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First, some facts:
Undead Uprising (Scenario card) says: "When you defeat a Zombie Minion henchmen from a location deck, randomly select an option location and shuffle the Z.M. into that deck."

Zombie Minion (Henchman card) says: "If defeated, you may immediately attempt to close this location."

Now then, in a 4 player game there is, 1 location with a Villian, 3 locations with "named" henchmen, and 2 with Zombie Minion henchmen.
Let's say (to make this example easier) if the very first card of the game IS a Zombie Minion and you defeat it, shuffle it into another location and continue to play. Few min go by, you move to another location and just happen to get Zombie Minion..... You do not know if the Z.M. is an one of the two you originally seeded, or if its the new one.
Do you really close the location every time? That means in a 4 player game you will start with 2 ZMs, those turn into 2 more, and those could turn into yet 2 more!
You could beat this scenario with out EVER even seeing Caizarlu (villian), Pidget, Habe, or Grayst (the other henchmen in this scenario)... Is this really correct?