Promo blessing card?

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I know you need more than one of these cards. I think mechanic wise it's the only one . Maybe for people. Who have a subscription can get extras with the purchase of the play mats or if for 8 dollars the misprinted cards are fixed the subscribers could get one for incentive for that.
I'm all for p and p but I would rather pay to have the cards fixed:) that makes a possability of 3 extra blessing promos? What do you think? Creative minds behind pathfinder card game?

I think the promo blessing should have a recharge check. It would be the only blessing that has one, but it is also the only blessing of it's kind you're expected to have.

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Could house rule that it works "matches" non-BOTG Blessings, or even scan and print another 5 of them if you sleeve your cards.
So far I've made around 83 brand new cards (not counting some I've done duplicate copies of) so far and as long as you sleeve them you can not tell one bit that they are coming up (in your draw/location/etc piles.) I'm sure you could make some more copies of your promos the same way. (Make sure to toss an old card from some other game in it, or you will be able to feel that it's not thick enough for a real card! If you insist on Clear sleeves you can use a "Basic" card since you will be forever removing them after Hook Mountain Massacre.)

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You definitely don't need more than one copy of Blessing of Zarongel for it to be useful. You need more than one to have a chance of recharging it, but an inability to do that doesn't make it worthless.

Our expectation is that people using this card with RotR won't be recharging it. (It's possible that Blessing of Zarongel will turn up in a future release...)

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