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Myfly wrote:
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If you look for Ranzak - he is hiding here ree-rpg-myfly?

Want to know more about the playmats

If you are pleased with Ranzak, please recoommend AMIRI, my lighthouse playmat :) h-quality-6

Thanks for doing these!

Wyphy wrote:
Guess I'll have to skip at least half of the new sets, getting every second or third set

That would never work...

Any chance of there being more RPG Day events still? The closest one is 3 whole counties away from me.. couple hour drive :/

Will these new cards have the same top/right corner as the first game?
Say you're like me and use white card boxes with sleeves and the box falls and cards fly everwhere... Will you be able to tell the difference between ROTR Set 2 and S&S Set 2?

JBiggs78 wrote:
And he will be shipped with the June sub, right?

I believe you only get him if you go to a Free RPG Day event this june.

And there are already scans of his card, just not the secondary role cards.

The card backs are going to be identical to the first game, right?

Christopher G Currie wrote:
"If you succeed at meeting the “When Closing” requirement, search through the location deck, take out the villain if it is there, and banish the rest of the cards. If you find the villain, it becomes the entirety of the location deck, and the location is not closed—but at least you know where the villain is!"

Ah, righto! Thank you much Christopher. I've read the whole book but I've oddly not encountered this problem yet after 50+ games.. A few min after searching forum then posting this, I actually just did that (leave the Villain) simply "seemed right" but am glad to see a straight rule about it. Thanks again

How do you ever see the villian if the ZMs are closing off locations? (That is, if you get ZMs to shuffle above the villian/other henchmen.)

As you said, you banish all cards in the pile when you close a location.
- Location 1 has ZM, it gets defeated and shuffled into Pile 2 (just for sake of example)
- Location 2 ALSO has the Villain (but you do not know that yet)
- Move to Location 2 and you get ZM (unknown to you, the next card would have been the villain) and you close the location as the ZM card says... there by banishing the villain with out ever even seeing it.

What, if any thing, prevents this?

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Could house rule that it works "matches" non-BOTG Blessings, or even scan and print another 5 of them if you sleeve your cards.
So far I've made around 83 brand new cards (not counting some I've done duplicate copies of) so far and as long as you sleeve them you can not tell one bit that they are coming up (in your draw/location/etc piles.) I'm sure you could make some more copies of your promos the same way. (Make sure to toss an old card from some other game in it, or you will be able to feel that it's not thick enough for a real card! If you insist on Clear sleeves you can use a "Basic" card since you will be forever removing them after Hook Mountain Massacre.)

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First, some facts:
Undead Uprising (Scenario card) says: "When you defeat a Zombie Minion henchmen from a location deck, randomly select an option location and shuffle the Z.M. into that deck."

Zombie Minion (Henchman card) says: "If defeated, you may immediately attempt to close this location."

Now then, in a 4 player game there is, 1 location with a Villian, 3 locations with "named" henchmen, and 2 with Zombie Minion henchmen.
Let's say (to make this example easier) if the very first card of the game IS a Zombie Minion and you defeat it, shuffle it into another location and continue to play. Few min go by, you move to another location and just happen to get Zombie Minion..... You do not know if the Z.M. is an one of the two you originally seeded, or if its the new one.
Do you really close the location every time? That means in a 4 player game you will start with 2 ZMs, those turn into 2 more, and those could turn into yet 2 more!
You could beat this scenario with out EVER even seeing Caizarlu (villian), Pidget, Habe, or Grayst (the other henchmen in this scenario)... Is this really correct?

Would still be nice to find a way to get Fire Sneeze for the people who had no idea there even was a subscription until after already owning Base/Character sets. But my generic one will have to do, def not paying for the game over again nor paying just as much for it on ebay.

Most people who sleeve will just do what I did tho; Print the missed cards and put them in front of a random Base card that would get removed from the game in a few months anyways. Plus, I already have 3 other Promos that haven't been released yet, with no plans to remove them when the real ones arrive.

Longsword says "For your combat check..." meaning you use those dice instead of your normal combat check.
You would roll his MELEE die (1d10+3) & 1d8.

Malwing wrote:

I'm using card sleeves with printed backs on all cards the 1 sided cards, so that when I get around to making the templates for it, I'll be able to slip in a random non-PACG card into it with the printed one in front. Feels and looks identical to a regular PACG sleeved card.

I've already seen several print-and-play custom scenarios that others have made, but I'd still much prefer to see Paizo come out with a card generator or .psd file templates.

"" wrote:
The best standups are clearly these ones...

"Clearly"? Ehh, not bad but I'll stick with the ones I made.

TClifford wrote:
The only issue with more fluff is you start to have people complain that you are spoiling the actual Adventure Path the game is based on.

If they don't want to spoil it, then they can just not read it. Why punish those who cant play the RPG just b/c the ones who can will get things spoiled for them?

I just swiped the graphic from the card, erased everything around it, added in my own light colored backgrounds to fit each of their roles and then printed my own standups on really heavy card stock. Looks great and works perfectly. And was free.

I spoke to a CSR person from Paizo, and asked that since I had no idea they even had a subscription format to buy them if I could purchase Fire Sneeze from the company with my Pack2 deck, and all they said was "Well go to a convention to get Fire Sneeze then, if you don't want to pay so much for it on ebay"... the guy was really rude sounding about it.
If the game was not as fun as it is, that alone would made me really consider canceling my subscription. But since it is so fun, doing that wouldn't hurt anyone but me in the end.

Edit: Oh, he also told me to RE-purchase the game form their website to get Fire Sneeze with it (meaning they DO have it in stock still) then to sell the game. -_-

I gotta say, I'm let down by the 1st loot card. Quite badly too.
I have not read a single card that hasn't came up in exploration, and started with the "default" starting deck (as described in the guide.) So I had no idea what the loot would be, after going thru the Base campaign then the Burnt Offerings campaign, I finally came to the end boss. The battle was great, Ezren devastated the boss despite it healing for full, and I proudly pulled out the loot card (which I never even seen the front of for more than 1-2 seconds when I first took it out the shrink wrap) only to realize its basically Amulet Of Life +1... Which was about as anti-climatic as it could possibly be.

Just now did subscribe, but I have little doubt of obtaining a Fire Sneeze.. at least that'll be the only one they ever make I'll miss out on though.

I very much want to subscribe too, and still might.. My game came with Poog tapped to the box (in a little bag), but I'll only be missing Fire Sneeze and it's quite disheartening they won't supply back ones.