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Tarpeius wrote:
Did this book receive any corrections or other updates?

Nope. I checked and the spell befuddle is missing it's will save. :/

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Having the same issue as well. I'm still waiting on the first blood lords adventure path book come in and I recieved the special edition lost omens world guide before it.

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It definitely was a fun adventure. I did have to make a character sheet for the 'karen' at the end of the adventure as the party was adamant on wanting her dead. XD Thank you for the Free RPG.

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Somehow found this card inbetween the pages of my newest AP book I got. Looks pretty neat though.

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Jeff D. Boback wrote:
As a Lost Omens line subscriber, I find myself wondering: Will those of us who have been faithful to the line until now who want to get the books that we already own in special edition get any kind of discount/return policy?

You could sell your book on the second-hand market to pay towards for the new blue books.

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What I've always wanted to join with my red collector books, will this have any and all errata that has been published online since the previous version?

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Hi Logan,

Just wanted to update you that I've received the first package that was lost earlier. You can cancel order 36310215 as I have the package that I needed. Thank you for your assistance and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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Hey, the order apparently got lost between UPS and USPS shipment, would you be able to request an investigation in finding the package and where it got lost to. I've contacted my local USPS post office to find that they never found the package within the shipment from UPS and UPS requires the shipper to make the investigation over the recipient.

Many Thanks,

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One method you could do is the alternate realities. The events that happen in Hell Rebels are not the same events that happened for Age of Ashes when they arrive there. It would avoid situation of Barzillai still being alive even if the party in Hell's Rebels fail to kill him.

But if you had to run it as IF Barzillai Thrune is still alive and ruling over Kintargo, then a few things to be note,

- The Remnant of Barzillai and his haunts should be replaced with Remnant of <Character's name from Hell's Rebels> or some other threat that the Raja Rakshasas use to cause a disturbance in the bar.

- Sunset Imports is thriving with good business dealings in Cheliax and so far beyond with the House Thrune contracts in place. Thus the Scarlet Triad don't have intimidation that a failing business owner would have. Instead the relation is now a leveled business arrangement with neither side having an advantage over the other. Sedranni allows the Scarlet Triad to bring slaves back and forth from Kintargo without a qualm or issue long as she gets paid for the fees for storage or usage of the docks to load and unload.

-The Bellflower network, although secretive, would need to work even more in secrecy and less obscure methods to avoid Barzillai's guards from finding them. When they find Hundy among other soon-to-be sold off slave being tortured. His perseverance should be a bit stronger knowing that Scarlet Triad could relay this knowledge to Barzillai to remove a rebellion from his city. The party would need to earn Hundy's trust before leading them to the safehouses.

-The ambassador from Nidal would be another path of gaining Barzillai's trust as the Scarlet Triad enslaving one of Nidal's ambassadors would be distasteful act for diplomacy between the nations that Barzillai would listen to their case. He decides to name the players as auditors to review the Scarlet Triad's business and wants a throughout investigation of their work if they've been enslaving other highly-valued citizens that aren't on the list of being enslaved. The players would be given leads such as the Tanessan Tower and Sunset Imports. The Scarlet Triad seeing these 'auditors' decide to take care of them by some measure before they find a group of slaves that are part of Barzillai's higher court being enslaved and another portion of high court in the Summershade Granite Quarry to work on finding a gem that the Scarlet Triad is interested in finding. Annoyed, Barzillai tasks the adventurers on going to the quarry to free the slaves that are part of his high court.

-Book 3 if ran with the events that Barzillai is alive shouldn't be a means of fulfilling the end goals of another party, instead it should be living in the consequences of what that party did or didn't accomplish. They have to work covertly with the Bellflower Network in doing what rebellion that they can or working with a evil ruler that doesn't care about the plight of his citizens being enslaved, only with his trusted higher court being taken from him.

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Riobux wrote:
Is there any art of the other officers? Ollo seems to have art secretly tucked into Chapter 3 of Book 1, so curious if the other officers have art I can use or if I should dig for my own.

If I had to take a wild guess, the character for the Edgewatch Detective would be a good reference portrait for Bolera since one of the feats for it is Bolera's Interrogation.

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Two things I wanted to know quickly with my quick read of the book,

1.) How did Wymsal decode the Eyes of Absalom issue that he got on his doorstep to become 'Harrowland Tent.'? I'm checking through the other books and not seeing the code of how Wymsal would of came up to that decoded message. Unless that issue is just special copy that someone wanted to give Wymsal a heads-up warning.

2.) I'm now looking at the dates when the Eyes of Absalom are being being published, is the entire adventure supposed to be played in the entire month of Arodus and part of Rova's timeframe with no chances of long-term downtime or breaks for the players? I mean I could just photoshop the numbers on there to make it fit on the time scale, but how quick are the Twilight Four's plans that the heroes only have a month and week~ to stop them?

Otherwise, it's an interesting book and I'm getting some Bendy and the Ink Machine vibes from Vancasterkin and loving the eldritch and clockwork themes with him in game.

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From what I've noticed is there is elements of the Twilight Four each in the books.

Wynsal Starborn should be seen with favorable view from the public, he will likely make a visit to the precinct after hearing from the Eyes on Absalom report about the story to incredible acclaim.

Skinny would likely be the lead detective on the case about the Graveraker.

Olansa would be someone that is the head coordinator for Radiant Festival. She would probably meet with the party to congratulate the group on taking down the Skinner and having some minced coded words with the Skinner to save face and be assumed suspicious by the first of the Twilight Four. (If book 5 or 6 has information of bodyguards or guards that protect her, I'd probably include them into the scene.)

I've planned on having Reginald Vancasterkin be where he has a poor opinion of the guards of Absalom, considering them to be lackluster and criticizing the various guards on how incompetent they are. Once the news breaks about this group of guards from Edgewatch were successful in stopping a murder. He decides to spin the script and giving praises and compliments to either the new band of guards contractor adventurers being paid to help out the Precipice Quarter for.

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Hey James, this is just a shot in the dark and my skeptical thinking on who the Ashen Man could be, but is the Ashen Man actually Aroden?

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Hey, just wondering why this order is still pending since August 30th. What's the current progress on shipping these books over?

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VerBeeker wrote:
Well...why not drown that guy out with actual honest reviews of the product.

And I did. Keep them stacking!

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Pathfinder Wiki is where I got some of research information.

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I have to say, Hendrid Pratchett is one of the scariest and abhorrent monsters I've ever seen for Pathfinder. Facing this guy is worse than facing a Shoggoth, at least you expect the eldritch horror to come if facing one of them or know that they're around.

This guy is an act to follow for Chaotic Evil Villians, he's a charismatic manipulator to where he's easily so trustworthy to any person that would interact with him, yet so demented that the more you begin to peel away at his alibi and hotel, the darker tones start to kick in and break away at you mentally with each of his heinous crimes.

His form of revenge on getting hit with a mug is peeling away the skins of the four adventurers or mentally torturing two people to kill each other and make fake escape attempts that end up in vain, only for them to become scarred that they can't even trust the help that comes to save them. The fact that he keeps Ralso tied psychologically by having two dolls to act as her replacement sisters and his other demented works of art. And let's not forget the two ghosts he keeps as children to see him as a father figure.

James, congratulations. I am literally scared of this guy.

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My quick thoughts,

1.) Agents of Edgewatch content warning feels like it's a M-rated game. And I welcome quick warnings like that to help give the player some warning to tell the GM to remove said content.

2.) I'm going to hope that oozes, constructs anything that has nonlethal immunity isn't here or that players attacks bypass the immunity.

3.) That map of Absalom is beautiful. Props to the map designer.

4.) Thank you for stating that evil and chaotic alignments aren't good for this campaign.

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So I've been reading through book 5 and noticed that one of the rewards from the heist is a wish from a djinni vizier. I know that wish has been watered down to not make such waves, but I'm more than certain that my group will try to use wish beyond it's parameters and try to wish for the Shards of the Orb of Dragonkind or wish that the Scarlet Triad no longer exists or that Dahak is killed.

I'd like this to be a monkey's paw or partial fulfillment in the wish if used outside of it's parameters. So here's my current ideas

I wish Dahak was killed/no longer a god/ is defeated.
-Divine Lance at 10th level auto hits Dahak. Dahak sends a devout follower to correct this wrong against the party.

I wish the Scarlet Triad was no more/never existed
-The Scarlet Triad goes into rebranding their business to the Golden Company for the next council meeting and emphasis on that a slave is worth their weight in gold and that they capture the best skilled slaves that slavers can find.

I wish Uri was dead.
-Uri learns Teyan's secrets to lichdom and becomes a Lich along with his combative abilities or that he becomes a Graveknight.

I wish for the shards of the orb of Dragonkind.
- Kyrion is found in Ketapesh and caught by the Scarlet Triad, they kill him and attempt to extract the shard from Kyrion while this gives the heroes a chance to retrieve the shard. Kyrion doesn't appear in the final book then.

I'd also like to hear what sort of wishes your groups made beyond the scope of wish and what you did for the results.

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The players should present the destroyed dream pollen pods and with a nature and diplomacy check that the barbarian was under these effects. Alternatively you may replace these checks with how the party wishes to resolve the situation.

Mordaine will likely demand to keep her position of a diva with having the big number reserved to her only. Or be traumatized by the barbarian and the rest of the circus seeing him as a unstable threat.

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Matopi Golem wrote:

I just wanted to say how spectacularly useful (and timely!) this post is. I don’t have anything to add to it, but it’s much appreciated.

Also, Escadar is a pretty fabulous setting! I wish we had more info on the Wethouse or St. Sarnax.

From what I was able to cobble up is that the Wethouse is the only embassy for the gillmen. There is a person at the Celestial Menagerie that has been trapped there and would likely to seek refuge back at the embassy or join your circus, the wethouse representative there may ask the heroes to find him if they're going to bring Dusklight to justice.

As for the chapel, it was likely dedicated to one of Aroden's followers that became a saint and that three knights beings magus were taught in the practices of St. Sarnax.

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So what should GM's do if the heroes fail to stop Sarvel and want to do agents of Edgewatch? Wouldn't that AP be ruined or how long does each plague take to happen?

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Yea, I used Medieval Fantasy City Generator until I got the right elements I needed for the city layout in my view of what Escadar would be and adjusted the city to look how I needed it to be. I was only allowed 8 location spots, so I had to make use of each of them in a good fashion.

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Zapp wrote:

Which boils down to this: you kill guys because they're "other", because they're ugly

Um, Voz Lirayne, Ilssrah Embermead, Emaliza Zandivar, Balenni, and Qormintur would like to have a word with you.

Also, what about the Anadi which hide their true form knowing that other races are afraid of spiders? Or the Werebears? Or the Wood giants?

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Just my two cents about this AP situation,

1.) Yea, it's bad timing, though, given 2020's reputation, it doesn't surprise me that this would be next in the many plagues and wraths of 2020.

2.) From what I've read of the product info, Agents of Edgewatch seem to be like a special task force of the city watch for Absalom. They're not going to be on patrol duty or dealing with petty issues such as taking care of drunks or ruffians. (Might be downtime activities, I'm unsure.)

3.) It would be in the best interest of the GM to set up the social contract in session zero for the game to say or even possible for Paizo to make their formal statement with a preface of the current day situations,

'Despite the situation going out in the world, the world of Golarion is not Earth. The city guards of Absalom do not racially target ancestries or nationalities of any sort. And that just because the tiefling, goblin, half-orc or guard is evil for a particular situation, does not mean that all tieflings goblins, half-orcs or guards are evil. I don't want arguments or analogies to any current situation that given or current talk about what is happening in the current day. Whether you support Black Lives Matter or the Police. We're here to play a game and to have fun.

You are playing as new recruits of a city watch that doesn't do petty guard watch or handling guard duties, you're out to take care of notrious criminal organizations and investigate criminals' plots that will take illegal actions in the city of Absalom.

If you are okay with the following Adventure Path and what I'm willing to tolerate for the campaign, then we shall begin creation of our character's concepts.'

For me, Pathfinder is a place to escape from the myriad of political dread and have a good time, even though my dice on Roll20 want to kill the party in a thousand crits... I hope that AoE is an adventure path that doesn't reflect the current situations we're given.

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Hello all, as there was no map for Escadar available or very given information about the town, I'd thought I'd help and make content for you all to use here.

Escadar Map Link,Escadar Map

Escadar is a 9th NL level town with currently 11,700 people currently residing there, ruled by the lesser council in the Conclave Square consisting of retired seafarers and young relatives of Grand Council. It's also known as Vice City.

There isn't much knowledge about the Knights of Aeon Star, Lesser Council, or Saint Sarnax. If anyone has relevant information or wishes to give their insights on who they are. That'd be greatly appreciated. Extinction Curse does note that the Knights are inheritors of a long tradition of sword-mages. (Make the Magus class already for PF2 already.)


1.) Magistratum is the location where the PCs can look up historical records. A bored functionary works here who charges them 10 SP per hour to find information about the Moonstone Hall. As for the bored functionary, they can be any no-name clerk that you can add, though I'm likely going to make Elfrida Wright, (NL Female Half-Elf Functionary) as the functionary being there for my campaign.

2.) Wet-House is the only terrestrial embassy for the gillmen. The Wet-house is the local name as it's actual name is the House of the Cresting Wave. This location doesn't serve any point in the plot, but at your discretion, can use it as a possible point of hinting to the party about the ruins if they are stumped.

3.) Abadar's Emporium is a house of commerce as the merchant here Whitney Brewstere (NL Male Human Cleric of Abadar 9) is an honest salesman that will make a deal that benefits both sides of the table and doesn't seek to scam anyone out of a product. He is able to sell most of the items that are brought here, however, he takes great dislike at people assuming that he's a Brewer of ale that trying to sell or buy alcoholic products or tools to him will increase the DCs by 2 for the purposes of Diplomacy or Intimidation checks. GM's note: This is your insert of a merchant location for the PCs to buy and sell items.

4.) Woodworker's District is where a lot of the lumber is produced here. The fountain that leads to Moonstone Hall resides here with the guards overseeing it. At your choice, you can have some of the lumber workers talk about taking a vacation to see the Stump Festival in Turpin Rowe and see the events there.

5.) Monastery of St. Sarnax is one of the oldest buildings in Escadar, home to three elderly Knights of Aeon Star. Sir Ohlarick Wheem (NL Male Human Knight) is to meet the PCs here if they seek religious records about the Moonstone Hall.

6.) Wulfstan's House is remotely away from the city as Wulfstan Morrum (N Human Hermit) finds the noise of city bustling to be disruptive to his sleep that he does during the day. It's here nearby that Andera gives the PCs a plot of land to put up their circus at. This causes Wulfstan to try bargaining with the Circus to keep it quiet during the day or come to some solution in sound disturbance. Wulfstan night work involves daily cleaning of various buildings such as Abadar's Emporium when it's closed at night or the Monastery of St. Sarnax.

7.) Conclave Square is the government building where many of the Lesser Council work at and where Chief Constable Andera legitimizes various entertainment that resides in Escadar in a means to curb the corruption in the town.

8.) Celestial Mengarie, BBEG location. Place where the Catfolk Mistress is a jerk. Y'know, your circus rivals. Etc.

That's all of the information I was able to comb about the city or create addition content. If anyone else has additional leads or pieces of information to add to this, that'd be greatly appreciated.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Volusto wrote:
Can't wait to see these APs in the future and I'm a sucker for tournaments. Just hoping the Ashen Man makes an appearance in the future. I've been building hints to him in my Age of Ashes campaign and Extinction Curse as being a Thanos-like character.
The Ashen Man is a fella I've got some plans for. As such, I've got my marker on him so he probably WON'T be doing much in a product I'm not the lead developer on.

...Lead more Adventure Paths please.

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Can't wait to see these APs in the future and I'm a sucker for tournaments. Just hoping the Ashen Man makes an appearance in the future. I've been building hints to him in my Age of Ashes campaign and Extinction Curse as being a Thanos-like character.

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Dark Cloud 2 soundtrack has some very good beats that would fit the Extinction Curse very well.

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Best line in the book,

If the heroes attack the image, he gives them a disappointed and incredulous look and says, "Are you serious? This is an illusion, you daft sacks of flesh!"

Also like that Dyzallin will get insight on their general tactics in fighting throughout the tower with the mirrors so he knows what he's up against and how to fight against the heroes tactfully.

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Already did, just curious if it happened to everyone or if I had a rare book in my hands.

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dharkus wrote:
that's already been asked above, basically it's a holdover from a previous edit, they do nothing!

Well, that's disappointing. Oh well.

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Just got my physical copy recently, is it just me or does pages 49-64 repeat for anyone else and that pages 65-80 are missing?

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Name of PC: Murtock
Class/Level: Alchemist 12
Adventure: Fires of the Haunted City
Catalyst: Zurferian
Story: So the Goblin Alchemist, Murtock has perished. He lost a duel of wits with the sadistic alchemist agent of the Scarlet Triad, Zurferian. With throwing bombs about and the other Scarlet Triad members striking at their weakest points. Murtock was the first to succumb to the Acid Flasks that killed him through unconsciousness.

His story ends there as he has gone through so much as an adventurer, from killing his own god, Ralldar, stopping Dahak's cultists in the Mwangi Jungle, magically sending someone through time to make another member of his party infamous as a deadly hunter with a flaming leopard in Kintargo and making the Council of Regents enjoyed the words of his craftsmanship.

Now his soul joins with Bolton in the Boneyard where he resides there.

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Just to note, As written currently, the Posandis are secretly Asmodeans. Amera Lang, Posandi cousin, takes great pains and lengths to keep their faith and business dealings tight-lip.

If your player is wanting to still play as a family member that is a secret Asmodean, then you don't need to change anything on that front.

If your player has no interest in worshiping an evil god, then I'd do the reverse or make the Posandi's business information open and that they don't follow an evil god or that they have a terrible reputation of someone in their family being an infamous Asmodean follower that bites them on a day to day basis for business deals

And then add that Rorsk Axebane is secretly a follower of Droskar instead and his business has been booming since they get majority of the business work for the city and outlying villages. It would help fit thematically in Book 4 when they deal with a Droskar worshipper that is part of the Scarlet Triad.

As for the exit, that works for where you avoid them coming up above the Pickled Ear basement, chances are that if your players don't identify Voz bookstore as the first place to investigate, you may have the party left lost instead where they do some favor for Roxie to help business grow for her.

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Anyone have an idea of what Explosive Fire or Leech Soul does for the Soulbound Ruin in the Foyer (Pg.43)? I can't find any reference of it in the book of what it would do in this situation or such.

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Ron Lundeen wrote:
scroll of felsic bladecurse and a scroll of sharpstone.

Ah, so a teaser of new spells or didn't meet the standards for a spell?

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Since a ghostly hand deals negative damage to its attacks, would it be possible for a ghost to strike an ally or itself to heal with negative healing in hand? I'm just imagining a situation where two ghosts fighting themselves relentlessly and their attacks just healing them repeatedly.

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BobTheCoward wrote:

Is the size of the hoard consistent with wealth by level/recommended treasure or does it exceed it?

I was trying to track what kind of gear players would have at the end, and if the dragon permits a going out of business sale of the hoard, the players can pretty much max out anything they want. Was that the intent?

I think that the hoard there is meant as a trapping vice for the players if they take any and meet with Mengkare later on. So while it's an exorbitant amount of wealth for players to resist, it is meant to hinder negotiations if their greed was out of check.

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Anyone that is Puffin Forest fans will know that there is an Obelisk near the duskgate and there's a nalfeshnee statblock in the book. You know what to do if they knock the Obelisk down.

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Question, does one-eye amnin greatclub only deal 2d10+1? I feel like the modifier is a typo.

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I'm curious, why is there a Tarrasque and is it just around to be put in the AP by GM's disgression?

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Rovagug, The Rough Beast wrote:
Yeah, I had them tweak the engine for the new edition.

Hopefully, the tweaks were worth it, because as the DM, I am petrified to see how that encounter will occur. Because one does not kill a tarrasque, they run for their very lives.

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To be honest, the artwork is cool for Uri and feels like he is the leader of an organization.

I definitely love the aspect of him being very martial in a fight with two reactions per round, being able to act more. The previous end bosses of each book were a Charau-Ka Champion, Draconic Boggard Sorcerer, Gnoll Ranger, Magma Dragon.

So I say it's fair with the captain of the Scarlet Triad being a very skilled human that gained many of the skills in Hermea is fine as more of something normal to fight against. This is more of the calm before the storm with Dahak's destruction coming soon.

The only complaint I have is that the Red Pyramid map seems slightly lacking in my opinion. I would of preferred it in a one or two page map.

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Just a question, Belmazog has a spell called Summon Monster as a 4th level spell. Does it act the same as Summon Animal as the difference being able to summon any monster? I see no spell that is Summon Monster.

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Bolton, a human sorcerer 8 that died in the fortress of the Cinderclaws during the Cult of Cinders. His ancestry come from one of the many great and respected mages of Golarian, Lamond Breachton.

While attempting to disarm the main doors leading to the center of where the elite Cinderclaws reside at. He failed casting dispel magic against the door that had Dahak face over it. Glowing red eyes pierced through the sorcerer's soul, killing him instantly with the face of fatal divine turning his soul to the boneyard and refusing to come back due to fear of seeing Dahak again.

(Before any of you correct me about Lammy, I know and spoilers.)

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Quick question with Oracular Providence feat, where Oracular Clarity? I see Oracular Warning and nothing else.