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Chronicle of Legends introduced some feats that are aimed at specific prestige classes. The feat in question is for Loremaster.
"Once per day, you can cast any spell as if it were one of your prepared spells or spells known."
Is it really meant to be ANY spell from any list ever? This seems so good it is worth dipping a level with any wizard.
Does casting a spell of opposing school this way take up two slots?
Is the spell considered to be its original type (arcane, divine, psychic ) or the casters?

Can fire immune or resistant creatures be healed by the phoenix sorceres bloodline arcana power? Say, you have a deva with a couple of phoenix sorcerer buddies, can they heal the deva with their fire spells since it is immune to fire?

Some outsiders have regeneration that can be stopped by dealing them damage of the appropriate alignament. For example an upasunda asura has regeneration 5 / good weapons and spells.
If I summon a good outsider does its attacks stop the regeneration?
Good subtype says

A creature with the good subtype overcomes damage reduction as if its natural weapons and any weapons it wields are good-aligned.

But there is no mention of them counting as good for anything else than overcoming dr.

So can eg. a bralani azata shut down the regeneration of an asura?

Recently, in Iron Gods campaign we were fighting some grenade lobbing foes. When thrown, the grenade explodes 1 round later.

Now if I had an unseen servant with me and the grenade lands next to it, could it pick up the grenade and throw it back?
The description of unseen servant spell states that "The servant cannot attack in any way; it is never allowed an attack roll."
When throwing a splash weapon or grenade you have to make attack roll to hit the square you want.

Can the servant therefore lob grenades at all or could it throw them to random square in the direction you want?