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Hi everyone! Just a general question that came up in my latest game.

If a creature charges into an effect that would cause it to be firghtened/panicked;

Does the charge happen first and then the fear effects happen?


Do the fear effects happen and the charge ends prematurely?


Some third option?

Thanks in advance!

Liberty's Edge

The charge is interrupted (f you fail the save, obviously).

1. Creature declares a Charge action.
2. Moves.
3. Hits [fear] Area of Effect (with Move left to make) and is (likely) forced to make a save.
4. Generally it's a fail->(some stage of fear effect) or save for no effect.
At that point the charge fails or continues.

With spells of this type Alignment plays a role with many protections to resist the effect.
With [fear] effects it is important to know what the creature has 'in hand' as he may drop them.
The GM also has to be aware of the movement used to that point as the creature may retreat or flee.

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