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Well guys I know you've noticed my absence lately. I occasionally see a post mentioning me or one of my ALTs as I skim through here when I get the opportunity. This is my official sign off. I want to stress this is not a bad thing, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. In October of last year my old job announced lay offs so I started working for a new company. It was a move up, pay was much better and I actually had stuff to do for my entre work day hence my disappearance from these boards during the 8-5 stretch of the day. And more recently I have met a wonderful woman who is now occupying the remainder of my free time. I've had a blast on here, there have been days when you have brought me to tears from laughing so hard. For now this is Triphoppenskip, Private Tiny and MBT signing out.

Thanks for the good times
Sam B.

James Jacobs wrote:

Savageland: One of the most distubing and unsettling movies I've seen in quite a long time; GREAT movie.

Is this the one that's presented documentary style about an immigrant photographer who happens to be a lone survivor of a massacre and is accused of the crime? If so I saw that at a horror film festival a couple of years back and really struck a cord with me. Wonderful film.

The Fiend Fantastic wrote:

Good point. Speaking of which, Message Board Troll has been absent for quite some time.

Has someone finally tipped the vat of acid on him?

I switched jobs back in October and unlike my last one I don't have any downtime during my shift so I don't get to post nearly as much as I used to.

Seems like he fell off about the time school started back up. Maybe he's a student.

Yep another big thing from back in the day. Paladins were restricted to humans only and you damn near had to have a 17 plus in almost every stat in order to qualify.

*Edit I don't remember the exact prereqs for the paladin but I do remember them being almost impossible to roll.*

Ahh yes the 3d6 in order method of stat generation. It lead to my cousin playing a cleric with a wis of 9. It was one of his best characters and one of only two to survive castle Ravenloft.

Back in my day if clerics used anything pointy they lost their class abilities.

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Molten Dragon wrote:
Message board troll wrote:
*SNIFF* Fine I don't wanna play with any of you anyway! *runs off crying*

Look what you guys did. You know he's sensitive.

I'll gladly run a game for:

Message board Troll
I'm Hiding In Your Closet
Dungeonmaster Cal
And the rest of the forgotten.

Our group will totally get your groups. Eighties-movie montage style. ;)

And what a game that would be :)

Personally I don't think I've run across a single person on here I wouldn't want to play with. Sure I've seen people with playstyles that may not mesh with my preferred style but I've noticed in the past from gaming with people like that I tend to learn some new stuff that I do like and start incorporating into my game. As for people who have different political/religious beliefs or just a different outlook on life in general than I do my regular group is pretty wide ranging as far as that goes. When we get together to game we aren't focused on any of that stuff, we're there to roll dice and have fun trying to save the world. So if any one on here ever ends up stuck in the Fort Smith Ar. area give me a yell, we'll be happy to have ya.

Never mind it appears to be back.

May I ask why I post I made earlier in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 6 (PFRPG) Hardcover thread was removed? Normally there is a brief blurb from the mod explaining why but there was nothing and I would like to know what I did wrong.

Double Post McGee

Burnt on one side raw on the other.

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*Gets flashback to animated Dragonlance movie, curls in a fetal position and weeps in the corner*

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Banned because now I'm gonna need a bigger boat.

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During your weight loss did you find yourself hitting a wall after a certain amount was lost? If so how did you get over that hump? I seem to be stuck at 27 pounds.

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My one minor complaint. I really wish they went with more practical effects for the creature. The CGI wasn't horrible at least not as bad as some I've seen but it did detract from the whole 80's feel the rest of the series captured so well.

The new King Arthur looks like it may be in the running for the title.

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I've been through six Presidential elections since I've became old enough to vote. So far I've voted red three times and blue three time, honestly I'm not too thrilled about either of the two this time around. I'm leaning towards Clinton I guess because I see here doing less damage than Trump especially on the social issues but man I really feel like I'm being put between a rock and a hard place for this election.

Conservative Anklebiter wrote:
My first time Gming tomorrow, cant wait. :D

Good luck! It can be hard but it's a blast to GM, especially if you have a good group.

Because everyone knows the katana is the ultimate blade.

Pazio hates turtles!

Sergeant Baskerville wrote:

Trooper, get in there and fight. Or are you yeller?

He's Ol' Yeller. I'll take him out behind the woodshed.

Thanks a million. I'll look into it when I get home.

Alex Martin wrote:

Secondly, and slightly related, is that I believe the guys from CO8 also did a mod-pack that lets the game emulate the old Keep on the Borderlands module as well. Haven't gotten that far yet, but that really tempts my old-school module itch.

Please someone tell me this is true and if so please direct me to where I can get it.

Turbo Babaghanoush

Uncle Trapspringer

Looks like this thread has really *puts sunglasses on* gone to the dogs.

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Kenderkin is banned for being a kender in this life.

Belphegor is banned for holding soufflés to impossible standards causing them to fall. It's not like they're paladins.

I read all the lore stuff and I skim through the rules stuff until I see something that looks like it might apply to an idea I have kicking around then I'll stop and read that.

Kavren Stark is banned for not bending the knee to house Lannister.

I had to trim my subscriptions to tighten the budget this year but this is a must have for me so preorder submitted.


What A gundner snoocher this has turned out to be!

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If it was a Kari Byron episode of Mythbusters I could see how the original text could be accurate.

Gruels actually a step up from what they have been using. Taco Bell is really brining their A game these days. Well maybe their C game.

Now that it's come up posting on the same topic under a different alias does seem kinda weird.

I saw her by my chicken coop she was sucking my co... err let me rephrase that, draining the lifes blood from one of my roosters.

Baste them with some of this.
*hands over some Lard of the Rings*

KenderKin wrote:

Me too!

"Whatever happens in the closet, stays in the closet....."

Unless you're with GoatToucher, then it spills out into the bedroom, hallway, bathroom, living room etc.

If you were to play Hell's Rebels, Hells Vengeance and Strange Aeons what character would you pick for each?

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KenderKin wrote:
One day I am going to realize that everyone else in this thread is just one person with a bunch of aliases......


We should just let GoatToucher keep the win. No one in their right mind would want it after he's handled it anyway.

Cluny is banned for not getting that case of mange taken care of.

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Ladies and Gentlemen we here at Paizo are happy to introduce our new creative Director Message Board Troll.

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GM Beernorg is banned for trying to pass himself off as a normal human. You aint foolin anybody with that green skin and those pointy ears!!!

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GM-Beernog is banned for making me think about what exactly goes into making Poog Juice.

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE...nope too easy.

James Jacobs wrote:

1) Haven't used many books outside of Pathfinder resources lately for most of my work recently. For personal enjoyment, though, I've been reading up on sleep paralysis...

Interesting. Have you ever experienced an episode? I've had several over the course of my life ranging from the terrifying to the strange. Have you seen The Nightmare? I felt it focused a bit too much on the paranormal and not the scientific aspects of sleep paralysis but I stiff found it to be fairly entertaining if for no other reason than to hear the experiences of others.

Yay I can tell the kids Christmas is back on!!

Disclaimer I'm single with no kids so the car repair is an annoying setback and not an outright disaster.

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