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Seriously, it's far more feasible to terraform Mars and Venus, and even that would take roughly 20-50 thousand years of work, depending on process.

I mean a Wall-E style generational colony ship could make it in several millennia, but really they would have an entirely different culture and language sets by the time they make it, and communication would be impossible because an Ansible is pure fiction.

Eventually you'd question if we were still the same species as the one that separates. I mean, genetically we could breed offspring, but so could Neanderthal and Cro Magnon.

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Syrus Terrigan wrote:

Quick, random question: do any of you ever do any freelance editing? If so, what's your going rate?

I ask because a friend of mine has asked me to edit his novel prior to submission, and I'm not exactly sure what to quote him.

I'm not sure of a good rate but I think pros charge per word. Check for examples of freelancers.

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I think it goes without saying I missed a LOT on here...

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I'm not even going to #nohomo that. If you're incapable of admitting those are two of the sexiest human beings alive, you're blind, not hetero.

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Question - how many days after the election should I wait before officially hating someone for still talking about it? Is the number longer if it's biological relatives?

Seriously, though, it's nice to know people notice me. As Cal said, it is an honor.

...unless it's chai, but, that hardly counts.

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Thomas Roland wrote:

Fiiiiine. Apparently if I stuck with this alias there would be a lot of "Don't eat the unliving, Tom" and "Don't have sex with the unliving, Tom," and "Don't have sex with and then eat the unliving in some depraved circle of non-procreation in a cruel, twisted mockery of the very life circle of nature itself, Tom."

Okay. Whatever, you puritan!


To be fair, had you proposed Thomas as a Necromancer...specifically a Bone Oracle would've been a hilarious double entendre...

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All I want to do is go west and get away from the small-country sized spiral of wind and water death (I told you cat 1 doesn't bother me, but 3-5...screw that)...I've never wanted to go to Alabama so bad in my life...

And I suspect, neither has anyone else. It is, after all, Alabama.

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Forget you. Imma go on my own date, with blackjack, and hookers!!

You know what? Forget the date...

Legal Disclaimer:
TGTG does not actually endorse hookers* to solve one's dating issues. The above was a Futurama reference.

It's much easier to find a pretty woman with strong traditional values from a poor third world country to marry you with a prenuptial agreement. You get regular sex AND someone to cook and clean, and they get security, a green card, and clean drinking water. It's win-win, and in the long run cheaper than actual hookers or real dating**!

When did I get so mysoginistic in my tongue in cheek and open joking? How much is fake? Enough...

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I know he's not, because it's Tac, but coming up right after Freehold and Aranna's back and forth, it's pretty darn funny.

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A sexy naked dream, apparently.

Gripes about DBX:

1. They skip Cui, Zarbon, Dodoria, Android 16, and more...but include Cell Jrs., Saibamen, and characters from obscure non-canon sources. Major boo too that.

2. No creatable half-Saiyans or non-human earthlings, such as the dragon men or anthropomorphic animals from the original DB.

3. Not enough create a character freedoms. I want "Wrestling videogame" levels of creativity.

4. Too much grinding to unlock stuff. Way too much.

5. The level transitions are clunky and could be more fluid.

All that said its good fun, even on previous generation systems like the 360! Love that they got the voice actors and did new art, but (another gripe) the lip syncing is terrible, and at times they don't even try and have characters who are apparently ventriloquist masters as they don't even open their mouths in CG scenes.

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Anyway, I'm tired of being a bad guy for a while.

I'm going to go the opposite direction, now. Someone honorable, good, blah blah blah. We've been told there's only about 4-5 sessions left till the game wraps up, so no worries if I Ned Stark out as a result.

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Sundakan wrote:
...the first being the Lapsang Suchong I mentioned early on, of course...

I don't think everyone else here has made the connection of who you used to be yet.

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Also, what the heck TL, bombarding literally everyone's thread but my own and giving it new life.

...I'm so bored.

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Also turns out the oni is an undiscovered fortune!

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I think he may have added a little history beyond what they have. Something like the Spiders helped fight...the Kolat or something? So they were legitimately recognized as a clan, and are kind of allowed to exist as a force in the Shadowlands, similarly to the Damned Legions of the Crab Clan - fight the taint with the taint, as it were. The Spider, naturally, are not content to remain IN the Shadowlands, obviously, but they play up like they are.

GM employs a ton of political intrigue in his games. Seriously...we average one combat a game in about six hours of play. It's ALMOST enough to make me consider playing a courtier if I die.

Almost...but not quite. Still not worth being a worthless lump when the fights do come.

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Speaking of the game...So I have this box, right? It's got six locks on it. I had a note "Don't use the box unless it's an extreme emergency." I get a magic key tattooed on my wrist.

At some point I touch the box.

That night I have crazy dream, talking to what I'm pretty sure is an Oni in the form of a beautiful woman. We talk. She asks my name, and I don't want to tell, but she promises some info about the person who tried to steal my stuff while I slept, so I tell her. Now I can't pronounce my name anymore (one letter missing from my six-letter name), and wouldn't you know when I wake up one of the locks on it is missing. The lock exactly in the spot the letter of my name I can't pronounce would go (third lock, third letter).

Well, next day we find out the thief has been brutally murdered by some strange force.

Did I mention I have a disadvantage called "Dark Fate" where one day I'm destined to do something epic and horrible, like destroying the wall between the empire and the shadowlands, or aiding in the emperor's assassination, or polluting a massive temple? What? I'm a ninja. Don't judge me. It comes with a once a session "you don't die from wounds that would kill you, instead you live with just enough wounds to not die" caveat.

So the question long do I wait until I start tooling around with this box again? :-D

My character is pragmatic, but I haven't decided how much he loves power. For example, he knows blood magic (highly illegal in Rokugan but super powerful stuff that taints you), but hasn't used it at all yet - it's sort of an emergency "get out of this situation" card. Because getting tainted kinda has ups and downs - plus side, you start to get cool powers as your body is mutated by evil from the inside, but minus side, you can start to show visible signs as you get more tainted, and if you're caught you kind of have hunters trying to find you and kill you before your mind snaps and you start killing people (eventually you have to start rolling to resist the taint making you go psychotic).

Oh, and I've run into the beautiful I-think-she-is-an-Oni-woman at a party already once. We chatted. She tried to get info out of me, but I was like, hey, you already took a letter of my name. We're still cool though. She drank with me while dressed rather scandalously. I would've lost honor for the association, but, hey, ninja. Already just about the lowest honor I can get.

Part of me wants to know...see what happens if I dive right in and offer to join Team Oni, you know? Power and all that. Scorpion, b$!*#es. (I almost played Spider Clan. They make the Scorpions look like good guys by comparison. But...I like antiheroes and antivillains better than straight-up villains.)

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New DBZ Abridged!

Seriously, among like the three best things to happen to me on a semi-regular basis.

...does that speak more of DBZA's awesomeness, or just how depressing my life is?

A little of column A, a little of column B. Gonna focus on the awesomeness instead.

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Happy Birthday Captain! The past is behind you, the future ahead.

You can emulate Kain, and Rage has been touring again for years (though those f!$#ers still won't record any new material). You can overcome!

My birthday was last Wednesday. I ate much free food at restaurants across town by signing up for their mailing lists a week in advance. It was so good I got sick the next day - my wife says from eating too much.

No regrets.

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This thought process sponsored by: in my group there's a sorcerer named X the Magnificent, and every time he gets a critical hit on one of his ray spells, I cue up DMX's "X Gon Give It To Ya", much to the hilarity of just about everyone EXCEPT the player, who is in his 60s and doesn't get it.

Brother Fen wrote:
GMing is a time and money sink. Modern players often ___________ rather than just playing the game and having fun.

Money sink? Personally, I never spent a dollar more on GMing than I ever did as a player.

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Finished book 2 of Kingmaker with the group last week. I have now told them I will be taking an extended break as GM when we finish book 3 (which I'm kind of rushing them through - I'm tired and wanna be a player again, dangit).

The other guy who is willing to take over GMing wants to run Legend of the Five Rings. Loving the lore from what I'm reading of it.

Oh, my car broke down yesterday. That sucks. Looks like it's either the alternator or a fuse; hoping for just a fuse. Tire is also starting to have the belt split, so there's that, too. Not going to be a cheap fix. Still haven't had a job since April...

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Fun fact: the name Nimrod predates the insult by thousands of years. It's in the Bible. Not much is said about him, other than he was mighty.

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Well, now I can't stop watching these videos.

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We had 5 players but 2 are probably leaving in a month when they start new jobs, so we snagged two early to have a smoother transition when they do, but in the meantime...

In the meantime I get to throw CRs one to two levels higher at them. Let's leave it to the good stuff, because the bad is obvious to anyone who's played with such a size.

Jiggy wrote:
Because it's not like people can fake their rolls when they're right there for everyone to see, so are you meaning something else?

Not exactly true.

You can hit preview, and if you don't like what you see, roll that dice in another thread, re-post your dice roll, delete the roll from another thread, and move on.

It's a lot of work to cheat, but it is possible. I don't know why you'd cheat in an RPG - you don't get a prize for winning or anything, but...some people are that type.

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Viscount of Two Moons Hence wrote:
I was a little bummed you didn't link to the ask Mark thread which was linked to the rules question.

In retrospect I could've linked one ask thread that linked another that linked another until I went through all of them and ended back up at my original thread.

Oh well, 20/20 hindsight.

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I have to say as much as I complained about a certain bias on the boards here, the Paizo community is way more understanding and awesome than you see on average, both on the internet and off. :-D

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I'd also like to point out that the same FAQ linked earlier points out that Profession (torturer) is not allowed, because torture is an evil act...only a page or so down after it goes over the rules for owning slaves.

That's incredibly dumb. I mean, if evil characters were allowed, at least the whole thing would make a certain amount of sense, but to say "no evil" and then split hairs like "well torture, even for a rare good cause, is wrong, but to own a human being is okay, as long as you don't get a mechanical benefit from them."

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Anyone else ever notice that Pachelbel was kind of the original one hit wonder? I mean, seriously, how many repeats of Canon in D is Pandora going to churn out for me? Did the man write anything else?

Some people put on dark metal when they're depressed. Not me. It's all about the symphony. Dark metal is for when I'm in a good mood.

...damnit I'm so bored.

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I'm proud of this post. I shouldn't be, but I am.

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Tacticslion wrote:
Blarg. YouTube wants me to join my Google and YouTube accounts and will not allow me to thumbs-up a comment without doing so. >:I

The struggle.

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And now you get to subject yourself to this, thanks to my saying "feels like you're wearing walking on nothing at all".

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They probably will, despite my pointedly stating "9th level caster"

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Oh, man, I must've watched the Tiny Toons made for TV movie like a hundred times when I was a kid. You know, the one where Hampton and Plucky drive with Hampton's family to the theme park? We recorded it on VHS, and I kept rewinding and laughing my butt off when Hampton pukes on the comics. I was easily amused as a child.

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So I think the lesson is: screw lawyers.

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I know; how dare they provide an entirely free, voluntary service like that, wherein you can provide as little or as much information as you feel comfortable with, knowing in advance exactly whom you're sharing it with when you click those boxes labeled "who am I allowing to see this?"

It's almost like they're hiding their sinister designs from people, what with their terms and conditions you can and are quirte plainly and pointedly made to read if you didn't feel like just clicking and ignoring the content of.

The bastards!

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Okay, seriously, I have shaved my friends list on Facebook down to less than 50 people, and I still have to put up with idiots sharing clickbait without fact checking.

Snopes takes literally one minute. ONE! Even if you never heard of Snopes, the words "fact check" in Google and then following the subsequent links probably equate to three minutes.

I kicked a cousin to the curb for this garbage. She kept putting up clickbait, and I'd be there with the first comment, with a Snopes link on why it was BS and reminding her to not believe everything she read, and to fact check.

Eventually I had to sever the connection. I can't have the world abroad know we share 12.5% of the same DNA. F#!+ that mess.

Now I see it when friends of my friends share that crap on their timeline, and I get to play the same game so my not-ignorant friends are not tainted by their ignorant ass friends that once were mine but were dropped like a hot potato for this b&!@%##&.

Seriously, ignorance in 2016 has no excuse. If you don't know something, it's because you don't want to. There was an excuse 20 years ago. There is not now. You have all of the collective data of the first world in your pocket with a rechargeable battery and a signal that will work in every major city - you can find anything out you want at any time. You can't say "I don't know" - all you can say is "I don't know yet" or "I don't care."

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Seriously, someone get that state a map. You shouldn't drive two hours north and find the temperature has risen dramatically.

Freehold DM wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Still can't figure out how you get a four year old to nap.

Benadryl - the ten cent babysitter.

It will get an adult to pass out. You also get to teach your child big words, like recommended adult dosage. - Paraphrasing from Christopher Titus

this made me laugh uncontrollably.

In the men's bathroom stall at work.

Thanks tgtg.

Always welcome. I love quoting comedians.

"I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, also." - Mitch Hedberg.

That is not to say rules changing shouldn't happen - but to improve the game itself and not to hammer a player to fit your mold.

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Oh, and if any of you ever GM'd Kingmaker (or were a player in it past book 1), I could use some help over here.

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Well, any boss who can't give the same schedule to their employees every single week is kind of a dick, anyway. I don't care what the industry is, there's no excuse if you have sufficient numbers of workers to not offer consistency. I don't care if everyone else in the industry does it this way - it's stupid, wrong, and inconsiderate to your employees.

...and any job you lose for not bending over backwards to swap hours week after week after week is probably one that doesn't check your references, drug test, or even look at a resume, so it's not like it'll be hard to replace, anyway.

This isn't necessarily about Rosita's situation; I just was reminded of my days working in restaurants and retail long, long ago.

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Just because you're a great musician doesn't mean you're a great actor. Why is it we can recognize this with rappers, and we rightfully mock them when they try to act, but with David Bowie it is considered blasphemy to point out he's the apex of mediocrity in cinema?

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I used to want to go to game shops to "support the industry" and keep the little guy in business, but the little guy doesn't really exist anymore.

They're mostly chain stores, and the few "little guy" shops I've seen are run by people who ignore the customer and just play their own tabletop games until you get fed up and walk out the door - I do NOT lament the four stores I've seen close in my town. Get off your fat ass, put your d20 down, and f+!+ing help the customer! Sorry - it's just almost every shop I've been in that ISN'T a chain, that's been the case.

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I always figured Rancid was ska, since it's kind of a punk/reggae hybrid.

There is more to reggae than Marley, though very little of it is great without lots of weed being involved - any really, anything is great to listen to if you get enough weed involved, so that doesn't say much about reggae.

Yeah, but what about fetchlings, ifrits, undines, and all the other kooks that only seem to breed true from humanity? Dragons and demons can mate with anything, but genies and other elemental beings only seem to pop kids out of humanity.

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I'm specifically referring to Golarion. I'm aware of Muls, etc.

I asked JJ about why no half dwarves and he said no DNA mix, and when I pointed out all the other considerably more ridiculous DNA blends, he gave a game design answer but no story legitimacy as to why human DNA blends with, say, almost pure fire of a genie to make an Ifrit, but heaven forbid it mixes with a short person who is rather hairy.

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