post-Iron Gods, I still don’t think Hajoth Hakados or Chesed are taking any orders from Starfall.

Road infrastructure is probably not high on anybody’s list.

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I would say the rivers are the major trade routes in Numeria.

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