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Full Name

Devon Crowley




Urban Ranger 4








Neutral Evil







Strength 15
Dexterity 20
Constitution 17
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Triphoppenskip

The real me is a 40 something year old medical biller by the name of Sam. My character is much more interesting.

My name is Devon Crowley and I find things.It doesn't matter to me if they want to be found or if they are in possession of the original owner, if somebody wants it I'll get it...for a price of course.
I was born in the country of Cheliax a place where everyone seems to get ahead by pulling down those around him so you'll have to excuse me if I'm slow to trust you. I've spent the majority of my life in big cities and the streets are a second home to me. I've currently worn out my welcome in my home town, seems to be a dispute over the ownership of a certain item I acquired for a client. Don't know why they want my head I'm just the middle man. So now I'm looking for work elsewhere. I've heard there's a big gambling tournament coming up. I can read people, I can catch cheaters so I'm hoping they might have a need for some security, if not well I'm also pretty good at cheating so maybe I'll enter. And I'm always willing to find things and if need be I can make things disappear.

Fleeing from his home city of Westcrown after having a squad of Hell Knights sent after him.

Dislikes people and dogs. Not as stealthy as he thinks. A bit hot tempered. Very prideful. Not a coward but prefers to fight from a distance using his skills with a bow to his advantage. Suspicious almost to the point of being paranoid. Totally stole credit for Ziggy's idea to have the captive followed claiming that was the whole idea all along after he knocked him out and threw him out in the alley when in reality he just lost his temper.

Relationship with other characters. Likes Ziggy in spite of himself. Likes having Albie around because big guys tend to draw all the attention in combat allowing him to stand back and pick the enemies off. Can't stand the fact that Snooki is better at stealth and lock picking than him but loves having him as backup when he's scouting around. Love having Pisssack around to patch up wounds. Distrust Roland because he's Varisian but enjoys shooting contest with him. Dislikes Paladins as a rule but is often shocked by Talos' violent tendancies. This has lead him to suspect that Talos is an undercover Hell Knight sent to assassinate him.