Campaign Trait Conclusions (Spoilers)

Wrath of the Righteous

I have yet to receive the third book and was basically waiting for it before starting. As the GM can someone give me a breakdown of how the campaign traits are used in Demon's Heresy? I just want to make sure that my player's backstories don't invalidate them. In particular the Champion's trait.

I posted three of them in the main thread for the product already. Don't have them available and I have to be off to work unfortunately. Check there I'd recommend for them and hopefully someone else will be available to fill in the rest.

I just checked in there, maybe I missed it, but there doesn't seem to be much actual information before everyone is arguing about a wizard's intelligence score.

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Stolen Fury:

Quest: Dreaming of Demons
A series of disturbing dreams leads one of the PCs to confront the source of her mythic power.
Task: A PC who has the Stolen Fury campaign trait begins having disturbing nightmares of the ritual she was exposed to as a child. Each time the PC wakes from the dream (but no more than once per day), allow the dreaming PC a DC 15 Will save to notice a strange emotional “tugging” in
her mind. If the party follows the PC’s mental “tugging” sensation, they are eventually drawn to the site where these rituals are taking place—area M.
Reward: Defeating the mythic vrock Vorimeraak earns the party 9,600 XP. Any character who possesses the Stolen Fury campaign trait completes a mythic trial when she disrupts the transformation ritual.

Basically, there's a Mythic Vrock that is able to do a full ritual to turn unwilling humans into demons. The player of Stolen Fury is one who was in a failed version of that ritual, done by a non-mythic demon. Every time the mythic demon completes the ritual, the player gets an echo of it that draws them in.

Thanks a ton Lochar

okay, so say my player was gonna be from kyonin and have had the ritual take place there, would that work?

by a different demon down there perhaps?

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Specifically yes.

Fail your save against Book Text!:
It was a different demon in a different time that attempted to perform the Azverindus Rite on one of the PCs, and it was that ritual’s failure that unlocked the PC’s mythic potential.
Further, it continues to link to that PC’s soul, allowing him to sense
when other Azverindus Rites are performed via his dreams. Upon coming in sight of the region, such a PC understands finally the fate he nearly succumbed to as a child.

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In essence the only "upgrade" to the Mythic Trait in Book 3 is some extra XPs for finishing the story and one Mythic Trial. Oh, and perhaps some treasure. Maybe. It's not as overpowered as I feared it could become.

Of course, seeing that my attempts to start up a WotR campaign seem to be dying, it'll be a couple years before I can run it in any event. *shrugs*

Thanks folks, I am just days away from starting mine but my subscription was delayed.

Question about the trickster trait, who is Arueshalae from the chance encounter trait.

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Because yes, players read these forums:
Arueshalae is a succubus, who is attempting to redeem herself and follow Desna. When you finally meet her, she is CN instead of CE and only a few acts away from going CG. Additionally, she's a mythic creature herself and is a companion for the party.

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