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Death is a part of life, and also the food upon which we GMs dine.

Please include:
Name of PC:

Bolton, a human sorcerer 8 that died in the fortress of the Cinderclaws during the Cult of Cinders. His ancestry come from one of the many great and respected mages of Golarian, Lamond Breachton.

While attempting to disarm the main doors leading to the center of where the elite Cinderclaws reside at. He failed casting dispel magic against the door that had Dahak face over it. Glowing red eyes pierced through the sorcerer's soul, killing him instantly with the face of fatal divine turning his soul to the boneyard and refusing to come back due to fear of seeing Dahak again.

(Before any of you correct me about Lammy, I know and spoilers.)

Kazmik Flameborn, dwarf dragon instinct barbarian, killed while trying to set a trap for Voz in Hellknight Hill.

The players found the secret tunnel that led back to Breachill and set up a watch on the entrance to see if Voz came back. I moved it out of the Pickled Ear and had it be a tiny hidden cave on the banks of the river. Voz made an appearance and the party confronted her. She made up some excuses and tried leaving, at which point the party attempted to subdue her, which did not go well.

Kazmik charged, swinging his axes, wounding Voz, but instead of collapsing, she surged forward, her hand wreathed in trailing black mist and seizing his throat, she drained what life she could from him and left him on the shores. At which point she called in her undead minions and made an escape.

The player loved Kashmir though, asking if there was some way to bring him back after a couple sessions playing another character.

The party got revenge on Voz, making sure to let her know it was for Kazmik before finishing her off. After a desperate encounter with Malarunk and his cultists, in which at one point only 1 party member stood with 11 hp. They repaired Huntergate and stepped through.

The party ran forward towards the other side, but were stopped halfway as smoke pooled and formed the aspect of Dahak, glaring at them with blazing eyes, chained at his feet, was Kazmik, gaunt, scarred, and looking at them with pained eyes.

Next session will start with the battle against Dahak to free their once dead friend.

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Nice, I like the way you've incorporated their downed companion into the party's story. I'd make sure the party knows they're only fighting a much less powerful manifestation of Dahak, and not the real deal, otherwise when they are victorious they may think Dahak has been dealt with for good!

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Felix - Half Elf Nomad Rogue Lvl 1 - Hellknight Hill - Warg

Wandered off alone down a hall and near the former court room where the warg found him and killed him with a couple of regular hits then a critical. The warg then proceeded to drag his body out and away from the citadel, never to be seen again. The party found the spot with a lot of blood and drag marks but were unable to follow once they got outside.

Celembar - Seer Elf Martial Disciple Universal Wizard Lvl 2 - Hellknight Hill - Wight

Brought down by one of the wights in the secret room. The party was not get to him in time before he bleed out. The party along with nearly all the people he helped save from the burning Town Hall gathered to give thanks and help cremate his body.

The next three deaths were a result of running around the entire mine. I didn't have everything attack them all at once but they were way over their heads and refused to run.

Akuma - Half Orc Former Criminal Enforcer Monk 6 - Cult of Cinders - Mokele-mbembe

The Barbarian and the Rogue opened the cage hoping to lead it to destroy everything else but of course they could not calm the creature down. It started to attack them and Akuma could not get away from the mokele-mbembe and was eaten.

Grumary - Brumblebrasher Goblin Fey Sorcerer 6 - Cult of Cinders - Charau-ka Butcher

Verin - Half-Elven Cleric of Sarenrae 6 - Cult of Cinders - Charau-ka Butcher

Grumary and Verin finally decided to retreat but did not want to leave each other behind. Verin cast Sanctuary on Grumary and moved back while telling her to not attack and just run. Grumary tried to slow them down with an attack despite her warnings, failed and was brought down as the Charau-ka Butchers charged them both. After a couple weeks of having retreated back to Akrivel and "finding" new adventurers, the Barbarian and Rogue found nothing left of their former party members except a few tattered ribbons of flesh being cooked on the ends of the charua-ka's tridents.

Name of PC: Our Warpriest's Rapier
Class/Level: +2 frost greater striking shifting greater staff of healing
Adventure: Fires of the Haunted City
Catalyst: Purple Worm Ambush
Story: My party was walking around after passing through the Jewelgate and fighting the Carnivorous Crystals. They noticed that the ground looked like it had been dug out by a massive creature, with one of them realizing it was a purple worm... and then initiative was rolled as the monster charged through the wall! With it's Athletics roll of a billion, the worm went first.

At our table we use a seventh stat called "Tastiness" that our GM (the cleric in this story) made up while sleep-deprived during Serpent's Skull when our ranger kept asking him how good each individual animal he hunted tasted. Roll 3d6 and if you get 16+ you roll another d6. Snakes, for example, are 11 Tastiness, hippopotami are 22 tastiness (wtf?) and the warpriest was 12... the highest in the party.

So the purple worm charges the cleric with two moves, then bites him once (a critical hit), improved grab firing off to grapple automatically, then he gets swallowed whole as a reaction. Overall the cleric takes 100 damage!

Inside the purple worm our cleric decides to cast Word of Freedom despite the drowning rules. I explain that it'll drop him inside a square of the worm's gargantuan space, so to be fair, we'll roll a die and that'll be the square he ends up on. A roll of 20 has him thrown free, but a 3 2 or 1 will put him 10, 15 or 20 ft up in the worm's square (then roll again to see where he falls). Since he only has 2 actions due to the slowed 1 from being swallowed whole, he needs to land on an edge or the worm might knock him out again-- and if so, he'll get swallowed again at the end of his turn! He decides to go for it. The spell knocks him unconscious (as expected), and he falls out of the worm, becoming conscious again when he has access to air. We roll and he's on the edge-- so he spends his 2nd action to crawl out of the worm's space. He's no longer swallowed whole. But because he went unconscious inside the worm, he dropped his weapon there...

One solid intimidate later and the creature was Frightened 2, then Frightened 4, then crit-fails a Synesthesia and uses Shake it Off, then crit fails a Fear and is Frightened 6 and fleeing. It takes about 170 damage from the raging Barbarian, dips into the earth and runs for its life, never to return.

With the newly upgraded rapier.


PS. Because we have an Animal druid in the party, their anathema is killing animals unnecessarily. So even if we could find the worm in the darklands, it would cause our druid to fall... so it's written off entirely.

Fear doesn't stack like that, does it? Y'all got a house rule in place there?

Captain Morgan wrote:
Fear doesn't stack like that, does it? Y'all got a house rule in place there?

You're super right. In my defense... it's more interesting for the players to use tactics like that and it ends fights earlier, which I'm a big fan of.

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Ice Titan wrote:
Captain Morgan wrote:
Fear doesn't stack like that, does it? Y'all got a house rule in place there?

You're super right. In my defense... it's more interesting for the players to use tactics like that and it ends fights earlier, which I'm a big fan of.

Hey, if it works for y'all go for it. Just highlighting it so the rules don't get confused.

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