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Derailer of Threads wrote:
I never had clear what this thread is about so I'm unsure of what I am doing here.

Come closer..


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Go forth and confuse posters as to when you were created, my minion!

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Now this... THIS is how you necromance a thread!

MUAH-HA-HA-AH... *cough* *wheeze* *hack*

To raise a thread from the dead...first you must suck it dry


And then, depression set in


MMMM ... aliases


Game over man! Game over!

MMMMM , this thread is so nice and juicy ...

MMMMMM Messageboard n00bs ....

Homer drool

Snaps at DLP as he runs by

MMMMM ... poooodles!

Homer drool

MMMMMM .... Slowed golems ...

Homer drool

"I vill make sure this thread dies .... at least for a few days until it rises again with THE UNENDING HUNGER OF THE UNDEA ... err ahem .. no it vill stay dead, honest."

crosses claws behind back

MMMMM ... talking calamari **Homer Drool**

Thread wrote:


*continues to shake with lamp shade on head*

Whips around, slitted eyes narrowing

"I know you are here Thread. Do not try to hide, you only prolong your suffering."

Slithers up to 'lamp' and searches about.

Sniffs the air suspiciously

I know I smell a juicy thread somewhere, but I just can't seem to find it.


Over here Slaadi! A juicy Dretch! I'll go halvsies .. I just want the blood you can have the meat.

And some are Hemocratic

Licks fangs and eyes the Dretch hungrily

Sheesh ..I kill you you'll just reform back at the Abyss anyway, and I could use a little demon blood .... MMMMMMM <Homer Drool>


Actually I could go for some Dretch ...MMMM Dretch <Homer Drool>


Do I belong to the undead or customer service cult?

**throws a vial of Axiomatic Water at the Thread Slaad**

Don't you have a mushroom you should be sitting under?

Heathansson wrote:
Thread vampire wrote:

bares big pointy sharp teeth

What's dat you say about me toadbreath?

Bat Boy!!!!!


Who you calling bat boy Wolfman Jack?

bares big pointy sharp teeth

What's dat you say about me toadbreath?

Thread Slaad wrote:

I saw him first!


Back to Limbo you poacher!

The Ghost of Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Kill the Thwead Vampire!

Licks his lips


MMMMMMMMMMMMMM .... Ghost Kobold <Homer drool>

MMMM baby mind flayer ... <Homer drool>

Andrew Turner wrote:

Ohhh...this thread must be bleeding over from a parallel universe...

I knew this would happen if I tried to run Windows on my Mac...

Looks up at the skies, waiting for the cyberapocalypse.

SSSSSS ...Nassssty evil OS mixer....IT BURNS US YES IT DOES!

Drat you Thread Slaad that thread was mine!

Man this is what I get for sleeping all day without coffin-wireless Internet access! I miss all the juicy fun!

Rising up from the floor a little worse for wear

"Anyone get the license plate of that truck? GROAAANNN"

MMMMM Baby Mind Flayer, seared to perfection! <Homer drool>

Sniffs about

MMMMM fresh troll

MMMM Sacred Cow <Homer Drool>

MMMM jellied horseflesh <Homer drool>

A sinister viaige leers at the crowd..

"Did somevone mentions troll? MMM how lovely. Zey are tasty, and never run out of blood or bile ..yessssss....."

Pauses to sniff the air

"Do I smell cookies?"