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I was wondering if these ever got sent out. I was asked if I wanted to pay for them after the accidental free cost was applied to them. I answered yes but still have as of yet not recieved these.

I use initiative cards in my games and thought that since I went ahead and made these for the new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game I would share it with others. So here you go, monster cards soon to follow after I tweek these a little more. I also have a PDF version that looks clearer but I don't have a host site for it.

I am going to be running a Zombie apocalypse one shot game for Halloween this year and was wondering if anyone has any ideas for RPG sources that have it. Don’t want any magic or arcane like flavor to it. Thinking of just good old fashioned disease causing the dead to rise up and devour the living.

Missing in Shipping.

I've been patiently waiting for Pathfinder 20 House of the Beast but I begin to fear it has been lost in the mail. Is there anyway I can get another one shipped?

This says this order is about to ship and I also got credit for the pdf which I would like but I already have the hard copy. Can my new subscription start at 7 instead?

I'm one of two DMs in my group and we have very different ways of running a game. The biggest thing is he uses a laptop for nearly all things DM while I use good ol' pen and paper. Granted I do use my computer for prep but I don't use it during game. The main difference is for initiative. I use cards while he uses his laptop with a program or just plain old notepad. I have stats on individuals initiative cards for all PCs along with the each enemy they may come across.

Question I have for everyone is what do you use? Are you with me with the cards or do you go the way of electronics or maybe something in between or even totally different.

My gaming group has discussed the idea of going to a western game. With cow wranglers gunslingers and the like. I'm wondering what systems everyone plays under and pros and cons. I'm leaning towards Deadlands but as I've never really played in it I'm not sure.

I'm moving and changing bank accounts and need to cancel my ongoing subscription please.

Okay this isn't as easy as other states but I'm looking for players in Texas more in the area of San Angelo. If you don't know where or what it is don't bother on answering. Hopefully within 50-80 miles.

Playing through Rise of the Runelords wanting every week or every other week playing sessions.

Is there any chance of a rider less Goblin Dog coming soon? I'd hate to have a go at converting a few of these.

I already received my Pathfinder #2. Please do not send another one.

I love the map packs and have all of them and two or more of a few. The only thing I have a problem with are the little white arrows. I understand the point behind them but in honesty I’ve never really needed them. Sure I have spent a few moments trying to figure how the heck they went together but after that I had no problem. Some things I only use once in awhile and still have no problem remembering how to put them together.

I can really ignore them but just wanted to rant a little. Thank you for your patients.

End rant.

Is this picture a joke for the product? Looks an awful lot like Bloodsworn Vale's map.

My wife and I went on a cruise not so long ago. As we left port, little campaign arcs started streaking through my brain. Most of the trip to ruins and unknown lagoons made me positively ready to get home and start a new campaign with Pirates and ancient ruins off the coasts and so on. But while we were on this fantastic ship my wife had an idea; "Hey why doesn't someone run a D&D cruise?" I thought it was wonderful. It wouldn't really be that difficult. Just put it together like you would any other Con. We started talking and both laughed as we thought of all the Pirate Ninja adventures everyone would have.

As we pulled into our final port and disembarked we brought the idea home to our playing group. Everyone of them loved the idea. We actually plan on going in a few years and doing a small type thing on our own.

I just wanted to see what everyone else thought, and before someone says about price it is actually pretty reasonable because three full meals are included plus a room.

Just curious if anyone has tried to or has made a wizard variant. One who instead of XP uses CON in it's place. We ran into a problem when running an entire wizarding party, it just doesn't seem logical to use your life experience doing magic, seems more that your health would suffer since your conducting comsmic/arcane power through your body. We have thought that perhaps that it would lower your CON either temporarily as in a few hours to days to even months or years or if the magic is a powerful spell then perhaps it lowers it permantly making it known that the magic is not for the faint of heart.