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Can you please end my ACG subscription? I am no longer playing through them all that quickly anymore.

So that bit about snagging them before they are gone? Are these a limited release product or is that just a reference to this print run?

Can you please cancel my Adventure card game subscription? If I understand correctly I can resubscribe for just the character add-on and still get all the same promos? As the shipping for that box set is killer.

Thanks Katina! That's all for now

It's been fun, but I've got 3 separate adventure paths and am still running the first. Maybe I'll resubscribe when a really cool one pops up.

So if you can cancel the upcoming adventure path subscription starting the next adventure path that would be great.

To confirm, I still want to receive the adventure card game subscription (well for one more deck)

I got my shipment info for the AP today, but not expected to ship out until the 24th? That seems like a long wait...

So just to check that I am reading this right. I am subscribed to both the adventure path and the ACG, this month there is no ACG product so it will just be the AP?

First! This never happens.

Sad to hear that the decks have been delayed again. If I have a copy of the base game, can I run Organized play officially for my friends?

On the new promo, it says that alahazra is the owner, how's that work then?

Ooo! I love the Skull and Shackles characters!

Not all the Class decks really appeal to me, but that is to be expected.

Huh. I never noticed in the first ruleset that if there are sequential checks they can be shared... Helps a lot that it isn't smack in the middle of a bloated paragraph.

Thanks Sharaya!

Might still resubscribe for the PACG (If I get the money), if I do, how long would I be able to do that for in order to get the base set?

And thanks, I will.


While I have enjoyed the PACG, my friends have only played halfway through RotR, so I will have to step out for S&S. When WotR comes out I will revisit if I have the money for another base set. So if you could suspend/cancel my subscription to that for now that would be appreciated.

Also, I had my copy of Sword of Valor replaced originally so I was very gingerly with my second copy. However yet again the binding has come undone, since then I checked all issues I have received since that one, and all seem to be in good shape. So not sure if that was an unusually bad batch or if I have just been particularly unlucky. I know that it has been a while since those were sent out, but I can show proof that it was the binding and not through use or anything like that. Is it possible to get a replacement that hopefully will last more than 3 openings? I will be starting the Sword of Valor in August and am hoping to use the physical copy.

Alas. well Okay.. Hawkmoon I was able to construct an insert like your instructions which was pretty awesome. But a fair amount of work, guess I will just purchase one for S&S then.

Will a PDF be available for those who don't mind printing them and sliding them over the fixed cards in sleeves? Or Only through the Drive through? Not that I mind too much

That's a pity, a better designed insert could solve all those problems.

Yeah! I have been using your calculations already in fact. But I did look at that box organizer quite a bit, its been worthwhile for you?

So I have been constructing a box insert for my RotR box so I can sleeve all the cards, I find that there is a bit too much wear on the cards being regularly used.

My hope here is that the Skull and shackles box layout will account for this. I don't think the box needs space for the smaller boxes, especially because once added they just sit empty until you begin removing cards half way through. It would make a lot more sense to redesign it with slots for the adventure decks (without the boxes) and create enough space to sleeve the cards. At least it would make myself and many others pretty happy about it.

Okay, I actually changed my mind about this so nevermind. Sorry! If this can be deleted that would be great thanks.

I would like to cancel my adventure path subscription for now, while still keeping my ACG subscription.

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Your description of the goat is just about the best I could imagine. "This is a goat."

You aren't the only one. I just bought hero lab reading that they had the data for the adventure paths, was disappointed to discover this new one is too new. So if anyone does have it, doubely awesome.

Thanks Justin, You guys are really the best!

I've finally begun to run Wrath of the Righteous, and my copy of the worldwound incursion is falling apart before they have even returned to the city. I'm concerned about this occuring to each book as they see more use, is there something I can do to help reduce this? Or is my copy unusually badly bound?

ecw1701 wrote:
Wrath of the Righteous seems to be pretty centralized in and around Kenabres. Not to mention a field trip into the Abyss, of course.

Uhhhm. Not really, although they do get to make another city their base for a while a lot of time is spent away from it.

Thanks folks, I am just days away from starting mine but my subscription was delayed.

Thanks a ton Lochar

okay, so say my player was gonna be from kyonin and have had the ritual take place there, would that work?

by a different demon down there perhaps?

I just checked in there, maybe I missed it, but there doesn't seem to be much actual information before everyone is arguing about a wizard's intelligence score.

I have yet to receive the third book and was basically waiting for it before starting. As the GM can someone give me a breakdown of how the campaign traits are used in Demon's Heresy? I just want to make sure that my player's backstories don't invalidate them. In particular the Champion's trait.

Oh I am dying for the PDF access. Is there any chance that in the future subscriptions for things like the adventure path could release the pdfs to all subscribers when the first shipment is made so that everyone has access at the same time? Or everyone for which billing was interrupted?

So I have one of my players playing a ninja. We have him essentially being a demon hunter (think Diablo 3), and I am planning to let him have access to celestial poisons after a certain point.

Okay, I can work with that. Hmm, maybe I will toss in having one of my players meet a good tiefling in his opening scene, and have them aspire to be like a previous heroic tiefling who was accepted. (not that any of my players are tieflings, but some diversity is good)

In another note, for when they do participate in fights, any advice for not making the fights seem to drag while I have npcs attack monsters such that the players feel like observers?

Right so a follow up to that. So in the book it says they are racially intolerant of tieflings, but in the player's guide it says that "At one time tieflings were distrusted and shunned..." making it sound like they are accepted now? Or is it more of a they are accepted once they prove it sort of thing?

I am seeing 5th level for the torchbearer feat, so he would have to wait a while. But I'll talk to my player and see what interests him more, having an alchemist on the team to make them, or taking it as a trick.


In champions of purity, Alchemists can take a discovery that makes their poisons ignore poison resistance for evil creatures. I have a player who is gonna be playing a ninja, Is there an already written rule for this? Would it not be broken for me to houserule he can take that as a ninja trick?


Tell me about it.

Well any hindsight on things you did that went well or things you would have done differently?

Also, consider not giving them some of the ability score boosts that the campaign gives them in order to reduce their power level quite a bit.

Ah good point. I'll try to point out that he should just wait it out.

Two follow up questions then:

A: As a paladin (focusing on getting up and into the fray) is there anything in combat maneuvers he may find especially useful.

B: I am working with my players to make fairly interesting backstories for them. I know book 3 isn't out yet. But I want to avoid filling in details that will be revealed in book 3. I dunno if any of the writer's can help with this or if anyone knows?

So one of my players wants to play a paladin and go for the champion path using the campaign trait (+2 CMB vs demons). However compared to the other traits, his seemed kind of under powered and not very useful to somebody not planning on using combat maneuvers much.

Should I consider finding an alternative power of the trait to give him? Or how can I convince him its worth its weight?

Oh! Please stat a familiar version. I think pretty much everybody would love it. =)

So I am just teaching myself the game, but if I play BotG, is that last line saying that if the top card of the blessing discard pile is one of the other blessings, that I can use those powers instead?

Sorry if this is kind of obvious.

You actually bring up something I have been thinking about as I decide how to run this path. What if somebody dies? How do I handle that in a path for mythic characters? Have a god revive them? Thoughts?

Cool to see a reefclaw mini although that's a pretty bad picture to give an idea of how the figure looks.

Cool thank you all. I am unfamiliar with subscriptions (although they may be starting quite soon!). I wasn't sure if they would both come out at once or if the add on would be delayed a month so you only receive a single product each month.

So if I subscribe for this will both the base game and character add-on be coming in august? or is the character add-on being shipped in september.

For lords of Chaos, only the volume on demon's is really going to be useful yes?

Ah cool, good to know. Thanks. Guess I will run Rise of the Runelords first.

So the folio isn't something that will be available if we start running the campaign when it is published? (Or shortly thereafter)

There seems to be quite a wealth of them that are being released in the two months after this comes out. There is the Worldwound book, Demon Hunter's Handbook, Demon's Revisited, and I can't remember if there are any more.

Umm yes, this would be a spectacular Idea.
Random thoughts on things to include:
A good selection of NPC pawns to represent the major characters in sandpoint.

Perhaps a selection of Goblin Pawns and include the We Be Goblins adventure or similar (though maybe thats too much, but it seems like a cool idea as it could be played with players playing goblins near sandpoint, or more goblins for heroes in sandpoint to go stop).

I'd really recommend including some stepping stone rules to help ease players from the beginners box to the full game maybe on some kind of basic level. Combat manuevers like trip or something, concentration checks.

Map of the Rusty Dragon Inn on one side, Perhaps the docks or the city gates on the other? The idea here is that this is a sequel to the beginners box so they should already have the blank page.

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