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Ok so i picked up the manual in a game. So do we have an answer on how the golem works? Do you have to display him to ise his powers? What happens if it is banished?
Doesnt seem thematic to not let you make another with the manual.

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Since it is limited to mounts, i was thinking maybe only once per mount. Or maybe he can use the power any number of times, but only before his 1st encounter.
This still gives the ability to explore multiple times, but doesnt setup an infinite loop.

Hmm or maybe use it at the start and end of his turn. So twice per turn.

The Alain in our game has spent the first 3 decks exploring once a turn with the occasional 2nd explore. So its a nice change of pace for him.

So if you bury your role card, die, then you are raised...
What if your role card ends up being one of the 10 cards in your deck?

One of Adowyns powers allows you to search for any animal instead of a cohort. So, recharge a card you don't need at the moment for the mastiff. Use mastiff to draw 2 cards.

Deck 5 needs to have a groundhog. :p. Give it the same powers as the fortune teller, but as an animal.

Is an Abyssal location still Abydsal when closed?
Only the front of the card has the trait.
Cards have no memory, so I wouldn't think so, but why mark the location names in th black\red lettering?

Ok this a card that can cause a cohort to be banished.


cosined wrote:

I was back and forth on Adowyn, but I'm a big fan now. I think using Leryn's d8 and a shuffle can mitigate deck-bottom issue, even if you don't need the buff. As for a weaponless Adowyn, always use the examine ability before explores and use your move step to avoid banes until you get a weapon back. She's one of the best deck-cyclers I can think of, so sub-optimal hands are usually quickly fixed.

I definitely agree with regards to Crowe underwhelming . His death was the first PACG death I didn't mourn.

We have 2 groups going through Wrath. Both have Adowyn. In both groups Adowyn has a Mastiff and the Fortune Teller. And Adowyn rocks.

Just finished AD3 with my Adowyn, and she's going Blight Scout. Chose to be able to search for weapons for those cases that I just can't get one, or don't have the one I want. I have the Starbow, Marksman's bow, and the Demonbane x-bow.

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hmm, if you have an effective str of 0, what's your maximum weight you can carry?
Even if Flying is a mental action, I hope you were flying nakies.

Set 6 isn't applying the PACG subscription discount.


Set 6 isn't showing the PACG discount. Sets 4 and 5 do.

Now, if only I can turn the fortune teller into an animal. :)

Vic Wertz wrote:

Whoa, hey, I totally missed that. No, you can't do that. While each character at the location may attempt to close it, the first one who succeeds closes it, then nobody else can. Once it's flipped, it doesn't *have* "When Closing" text.

Do you flip temp closed locations?

If it isn't summoned, the first character to defeat it banishes it, so the other characters cannot encounter it.

Ah Kolo. She's an extra point if damage you can take. Kill the lizard first. :)

Is there actually a scenario that grants the Loot?

Mike Selinker wrote:
cartmanbeck wrote:

Does that new rule invalidate the Potion of the Ocean completely?

We're in process of modifying that rule a little. It'll likely be something like "Cards or powers that allow you to automatically succeed at checks do not apply to combat checks unless they specifically say they can do that against banes or specific types of banes." But, y'know, written by Vic.

What about the caltrop bead?

Kchaka wrote:
Yo, Riddle me this:

First off, if he wanted any off-hand attacks he would have had to take the penalty to attack on his first attack, no matter what you decide about the rest of his attacks...

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You would carry them the same way hou would have to carry most brilliant energy blades: In extra dimensional spaces. Heward's or the quiver's for ease.

Even without Bowstaff, it can be an improvised weapon.
Magical improvised weapons. Yay! :)

Amakawa Yuuto wrote:

And if we really, really want to be realistic?

The fletching of an arrow needs to interact with the surrounding air (which is non-living, usually, though it being an "object" is debatable), or otherwise it can't create the rotation necessary to stabilize the arrow. So, it has to stay solid. The fletching impacting with cover not only rips it off, but also stops the arrow in its flight.

Question, if the whole arrow ignores non-living matter, wouldn't it be like firing an arrow in a vacuum? You would get no deceleration from air resistance, and no lift from Aerodynamics. :)

Keen for bows is kinda pointless after Bracer's of Falcon's Aim anyway. :)

It seems silly for the Spell Storing Warpriest Blessing to not be allowed on a ranged weapon if your god's favored weapon is a ranged weapon.

Senf wrote:

"When you succeed as a check to recharge a spell, you may draw a card"
And "When you would recharge a spell, you may shuffle it into your deck (or put it on top of your deck) instead"

Play should work like this:

Display Cure
Shuffle the 1d4+1 cards into the appropriate deck.
Check to recharge.
If recharge was successful, draw a card, then put Cure on top of your deck.

If you can auto recharge cure, then it is a full heal for anyone else at your location. If you try it on your self, you end up with 1 cure shuffled in your deck, and one cure on top of your deck. (you still may get lucky and shuffle the other cure to the top of you deck).

It is close enough to an infinite loop that I think it should be fixed. I'm just not sure how to do so without changing her power to put the card on top.

No, the rules don't specify a particular "wind speed" for whirlwind. I think it is plausible to allow, but you have to decide the wind speed. Then you also have to give the penalty to ranged attacks for that wind speed.

Would the new bloodline bane weapon ability work on someone with just the Feat?

Jeff Merola wrote:
I believe this was discussed in the thread about the FAQ, and the conclusion was "No, it doesn't stack."

Right, and because of the wording of Sidestep Secret you won't even get your Dex mod. There is no "you may use" option. You get your Charisma once.

Which just seems dumb.

I believe the "replace" abilities shouldn't be subject to the same stacking rule. That's how i will play it.

I suggest you not be an Oradin with Sidestep Secret in PFS.

Kudaku wrote:

So... a Lore Oracle with the sidestep secret revelation takes the Divine Protection feat.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

I am also concerned whether this errata applies to instances of "replace" instead of just "add".

Heine Stick wrote:
Jason, a while back there was mention of a book about tournaments. Is that still in the pipeline?

I was just coming in to ask about this one too.

Thanks for the update Jason.

Are the PDF maps interactive?
Can I hide the squares?

The Feat is from a 3rd Party Product, so this probably isn't the place to put it, but from similar questions about the Seeker weapon property, Wind Wall isn't a miss chance for arrows and bolts. Miss chances have a %. So neither this feat, nor Seeker do anything against Wind Wall for Arrows or Bolts.

They should have named it differrently. Life Bond of something. :(

Looking for an answer to this as well. It will decide if it is worth taking or not.

I dont think the cures would be divine spells.

If you have a chance, take a look at Lythertida and Dammerich, both Good Empyreal Lords with the Death domain. There is no alternate Spell for Death Knell.

Question or suggestion for a future release...

Is there a way to make all HP Max for Monsters/NPCs?


Queen Moragan wrote:

It's somewhere in the KM rules, book 2 I believe.

Page 58 under Building a City, then Population:

Each block is 250 people. All blocks in a district filled = 9000 people.

So each house placed is a housing zone.
Apartment complexes here we come. :)