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The summoner I recently created has an eidolon that is a replica of his invisible (imaginary) childhood friend. Now that he's grown up and his imaginary friend has manifested he gets to look about smugly and say "See I told you he was real."

Ernest Mueller wrote:
DracoDruid wrote:
I always thought, that all familiars/special mounts/companions should be ruled the sameway.

I respectfully disagree with with you and DRACO on this, because I feel that each of creatures above need to be seperated. I feel that they are entirely different in their concepts so should all be treated differently.

My experience from real play is that all the familiars/mounts/companions are often worthless. The people that play these really want something more like WoW's warlock or hunter - a real pet, useful and not gonna die in the dungeon.

While I think this would be great for the Ranger and the Druids animal companion, I don't think it should be the mechanic used for the familiar.

I don't think we should be trying to build a 'battle familiar'. I think we should try to help build a familiar that engages the wizard more with classic wizarding abilities. like Kirth's Metamagic assissant, or some of seekers idea to add +1 to DC's or being able to cast magic through the familiar other than with touch spells. Or Maybe act as a material component respetacle, in that as long as the familiar is within close range of his wizard, that wizard does not need use any material component(under a certain gp limit of course. Stone skin could get awful cheap otherwise lol.)

Just my two cents

Kirth Gersen wrote:

What I'd really like to see of for familiars to mitigate metamagic costs. This could work for all wizards, specialists or universalists.

Metamagic Assistant: Your familiar can help you prepare a spell with a metamagic feat you know applied to it. You prepare the spell normally, in its normal slot, while your familiar uses the "aid another" action (the familiar must succeed at a Spellcraft check at DC 10 + the level of the spell + the level of the metamagic adjustment). For example, if you have the Maximize Spell feat, and want to prepare a maximized fireball, you would prepare fireball as a 3rd level spell, while your familiar aids you with a DC 16 Spellcraft check.

When you cast the spell, as long as your familiar helps you cast it as well (succeeds at another Spellcraft check to aid another), the spell gains the benefit of the selected metamagic feat, even though the spell was prepared in the normal slot. If your familiar isn't touching you, fails (or is unable to attempt) the aid another check, or is distracted, the spell gets only the regular spell effect, not the metamagic boost as well.

Your familiar may assist you by casting up to 1 spell level worth of metamagic adjustment per 3 caster levels you have.


This allows the familiar to actually make you a better wizard. Also, it's limited in that the familiar has to help you cast, so if you're distracted during casting, you lose the spell as normal, and even if the familiar is distracted during casting, you'd lose the metamagic part.

An improved familiar that can fight, as many people are advocating, could be an option to get instead of a metamagic-assistant familiar.

I'll second seeker in that I really like the METAMAGIC ASSISTANT, my questions though is Metamagic assistant an ability or a feat?

What I would like to do is add the Meta Asst to my proposed idea above, and if it's an ability we can do that. But I think we should also have two more abilities as options. To allow wizards to costumize their fimiliars a bit more, like the bonded Object.

If we add Meta Asst to the Improved Arcane Bond, maybe we could add another familiar abilitiy when the wizard gets Greater Arcane Bond.

I was also thinking about adding Grand Arcane Bond(familiar) as a 9th level ability. In which the wizard can add the celestial/infernal template to their Improved Familiar feat they gain at 7th. Let me know what you think of a celestial psuedodragon at 9th level. or an infernal earth elemental.(both are familiars that are allowed with the Improved familiar feat.)

I don't want to pollute the waters by adding to much, but I still think that the familiar I posted above could use a little ummph.

Something that just occured to me is that we can put the Metamagic assistant in the Familiar Abilities chart, instead in my write up. We could maybe put in at about the 5-6 HD area. what do you think?

Master Natural
Class Level Armor Adj. Int Special
1st–2nd +1 6 Alertness,improved evasion,share spells, empathic link
3rd–4th +2 7 Deliver touch spells
5th–6th +3 8 Speak with master, Metamagic Assistant
7th–8th +4 9 Speak with animals of its kind
9th–10th +5 10 —
11th–12th +6 11 Spell resistance
13th–14th +7 12 Scry on familiar
15th–16th +8 13 —
17th–18th +9 14 —
19th–20th +10 15 —

Kirth before you go can you let me know what part of my post you found over-powered. This is just my 2nd draft and I would appricate all constructive critism.

Epic Meepo what part did you find funny. Is it the templates or the improving of the familiars as they progress.

Thanks lynora I really was trying not to add to much, but I never liked the improve familiar feat and have always house ruled that at 7th level a wizard could swap out his original familiar feat for the improved familiar feat.S

So far I see room for improvement in that, my familiar write up does nothing for those players that want that the traditional summoned one form familiar. And I think a few suggestions might help out.

Remember guys this is just a THINK TANK exercise and I have always felt that the familiar could be utilized more within the gaming enviroment, so I'm throwing ideas out there. If you have the time to write out what you think is wrong it would really help me. Thanks

Ok I've combined the paladin summon mount with wizard arcance bond familiar and threw in my own 2 cents into the mix. I don't think it's to horribly over powered, but I would like to hear what others think.

The arcane bond (familiar) 1st level, allows a wizard to harness the raw magic of the world and shape it into an unusually intelligent, strong, and loyal companion. Once a form is chosen by the wizard for his familiar, he receives all bonuses for the creatures form plus all bonuses for the familiar of the appropriate level. Every familiar so formed must maintain that form until a new arcane bonding ritual can be performed.

The Bonding Ritual requires at least 8 hours of uninterrupted preparation time and 100gp in material components and magical foci. At which time the wizard my reshape his familiar into a different form and/or add to the familiar with the improved Arcane Bond.

This familiar is usually shaped into one of the classic wizardly familiar forms, (see familiar special 1 below) but as the wizard progresses in power, so too does the magical essence of the familiar. A familiar also grants special abilities to its master (a
sorcerer or wizard), as given on the table below. These special abilities apply only when the master and familiar are within 1 mile of each other .Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack for the purpose of determining any familiar abilities that depend on the master’s level.

Familiar Special 1
Bat Master gains a +3 bonus on hearing-based and opposed Perception checks
Cat Master gains a +3 bonus on Stealth checks
Hawk Master gains a +3 bonus on sight-based and opposed Perception checks in bright light
Lizard Master gains a +3 bonus on Climb checks
Owl Master gains a +3 bonus on sight-based and opposed Perception checks in shadows or darkness
Rat Master gains a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves
Raven1 Master gains a +3 bonus on Appraise checks
Snake2 Master gains a +3 bonus on Deception checks
Toad Master gains +3 hit points
Weasel Master gains a +2 bonus on Reflex saves
1 A raven familiar can speak one language of its master’s choice as a supernatural ability.
2 Tiny viper.

At any time during the day, as a full-round action, a wizard may
magically call her familiar from the raw arcane magic that suffuses the world and him. The familiar immediately appears adjacent to the wizard and remains
for 2 hours per wizard level; it may be dismissed at any time as a free action. There is no restrictions on how many times per day a familiar may be summoned, so long as it does not exceed the 2 hours per wizard level. The familiar is the same creature each time it is summoned, though the wizard may change its form after completing the proper bonding ritual after it has been summoned. Each time the familiar is called, it appears in full health, regardless of any damage it may have taken previously. The familiar also appears wearing or carrying any gear it had when it was last dismissed. Calling a familiar is a
conjuration (calling) effect. Should the wizards familiar die, it immediately
disappears, leaving behind any equipment it was carrying. The wizard may not summon another familiar for 30 days or until she gains a wizard level, whichever comes first,
even if the familiar is somehow returned from the dead. During this 30-day period, the wizard takes a –1 penalty on attack and spell damage rolls.

Familiar Basics: (same as on page 34-35)
Familiar Ability Descriptions: (same as on page 34-35)

At 3rd - the wizard receives the improved arcane bond (familiar). With this ability the wizard may add either the celestial or infernal template to the form of the familiar that she summoned. The Improved Bonding Ritual requires at least 8 hours of uninterrupted preparation time and 300gp in material components and magical foci. This ritual only applies to one form, and if the wizard chooses to reshape his familiar into a different form, she must pay the initial cost of the Bonding ritual plus pay the cost in time and expenses for another Improved Bonding ritual for the new form.

At 7th - the wizard gains Greater Arcane Bond (familiar) This Ritual allows wizard to reshape his arcane bond into any shape offered by the Improved familiar feat. The Greater Bonding Ritual requires at least 8 hours of uninterrupted preparation time and 1000gp in material components and magical foci.

psymin wrote:

How about any bonus HP that a character gets is instead the amount of negative HP that the character could be at and still be disabled as opposed to dying.


Nyles has +1 HP for favored class (level one sorcerer) and +6 HP for a racial bonus (human) so Nyles can reach -7 and still be disabled rather than dying.

We should probably change death to 10 less than their disabled range as well. In this case -17 for Nyles.

What do you think? Keeps players alive and adds a buffer of excitement and intensity when things are rough. They'd thank their lucky stars when the cleric blows one of her many positive energy channels as well.

I like it it ALOT! I think Nervous Jester started out with a solid idea and you helped make it stronger.

But....I think this idea is a MUST playtest idea. We need to get more than a few people playtesting this to see if playing at disabled from 0 till -17(or whatever) is a fun mechanic. It sounds great for drama, excitement and enhancement of the heroic struggle, but it will be the playabilty of this idea that will make it or break it.

I'll try it on my Monday night group and hopefully have some solid details for everyone later in the week.

Khezial Tahr wrote:

I like the option where the familiar levels with the caster. Then every few levels, more options can open up to familiars/companions. So, if we continue with combining improved familiar options into the basic familiar, at later levels when people choose a "cool new" familiar, it would begin the progression from "level 1".

Personally, while the "invisible" familiar is a cool idea, I think it opens too many doors for abuse. That and I'm fond of choosing a form for your physical link to the mystic arts.

I can see where you are coming from on this. As the one fimiliar that starts with you at first level and stays your loyal companion through the years is a 'sacred cow' of DnD tradition.

But I'm hoping that in my suggestion the players get the option to have the familiar they chose, while also having a little more flexibilty. Also it might give the fimiliar a little more play time. On the flip side, if a player wants to have the same form for his fimiliar through out his career then he can. If the player wants a more dynamic and adaptable style of fimiliar he can do that just as easily.

I'm hoping that the abuse of an invisible fimiliar(or more accurately a diffused aura of raw magic that can be summoned into the form of a fimiliar)can be controlled by the 2 hours per lvl/day mechanic.

But this is the THINK TANK so we still need to bandie this about some more.

we could progress the arcane bond as follows:
1st level - arcane bond(fimiliar)
3rd level - improved arcane bond(fimiliar)
7th level - greater arcane bond(fimiliar)

Example to my idea above.

1st level wizard - has arcane bond and summons raw magic in the form of an owl fimiliar( gains all bonuses that the owl form provides and all bonuses for the Fimiliar feat)
same wizard 3rd level- allows the wizard to add either the celestial or infernal templet to fimiliar form (template bonuse based on HD of the wizard)
same wizrd 7th level- allows wizard to reshape his arcane bond(after the appropriate expiditure of time and resources) into any shape offered by the Improved fimiliar feat(shocker lizards, psuedo dragon etc.)

During this progress the arcane bond grows in sentience and power as reflected be either the Dracodruids chart above or following the fimiliar chart in the wizards class section.

Reading through this thread I thought of this idea. What if we change the nature of the fimiliar from a summoned creature (locked into one solid form) and instead made it more of a formless aspect of magic. It would then be up to the wizard summoning the arcane force to shape the fimiliar into what he wanted or needed at the time. We could rename the Fimiliar feat - Arcane Bond (something like the paladins Divine Bond) But instead of the fimiliar being a representation of a bond to a diety. It is instead a representation of the wizards bond to all things arcane.

With this mechanic we could then allow for an improved fimiliar at say 5th or 7th level(Greater Arcane Bond), as the mage advances so too does his Arcane Bond. As it is the formless stuff of magic that is growing stronger and not just a summoned creature.

Also something intresting to think on is to allow a wizard to reshape his fimiliar as situations change during the course of his adventuring career. To avoid abuse of a wizard reshaping his fimiliar 8 times in the course of an adventuring day we could state that to change the form of a wizards Arcane Bond, the ritual requires at least 6 hours to perform and cost X gp in material components and foci.

None of this has been playtested, as I just thought of it while reading the thread.

If we treated it like a divine mount then we could summon it when needed from the arcane bond which surrounds the wizard and the world. We can then use the same abilities that are used form the mount(ie arrives in full health, takes all equipment with it when dismissed, if it is killed it can be resummoned in 30 days.) Although I don't think 1/day is enough for a wizard. Maybe we could keep the same 2 hours per level, so that when a wizard finally reaches 12th level he is now powerful enough to keep his fimiliar with him 24/7.

This would also solve the problem of the 'invsible fimiliar'(Order of the stick) that just pops up when needed to scout. In that since the fimiliar is composed of raw magic bent into a form by the wizard, it can always be with the wizard as a sort of magical residue that just lingers about a wizard, waiting to be called into shape.

I would love to here everyones pros and cons on this. I'm pretty thick skinned so constructive critism never offends. Thanks

I like the 'DIP' philosophy to multiclassing. As a self-appointed fence sitter on 4e vs. 3.5e,I am encouraged by this simple solution to multi-classing. I no longer have to give a whole level of XP to one class just to gain a few abilities that that class offers(or more if I wanted my barbarian to have Weapon Spec). I can now just use a feat and test the waters of a new class. Simple in it's execution, but far reaching in it's implications for the advancement of my character concept. I am now a bit more intrested in 4e than I was last week. I still plan on reading over the rules and playing the game before making a final verdit, but as I stated at the top of my post I am encouraged by this excerpt.

No worries and thanks for the quick response. I didn't have anything to lose by asking so I figured I would. In any event if anybody on the thread knows of a game please let me know. I have been itching to try out the Alpha rules and have no group where I am stationed. Thanks again and I'll be lurking to see how things are going.

I'm sorry to intrude but I was looking for a game to join and saw that you had an alternate list. I would like to be considered for an alternate if you have the room. Below is the background for the character. Thanks for your time and consideration.

I was born in the middle of winter in a small house on Crab Street in the village of Sandpoint. I know it doesn’t sound very interesting, but to hear Old’ Unka Jik tell it, it was a night filled with omens. And according to him omens are the harbingers of both great and terrible things. He told me it was a night of omens because it was the only time in his long life that he had every seen the old ruined lighthouse shine. Of course no one else in Sandpoint ever saw anything, but Old’ Unka Jik swears that the old lighthouse had come alive that night.

I grew up pretty normal in our small town. My Da owned the butcher shop and Ma helped him run it. So I and my two younger sisters, Ororli and Ketra, always had the best meat to gnaw on. I grew up helping around the shop, but the best times were when I and my Da would head out to hunt. My Da was a great hunter. Ask anyone in the village, when it came to hunting the big game of the plains off of the Turandarok River, they’ll mention Gunthor Bladstal. Heck my Da was so good that once a year he headed into the Mushfen to hunt giant crocs.

When I wasn’t out learning to hunt with my Da, or in the shop doing chores with my Ma, I was hanging out with Old’ Unka Jik. He was a Varasian that some people in the village considered to be trouble, but my Ma and Da told me not to listen to any of that. That Old’ Unka Jik was a decent and good man and that some people in the village just liked to talk to hear themselves. I loved listening to that old story teller. I mean to hear Old’ Unka Jik tell it, he had been all over the place. He even claimed to have visited the original Chelaxian lands. I don’t know if half his stories were true or not, but they were darn cool to listen to.

When I was about thirteen years old, Da said I needed to think about what I wanted to do in the community. He said I was becoming a man and it was time to decide what profession I wanted to do as a grown man. I had no idea what to do. I figured I’d just be a butcher, but Da said for me to think about it and not just take what was handed to me but earn what I wanted.

The Chopper was a local woodcarver named Jervis Stoot. I knew him well before he went went on his killing spree when I was about 13 years old. He made the most beautiful carvings of birds. There was one on the door-sill above the 'storefront' door in our house - but Da hacked it away after the Late Unpleasantness. Chopper killed 25 people over the course of a month's time - including the sheriff at the time: Casp Avertin. The sheriff was Chopper's final victim, killed in a fight when he caught the murder red-handed. Belor got to be sheriff then, and he's been a good 'un.

Not quite a month after The Chopper's blood spree, the chapel burned down. The head priest, Ezakien Tobyn, and his ward Nualia were burnt alive - unable to escape the roaring fire. I offered to help with the cleaning and rebuilding of the new church. I had grown to be the biggest boy of my age so I figured I should help out. I mean I could lift almost as much as most grown ups. That was where Bowyer Mellic found me.

Mellic was a priest of Eristal and after we started talking he told me that I should come by and hear the head priest speak. Eristal wasn’t new to me. Heck the whole village paid lip service to Old’ Deadeye on a daily basis. My Da was especially fond of Eristal, thanking him after every hunt. But as the years continued I came to the church of Eristal more and more, the principals of community and goodness just made sense to me. Not to mention that I had grown up a hunter and learned from my Da the ways of surviving off the land.

When I was sixteen I officially joined the church and became a Fletcher, the lowest ranking in the church. I was already a good shot and a good hunter and the head Priest Abstalar Zantus seemed pleased with the progress I made in my studying of the tenants of Eristal even if he was dedicated to Desna himself. The Chapel has shrines and held services for all the good gods, and of the 3 acolytes dedicated to Erastil - I stood out even if the others were older than me. I spent two years as a Fletcher before I finally earned the title of Bowyer and was able to call the divine favor of Eristal into me.

Bowyer Mellic was proud that I made Bowyer with him, and head priest Zantus was pretty pleased too. My mother cried and my father smiled like I had ever seen before when I told them that I was to be a true cleric in the community. Even the other three Fletchers didn't seem all that upset that I got promoted above them.

So now I tend to my village, I offer the farmers’ blessings when they need it, and help the hunters track the big game when I have the time. I even sit with Old’ Unka Jik and listen to his stories from time to time. My life is what I want it to be, something that wasn’t just handed to me, but is instead something I earned.

Great Job!
I love the approach you are taking with 'Polymorph'. Tiered spells that allows for spellcasters to choose more powerful forms as they themselves become more powerful. IMHO it just make sense. Start the wizard off small with Beast Form I at 5th level, when he gets to 7th level he can now do Elemental Form I and/or Beast Form II. And the progression continues from there. I like it.

I can see some of the reasons for concern with AC and such, but considering that we are in the Alpha phase of things, I'm confident that with the solid base that these spells have at present, most of these issues will be addressed and fixed later on down the road.

I think the options should stay just as they are Options.
Each DM knows his game better than any publisher. I think it should be left to the DM and players to determine whats right for their table. There are many different ways to roll, or assign, a PC's stats, why not allow different options for Hit Points.
BUT....I do see the need to agree on one of these options for the Pathfind RPGA. If we are taking votes in that area I like the Racial Option the best. It will be the one I use when I start my play testing group.

First off, this was a really cool variant and I might pull a few of your ideas for house rules later on. My question for the OP is wether or not he has playtested this new variant. How does this fighter class play against one on one or multiple opponents. I think my biggest question is how does it play when played against the PC party. With Monsters and NPC's able to take PC class levels, for example how does a 5th level minotaur fighter stack up against the PC. Just curious?

If you put out a second call where can I go to find it? I am extremely intrested in joineing a Pathfinder game so would like to throw my hat onto the alternate list. Thanks.

I agree with Marc R 81, in that as a player and DM, I have never seen a reason or need for a paladin or ranger to have spells. My group and I are planning to start play testing a 10th level game next month and if the ranger and paladin are out by that time two of my players have expressed intrest in those classes. I say this because I am going to try something new when it comes to spell casting for these two classes. My idea is to not allow the Paladin and Ranger any spells, but instead let them chose domain powers from the diety the worship.

At 4th level(when 1st level spell casting can begin for each class) I will let the Paladin and Ranger chose one of the domains from their diety's potfolio and let them have the power that that domain offers, in lieu of spell casting abilities.
At 6th (when they get 2nd level spells) I will let them chose a second domain. And so forth at 8th(3rd level spells) and 10th(4th level spells).

I'm hoping that this allows for the Paladin to exhibit abilities of his chosen diety while not taking away from the class itself. Same for the Ranger.

I also think that this will allow for more variety in paladins and rangers. One paladin might have the domains of War, Protection, Lawful and Good while another paladin might have Healing, Sun, Protection and Community. Variety within character classes in my opinion is never a bad thing.

This idea hasn't been tested yet, but my players and I are going to see if having spells or not really effects the fun of the class. I will keep every one updated on how it turns out. Also if you like the idea and will be playtesting higher level characters please test this out with your group. I would love to hear about it. And it might be something the game designers find interesting.

I made a suggestion awhile back on including racial feats. There would be 2 classes of feats. General and Racial. at 1st, 3rd, 6th etc... a PC would chose a general feat AND a racial feat. This could help develop PC races and help to make a dwarven fighter different then an elven fighter at 10th level.

Now the question is "Is two feats at every 3rd level too much?" I mean a dwarven fighter at 6th level would have 10 feats. (3 racial, 3 general and 4 fighter) at 12th he would have 15 (5 racial, 5 general and 6 fighter)

Maybe Racial feats could be developed to be less powerful adn more 'fluffy'.

just my 2 coppers.

Looking for feedback on this idea? Anybody have any suggestions?

I agree with Silvernace. I think that this mechanic can really work witht he right flavor tweaking. Not every rogue will take this ability and limiting it to twice a day, keeps the rogue from being a true spell slinger. this ability works for me, so I say lets keep it as it is.

I have an idea I wanna throw out. After reading the New Races thread I came up with an idea that might end the ECL mechanic that seems to cause so much distress.

My idea is to have two types of feats. GENERAL and RACIAL. Starting at 1st level and then at every 3rd level a PC gets a general feat AND a racial feat. This would allow PCs to develop their class as well as develop their racial distictions. It would also allow Monster Player characters to start at ECL 0.

Each race would have a list of Feats that only that race could chose from. Monster PCs, such as the minoutaurs could then start at 1st level with a racial feat-Powerful Charge- at 3rd he could then chose-Gore Attack- and so on.

I don't think think adding an extra feat at 1st,3rd,6th and so on would be to unbalancing, and the Player's ability to make his elven fighter diffrent then a dwarven fighter would help distingush his/her character.

What's everybodies elses take on this.

How about the idea of splitting feats into 2 groups. General and Racial.
Every 3 levels a PC gets a general feat AND a racial feat. (my players can't get enough feats.)

This would let PCs chose feats that would allow them to play into their race, while also allowing Monster races to be developed without adding to the ECL.

I like the new fighter also, but I think it needs more. Not initially! But as the fighter moves up in levels it not only needs extra AC to stay viable, but he also needs to put out more damage. 1d8+str, with an occassional crit thrown in, is just not gonna cut it. IMO. So far I like what Set had to say in his 3 examples(see earlier post, same thread). I think they add a bit too much in the math area, but I would like to discuss how we might streamline 1,2 or all 3 of those ideas. What does everybody else think of his ideas?

Okay I now I'm missing something great here. I have just recently subscribed to the adventure path CotCT so the only Pathfinder chronicle I have read is Burnt Run. How do I get the other stories. Do I need to go back and purchase the first Pathfinder AP? Or will there be a compilation of the Pathfinder Eando coming out sometime or somewhere else?

No I haven't.

I'm not anti 4E. I'm just worried about having to buy 4.5E later on down the line. This is my sole reason for not preordering. I want to wait about 3-6 months after the June release so I can read all I can, on the boards and from borrowed books, before making an initial investment that will then lead to further expiditures of my limited funds(which always seems to happen when I really like a system).

Well said Watcher. Thanks for posting how I feel in words more diplomatic than my own. I hope it is taken seriously by those in WotC that have the abiltiy to affect change.

My question is about the Spell Level.

Has anyone figured out how this works yet? Does my wizard have to be 16th level to fly? or does he just need the ability to cast 16th level spells.

This contest rejuvenated my intrest in RPG in a way I hadn't forseen. WotC has come to bore me over the last few years and I stopped looking around at everything the gaming enviroment had to offer because of it. This contest has shown me that there is more to DnD then just what WotC has to offer, and for that I am extrememly grateful.

Example: Being impressed with the proffessionalism of Mr. Baur during this contest, I have already gone over and subscribed to Kolbold Quarterly. (Note to everyone reading: If you haven't already checked out this little giant of a mag, I highly recommend that you do so.)

Thanks to everyone involved, Paizo staff, contestants and those in the Superstar community, for lighting this little fire and showing me why I love this game and the people who play it. This has been a great place to hang around in for the last couple months. I can't wait to see what Paizo has planned for the future.

"What a long strange trip it's been" - Grateful Dead

AWESOMENESS! Total and Abject AWESOMENESS! I will echo the sentiments above and state that every one of you deserve to be where you are now. And even though only one of you will be crowned the first ever RPGA Superstar, I sincerely hope that all of you continue to bug(submit) all the RPG publishers in the industry with your OUTSTANDING/GONZO/ZANY/BRILLIANT ideas for years to come. Congratulations!

What do you call a bommer-rang that doesn't come back?


A stick.

I see merit in the idea, but I think it might take to much man power to try and make something like this happen. Although...Maybe they could just take the final four's submissions, from magic items to final adventure idea, and print them in a small booklet that they could distribute at the Major Conventions. I'm not a marketing type, but introducing more of the gaming community to the awesome idea of RPG SUPERSTAR might bring more people to the contest next year. The advertisment that this might generate for PIAZO, by showing gamers submissions of other gamers, and how the contest worked. Might help generate a broader fan base for the company.

Of course, all that assumes a dungeon-style encounter; a wilderness-type or urban encounter pretty much demands it's own unique map, which I think would have to be drawn by the contestants.

That is a very valid point. But maybe we can get the judges to design one map for each type of encounter mentioned above. I really want to see if the contestants can design an encounter that could WOW us by using a pre-determined area. They have all demostrated that they are extrememly creative thinkers. Now lets test that creativity in a controled enviroment. Can they WOW us when they have their creativety restricted by the maps provided.

I think their should be a set of standard maps given to the contestants. Maybe something like - design an encounter from one of the 3 maps provided. This approach would keep the contestants on a level playing field and not give any single one an unfair advantage. It would also test thier creativity in showing us that they could work their design magic while in a set boundary established by the contest. Hope it helps.

In order of prefrence. I voted Darkblight, Midwinter and then finally chose Mind of the Machine. Boomer came in at a close, very close, 4th favorite. I hope you make it to the next round Boomer. You didn't get my vote this round but that doesn't mean I don't want to see what you have up your sleeve in the next round. Good luck to all of you. Everybody still in the contest has done a great job in adding to my homebrew. THANKS!

Mr. Taylor you have won me over. I must admit I didn't see the Superstar-ness in your first two entries. But last round you caugth my attention, and this round you have won me over as a fan. This is my favorite entry this round hands down.

I love the synergy that you created with your 3 creatures. IMHO there should be more creature ecologies of this sort in the game. Especialy if they are as thought out and well rounded as the 3 above. Every thing about this entry works for me. I will soon be dropping these three monsters on my unsuspecting heros. The circle of life now has a new twist. GREAT JOB!

CONGRATS! On making it to the final 8. Triple WOWs for 3 excellent submissions thus far. You always seem to be in my top 3 picks for each round. I can't wait to be WOWed again with your monster submission. Good Luck!

Darrien wrote:

Congratulations to the Top 16.

Ross Byers wrote:
Now that I'm out of the contest, my money's on Boomer to win it.
While no-one loves anime fuelled goodness more than me, I think I'll put a fiver on Erik Anderson.

While I think both of the candidates above are solid choices to bet on, lets not forget about James MacKenzie. His writing was original and evocative. But IMHO this thing is still wide open. I will confess that I do have a few favorites after the first two rounds, so its going to be fun seeing if they can continue to impress in this round.

Congrats to the 16! You earned it!

After reading your comments after voting closed, I'm glad I gave you one of my votes. I loved the idea of your country. And although I also thought it was too big, I now understand your reasoning for doing so.

Erik Anderson wrote:
If I go to the next round, you're going to get the one I love.

Awesome to hear. I can't wait to see what the newly picked 16 will come up with next. (Hopefully you will be one of them.) As a most of the time lurker, I have really enjoyed coming out of the cyber shadows to support this contest and it's participants. Thanks for making the trip onto the boards worth it. And GOOD LUCK!

My question doesn't concern the Kinship, but rather what do you plan later. I really enjoyed the fact that you pushed the envelop on fantasy sterotypes and didn't create another realm of frolicking elves and stern dwarves(Kudos to all the 32 for not falling into that trap). But instead gave us a look into something altogther different. My question is, Are you planning to continue in this vein? I mean are you going to continue to suprise and delight us with fresh and 'Gonzo'(not my word) ideas? I surely hope so. As your magic item was in my top five and your country was my number one pick.

Just finished reading everything above. Awesome! All of you deserve to be in the next round. Thanks for the laughs.

I know that may sound kind of corny, but I was impressed with myself when I submitted my wonderous item. I figured I had at least as good a shot as the next guy. But after reading the top 32 wonderous items and then their countries, I had to sit back and re-exam where I had failed. Following the critiques posted by the judges helped show me why my own submission had failed to impress. The originality and usefullness of some of those items showed that its not only about having one good idea, but also about having the evocative writing skills and commitment to back that idea up.
I'll be better prepared, a bit wiser, next year.

Let me just repeat what everyone else seems to be saying. WOW! Double WOW! This entry is something I would expect from a purchase at a local game store. The quality of your submission not only stands out in it's originality, but in it's easy flowing writing style that had me reading this submission as if it were prose from a novel.

I not only want to play a character in your country, I want to DM others through it. Great Submission. Absolutely Fanatastic. The images you conjured with your writing are still swirling through my head

I can't wait to see your villian. I know that may be a bit premature to say, but if I had to choose ONE for sure lock. You would be it.

This was the last submission I read, and you almost lost me in the beginning of your submission. Luckily for you the bottom half pulled me in. Where I had only 6 submissions to choose from, I now have 7. Good job.

The geography of the living stone, coupled with the gale force winds spewing from the center, captured my imagination. I can see myself pulling this idea into my own world map. Thanks for making my deserts more interesting.

Pros: Original re-imaging of a desert landscape.
Population centers not cloistered around oasises

Cons: I was a little put off by the description of the 5 cities. I think there could have been a better way to describe them other than paralleling real world societies. of course due to word constraints this might have been un-avoidable.

Over all a very solid submission. And a country I not only want to adventure in, but also DM.


Way to get me thinking. As a DM I am already thinking of where and how to place this unique culture. Original to the extreme. This is what I was hoping for in the top 32. Some one to push the envelop and show me something new in a familiar way.

This is only my 5th countried reviewed, but so far it is the only one that has caused me to stop and write the author.

As a voter I'm not getting hung up on grammar and names and some of the other details that will surely matter to a lot of the others voters. I want to be hit up side the head with something original and new. Something that I want to put into my homebrew. In my opinion you have succeded.

I have been away for the weekend and have just returned. All I can say is thanks. Thank you very much for taking the time to constructively critize my item. Your version does read more sharply, Thanks again.

Summoning Dust

Originally created by the priests of Lamashtu to bring more horrors into the world, this small bag of powder is made up of dark metal shavings and tiny slivers of candle wax. A handful of this substance flung into the air will float gently to the ground, forming a spell caster’s summoning circle as it settles.

Once the circle is formed (requiring 1 full round) it acts as a Monster Summoning Spell for the user of the powder. The user may then choose from the appropriate IV-IX spell lists of summoned creatures to call forth her monster, but may only choose creatures of evil alignment.

This powder comes in varying degrees of strength (monster summoning IV-IX), and has only a single use per bag. The powder can be thrown 10ft in any direction of the user. It is rumored that the Spherewalkers of Desna have created Summoning Dust, which summons only good aligned creatures, in response to Lamashtu’s evil designs.

Moderate or Strong Conjuration; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item, monster summoning (IV-IX); Price 1,400 gp (IV), 2,250 gp (V), 3,300 gp (VI), 5,550 gp (VII), 6,000 gp (VIII), 7,750 gp (IX)

Clark wrote:

I'm talking thinly veiled suck ups that refer to either Orcus or Necro products (for me) or to Wolfgang's recent publications (for Wolfie) or to blatant Greyhawk rip off stuff (for Erik).

Luckily there were only about 3 or 4 of these, if that.

And NO, reference to Golarion or Paizo was NOT considered sucking up at all. In fact, we got some real cool Golarion items.

Cool beans! Thanks for taking the time to answer. I should have known that this was the case.

I guess you guys thought that the hard part was over after you picked the top 32. I really don't envy you judges with what you had to do, and now having to defend what you have already done. Makes me sorry I even bothered you with posting my gripe. But on a positive note I am sincerely impressed with your professionalism and outright concern for this community and this contest. Watching you and the staff of PAIZO field almost every question thrown at you is inspiring and has won me over. It's not often that the little guy gets a shot at the big time, and its even more rare when the little guy gets handled with respect and concern when he failed in his first shot at the big time.


In order of prefrence:

1.blind spot orb - thought the concept was great and desciption of item fit perfect.

2.goblin strand ears - like the simplicity and function.

3.shadow maps - cool idea and items fit function.

The Suck Up Item (items that seemed clearly designed to sway the judges based on anticipated preferences)

If Pathfinder items were seen as suck up items. Why were they allowed to be referenced in addition to the SRD? I didn't have to add the tie in to Pathfinder to my item, but decided that since it was allowable, the judges would look at it objectively. Not to say that my item would have made the top 32 had I decided to not include the tie in, but when I audition for a play or musical I either act out a scene from that play or sing a song from that musical. Not to brown nose the judges, but to show that I can perform in the parameters set. It seems to be a double standard to allow material into the contest, only to penalize that material on account that it seems to be 'sucking up to the judges'. Looking at the top 32 I noticed that none of the finalist referenced anything Paizo related. Out of curiosity was there a lot of these submissions, or was I one of the few? Thanks for taking the time to answer and even though this is a gripe I still love the idea of this contest and everything it represents. Good job to all involved with making it happen.

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