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Looking for one....

3rd level
20 pt buy
Wealth: 2000gp

Traits: three traits (one of which may be a campaign trait)
I'll also accept (your choice of skill) a class skill, and +1 to that skill. Just add fluff.

Background skills will be used.
Race + Class: pretty much any paizo source.
Hit points: max 1st level, half +1 every subsequent level.

It's best if your character is truly invested in Kintargo somehow.
Possible springboard...
What do you care for immensely/love or what is your goal/dream?
and how does House of Thrune martial law over Kintargo endanger/stand in the way of/etc...

The group is about 90% done with the first book.

Current group..
Human Urban Ranger
Half-elf Oracle
Gnome Investigator
Human Mesmerist

The cobblestones of Argent Avenue, and the foliage of Aria Park are still wet from the light morning rain. Dozens of Kintargans have already gathered along the facade of the opera house to protest the city’s new lord-mayor… Paracount Barzillai Thrune. He was appointed by Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II, in the wake of the previous lord-mayor’s flight from Kintargo - an event that still has local rumormongers whispering furiously.

In a scant seven days, Paracount Thrune has instituted martial law, a curfew, and seven outlandish and polarizing proclamations. These and other repressive actions have drawn enough ire to bring many of Kintargo’s dissatisfied citizens here on this grey morning. More trickle in… the loose crowd starts to become more tightly packed… as it does the energy rises.

Barzillai Thrune has yet to be seen - his balcony doors remain tightly shut… as well as the opera house doors - as they’ve been since Barzillai chose the landmark as his new home - but judging by the growing sound of the protesters, he surely can’t ignore the scene on the streets below much longer.

You are starting to see some tension among the growing number of protestors whose messages and shouted grievances apparently conflict.

1st level
20 pt buy
Starting gold: max for your class
Traits: two traits + campaign trait (If none even remotely fit lemme know)
either of the two can be... make (your choice of skill) a class skill, and +1 to that skill. Just add fluff.
Background skills will be used.
Race + Class: pretty much any paizo source.
Hit points: max 1st level, half +1 every subsequent level.

It'll all go a lot better if your character is truly invested in Kintargo somehow.
Possible springboard...
What do you care for immensely/love or what is your goal/dream?
and how does House of Thrune martial law over Kintargo endanger/stand in the way of/etc...

You feel staggered for a moment... It feels as though you are in control of yourself for the first time - not realizing until now you were just a passenger in your consciousness. Then the feeling is gone... just a vague sense of loss remains. But there is no time for that.

As the Matronguard heads toward Palanquin Path, the others.. Dorlynae, Madam Shkoata, and the villagers look to you.

The woman stands with her back to you by the window overlooking the river docks of Blackport. It is well after business hours, and the large but cluttered office is lit more by the moon than the two low-wicked lamps within.
She remains gazing silently at the view until the murmur and shuffling sounds of those arriving cease.
"I was a young woman when my father began this company... started with just three teams of wagons and drivers... pitifully equipped guards. As his enterprise grew, I made clear my intention to earn my birthright... rather than just inherit. And I worked hard for many years as a dutiful grunt, but on my first journey through the Badlands to Brisson's Bay, my caravan was ambushed by bandits. As I was about to be brutally slain by our attackers - as those in my father's employ had been, fate brought a young man and his entourage to intercede. That young man happened to be Yvek Hassashar... nephew of the Dust King."

She turns to face you, and looks you over as she pours herself a glass of white wine. "We have had an ongoing business relationship since then, and have in fact Balash Lectordine helped fund a manufacturing facility in the Rhanate with enough work to employ a sizable settlement. In return Yvek Hassashar - upon being named Rhan, was to secure a viable trade route from Burcham's Pass to Brisson's Bay."

"The greater parties were budgeted to profit enough to accept the endeavor, but not enough to commit any aid. Provisional fees and taxes so everyone would get paid.. except for the bandits. Which brings us to the issue at hand. The bandits have taken over the facility, and full control of the settlement. Rhan Hassashar is poised to strike, but knows he has a mole among his ranks... and this must be a decisive victory if he is to hold any power."

"We need a small team - with no ties to nation or organization - to make a tactical strike, and retreat undetected to an airship we will have waiting out of the enemy's view. Rhan Hassashar is confident this would aid in both outing his mole, and his subsequent strike upon the bandit insurrection."

"I have faith in the scouting Bovis and Moegan have done in selecting you. I am asking for three days of service. You will each receive a signing bonus of 300 gold, 100 gold for each day of the operation, and 1000 gold upon successful completion."

Looking for two or three
2nd level
25 pt buy
1 trait (any Thunderscape trait or any Paizo except an AP campaign trait), plus treat any one skill as a class skill.
1000gp starting wealth.
HP - Max first level. Half +1 for subsequent levels

Players who are familiar with Aden/Thunderscape are preferred.
Classes: any from Thunderscape are acceptable as is, classes from other sources might need tweaking.
Races: any from Thunderscape except Ilithix

The first third of the content I have planned will mostly be in and around the Badlands of the Rhanate.

Current players are an Urbanian Thunderscout and an Ossin Wyldmeld (plant race, hybrid class of Golemoid and Seer)


Looking for two 5th level

20 point buy
2 traits
max hit points at level 1, half+1 for the rest
12,000 gold

Core, APG, UM, UC, ISWG, ISM, ACG ... material from other paizo books will most likely get a yes.
Core races only .. probably

Current party is .. pistolero, magus, and druid(pack lord)3/wizard(arcane crafter)2

This is a group which has finished the first book of Serpent's Skull, but is abandoning the path. The content will be one short module (by Legendary Games), and one medium length module (by Raging Swan). We will start with their ship leaving the port of Eleder in Sargava, and I expect 30-40% of gameplay will be on the high seas.

Party mule and hitching post

Captain Timney tosses some gear into a plot in the Transient Camps, and drops a few gold in the watchman's palm.
"Never had anything pilfered from here, so... Whatever ya don't feel like hauling around town."
He gestures to the twenty foot stone-bordered square.
"Or you can just sack out for a while. No one's likely to mess with ya."

Some of the group has been to Okorn Spring, but for many of you it is the first time. You have been out in the wasteland for months... some years. Captain Timney is a calm cult of personality. He has been good for the group, but his loss of the will to fight makes him (in most ways) unfitting for this world.
The group has picked up a few who can handle themselves in a fight. That's good, because about all that's left after a string of violent incidents are a handful of young folk "with some real potential".

"I'ma go meet up with Bergen Lachlan... runs this place. I'll see what he has to say."
"We usually end up at the Rusty Palomino up on the Slab if millin around the Springs brings a thirst."

Five of the militia (light leather armor, rifles, pistols, and whips) stroll about - patrolling between the camps and the main settlement.
One nears, leans in and advises.
Guard: "Gotta check your chambers. No loaded firearms."

From here, you can see at least a few dozen people within the settlement. Most within view are gathered around the market stalls on the west end.
The structures are built from a variety of materials stone, wood, bricks and plasters of dried mud.

>Okorn Spring map<


Set-up: A cache of an advanced space-faring race was discovered decades ago, and kept classified by the corporate-financed research team. Though the number of scientists and other necessary staff was huge, the delicate nature of "opening the vault" required the formation of an insular community.
The existence of this place had been just a rumor, until a garbled distress message was picked up by your rag-tag paramilitary survivalist team.

There are others in your force who can hold a gun and hold ground, but you are the ones who are sent in to claim that ground.
As your group takes over an area, new things will be available.

Character creation:
20 pt buy
2nd level (full hp 1st level, half max +1 2nd level)
2 Traits
Available "Campaign" traits
Specialized Training: Treat 2 skills of your choosing as if you possessed the Technologist feat. If you later choose Technologist as a feat, the selected skills receive a +2.

Any Paizo classes considered.
At least a couple Occult playtest characters would be preferred.
(if and when to implement any playtest changes will be up to the player.)
Though Magic users are less common than Psychics in this world, magic-using characters will not be hindered.

Core races and androids preferred. Other Paizo races considered.

Golarion gods. Abadar is the law of the land.

Bonus Feat (pick one)
Power Attack
Combat Expertise
Point Blank Shot
Weapon Finesse
Combat Casting
Amateur Gunslinger

Prevalence of Firearms: Early firearms are readily available. Instead of requiring the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, all firearms are martial weapons. Early firearms and their ammunition cost 10% of the amounts listed in this book, but advanced firearms and their ammunition are uncommon and cost 50% of the amount listed to purchase or 25% craft. somewhere between commonplace guns and guns everywhere (I am open to tweaking this... kinda shooting from the hip)

I expect this to go through 5th level.
I like tactical play. I will use maps.

For flavor... I guess think Thundarr/X-Com/Fallout/Borderlands.

Looking for two...
In depth backgrounds are not necessary ... if you have them already for recycled characters no problem.

Level 5, 20pt build, 2 traits.

Current PCs are escapees from a Derro-infested ancient underground complex in Varisia.
Elven Freehand Fighter/Swashbuckler
Aquatic Elf-blooded Aasimar Evangelist Cleric

They are trying to liberate a half-orc settlement and militia fort.

Likely possibilities would be...
A half-orc from West Schulfjarn (the more "civilized" half of the settlement),
a relatively civilized orc from East Schulfjarn,

local human, gnome from Sipplerose, ruins enthusiast, witch hunter...

>class discussions on messageboards<

Looking for one 4th level.

The first stones of the kingdom are being laid now.

We have a
Dragon Disciple Sorcerer
Storm Druid

Intelligence based caster or alchemist would be ideal.

20 point buy, core book, APG, UM, UC, Inner sea world guide and magic all usable.
Advanced race guide content will most likely be ok'd

Max hit points first level
2nd level and up... roll half max + half max
(ie... fighter 1d5+5)

One trait for now... if a kingmaker campaign trait fits, go ahead and take it as your second trait. Otherwise, please wait on your second trait.

"what? Wait no!"

"But there's problem..", responds a more bestial voice. "Sounds like a riot."

"I realize this. Just help me secure this one first. His resistance to the drugs is remark-"

There is a faint sound which becomes an unmuffled roar, and then faint again as the door slams shut.
"Gah... curse this weak frame and curse those battle-starved orcs leaving me with -"

A winged man with dark hair falls to the ground as he dropped. Aemon opens his eyes.. still weak.

"Oh dear... Frollum!?... anyone there?!"
The figure speaking comes into focus. He is a small blue humanoid.. he is slightly bug-eyed with a nervous gaze. White wisps of hair float above his ears. He is wearing a white jacket as well as a dark leather apron and gloves.

The room is windowless.. made of stone block but with a glossy dark upside-down dome ceiling. There are several tables, and odd iron large.. torture devices? On the tables are cylindrical jars of different sizes. Several look like animal babies with stubs of wings on their back. Two others in liquid-filled jars, are small blue humanoids with little more than stubs themselves. There appear to be more out of view.

There is one steel door toward which the small blue humanoid is pleading for assistance.


It is after you see the door, and the blue figure inching timidly toward it, that you see your gear in a grate-faced cabinet against the far wall.
You currently have 2 Strength. You will regain 2 every six seconds as the drugs wear off.

Campaign concurrent with Lost Memories of Sorrow

The curtain has fallen on the dark doings around Doyle's Run. Several evil factions vie for possession and understanding of ancient artifacts which lie within and below the village. The ringleader - the man who held the selfish and vile groups together in a cooperative hidden conspiracy has fallen as well.
With the veil of secrecy gone, discretion, and restraint are soon to follow. The duergar mercenaries and derro, the hags, shapeshifters and shepherds of dead are all poised to strike while they bully or bargain with each other for alliances of convenience.

I will start Aemon right away, and we will write in Camris and Mrdarknlight's character's as soon as we figure out the inroad.

Not terribly interested in long backgrounds... if you have them already for recycled characters no problem.
I think they are all 20pt build, 2 traits.
Starting wealth is one level lower for Serpent's Skull... for the other two standard wealth for level.
HP max first level, half-max+1 for following levels.


I am looking for a level 4 for Serpent's Skull at the end of the first module.
current party...

Dwarven Pistolero
Elven Dervish Dancer
Human Magus
Human Life Oracle

where party is... AdvPath spoiler:

Just entered cannibal camp, you would be a yet unseen captive.


Looking for a level 4 for Kingmaker

current party...
Gnome Sorceror (dragon bloodline)
Half-orc Oracle/Barbarian
Human Storm Druid
Human Cavalier/Bard

where the party is... AdvPath spoiler:

Just took over the Stag Fort.


Looking for one or two level 5s for Homebrew based in Varisia

current party...
Elf Shadow Sorceror
Sea Elf Monk
Human Inquisitor
Human Oracle of Metal

where the party is... about 1/6th through two modules worth of content.

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Here is the scenario.

Cad and vanilla fighter allies fighting back to back. Each is flanked by goblin ninjas so that the cad and fighter are adjacent to all foes.
Goblin flanking fighter declares attack against fighter which would be a sneak attack. The Cad (who has all 3 Archon Style feats) diverts it to himself and takes damage.

Now. Cad also has Hold the Blade which allows for immediate disarm attempt when taking damage as part of a flanking or sneak attack. But Cad has class ability that makes him unflankable and unsneak attackable by the goblin ninjas (Craven Combatant).

Does Hold the Blade still work? Is it still a flanking or sneak attack once he diverts it?

Archon Diversion

Hold the Blade



You start to come out of a hard sleep... you feel drugged. Sore from lying on your back on the hard surface you wake upon, and from the damp chill.

There is arguing... you can't make out words yet? No. It is another language. A pounding on a table and the resulting rattle of metal bits.
It is dark, but there is the pulsing glow of multiple torches on the ceiling.

The memory of your capture starts to come back to you. As well as being placed in a cell... maybe the same cell. It seems like there was something else. Dark dwarves... Duergar haggling, badgering, and pulling rank claiming your possessions as the derro and dead-eyed humans stripped you of them. You remember feeling drugged in much the same way as what you feel leaving your system now.

You try to move... at least your eyes.

will or fort DC14:

Two orcs and a duergar appear to gambling with dice at a table in the middle of a stone room full of cells.


I am running a homebrew adventure, which is roughly the equivalent of 2 modules. We are currently about 1/6th through it, and could use a couple more. Now that the set-up is pretty much wrapped up, I'd like to recruit a couple of players who are able post every day or two.

Desired Crunch:

  • 20 pt build
  • 2 traits
  • 5th level
  • Max hp first level, half of max +1 every level after first
  • Any paizo book accepted (ARG content must be OK'd), 3rd party content possible.
  • Core races preferred
  • 10,000 starting gold

*your equipment will be available by the end of/during first encounter

the fluffy stuff:
Short bio which ends with being captured by duergar mercenaries or derro anywhere in Varisia or within a few nations, or by evil forces near Lastwall led by the necromancer Sirius Horth. You are currently being held prisoner at a logging camp and estate in Varisia (In between Turtleback Ferry and Ilsurian for those who are familiar with the area), and you have seen several of your captors sporting your gear.
The background does not need to be terribly long, I am more interested in personality.

...should you decide to multi-class:

In the second class, advance saves as good/bad instead of the normal starting saves for the class. (for example, 1st level rogue base saves Fort+0 Ref+2 Will+0, taking second level in fighter would be +1 +2 +0, instead of +2 +2 +0)
You can do that BAB thing too. TL;DW

about me:
I run a few games here. Online student, and work part-time. I'm on here every day, but occasionally just a hit and run. My posts and descriptions are a little on the short side, I try not to retcon drunken tangents, and I use a lot of ellipses.
I make maps for every fight, and almost always post an updated one at least every new round.
(a bloodgargler is the zombie social equivalent of a mouthbreather)

The current party...

Elven Wizard (Shadowcaster/Conjurer)
Human Bard (Archaeologist)
Human Alchemist (Beastmorph) 3/ Barbarian (Drunken brute) 2

Looking for one. Level 2
20 point buy
2 traits
250 gold
Core, APG, UM, UC, ISWG, ISM... material from other paizo books will most likely get a yes.
Core races only .. probably
where the party is weak .. someone who knows how to survive in the jungle, someone to deal with traps and other hazards, ranged attacks.

current active players -- pistolero, magus, oracle, cavalier.

It has been 2 years since you awoke, surrounded by the others, all with no memory of how they had come to be there. The memory of that day is like a dream - and reoccurs in your dreams ..
The first thing you sense…is the warm, moist, fecund air. The pungent musk of new growth mixed with the sick stench of rot. A swamp. Your head buzzes and you can’t move a muscle. You are still unable to focus your eyes but you feel someone over you, and start to make out the sound of chanting - almost noiseless. The soft rhythmic clicking of the tongue punctuates unintelligible words.
A ruby-tinted glow fills the area and you can briefly see your companion lying on a low stone slab with a dark hunched figure above him. “I can sense my old enemies stirring… you will be tested soon.” The light winks out just as the figure above you - from the periphery of your vision - comes into focus. The world goes dark, and the whispered chanting stops, as you try to will yourself from the cold hard stone beneath you.
A new raspy voice of an old woman... two in unison, “More will come through the portal, and the walking dead - as well as the boggard - can smell your blood. We leave you to your own fate. Our bargain is complete. You owe us nothing… our debt is paid… But we suggest you wake.” And then they disappear in the twilight of your waking.

After coming to .. you found you could start to recall a few things about your past life .. your names, the faces of the people you knew .. and water.. Nightmares of flood, drowning, murky depths have haunted you all.

Since that day, you have made a village named Doyle's Run your home. It is part of an area called Varisia. Primarily a logging camp it also serves as a layover for travelers and has a ferry to take you to the the slightly larger village of Turtleback Ferry. For the two years you have been here you feel you remember as much as you are going to - pretty much everything up until Globeto - but not the lost time in between and how you got here.. Perhaps it is time to move on and accept this as your home.

Post here if you are in. Read gameplay for set-up. You were 5th level (and still are) when you awoke.

Looking for one .. we have a ranger a paladin a diviner wizard and I'm pretty sure we still have a cleric

The Jenivere is a large merchant ship, a Wyvern-class vessel commonly used by the Inner Sea nations for trade, exploration, and even war. She is valued for her combination of seaworthiness and capacity for carrying numerous passengers.
Wyvern-class ships have made the dangerous journey to Azlant, Arcadia, and even around the southern tip of Garund, but the Jenivere and her crew run less perilous voyages.
For the past several years, Captain Alizandru Kovack has made the western run between Magnimar to the north and Eleder to the south and then back with few complications; despite the fact that his route carries him through waters controlled by the piratical Free Captains of the Shackles, brushes with the eternal winds of the Eye of Abendego, ravages of disease and natural hazards, and into periodic conflicts with the Nidalese navy.
Although Captain Kovack’s crew appreciate this record, the baseless fear that the Jenivere has robbed luck’s coffers one too many times lies heavy on the hearts of many..

While the Jenivere is a merchant ship, primarily concerned with delivering goods to and from Sargava, she’s traditionally kept several compartments open to take on paying passengers.


It has been a rough couple of days at sea… The Jenivere has been out of port three days now from Senghor. The storms rolled in just as the harbor disappeared on the horizon. This morning the sea is drained of its rage… now tranquil, allowing much of the crew a bit of rest.
Tension has relaxed... and some of the passengers take the time to mill about the deck.


@ Jaestra - yes Elk at 4th is fine.

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page 3

Two bandits leading horses enter the grounds of the trading post. Four more, who must have lashed their horses to the hitching fence outside, follow on foot close behind. Kaylee shifts slightly under the wagon to remain unseen. Peregrine peering over the low wall of the stable, his mind instinctively judging the "spread" of the enemy for spellcasting.
"Oooooleg! Open for business? Ha! Where is the little lady? .. She didn't.. leeeave you did she?" The other bandits snicker at the schoolyard taunts made by the mouthy leader. He casually gestures with his hand and the two leading the horses get to work loading their saddlebags with items from the storage shed.

The three on foot follow their leader over to the tables, picking at the food and inspecting the amount of alcohol as they straddle the benches. The leader waits to speak again once his mouth is only half full. "So.. Oleg.. you got a little gold for me?" he smacks his lips, inspects his hands and wipes them on his thighs.

The double door to the main house opens... and Gaddak appears.

surprise round map

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Brevoy is a nation divided. The land to the north was once an independent nation known as Issia. Small isolationist villages huddle like the sparse vegetation that dots the cold rocky landscape. By contrast, the rolling hills and grassy plains the Rostlanders call home is fertile and the people generally consider themselves a little more cultured.
While most of the lands and cities of Brevoy belong to the noble houses of Brevoy, Restov does not. The Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius is under the rule of the king … but not under the rule of the many Lords of Brevoy.

This city of Restov is where you have come, intrigued by word of an expedition into the Stolen Lands. And you now arrive at the advertised recruitment area in the government district. A bit of a crowd has gathered, and several wagons border a good portion of the perimeter, loaded with equipment and consumables. Surrounding the Lord Mayor’s door, the city guards each seem to be engaged in quelling some juvenile masculine posturing that has turned violent. It appears as though those unhappy with, what was a common rumor but up until now had been kept to whispers, Sir Ogden somehow being indebted to some nefarious faction or another. The rumors were all different, few were believable. However, it did not help Sir Ogden’s case that he was a crass blowhard undeserving of such an honor as taming the wilds of the legendary Stolen Lands.

You have been in Restov for a few days now. You thought it an honor to be named personal guard on the upcoming expedition. Although things you have overheard and the way people seem to get quiet and unfriendly when you mention Sir Ogden’s name give reason for concern. There’s little point in worrying about it now… you have given an oath to protect those with the charter into the Stolen Lands, and barring any behavior that you can not abide, you will do so.

Last night after returning to your room from the tavern; slightly deflated at the news of Sir Ogden Ellis taking charge of the expeditions, and the implications that lie therein, you notice a note and a sealed envelope on your nightstand.
It reads:
“You are in my debt again. Sir Ogden will not be there on the morrow. Take this note to the Lord Mayor … and I would suggest not breaking the seal. Try to not be too concerned, I have a feeling the favor I will ask in return will be in your best interest.”

Sir Ogden’s long-time loyal hangers-on knew this, and were baiting the crowd, as well as trying to bully away anyone they did not approve of who had intentions to enlist. Just when bloodshed looked unavoidable, Betrand, squire to Sir Ogden arrives without his Lord. His face is beet-red and puffy. Sir Ogdens men settle one by one as they notice Bertrand, his lack of lord, and his sullen demeanor. He moves to the center of his men, infront of the Lord Mayor’s door, mumbles, clears his throat and starts again… “He uh…Sir Ogden will not be leading the expedition…” After a cacophony of protests from some, gasps and jeers from others, he continues – steeling himself… “The expedition is cancelled… Sir Ogden has lost a duel to a witch-bladed demon-woman ”, he spits ”The result of which, she claims he is honor bound, as by her request to … go back to school.” Much of the crowd cheers as Sir Ogden’s henchmen sulk off… throwing more than a few slurs against various people’s mothers on their way out. Six people remain at the door.
During this the Lord Mayor’s door opens, and a man who one would presume to be the Lord Mayor’s assistant “Called off? Pfft. Here for the Expedition I presume? He pushes the door open wider and leads you to a room of rich dark wood and finely crafted furniture. Your escort introduces you to Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius. He stands from his desk and greets you - quill still in hand "Aha. Who do we have here? ... I've been told Lord Ogden will not be joining us? " Although friendly, nothing in his voice gives a clear indication how he feels about this... he now approaches looking each of you in the eye. "I'm sorry, that was not meant to be rhetorical... Who might you be, you do not look like his usual crowd... do you see the loss of Sir Ogden worthy of postponing the expedition?" A subtle change in his expression hints at the gravity of his query.

Hello all...

Since Tulkash decided to go about this backwards I thought I should too. Make the character you want, not what you think will buy you a spot.

20 point buy, core book, APG,UM,UC,Inner sea world guide and magic all usable, third party possible but vulnerable to tweaking, standard starting wealth....

I have just a couple house rules that I can think of off hand ..
I do stealth a little differently, I'll go into more detail if and when necessary but basically facing matters pre-combat when "stealthing."

Also BABs and multiclass. Fractions of BAB will count

Make your self at home and feel free to fire off questions.
I'll post more as I think of things.

I'm trying to build a character suited for infiltration/ambush playstyle group. Party needs some beef and foes neutralized quickly. Party is level 9 ...not necessarily relevant but we have a scout/trapmonkey rogue, gravewalker/vivisectionist arcane trickster, illusionist, and life oracle ninja...

The crux of my idea is to have my piercing attack from rhino charge (ready a charge...from sargava book) initiate a free grapple from hamatula strike.. any thoughts on the "best" way to approach this? I'd have to have at least +7 BAB and would like to avoid as many "one trick pony" feats as possible. I'm guessing unarmed fighter with boar style tree but dunno.

So the feats needed so far:
improved unarmed
imp grapple
imp bull rush
power attack
rhino charge
hamatulatsu strike

Character level 9 barbarian(6) unarmed fighter(3)
I've got rage powers- lesser fiend totem, lesser hurling, and hurling charge.
Feats include- rhino charge and hamatulatsu strike.
I've got a throwing axe... and I'm raging and readying a charge(rhino charge) conditions for charge are met...
I throw(hurling charge), I charge with a piercing attack(gore from fiend totem) which enables free grapple attempt(ham strike)...

Am I OK so far?