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Lost Memories of Sorrow (Inactive)

Game Master BinkyBo

Will reactivate if and when needed.

Doyle's Run
Population: 115 (76 capable of holding a sword.)

Primary trade goods are lumber and wood products (unfinished furniture, cartwright, blacksmith deals mostly in metal components for wood products...)
Mayor Doyle's logging camp is the primary employer with 45 workers.

Town NPCs met: >NPC images<

Warden Horne - Top lawman in Doyle's Run

Thulfi Horne - owner of the Belching Badger

Brother Sverin - Priest of Gorum. Lives next to his chapel.

(dead)Fawni - Scrolls, and scribing equipment merchant. Captured by derro, used by ugothols to steal her memories and form. Now deceased.

(dead)Dylan - Fawni's brother. Captured by derro, used by ugothols to steal his memories and form. Now deceased.

Karthak - Redhaired dwarf inquisitor/witchsitter. Came to Doyle's Run to hunt Sirius Horth for massive dwarf abduction near Lastwall.

Balfonin Nollick -Lyrralt's employer - A middleman for Holfstedt posing as a Pathfinder collector. Fell at the battle in which Lyrralt was captured. (assumed dead)

Evil and/or untrusted NPCs:

The Moranni Group - Led by Holstedt Moranni. (Dulfig, Pollard, Sprout, and Jori.) - Not Fully Trusted.

(captured)Mayor Doyle - Said to be a copy of and at odds with Horth. Currently unconscious and held by PCs. Has displayed erratic behavior... motives unclear apart from displayed desire for power.
(Captured)Tilda - Young witch. Currently held by Karthak


Sirius Horth - Evil necromancer. Exiled from the Whispering Way.

Gilvorgione the Crone - Old Witch. Considers Tilda her child. Holds Fort Birch.

Duergar of the Cruel Citadel - large mercenary force. Currently under the lumberyard. Corum has fought two of them, and heard Doyle mention gifting them "the Barracks" in payment for their assistance.

Derro - Somehow connected with at least Doyle and shapeshifter management

>(dead)Mindwiper - Derro enchanter killed by Braxton, Errik, Corum, and Karthak.

>Migthwet - Derro Engineer of Flesh, maker of shapeshifters.

~~~~ Clones (Ugothols "frozen" in a stolen form) (subtype changes to new form, and lose ugothol abilities)

Suny - Copy of Sunny. Displayed some sick glee in harming others, but has behaved better since captured... currently acting more soulless and amoral than malevolent and immoral.

Items and Locations and Miscellanea mentioned

Academy Key - Taken from Doyle. Carried by Corum.

Barracks Cube - Held by Duergar under the lumberyard

Academy - Suny mentioned it to Sunny as being where she was created, and that she thought Doyle spent too much time there. Exists under village of Doyle's Run.

"Timeless Place" - Cube is locked within a tomb-like in Brynlee Mire.-

Errik's House:
Cyphermage Bimnil
Cyphermage Marcotte
HalfOrc Bodyguard Drulsk

Tilda the crone child
Mayor Doyle
Zed's copy

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