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Snowcaster Sentry

Jaestra Gelabraes's page

654 posts. Alias of Faelar Braegen.

Full Name

Jaestra Gelabraes




Ranger (Beastmaster/Trapper) : 3




Medium (5'8")


24 (Birthday : 18th Erastus)


Lawful Good




Aklo, Common, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan



Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Jaestra Gelabraes

Jaestra Gelabraes was born into a minor noble family in the city of New Stetven. Her parents eager to make her the pride of the family, so at a young age they got her a fighting instructor. Their aim, to make her an honourable warrior and leader of their family. Her instructor was upset when he realised that fighting with a Sword and Shield was not what Jaestra was good at, how could she protect herself from anyone who wished to cut off the head of the family without a shield? He went to her parents and told them his concerns and they listened, instead of fighting they began to teach her etiquette and how to be a lady. But the damage was already done, she now pined for the feeling of battle.

So at night times; when her parents thought she was asleep, she would go to the local guard house and train with them (in disguise of course) and go with them on their patrols. They used her keen eyes to their advantage and due to her they managed to solve many crimes and fights before there was any serious trouble. She even worked under cover quite a few times in groups of thieves. It was her job to infiltrate them, learn where they would strike next, inform the guards and bring them down from the inside. On occasion she had to fight with the guard, but she never truly hurt them and always apologised afterwards. After a few months of this she had begun to understand the seemingly alien language of the thieves, but just as she was getting good they found out that she was the one selling them to the guard. She was unable to work under cover any more in the city after that, as all the thieves and bandits knew her face. But she still kept all the experience from those times and still helped catch a few bands, after she returned to normal duties. She was allowed to keep the wages that earned for being under cover and her parents never found out about that part of her life.

She worked with the guards for 7 years before her family realised that she was not sleeping and tracked her down. When the guards found out she was a noble they were shocked, but still invited her to come back and serve with them again. They even promoted her to a lieutenant. But her family were not happy about it and forbade her to have anything else with combat.

But when she heard that the sword lords were looking for brave people to travel into the Stolen Lands to tame it ready for a kingdom, she could not refuse. She begged her parents and they finally gave in and gave her their blessing to go. But only if they could give her some money, so that she could buy some adventuring gear, so she would be safe. Also the thought of having a Gelabraes in a new kingdom, where they could be a main noble house ... the offer was just too tempting.

Once the application had been sent off, they began to do some hard studying about the place she would be going and discovered that there were some mischievous fey there. So they spent the remaining time that they had together, practicing on dummies of fey, and learning as much as they possibly could about them. So that when she came across them (if she came across them) she would be ready for them.


Skill name, Total, Ability Modifier, Ranks, Class Skill, Feat, Racial, Class Feature
Acrobatics : 9 (3, 3, 3)
Craft (Bow-maker) : 9 (3, 3, 3)
Craft (Leather-Working) : 9 (3, 3, 3)
Disable Device : 10 (3, 3, 3, 0, 0, 1)
Handle Animal : 6 (0, 3, 3)
Knowledge (Nature) : 9 (3, 3, 3) {11}
Perception : 13 (2, 3, 3, 3, 2) {15} *15* {*17*}(+1 when locating traps)
Stealth : 9 (3, 3, 3) *11*
Survival : 8 (2, 3, 3) {10} *10* {*12*} (+1 when tracking}

{Favoured Enemy} *Favoured Terrain* {*Favoured Enemy AND Terrain*}


Level 1 : Point Blank Shot
Half-Elf : Skill Focus (Perception)
Combat Style : Focused Shot
Level 3 : Precise Shot
Ranger Level 3 : Endurance


Brigand (Campaign): Gain a +1 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate and Sense Motive against Brigands, Thieves, Bandits and the like. Also start off with an extra 100 GP.
Rich Parents (Social) : Increase starting Gold to 900.


PP : 0 , GP : 7 , SP : 5 , CP : 0
Cold Iron Bastard Sword : 6 lb
Masterwork Studded Leather Armour : 20 lb
Masterwork Darkwood Composite Longbow (+3 Str) : 1.5 lb
Arrows x 65 : 9 lb
+1 Arrows x 7
+1 Seeking Arrows x 8
Cold Iron Arrows x 20 : 3 lb
Backpack : 2 lb
Waterskin : 4 lb
Belt Pouch : 0.5 lb
Silk Rope (50 ft) : 5 lb
Soap : 1 lb
Flint and Steel : 0 lb
Pulley : 10 lb
Potion (Cure Light Wounds) : 0 lb
Silver Stag Amulet : 0 lb
Light War Horse
Total Carried : 62 lb
Light Load : 76, Medium Load : 153, Heavy Load : 230

Magic Equipment:

Head : Headband of Vast Intelligence + 2
Face :
Throat :
Shoulders :
Body :
Torso :
Arms :
Hands :
Ring 1 :
Ring 2 :
Waist :
Feet :

Additional Stats:

Base Speed : 30 ft
Low-Light Vision
Elven Immunities (+2 vs Enchantment spells and effects. Immune to magical Sleep)
Elven Blood (Count as Human and Elf for effects related to race)
Keen Senses (+2 Perception)
Multi-talented (2 classes are Favoured. Ranger and Fighter)
Initiative : 3 *5*
Fortitude : 3
Reflex : 6
Will : 3
Experience Points : 0


CMB : 6
CMD : 19
Hit Points : 25 / 25
Bastard Sword Attack : +6 {+8},Damage : 1D10 + 4 {1d10 + 6}
Longbow Attack : +7 {+9},Damage : 1D8 + 3 {1d8 + 5}
Longbow Attack (Point Blank): +8 {+10},Damage : 1D8 + 7 {1d8 + 9}
Armour Class : 16
Flat Footed : 13
Touch : 13

Ranger Abilities:

Favoured Enemy 1 : Fey {Gets bonuses against these, also make required Knowledge untrained}
Track : Gain a bonus equal to half Ranger level on Survival to identify and follow tracks.
Wild Empathy : Similar to Diplomacy, but for animals. Add Ranger level and Charisma modifier to d20 roll.
Trapfinding : Gain a bonus equal to half Ranger level on Perception Checks to locate traps and a bonus equal to half Ranger level on Disable Device. Also able to use Disable Device to disarm magical traps.
Combat Style : Gain a feat from your combat style list (Archery).
Favoured Terrain 1 : Forest *Gets a +2 bonus on this when within Favoured Terrain. Leave no trail when walking through.*

Jaestra Gelabraes is a slender girl, with long blonde hair. She has green eyes and is quite petit. She is dressed in furs, but underneath the furs, there is a Leather Jerkin. On her back there is a beautiful, well made, dark mahogany longbow, with gold inlaid tribal markings and an unusual sword, with an icy blue sheen to it. The sword looks like it should be held in 2 hands, but the handle doesn't seem to be long enough for that. She also have a backpack, which appears to be almost full. On her hip she has a quiver, containing about 80 arrows.

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