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I'm so happy about this mini, not only is it an awesome sculpt but making it an uncommon will really help fill my encounters.

If a set of 4 huge minis sells for $65 I'd want 3 out of the 4 but would drop $50 if I only wanted 2 of the 4. Seeing them would make me more likely to grab them because the details don't get justice from online pictures.

I have to say I visit this site quite a bit when prepping for my games. It really helps to remind me what I have to fit an encounter. Thanks for all you do.

I think a reprint-repaint would actually be really awesome, it would a) give an instant way to tell difference between 1st printing and newer ones, b) a way for a GM to have multiple creatures of the same type with an easier way to separate them for statistics ease, c) repaints are cool.

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Green Spectre wrote:
Terry Dyer wrote:

Okay this isn't as easy as other states but I'm looking for players in Texas more in the area of San Angelo. If you don't know where or what it is don't bother on answering. Hopefully within 50-80 miles.

Playing through Rise of the Runelords wanting every week or every other week playing sessions.

You still looking for players in San Angelo?

Sorry but no, try talking to George at Specialtys he will be a big help.

I moved to Abilene about 2 hours away.

I'm going to throw in another request for trade goods, we haven't really had a product that has done this well since AD&D.

If we could get trade routes for Golarion that would be really cool too.

I really do enjoy throw ogres into my games but I'd like to throw some bigger trolls in that I don't have to paint.

Any chance of an armored Sinspawn?

Cat-thulhu wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Cat-thulhu wrote:
That's some awesome molding technology - are they really one piece? And considering you canny folk there, these are probably just the tip of the iceberg - the best is still yet to come!

What Erik meant by "one piece" is that there are no minis in the Runelords set that *come from the factory* in more than one piece (as opposed to the Heroes & Monsters Frost Giant, which has interchangable weapons).

Many of these minis are manufactured in multiple pieces. (Actually, nearly all of them are, given that the bases are usually molded separately.)

Thats kind of what I thought was the case. So any idea when we will see the rune gi...err, case incentive (hope, hope).

Also an idea to answer the size judging queries. Could you not put the figure next to one of the same scale fro mheroes and monsters? Or even just a silhouette of one. It's pretty easy to gauge scale but a visual would make it much easier. Other than that, I thank you - but my bank account does not...

I too would like to see the huge giant in the last instalment of the AP.

The Game Mastery Complete Encounter, The Vault of the Whispering Tyrant is also a great tie in with undead of the other modules and is good for about 8th level and easily scaled higher or lower if needed.

One thing I would recommend is adding a bit more to the dungeon since the Complete Encounters are usually an ending point and not much before that.

Sorry for thread necromancy but I think this is a really good Encounter and it wraps up a mini campaign nicely.

Actually what finally sold me over the top on getting this map was the fact the other side was blank. The blank side has the same floor covering as the rest of the prison but does not have the limiting preset dungeon on the back. To me that means that I can have a few prisons around the gaming area that the PCs can enter but the lower level is custom fit to the warden and his style of keeping the less cooperative inmates in line. Being able to draw my own dungeon makes this map more flexible than just another premade dungeon.

Also as I got rid of my old Chessex mat because of discoloration that began to affect the newer drawings I can just use the many flip-mats that have blank sides as a map either separate or all side by side held with Scotch tape to make a larger dungeon.

Jason as Damiel

That is totally wicked! Wish I could make it up for the Con.

Now if we can get a black silhouette we can have shadows.

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The Chronicler

I was wondering if I could do some searching to see if I could find any remains of our lost companions. Just as a flavor thing I know the players are gone just kind of doing more for the character side of things. Will do some searching and general survival checks to see if they lived or what happend to them. Will do rolls if needed. Also would I be able to put in an order for a +1 mithral shirt?

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Bowen still has the glitteraxe, don't really need a second axe so we could sell it or let one of the new comers take it.
As for the cloak Rall looked so good in it Bowen figures it may help him stay alive just a little bit longer. Though he did last longer then all the other people we had with us at the start.

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If you wanted the axe I'll let you take it. I'm sure Bowen misses his scimitar.

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Wicht wrote:


Nice HD rolls too.

Thank you.

And yeah I'm glad I got roles that would help out in this evil, evil country. Hopefully this is a bit easier

Effan Effluvium wrote:
Faldor! Like Wicht said, Congratulations! How many kids is that for you?

It's the little people in life. :D Effan actually made my pen and paper game. Saved the life of two PCs, they send their thanks.

Thank you, too. This makes my third daugther. I think I'm going to call it quits. No to convince the wife that is a good thing. I'm not sure how anyone can handle more than this.

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Hit die 2d10 ⇒ (8, 10) = 18

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I’m interested in continuing. My postings however will get more sporadic in the coming months. Doing three eight week classes and have a new child coming mid May.

I’ll level up but again I’m not fully sure on how to continue, but I most likely will just continue ranger. The PFRPG is really best done with single classes.

The only difference I realy see in the face is the mini's cheeks are less round.

Looks gread but still waiting for Seltyiel.

Cutter wrote:
Any chance of adding a delay/ready tab in the top left corner?

I can try to do that not sure if I have the parent file anymore or not. Sorry it has been so long since I got on this thread I lost track of it and only recently found it again.

Mistah J wrote:

These look very nice, good job!

...may want to as well is a section for languages known...

I thought of this but it looked to be getting really cluttered already and I wanted to leave enough room (Notes/Special Abilities)for a DM to add at their own discretion.

Cosmo wrote:
Terry Dyer wrote:
I was wondering if these ever got sent out. I was asked if I wanted to pay for them after the accidental free cost was applied to them. I answered yes but still have as of yet not received these.

I've found a shipment that went out on 11/09, was this the one you were waiting for?


Is there a way to see what address this went to? The package seems very lost.

Cosmo wrote:

I've found a shipment that went out on 11/09, was this the one you were waiting for?


I believe so. I think I found it or rather what happend to it.

I've been talking to the mail carrier and they said they had the package but are unable to find it at the post office and will try and find it, though that has been four days after the start of this thread.

I was wondering if these ever got sent out. I was asked if I wanted to pay for them after the accidental free cost was applied to them. I answered yes but still have as of yet not recieved these.

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I'm not exactly sure what to do about equipment. Has it been with me this whole time or do I just get some later?

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Would it be better if I was a sailor that's been shipwrecked or would I just be a prisoner?

I was hoping for a mix of the two scenarios.

Is there any chance I can substitute Profession Sailor for Riding? Just thought it wouldn't be a skill a sailor learned.

About finished with backstory and will post end of the night or tomorrow AM.

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Curaigh wrote:
[I am guessing you want the middle or the bottom one, but any of the three are fine. Yes level 6 (unless you want a random level (1d4). Oops if you are playing barbar can you even read the dance of my magic electonic ants?

I'll take the middle one. Don't really feel like playing something with two penalties on it. Just got through playing one with three so kind of looking for a positive for a change.

I'm still working on my character. Juggling a new school project that is due in a week and trying to find a new house in another town so my wife can start work on Monday.... Nothing like being rushed, eh?

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Here are the three sets of ability rolls.

(set 1)

(set 2)

(set 3)

I'm going to go Barbarian, Human and I'm guessing I start level 6 as well.

My other rolls

Magic Percentile (1)1d100=53
Magic Percentile (2)
1d100, 1d12=[82], [11]
Magic Percentile (3)
1d100, 1d12=[92], [1]

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Should I do fighter or Barbarian? Any one in the group have an idea?

I'll begin tonight since I should be finished with my moving..

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I'd like to throw my hat in. Go as a human barbarian or fighter if I could. Been awhile since I played something as straight forward as that.

Hey Michael Gear were you looking for foils on the HH list or just normal cards?

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Sorry to hear about it all. Best wishes and prayers go out to you man.

From the Gencon photos it looks like Lisa had the Amiri miniature from Crocodile Games. And if I'm not mistakend they even have a few of the same sculptors working for them as does Reaper.

But I doubt that Crocodile Games would go back on what I would think was a contract for these miniatures, that and I don't think Paizo would tell us they were coming soon if they got cancelled.

EDIT: I would like to ask though how much longer we get to wait before we get more teasers?

I finished up the monster cards.

This news has definitely had me giddy from the start and only gets more exciting as news trickles in.

With the news for the cover art I too want to make a diorama.

Can't wait for the schedule.

Krome was nice enough to put the pdf onto his site for me. And again I'm working on monster cards to go with these as well.

If anyone has ideas to make them better or just easier to use I'm open for change.

I use initiative cards in my games and thought that since I went ahead and made these for the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game I would share it with others. So here you go, monster cards soon to follow after I tweek these a little more. I also have a PDF version that looks clearer but I don't have a host site for it.

Gr4ys wrote:
Nice Garrison map BTW.


Here is the version I promised without grid, sorry it took so long.

When I saw the big box from Paizo the mail man nearly had a heart attack. Thanks for the future.

462. Your fingernails grow thicker instead of longer.
463. You've always had two tattoos of bat wings on your back, occasionally they flutter.
464. You have almost bovine features.
465. You have no canine teeth.
466. You have a small thin dorsal fin.
467. You have patches of fish scales growing on your legs.
468. You have a mouthful of canine teeth.
469. You have a long serpentine like tail.
470. Your tail has a barbed tip that can scratch but deals no damage.
471. Your tail curls around any opposite sex’s leg if you stand near them.
472. Your tail curls around anyone of the same sex’s leg if you stand near them.
473. Your tail is covered with shaggy fur even if you are not.
474. You have a tail that does not appear to match the rest of your body.
475. You have a double headed scorpion like tail. Your sting causes slight itching and redness.
476. Your legs are twice as thick as normal.
477. Your arms reach to your knees.
478. When angered you bleat like a goat.
479. When angered you snort like a bull.
480. When angered you hiss like a snake.
481. You have feet like a predatory bird.
482. You have two large feathers growing from your back. If removed they grow back in 1d4 days.
483. Instead of lips you have a small beak
484. When coughing you create small insects from your mouth. They die just moments after their arrival.
485. Your shadow has large bat wings and seems to be trying to attack you whenever you’re not looking.
486. Your feet end in cloven hooves.
487. Your skin has black and gold bands.
488. Whenever seen out of the corner of an eye you have a flaming crown above your head.
489. Your torso looks as if it is covered in bronze chains, though closer inspection reveals that it is not.
490. When exhaling you blow out small ice crystals.
491. After touching something you leave a frosted handprint that disappears after a few moments.
492. Flies seem to land on you instead of buzzing around you.
493. In place of a tail you have what looks like a useless stinger.
494. If you stand still to long you begin to sag.
495. When agitated you have a cobra like hood.
496. You have tender flesh where your fingernails should be.
497. Your ears are finlike.
498. When seen out of the corner of an eye your skeleton is visible.
499. You have a bat-like appearance to your face.
500. At first glance you are everyone's worst nightmare. But when they look again you look as you normally do.

Yay! We are half-way there.

Erik Mona wrote:
On a related subject, how do people feel about modules where it is assumed you use the pregenerated characters. Something like a historical adventure with important NPCs, or an all-goblin adventure, or something?

This would actually be interesting for demo's that I give at the FLGS or just a change of pace for my normal games.

But I think this would be really cool niche to fill for con's and game days.

Any plans for a revist?

Lisa Stevens wrote:

Still working on it. Soon. Soon. Stay on target. Stay on target. I'm hit!


I'm patiently, as can be expected, waiting. I'm excited about the RPG so I can wait still. But the newly trained goblin ninjas will be released if I have to wait to long... Or if they begin eating the walls again, which ever happens first.

I think I left it about 13.. I'll have to ask the players to make sure but I ended up addig a level or two of catacombs before they got there. Gave them a little extra fodder before hitting the Tyrant.

But overall it was a pretty exciting game. All new players at the gaming store.

Between D0 and D1 I really didn’t change anything. The little extra the PCs may pick up during D0 give them much needed help during D1 which can be a real meat grinder. Then I gave them a few encounters both in town with the consortium and added an heirloom retrieval back in the ruins to finish off anything they may have missed. This gave them the extra levels that they lacked nearly giving them enough to be sixth level after they finished. Then it got a little sticky because the next set was a little hard to figure how to put it chronically. But I went ahead putting E1 before D1.5. They struggled just a bit towards the end of E1 but when they got to D1.5 they had it quite a bit easier making them feel better about the past even having a few laughs about their bumbles back at the Sitting Duck. When they finally finished up D1.5 they got a little rest and some non-undead or fey fighting. They started to feel just a little depressed about the bad stuff happening in and around the Vale so I let it cool just a bit before sending them into D4. The group went strong into D4 and played hard through it thinking they finally found the cause behind all the undead happenings in the area. But felt a little disappointed when yet again they were led to another flunky instead of a ring leader. So they started looking into the areas history and found out about the Whispering Tyrant. One of the PCs remembered the shadows back in D1 and decided to go check the caved-in tunnel. I added a few higher level undead and then lead them to the Whispering Tyrant himself.

But I think most of all adding a few none undead encounters towards the end of it all is a good way to make sure your group does not get burnt out.

I know some of these get close to past posts but I think they are still different enough to be used.

418. Your eyes always look opposite of where you are actually looking.
419. Your hair changes lengths as the day goes, then recedes back to it’s shortest length.
420. Fingernails always look like you were digging in the dirt no matter how much you wash them.
421. You have a mole that always seems to be in a different spot when talking to the same person.
422. No matter the temperature you seem to have a chill about you.
423. You put off a slight aura of heat but your skin has a normal person temperature.
424. Every time you kill an “enemy” you receive a hash mark on your arm.
425. Your voice delays a few seconds from your mouth. (Bad dubbed films)
426. As you age your ears and nose shrink slightly.
427. Every time you walk through a door while not sneaking you hear a mechanical whoosh.
428. Your pupils have small thunderstorms in them.
429. You have the voice of a young child deadpanning.
430. Your hair blows as in a strong gale even without wind.
431. Cat’s stalk you as you go through town.
432. When you were born you had wrinkles as you age they disappear.
434. You have rough soled feet and cannot abide wearing foot wear. (magic boots can still be worn but the bottom of the boot disappears as you put them on)
435. No matter the cost or material of your clothing and armor it always looks worn and/or threadbare.

I’ve used the Iconic minis as a way of wetting the whistle of new players at my FLGS. I run a set modular and use the prefabricated characters in the back of each modular and then let them use the miniatures for said character. As of now I cannot do that for everyone of them because I’m still waiting, but for the most part I’ve got plenty of people interested in Paizo because they got a taste of the modular and seen the quality minis that they are commissioning.

I would love to get even more miniatures that fit in with all the monsters from the games but I know that is quite a reach to get.

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