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372. Your toes resembe cloven hooves.

373. You only have two toes.

374. Your body is unable to sweat, you must pant to cool down.

375. Every time you see your own refelection you see horns on your head. No one else sees this.

376. You have multi faceted eyes like a bug.

377. Your hair color of rust and have wiry fire-colored body hair.

378. A large scar on your torso looks like a stitched mouth.

379. Your lips can pull back to reveal more teeth and gums.

380. Each step you take leaves a small slime trail that evaporates after twenty seconds.

381. No matter the temp or herbs taken your nose is always red as if you had a cold.

382. You have a hole where your nose should be.

383. Your hair follows the rays of the sun like blades of grass.

384. You have two right feet.