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David knott 242 wrote:

What is the source for this?

This information can be found in "Pathfinder Player Companion: Cohorts & Companions" pg. 16. Just before the Bonded Wizard Archetype.

*Edit: I can't seem to find it on Archives of Nethys, but I have it in PDF form and it is also located on Roll20.

I have a player that has received an intelligent item tied to their character story whom they have taken as a cohort. I already have everything figured out based on the items abilities except I can't find an answer for a few questions involving the Cohort abilities the item can receive, all of which will determine the price of the item and its ego.

The first question is the cohorts Called ability. I'm assuming that it boosts the items enhancement bonus by +1 increasing its price, ego, and the cost to enhance the weapon as the Called weapon ability is strictly "called" out, but I'm uncertain.

Second, similar to Called, the Empathic cohort ability's third investment is treated as the spell Telepathic Bond, but does it increase ego as per the weapons communication table?

Lastly I suppose I should just ask if Perfection increases it's ego as well. As I read it yes it should but perhaps I've missed something?

Intelligent Item Cohort Abilities:
Called: The item gains the called magical weapon special ability. This functions identically for an item of any kind, not just weapons. Each time the character selects this advancement after the first, the range of the ability increases by 1 step on the following progression: 1 mile, 100 miles, anywhere on the same plane, anywhere on any plane.

Empathic: The item establishes a permanent empathic link with its owner as the familiar ability of the same name. If the character selects this advancement a second time, the bond strengthens to provide the benefits of a permanent status spell between item and master. If selected a third time, the advancement provides the character and item the benefit of a permanent telepathic bond. It selected four times, this advancement grants the character the ability to scry on his companion, as per the scry on familiar ability. If the character selects this advancement a fifth time, both the character and item gain the ability to cast discern location as a spell-like ability once per day, only to find each other.

Indestructible: The item’s hardness increases by 1, its hit points increase by 3, and it gains a permanent +1 bonus on its saving throws. If the character selects this advancement multiple times, these effects stack.

Perfection: The item gains a +1 inherent bonus to one ability score. If the character selects this advancement multiple times and selects the same ability score, the inherent bonuses from this advancement stack.

Any advice or FAQ would be appreciated, and I am open to alternative solutions/rulings though I would prefer to stay as in rules as possible.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello TeggerTheTank,

I have moved the one item that was holding up the order to its own order. I have waived the shipping on that other item so that your shipping costs will be the same despite the delay. The rest of the order can ship right away. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

Thank you very much! Happy holidays!

Hi Paizo,

I have a large order being held up by "Back Ordered Products". Is there any way I can figure out which items those are and have them moved to a separate order? Or, in the worst case, can I remove them from the order?

Thanks in advance!